extreme diamonds

Yellow Diamond conspired with Rose to shatter Pink Diamond.

Zircon put it best; there’s no way Rose could have gotten close enough to shatter PD without extreme assistance—Diamond-level assistance.

Yellow Diamond hates the Earth. At first, I thought it was because Pink died there, but it might be deeper than that—she might hate it because it was Pink’s colony, and Blue (platonically) loved Pink.

Yellow (platonically) loves Blue, though. They had a family DYNAMIC, and Pink probably upset that when she stole Blue’s attention from Yellow. (Especially since Yellow and Blue are sorta of the same lesser-diamond stature) It was a platonic love triangle.

Yellow approaches the leader of the Rebellion with a deal: I’ll shatter Pink Diamond, and liberate the Earth for you—but you must take the fall.

So Yellow helped Rose shatter Pink, and told Blue that Rose did it with her sword—except, as we know from Bismuth, her sword CAN’T shatter gems.

To cover her tracks, Yellow planted the Cluster in the Earth. And now, she’s dead set on making Blue think Pink’s death is in the past. (What’s the use of feeling?)

EDIT: made it clear that the love was platonic bc y'all can’t fucking be normal ever

New Alternative Bands You Have to Listen to:

The Amazons 🌿 (new favorite album that isn’t weird electronic shit)
Spring King 👑 (whole album is throwback punk I love it)
Paris Youth Foundation 🗼 (new but amazing)
Blossoms 🌸 (literally every song is a bop)
Catfish and the Bottlemen 🐠 (dance/laugh/cry/get horny = listening to this british band)
Sundara Karma 🌞 (stick your head out the car window and sing at the top of your lungs music)
The Hunna 🌑 (good pop-punk stuff)
The Drums 🥁 (funky/ good guitar riffs/ clap along music)
High Tyde 🌊 (danceable, light indie)
Sjowgren ⭐️ (one of my favorite bands and they only have 5 songs out…)
Coast Modern 🌈 (more electronic indie, lots of bops)
The Shelters 🛤 (EARLY 2000s ALTERNATIVE IS NOT DEAD!!!)
Declan McKenna ☘️ (meaningful, heartfelt lyrics that restores your faith in teenage boys and music)
The Lemon Twigs 🍋 (mix of new indie and 60’s music…it’s interesting but so good)
Made Violent 🔪 (also restores my faith in alternative and punk)
RIVVRS ⚓️ (catchy songs, even greater music videos)
Waterparks 🎡 (if you want new and improved 2017 emo music this is for you)  
The Delta Riggs ⚫️ (the BEST funky alternative)
The Dose 💊 (90’s vibe… it’s good stuff)
Microwave 🎛 (no microwave emoji stop judging me but SUCH an underrated band)
The Orwells 📖 (best thing about this band are the cool unique drum beats in every song)
Moose Blood 🔥 (upbeat, fun alternative)
Circa Waves 🌊 (summer vibes with first album, second album is more rock)
Tobias Jesso Jr 🌓 (more acoustic indie, extreme Beatles vibe)
Diamond Rugs 💎 (fast paced, upbeat alternative that’s going to be stuck in your head all day)
Hippo Campus 🌼 (traditional indie, easy going)

Fantastic Beasts was really good in that it was like watching two different but equally interesting movies that had a weird crossover section at the end. 

There was ‘cute british man child and animal friends take new york’ 

and ‘pain: the gay ghost story’ 


On mobile so I can’t do a read more. A lot of updates from the original post.

As always this is a compilation for @someleakerguy . THESE ARE NOT MY OWN LEAKS. ONLY A COMPILATION.

Take these with a grain of salt, but the warning is there in case they turn out to be true.








White Diamond:

• Killed pink diamond with Rose’s assistance.

• Her gems are revealed to be similar to secret police.

• First appearance in season 5.

• Eldest living diamond.


Pink Diamond:

• Her gems shards are scattered and currently in the possession of many gems, including Pearl, Lion (in the chest), and Blue Diamond.

• Is the youngest of the diamonds.


Blue Diamond:

• Is extremely angry regarding pink diamond.

• Her change in color palette reflects her stress and grief over losing pink diamond. The changes most obvious are her hair turning white and her skin de-saturating.


Yellow Diamond:

• Remains angry at Rose Quartz and is too afraid to be angry at White Diamond.

• Has not forgotten about the cluster.



• Reforms in season 5 (gains a star).

• Remains on earth for the upcoming war.

• All peridots cannot shapeshift.

• The number of sides to a peridots hair indicates their rank.

• Era 1 peridots are taller, more muscular; have thicker necks, and have powers similar (but not equivalent to) limb enhancers.

• Peridots have three subclasses, our own belongs to one of these.



• Reforms in season 5 (gains a star).

• Has a planned song.

• Likely will never fuse again.

• Leaves earth temporarily to avoid the war.

• Lapis Lazuli gems have subtypes.

• A corrupted lapis will be one of monster gems in season 5. It will scream a lot.



• Reforms in season 6.

• Has the key to the chest in Lions mane.

• Originally belonged to white diamond.

• Our pearl is considered slightly defective (oval gem), but not enough to be shattered.

• New pearls will be shown.

• Our pearl was originally completely white, but changed her coloration as an act of rebellion.

• We will see her origin story further expanded within the show.

• Blue pearl has history with the rebellion.



• Has an upcoming song



• Will attempt to heal more corrupted gems with little success in season 6.



• Jasper will return in season 6.

• She will be partially healed similar to centipeetle.

• When she learns the truth about pink diamond, she will defect and “go rogue.”

• The two standard cuts for Jasper are basic bevelling and smooth.

• Our Jasper can never fuse again until she has been fully uncorrupted.



• Lar’s being healed will revert him to an animal like state in season 5 and 6, and will be healed later on.

• He will return to earth mid season 6.

• Lars is now essentially immortal.

• Lars is canonly trans (ftm), and possibly the only canon trans character.


Off Colors:

• Will return to earth with Lars mid season 6.

• Light interaction between Rhodonite, Fluorite, and Garnet.

• Rhodonites pearl and ruby will be shown seperately.

• Rutiles are created to be navigators.



• The chest in lions mane will be unlocked in season 5.

• Lion is not initially present due to having ingested an irritant leaving them unable to create portals. There will be an episode focused on healing them.


Rose Quartz:

• More fusions between Rose Quartz will be revealed.

• Rose Quartz workers originally staffed the zoo.

• A Rose Quartz functioned both as a medic and a warrior.

• Our Rose Quartz assisted in Pink Diamonds shattering by leading her to White Diamond.

• The flashback will show all the Rose Quartz gems being bubbled.



• The emerald from the Lars of the Stars arc will defect as a rebel once losing her ship to Lars in order to save herself. She does not go to earth, however.

• The emerald from Lars of the Stars subtype of emerald function as ship captains and crew.

• Centipeetle is a subtype emerald, a trapiche emerald to be specific

• Centipeetle and her crew will return in season 6.


New and Misc Gem Types:

• New gems will include: More agates (including an onyx and honey agate), more pearls, more rubies, another carnelian, new peridots, citrines, two tourmalines, emerald, more topazes, morganite, a pink sapphire, and Jadeites.

• Though none are explicitly planned to be on screen, there are non-fusion versions of current fusions gems (garnet, rainbow quartz, etc). They look and function very differently than the fusions themselves do.

• There are 6 subclasses of non-fusion garnets: uvarovites, andradites, grossulars, pyropes, almandines, and spessartites.

• Ambers are a servant class similar to pearls, but are not shown off. They are not currently planned to be shown on camera.

• Citrines are an elite quartz gem, despite being roughly as powerful as a typical quartz.

• A true carnelian is created to be a destructive soldier.

• Jadeites design homeworld uniform standards.

• Topazes are bounty hunters.

• Topazes are made in pairs.

• Aquamarines function as scouts.

• Morganites are upper aristocracy in gem culture.

• Nephrites function as ground troops.

• The heaven and earth beetles gems were very important.


Future Plot Points:

• The characters from the human zoo will make a reappearance.

• Mystery Girl will make a reappearance.

• The bubbled Rose Quartz’s will be addressed in season 7.

• There will be a new opening sequence.

• Peridots manager will be shown, and is a high ranking peridot.

• The cluster will be touched upon again.



• Blue Zircon will come to earth following the arc of Pink Diamonds murder.

• Bismuth does not return in season 5 or 6.

• Multiple homeworld colonies will be revealed.

• The diamonds are currently fighting a war against a different alien species, which is contributing heavily to the resource crisis.

• The diamonds will declare war on earth, but not attack due to lack of knowledge on their enemy and dwindling resources.

• Smoky quartz returns, and learns to set their yo-yo on fire.

• Corruption is caused by the diamonds singing a specific song in unison.

• The diamonds will accept and learn that Steven is not Rose Quartz.

• A gems cut may differ based on location and the gems size. Ex. Jaspers nose gem.

• Singular (nonfusion) garnets exist, and look very different from our garnet.

• The reason the off-colors from the zoo aren’t shattered is because Blue Diamond doesn’t want to destroy gems that belonged to pink.

• The diamonds do in fact combine into a ship (torso and head for white, arms for yellow and blue, and legs for pink).

• Gems brittleness does not affect its status.

• All gems can store items within their gems.

• Diamonds can be poofed.

• If a gem makes minor changes to their form during regeneration, they are easier to maintain.

• Gems can make minor alterations to their coloration.

• Some gems have an innate weapon. These can only be slightly altered at will but can be upgraded physically.

• A gem can have multiple pearls if they are earned.

• While there are no male gems, some gems will be voiced by male voice actors as some gems have “male” voices.

• All the diamonds keep a court.

• Earth actually has 3 kindergartens.

• The third kindergarten, alpha, has not been shown yet. It was primarily made to create Rose Quartz gems.

• Gems emerge with a level of instinctive knowledge as well as programmed language. If no other information is programmed, this is all they emerge knowing.

• A gems actual gemstone absorbs radiant (light) energy from the space around it as a source of “food.”

• The orb from the moon base acts as an amplifier for light and sound. It helped amplify the corruption song.

• Mr. Smiley is canonly gay.

• With enough practice and training, any gem could technically be as powerful and diverse as the CG Rose Quartz.


Known Gems with Subtypes:

Quartz, peridot, lapis lazuli, garnet, and emerald.


Known Gems without Subtypes:

Sapphire and ruby.

Songs for Aquarius pairings

Aquarius/Aries: Run, Snow Patrol (x)

Aquarius/Taurus: Do I Wanna Know? -Arctic Monkeys (x)

Aquarius/Gemini: Bubblegum Bitch, Marina and the Diamonds (x)

Aquarius/Cancer: Kettering, The Antlers (x)

Aquarius/Leo: Immortals, Fall Out Boy (x)

Aquarius/Virgo: Girls/Girls/Boys, Panic! At The Disco (x)

Aquarius/Libra: What’s Up, 4 Non Blondes (x)

Aquarius/Scorpio: Californication, The Red Hot Chili Peppers (x)

Aquarius/Sagittarius: Bring Me Back To Life, Extreme Music (x)

Aquarius/Capricorn: Fireflies, Owl City (x)

Aquarius/Aquarius: Holding Onto You, Twenty One Pilots (x)

Aquarius/Pisces: You’ll Be In My Heart, Phil Collins (x)

SU Diamonds/Gem Color Theory

I’ve recently found out about this diagram, and it looks very similar to the diamond arrangement we see now, just upside down and with red instead of pink. But red and pink are very close so I don’t think that matters very much. Each color has different dangers listed, so what if that’s how the diamonds attack ??? Or maybe it’s the power of the different colored gems ??

For example, under the yellow ‘shock and heat’, is listed, and in this screenshot from the new trailer it looks like Yellow Diamond possesses the power to shock. and Ruby, a red gem, is known to be involved with heat and fire. And the red portion is a fire hazard. And for blue, it was shown earlier in the series that blue diamond was one of the less extreme diamonds (normal material), but in the new trailer we can see how angry she can truly get. (deadly/extreme danger)

Idk some of the points in this theory don’t add up (Such as how Rose is presumed to be from pink diamond but doesn’t possess the power of fire) and how a lot of blue gems have water powers. It’s probably a coincidence and this doesn’t make sense but idk ?? Just a theory I thought of

What does it take to make a diamond?

Now, I was thinking about this for a long time. Do Diamonds come out of kindergartens? Were Diamonds made once, if so, why is Pink Diamond the only one depicted emerging?

I had a theory, and I would like to share.

So, my theory relates to real life. Making a Diamond involves extreme pressure? To the point they have to be deep in the Earth. Perhaps, in order to give it life, it has to be in the core of a planet with gravity.

Now, as seen with the moon base episode, gems are not affected by gravity changes, making them always keep their feet planted.. Makes sense because they are beings made of light, in some minds they are just projections.

We haven’t gotten a lot of info on how gems work, but I think it has something to do with life around it. As Pearl/ the crystal gems have mentioned, Kindergartens drain the area around it. As seen in the Beta Kindergarten, positioning matters. Peridot mentioned rows and neatness, maybe it is because the area only had so much life to give. When the gems were placed too close, one took too much life from the others. There just wasn’t enough to give out. So they came out wrong. The gem couldn’t produce enough life to project itself properly.

But why does a projection need life? Because they are made of matter. I think the gem might be a storage area where it keeps spare matter to project back out.

Now, what does all of that have to do with a Diamond?

Perhaps, in order to make a Diamond, they have to come from the core. Not just any core, a core of a planet with abundant life, gravity, and an atmosphere. The atmosphere just relating to gravity, but anyways. If Peridotite is made out of the same stuff as Peridots, perhaps under enough pressure it becomes a Diamond. Now I know that sounds stupid, but maybe there is a chance that Diamonds just come from the core of lively planets.

What about Home-World then? Well, as we saw in the latest episodes, there has to be some type of oxygen there. Or else how would Steven and Lars survive? Lack of thought, perhaps. I don’t think Rebecca would have forgotten about Oxygen though. Perhaps that planet used to be like Earth. And White Diamond erupted. She was the most powerful of the Diamonds, hence her silhouette against the sky (Just a guess but eh). Now if this world has gravity and plant life, then it has an atmosphere. But if gems don’t breath air (Eyeball was able to survive outside Steven’s bubble), perhaps it would stay there. If the planet had no animals and only plants, the Oxygen wouldn’t consumed (Again, just a guess). That means the planet could have had life.

So maybe, all the Diamonds came from lively planets. Yellow and Blue came from the same planet, and they were left to rule home-world. Pink Diamond was a newly emerged Diamond from Earth. Common theory, but I do believe she emerged in Russia.

*Follow up theory* Why the Army?

Now why would White Diamond abandon her planet? And just remember, at this point, she has never been mentioned at all in the show. So for all we know, she is just a theory. But if she is real, maybe she set out to make more Diamonds. More Diamonds to rule more planets. If there were more kindergartens, that means more armies.

Why do they need that many gems though? Because there is something out there far more dangerous then the Diamonds. I mean think about it, why have a planet destroyer if your only threat is a few rebels on Earth? No, they could easily been destroyed. When they were only a few left of the rebels, but plenty of soldiers on home-world, why stop the war? Because they got that they needed. The war was real yes, but perhaps there was a second motive behind it. Perhaps they needed a reason to slaughter so many gems, and fuse them all together into the cluster.

As we saw with the Zircons, a Diamond is not afraid to poof/shatter a gem to get what they want. Perhaps they knew it was the only way to create a weapon worthy of the Diamonds. But this weapon, it destroys the planet.

As seen with Peridot’s performance, the cluster would have destroyed the planet. It wouldn’t have hollowed, it would have been destroyed. The resources would have been gone. But at that point, why would they need them? White Diamond had what she needed.

The cluster could have been a secondary goal to the war. To gain this weapon, to crush their enemies. This again brings me to, who was the enemy?
Who was so powerful, they wanted to destroy them instead of sending in their armies.

This brings me to the throne room, where we see bubbled Rose Quartz’s. Blue Diamond keeps them because they belonged to Pink Diamond. But what if there is another reason for Yellow Diamond wanting them gone.

As seen with Steven, Rose Quartz has so many abilities. She can heal cracked gems, practically fly, can defend large groups of people with her shield, can wield a secondary weapon, and can bring organic animals back from the dead. Imagine having an army of those just hanging around. If they were to be released, there could be mayhem.

Where am I going with this? Back to Pink Diamond. She obviously had a large group of Rose Quartzs in her armies, if Blue has that many bubbled. And something I noticed, was the fact they were Pink Diamonds bubbles. I mean, they had to be because of the color of the bubbles.

Last time I remember that episode, they were pink. That means, Pink got rid of them. Perhaps it was because of the rogue Rose Quartz, but I think it’s for another reason. I mean, Blue Diamond kept Sapphires even after one fused and ran away. They were kept because they were useful. Maybe she bubbled them, also she did not shatter them so obviously she wanted them, because rumors were spreading. The Roses began wondering why they couldn’t revolt as well. I mean, just one of them could begin to defend a planet.

When the Diamond’s heard this, they knew they had to be stopped. They had to shatter the gems. Pink Diamond just couldn’t, going along with the merciful Diamond theory, so she bubbled them.

*Follow Up theory* Rose in the fusions, or not

The Diamonds saw what this planet could do, so the only result was to destroy it. In order to ensure all gems became mindless, they sent the corruption song, This song was a last resort when fleeing planets. It was the only way to get all gems of the planet, all important gems, and the kill many of the rebels. So they sent the song, and thought they ended the war.

But then, under the remaining rebels noses, they began work on the forced fusions.

Something I am going to note here is that Garnet says “Rose couldn’t have known” or a phrase along those lines. And then it gets you thinking, Steven repaired Lapis’s gem. Meaning, he could fix the cracks and fill them. So why couldn’t you essentially mend the gems together. I mean, what’s to stop you from reusing your old soldiers.

That is the common theory, that Rose Quartz (Not specifically ours, but the gem in general) was used to make the forced fusions.

But what if they came from melting and reforming with the gems around them? I mean, why were random forced fusions in the mantle/outer core? That wouldn’t make sense, unless they were made from gems placed in the Peridotite. I mean, if it’s made from the same stuff as Peridot, why couldn’t it become a gem? Why couldn’t you just place some gems in the lava and make more gems. Because gems formed around it.

I mean think about the core, I saw gems not a melted liquid. Perhaps the Diamonds injected old soldiers into there, getting the entire core to become one giant gem. Why does the Earth still have a metallic field? I don’t know.

Sorry for making you read all that, but if you like it, please re-post or just like! Again, sorry for the disconnected theories but please help my account get spread around and get the theory up!!

So someone asked me how I felt about a “punk Seido team” and a half-shaved Mochi flashed into my mind’s eye…

I dunno if the rest of the team would even fit such an image;;

Matte Plum
Gem Type: Pearl
Pronouns: She/her
Sexuality: Bisexual
Special Abilities: Storing objects inside her gem; and is trained in battle combat
Personality: Matte Plum Pearl is a cocky, sassy, and an extravert Gem. She’s sensitive but likes starting fights. She is extremely loyal to her diamond, pink diamond. She’s not very social.
Extra Stuff: Matte Plum Pearl is one of pink Dimond’s servant and assistant.

Once We Were Gods: Part 3

I was so pumped to get this story out and here we go, folks. No turning back from here.

Part 3: Putting the Pieces Together But Missing the Big Picture

The obsidian would be the hard part of rebuilding the portal. Obsidian, Jeremy would come to learn, was one of the hardest materials on the planet. It was formed when lave met water, the forces combining until nothing was left but coarse black rock. The only way it could be mined was with a diamond pickaxe. Diamond. Where was Jeremy going to find that? Not only were diamonds extremely hard to find, crafting a diamond anything would also be difficult to manage. It was technology orderlies had discovered. They were expert forgers on their own without any magic. Witches didn’t see any use in orderlie technology, not when they had magic. It seemed like he’d have to reach out. Or …

He could just make it himself. It was just equal parts water and lava, right? How hard could that be?

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some diamond murals for my diamonds :P 

top- black diamond: a small diamond who lives on earth, gem on side of left leg

middle- the twin diamonds(both red diamonds): diamonds who separated into two when forming, diamond on the right(crimson) cracked during the war and reformed thousands of years later in the 80′s as a male, mimicking the young boys of the 80′s he saw, now called rad diamond; diamond on the left still alive, never participated in the war and believes her sister to be shattered and not just cracked, gems on both of their backs each having only half of a gem

bottom- perfect red diamond(if red diamond hadn’t split into two red diamonds when forming): would be an extremely powerful diamond with the ability to manipulate gravity however she wants, almost impossible to beat and easy to anger, gem on back

Ruby can see out of two eyes
  • This is mainly supported by the episode stuck together (which in itself i think also explained a lot about gem anatomy)
  • In stuck together, steven and lars are traped inside of the topaz fusion and are trying to get out. They decide to tell/yell at topaz to try to get her attention but it doesnt seem that she was listening or could listen for that matter. This was pointed out by lars when he said, "she cant hear us with those big ear muffs she's wearing".
  • These "ear muffs" are her gem, obviously, but it did raise the question, can gems use their senses if their gem is placed there? It is suggested that it can not be in the episode but as soon as steven and lars finish talking, topaz opens up and reveals that she was listening. This in itself reveals a lot about gems like eye ball and jasper.
  • On a less important note, this proves that jasper can smell and use her nose BUT this also proves ruby can see out of her gem which is in her eye. This not only proves that eyeball's witness statement is true but it also proves that if ruby actually didnt see it right, it wasnt because of her gem but instead a third party source, such as a certain diamond's sadness aura or power.
  • (i read something where gem placement on diamonds are worth something and i agree. Meaning that blue and yellow both show both sides of the heart, more specifically; one strikes fear in the hearts of her enemies and court with power and one breaks the heart emotionally. Blue diamond is more emotionally advanced/minipulative than yellow diamond but yellow diamond knows how to use information to scare and inform people. Each diamond following their heart in a different way.
  • BUT
  • Lets assume that white diamonds gem is on her forehead, associated with the brain and pink is on her stomach. So pink follows her gut feeling but white diamond is extremely clever. If white diamond's natural gift is intellegence, that could imply that she can change memories or alter them. (This would also explain why she seems the be the head of the gem authority) Which would make eyeball, jasper and anyone else believe that rose shattered pink diamond when it was actually her.
  • This is in brakets because i havent really have solid proof or evidence but only a gut feeling)