extreme curves


(Also sorry for caps I just wanted you to notice me)

But like Dani is always seen wearing a baggy hoodie and pants and there’s no boob thing but whEN SHE GOES GHOST SHE HAS CURVES LIKE EXTREME

So if the danny is more masculine in ghost it’s same for Dani as more feminine. Transwoman Dani is a okay in my book.


Happiness comes from within. I’ve loved myself at 100 and I’ve loved myself at 200 and I’ll continue to love myself until the day I die. I refuse to follow the trend of women shrinking as though they are not allowed the space they deserve. I stand here assuming the space that I am entitled to, and I will not falter. Furthermore -no matter their size- whether it be short, tall, fat, skinny, #curvy, or lanky. No matter what they are, women deserve #respect, #equality, and #equity I am proud because I say so. I am beautiful because I say so. #selflove

Of Mice & Men Preference: Lingerie

Disclaimer:  We all don’t look perfect so when I do these types of preferences, lingerie or anything body related, I try and focus on finding something that will fit everyone. We all are not white, some of us don’t tan, some of us are darker, we all are not extremely skinny, or have curves in the right places, or can’t lose weight, some of us don’t have a good butt, or big boobs, some of us even have stretch marks. So this is my opportunity to show everyone of you that you are beautiful, we are beautiful in our own way. Much love, Adie.







cutepanda123417  asked:

Hi, if it isn't too much to ask, can I request an Outsiders matchup? I'm extremely skinny, and curves are nonexistent. I have long, messy brown hair and brown eyes. I love reading, writing and drawing even though I'm not good at any of them. I'm on the young side and very short (4'11, I'm smol) I'm shy and anxiety is an extreme bitch to me. I'm bad at any physical activity, even though I look like an active person because of my tanned skin. Thank you if you do one!

    Of course doll~! I ship you with Steve! He doesn’t care how thin you are, he thinks you look beautiful and sexy regardless! He loves picking you up and spinning you around, hearing you giggle and squeal as you cling on to him. You hair is always in your face when you wake up in the morning which he finds so fucking adorable! Your eyes are always big and full of sparkle which again he finds amazing and adorable hell he finds you adorable just in general god that boi is a mess! He will always rest his chin on your head or his arm on your should. Hell this boi will just lean on you whenever he’s around you gotta take advantage of how adorably short you are! Even though he’s not into that kinda stuff he will watch you draw when you let him, and again when you let him will read what you write. He finds your drawings and writing to be VERY good personally. He is okay with you being shy because he will always stop what he’s doing if you get flustered or something. He doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable. He knows about your anxiety and helps the best he can. He will take you on long car rides and listen to music when you are feeling really anxious and/or overwhelmed. He helps you through anxiety attacks when ever you have them, and is always there when you need a shoulder to cry on. Personally seeing you distressed in any way, breaks his heart and he wants to fix it in any way he can. He of course knows that he can’t help with everything but he will damn well try his hardest. You two will work out together and even though you are the best at it, he does love seeing you try. You two are always there for each other and omfg you two are adorable.

    I hope you liked that! Sorry it took so long, my computer is fucking up and I hate using tumblr on my phone.


1)Battle shields, European, medieval 11th-14th century, almond-shaped battle shield with curved topline, extremely heavily weathered and worm-eaten, wood chemically strengthened and preserved. L 125 cm W 40 cm.

2)Hungarian-style Shield, ca. 1500–1550 Eastern European
Wing-shaped shields, with the distinctive upward-sweeping back edge, were the characteristic light-cavalry shields of Hungary. During the sixteenth century, the style was adopted across much of eastern Europe by both Christian and Islamic horsemen. The shield’s elongated upper edge was designed to defend the back of the head and neck against cuts from the saber, the preferred cavalry weapon in that region.
This shield is painted on its exterior with the double-bladed sword of the Prophet Muhammad and on its interior with the Crucifix and instruments of the Passion. This unusual mix of Islamic and Christian symbols suggests that the shield was used in a tournament by a Christian warrior dressed in oriental fashion. In these “Hungarian-style” tournaments, the participants wore Hungarian and Turkish costumes and used sabers to strike off feathers attached to their opponents’ helmets and to the apex of their painted shields. Even at a time when Turkish armies were a constant threat to eastern Europe, their costumes and tactics were imitated by their Christian foes.

3)The sword and shield found at the tomb of Henry V. I admire the hollow-ground blade. Oakshott type XIII.

4)A Fine and Rare Large Bohemian Pavise, circa 1400. Height: 85 ½ in; Width: 30 ½ in. Pavises are fitted at their lower ends with a pair of projecting iron spikes that could be driven into the ground so as to better resist the onslaught of the enemy. A particular tactic of the Bohemians was to form a solid wall of pavises.

The pavise–referred to in Italian and German documents as early as the first half of the 13th century–is thought to have taken its name from the North Italian city of Pavia. According to an anonymous chronicle of about 1330, ‘The military renown of the Pavians is proclaimed all over Italy. After it are called large shields, rectangular at top and bottom, known as Papienses. It was perhaps through the influence of Italian mercenaries that the use of the pavise spread to other parts of Europe, most notably Bohemia where it was employed to impressive effect by the Hussite revolutionary armies of the late 14th and early 15th centuries. The bold heraldic design of the present example can be seen as a 'differenced’ version of the arms of Bohemia, namely gules, a lion rampant or, occurring on a pavise of almost identical design that passed through the art market in 1994.

5)A pavise from Bavaria, dated to the late Middle Ages and painted with the arms of Shongau
Source: Andreas Praefcke (Own work (own photograph)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

6)Archer’s Shield (Pavise), probably Bohemian (Chomutov), ca 1440 – “This example is painted in the center with a crown surmounted by three ostrich feathers, a badge of the kings of Bohemia. Below this is the letter Y on a radiant cloud, possibly the monogram for Yhesus (Jesus). At the top is the coat of arms of the Saxon city of Zwickau (a red shield with three white swans), which was added to the shield at a later date.”

7)Pavise. Bohemian, mid-15th century. Bears arms of Zwickau and Saxony in Germany.

8)Pavese, wahrscheinlich Deutschland, 15. Jahr. (Veste Coburg - Inv. Nr. I.D.23).

9)Setztartsche (Pavese), Wien (?), um 1440 (Wiener Burgerlische Zeughaus - Inv. Nr. 126.112).

10)Austrian Pavise, ca 1480 (Overall height: 49 ¼ in; Overall width: 21 ½ in) – It is painted with the arms of the Austrian Bindenschild .