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Throwback Thursday styling tips! Since I wasn’t feeling well and missed the chance to upload this week’s Wednesday Wig Hack, a friend of mine suggested that it would be a cool idea to talk about some wigs I have styled in the past.
I have gotten questions about how to style “wavy spikes” like I did for my Dio (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure) wig so here is a little demo. You can also use this technique for characters like Nagito Komaeda (Dangan Ronpa), or Lancer / Diarmuid (Fate/Zero). :)

- First, you want to make your spike. Follow countless of spiking tutorials online for this step. :P Don’t apply too much hair product though because we will use heat on it so it still needs to be sort of soft and flexible
- Use a flat iron, with the medium heat setting (I used 380 F for this), grab the spike where you want the wave to start. Bend you wrist so that the spike point downwards. Keep in mind, for this kind of wavy spikes, the pattern of wave will be down>up>down
- Let go of the flat iron after a few seconds and immediately use your fingers to catch the spike to hold its shape until it cools down. (Use gloves if you’re sensitive to heat. My hands can’t feel a thing because I’m used to heat tools)
- Go at it with the flat iron again! Grab the spike a good distance from the first wave, around 1 inch and a half for me. Then flip your wrist so that the spike points upwards
- After a few seconds, let go of the flat iron and catch the spike with your hand again. If you want extreme curve near the tip, you can push the spike in towards the wig. Once it cools down, it should hold the shape
- Now you can go in and “puff” up the spike by squeezing the sides. I use Got2B spiking glue on my fingers to lightly coat the spike throughout
- Touch up the tip by adding another wave with the same steps as before. Use Got2B spray to seal the style. And you’re done! (Just kidding you have to do like 30 other spikes. Good luck 👌👌 )

Base wig used for tutorial: Malinda in pale blonde from Arda Wigs
Base wig used for Dio: Magnum Long in light blonde from Arda Wigs

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Out of the SLBP men, who is a boob man and who is an ass man and why?

Weeeeeee. THIS IS FUN! Thanks for asking this. And apologies for the slow reply… I suck with deadline but I try to always answer, eventually :D


Sooooo, here we go:


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YukimuraIt’s canon! Well, darling Yukkin can’t get enough of them. He spent his virgin years surrounded by men in a military setting so they’ve forever been objects of desire/curiosity/taboo and when he gets to play with them finally he is hooked! He loves to fall asleep pillowed on them and waking up, they’re the first thing(s) that he snuggles.

Nobunaga: He appreciates all shapes and sizes, but mostly he is fascinated with how sensitive they are and how nipples change shape and texture under his touch. He loves how you sound and how helpless you are when he starts playing with them.  He would eat sweets off them and forbid you to make a sound.

Mitsuhide: He never considered himself a boob man per se, but when he saw you wearing that western dress on board of Lou and Fran’s ship, the one with the low neckline, there was no going back. They are his, and he loves to leave marks all over them so you cannot wear that dress ever again.

Mitsunari: His butt looks better than yours (seriously), so boob man he is. Man-chest, flat-chest, manju-chest, how often does he mention your chest? Why? Because they haunt him and he can’t deal with that. But oh boy, whatever your size is, believe me he does look for them, discreetly.  


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Kojuro: He loves to run his hands on your back, feeling the line of your body dips at your waist and curved tantalisingly into a pair of firm, squeezable buttocks. And he loves them because they give him something to hold on to when he lifts you up and ravishes you against the wall. Also when you misbehave or when he is jealous, guess which part of you he would love to punish? Spank me, Daddy!

Saizo: He couldn’t help but notice how well-toned your legs and butts are – he has, after all, been figuratively saving your ass now and again by spiriting you away from conflict zones by lifting you bridal style. And remember when you told him you got a mole in a secret place? He chose to search “bottom’s up” than “top down”.

Masamune: You work a lot together in the kitchen, and you bend over a lot to keep the fire in the stove burning so they’re always almost literally on his face. One day, he would absentmindedly caress them while you’re both in the kitchen. He would apologise profusely but when you say you like it, the kitchen turned into a no-go zone for everyone else, including Shigezane and Kojuro.

Inuchiyo: You were fighting, rather spectacularly, because you insisted on going somewhere dangerous and he wouldn’t have it. It ended up with him slinging you over his shoulder and carrying you home, kicking and screaming. He patted your butt to keep you still so he didn’t drop you. You are both mortified and oddly excited by this incident. Then things escalate.  


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Ieyasu: He’s very perceptible and he could tell if someone’s playing a charade. He suspected that you were a woman first time he laid eyes on you because you were very nervous. Afterwards he looked for signs on your body, and it stuck. He first noticed your derriere when he’s teaching you archery, and your décolletage when you served him his daifuku. He would purposely tell you to grind his herbs with his marble grinder so he can see the curves of your profile. If this is modern AU he would totally pay for your yoga class.

Shingen: It’s all depends on your reactions, really. The Tiger of Kai gets off when he sees you getting off his touches. So he would carefully suss out your weak spots and mercilessly exploit them whenever he could.

Kenshin: It’s all about proportion with this guy. Don’t make him choose – they should always come together. He loves well-dressed women and loves to dress you, and undress you – both completely and partially, either by slipping the upper part of the kimono to expose your chest, or parting the skirt to uncover your butt. It’s all about the visual feast.  

Hideyoshi: Monkey loves fruits! No, seriously, he appreciates curves both extreme and subtle, and is very open about appreciating them in everyone. (He complimented Saki’s derriere) But none comes close to what he feels when he plays with your curves. He would totally, playfully cop a feel during day time when nobody is watching.

I had so much fun! Thanks for the ask! Mwah!

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god its really hard to quantify exactly what KyoAni moeblob syndrome animation style is, but watching season 1 then season 2 of Haruhi Suzumiya really fuckin highlights the subtle but massive style shift

its really seriously unnerving…. just look… observe… be disturbed

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Hey there... I know you said to another anon about why you draw mae skinny, and I guess it makes sense but... as a person who is fat and struggles with body positivity it... comes off as an excuse. I don't think "for continuitys sake" is a very good reason to undermine representation like that... I mean, a fat female protag is super rare and it's so great to find somebody who represents that... I dunno. Just my opinion, obviously you can do whatever you want

Literally the only reason I’m responding to this is because of your, frankly, infuriating accusation of me using continuity as an “excuse”.

If you were to browse my work (or my designs) you could quickly and easily realize that i am very happy to draw very diverse body types, and plenty of my designs are on the chubby side, because curves are extremely fun to draw.

When I first saw Mae, she came across as a scrawny kid because of the game’s style (there are notably rounder characters in the game, which still makes me think she’s not necessarily ‘fat’, but just on the chubbier side), so that’s how I drew her. I won’t change how I draw her for this particular series, as continuity in a series of my illustrations is more important to me than an anonymous person’s feelings, because this is my professional work.

I take a lot of purposeful stylistic freedom when it comes to how I draw proportions and faces in this series for the sake of expressiveness and emotion, however if I suddenly change the main character’s body type, those decisions suddenly won’t look purposeful anymore, and my work will look irregular.

If I were to ever draw NITW fan art unrelated to this series - which is unlikely atm, but i’ve been commissioned for Undertale fan art before, so I might be commissioned for NITW art someday - I’ll most likely draw her rounder because now that I played the game myself, I’m aware that she was supposed to have a bit more weight to her.

Also my friend really wanted me to include her quote in this response;

((Like, she actually ordered me to post this screencap ok))

Cat Calls and Jealousy- Phil Lester smut

A/N: Surprise lovelies! Here you go! Tried to incorporate the request as best as possible, I hope you enjoy!

Pairing: Jealous!Phil x Plus size!Reader

Warnings: Swearing, smut (the usual)

“Y/N, you ready?” Phil shouted through the apartment.

I finally had some time off school, so I accepted Phil’s offer of coming down to visit him and Dan, as well as congratulate them on the new place.

It was surprisingly a nice day out in London, the sun was shining and there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. Knowing the boys, they would probably pop out to some shops or eat lunch to return to the apartment and just hang out.

So it threw me off when Phil said to bring some exercise clothes as we were going for a jog. Well fuck, I’m not really in shape. I was more on the curvier side, and I was fine with that. Nothing wrong with being curvy. But that’s beside the point, we were currently getting ready to go on said jog, Phil throwing on some shorts and a random shirt, putting his shoes on. I opted out with leggings and a tank, not trying to show too much skin, although admittedly the leggings fit my curves extremely well.

Making my way to the living room, I see Dan sitting at the kitchen table all dressed for the day.

“You’re not joining us?” I would’ve guessed we were all going.

He quickly shakes his head, “Nope. I’d much rather walk around town. Have fun!” He quickly gets up and walk out, flashing me a sarcastic smile and wink. I roll my eyes, lucky little shit got away with not having to do physical activity.

“Phil, why are we doing this?” I whine, bending down to pick up my shoes. I turn around to see him staring, before he realizes and blushes, looking away.

“It’ll be fun,” he quickly replied, getting up and going towards the door.

“Okay…” I answer hesitantly, slipping on my shoes and following behind. We make it down to the street and walk to the nearest park, small talking on the way. “So what’s the plan?” I ask as we get there, looking around.

“Well we should do a couple laps, nothing too hard.” He begins to stretch a bit, warming up. I follow his lead, not wanting to suffer any consequences of not doing so. I would take glances at him to see what he was doing, only to catch him staring at me. He would look away every time, pretending to be busy. A couple minutes later, he spoke up again, “So I think you should go in front.”

I look at him confused. “Why? I’m pretty slow.”

“Well, you know. Wouldn’t want you to be kidnapped,” he playfully says, looking down, blushing.

I shrugged it off, not wanting to waste anymore time and desperate to get this over with.

We began to jog around, going along a dirt path on the outskirts of the park. Two laps later, we were weaving our way through, we passed a bunch of guys who were having some kind of barbecue. One of them looked up and whistled, his friends following.

“Damn girl! Nice ass!” He shouted, his little clique cheering and high fiving him. I guess these leggings weren’t a good idea, imagine how horny shorts would get them. “You’re so damn thick, I’d like to pound that!”

And I swear, everything after that happened so quickly, I couldn’t process it at once. All I knew is that Phil had tackled the guy and was pinning him down on the ground.

“Phil! What the fuck?!” I yelled, trying to pull him off. He gave the guy one last shove into the ground before getting up.

“Let’s go,” he grumbled, storming off. I gave them one last look, they all looked as shocked as I did before I quickly followed after Phil. The walk back was quiet, his heavy breathing never subsiding as we walked into his and Dan’s apartment, the door slamming shut.

“What was that about?!” I yelled after him as he walked to the kitchen to get a water bottle. “Phil, answer me.”

“Nothing! Forget about it,” he snapped, chugging half of the bottle.

“What do you mean?! You just tackled a guy down and you want me to forget about it?!”

“Y/N, drop it.”

“Phil! Are you being serious?!”

“I just didn’t like how they talked to you! Okay?!”

I shook my head, “It’s nothing I can’t handle?! I appreciate your concern, but what you did wasn’t necessary!”

He seemed conflicted with himself as he stared at the counter. I approached him and put a hand on his shoulder, feeling how tense he was. In one quick motion, his hands were on my hips and he pinned me against the counter, his lips inches away from mine.

“You have no idea how bad I want you,” he growled, his fingers traveling in between my legs. He slowly applied pressure which cause me to moan, my legs subconsciously squeezing together. “Is this making you wet, love?” He whispered, going faster. My breathing quickened and I started to feel light headed, Phil’s fingers rubbing my clothed sex.

“What are you doing?” I manage to say as he starts to kiss my neck. He sucks and bites, ignoring me for a bit.

“I’ve been wanting to do this,” he whispers into my neck, his hand now traveling inside my leggings and rubbing between my folds. “No one will be able to touch you except for me.”

I let out a whimper, feeling excitement build at the pit of my stomach. I move my hips to create more friction, desperate for his touch. “Phil, oh my God,” I gasp as he inserts a finger, pumping in and out.

“You have no idea how enraged I felt when they spoke to you,” he murmurs, kissing up to my lips where he kisses me urgently. I moan into his mouth as he adds another digit. “I’m the only one who can please you, is that clear?” I nod, not being able to speak. “Is that clear?” He asks again, pulling his fingers out.

“Yes Phil,” I whimper. He turns me around and pulls down my leggings with my panties.

“I’ll be right back,” he says as he bends me over the counter. He jogs to his room and comes back with a condom packet. He comes behind me once again and pulls out his cock, jerking it a couple times before tearing the packet and puts the condom on. He grabs my ass and line himself up, rubbing the tip along my folds. “You’re okay with this?”

I nod my head, desperate to release what he built up. He slowly pushes inside me, groaning. I gasp as he stretches my walls, slowly thrusting into me to let me adjust. Once he sees I’m okay, he picks up the pace quicker than I thought. Soon he’s literally pounding into me and I’m not complaining.

“They’ll never touch you, they won’t make you feel this good. You’re mine and only mine,” he moans, grabbing my hips tighter.

“Yes Phil! I’m yours!” I gasp, as he hits the perfect spot. I can feel my orgasm approaching dangerously close. I feel him grab my hands and hold them behind my back, just that gesture making him even more attractive. “Phil, I’m gonna come,” I say between moans, my face pressing into the countertop.

“You’re mine,” he growls, pounding into me even harder. “Say your mine as you come, I wanna hear it from your lips.”

“Oh fuck, I’m yours!” I scream, releasing all over the condom. I feel him twitch inside me, releasing as well. Our moans subside and he pulls out, tossing out the used condom. I get up and pull up my leggings, looking at Phil who stares at me once again.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispers, hugging me. “Your body is amazing, don’t let anyone talk you down or degrade you.”

“I promise I’m fine. What they said doesn’t matter to me.” I cuddle into him, kissing his cheek.

“I’ll make sure to make you feel beautiful everyday, Y/N.”

We spend the rest of the day cuddling on the couch. When Dan returns, he looks over to us but doesn’t ask questions, retreating to his room.


Happiness comes from within. I’ve loved myself at 100 and I’ve loved myself at 200 and I’ll continue to love myself until the day I die. I refuse to follow the trend of women shrinking as though they are not allowed the space they deserve. I stand here assuming the space that I am entitled to, and I will not falter. Furthermore -no matter their size- whether it be short, tall, fat, skinny, #curvy, or lanky. No matter what they are, women deserve #respect, #equality, and #equity I am proud because I say so. I am beautiful because I say so. #selflove


(Also sorry for caps I just wanted you to notice me)

But like Dani is always seen wearing a baggy hoodie and pants and there’s no boob thing but whEN SHE GOES GHOST SHE HAS CURVES LIKE EXTREME

So if the danny is more masculine in ghost it’s same for Dani as more feminine. Transwoman Dani is a okay in my book.


Face Tutorial request part 2, now profile!

Just like faces in general, I usually eyeball the way I draw profiles. However, I do use these guidelines from time to time, but it’s just the way -I- do it. It might be odd or something for others, so feel free to change/add whatever you’d like if you decide to follow this tutorial! 

  1. Just draw a circle. As I’ve said on the previous tutorial, it doesn’t have to be even or symmetrical.
  2. Draw a “V” like form on the bottom (?) if the circle. You can change the form to rounder, more square, whatever… but take note that this will represent the general face shape. The bottom of the V pretty much represents the chin and jaw.
  3. Drawing the neck is the easiest thing ever for me. It’s basically two triangles, or two “v’s” overlapping each other. It gives you a believable shape. Of course, how long and thick the neck should be is up to you completely.
  4. Now draw a cross in.. somewhere in the middle of the circle and then add the nose by it’s horizontal line. The cross will help you place the eyes, ears and the jaw.
  5. This part is completely optional but I find it extremely useful. Draw a curve like the one pictured above. The reason I find it’s good is because it gives you a hint where the cheek should be placed, telling us where the eye can be drawn as well.
  6. Now you can finally draw out a simple drawing of the face. What I mean by simple, as stated in the previous tutorial, is that you don’t add any specific details, AKA “prettify it”, just yet. Just make sure you got the shapes down and so that you can see you finally got a face. Take note how I used the guidelines to create my face! Remember the lines are only GUIDElines. Never follow them on the spot or it’ll honestly ruin what you’re trying to accomplish. You just gotta eyeball it sometimes and let the artistic side have some fun, too. And ah, forgot to mention, the nose is usually the strongest point on the face. The chin us i usually the weakest. OF COURSE there are people with stronger chins, etc, and that’s fine! I’m just explaining the average face. Variate as much as you can, have fun!
  7. Now you can draw the details you want to give it character! Change anything you want until you’re happy. Keep fixing errors you see. (well, on a healthy level, of course.)
  8. And we’re done~

If you’re confused on how to draw around the mouth area, try thinking like this;

If you want to see my other tutorials I have done, click [HERE]! And let me know if you have any tutorial requests!

How to Draw the Face at the Front

How to draw: Sarah Mason.

1. Get your basic shapes!

• I like to start with a snowman-shape. Make sure the bottom circle is slightly larger than the top one to keep her jaw heavy.

2. Sketch out the basic shape of her head.

• Add a little bump for her brow ridge.

• Massive and square are keywords when describing Sarah’s head in prose.

• Notice that her head tapers slightly as you go from her jaw to her crown.

3. Add in the facial features!

• Her nose is large, broad and hooked. I use a big, slanted C-stroke to make it.

• Eyes, mouth, and ears are small and close-set.

• Lower lip is full.

• Chin and cheekbones are very broad.

• Keep her brow ridge low and heavy. She has a natural scowl.

4. Add the neck and hair!

• Eyebrows are thick blocks that taper with her expressions.

• Hair is thick and floofy! Lots of messy, spiky bangs and locks falling over her shoulders. Waist-length in the back.

• Neck is short, muscular and wider than her head. “Bull-necked” is not an exaggeration.

• Trapezius muscles are very large and sloping; giants oft clear trails in mountainous terrain and need powerful shoulders to move derbies.

• Collarbone is broad and heavily-curved.

• Extremely broad-shouldered. Almost 5 heads wide when viewed from the front.

• Chest is broad and barrel-shaped, with well-developed pectoral muscles. Giants and half-breeds have larger lungs and hearts relative to their bodies than normal humans.

• Female giants are flat-chested unless actively nursing, another trait Sarah retains from her ancestors.

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Er, I'm new to this ask buisness, but I was wondering-- Do you think you could go a canon divergence, (maybe with a little coldwave thrown in there), where the Waverider crew ends up in Gotham?

By an overwhelming three votes to zero, here’s the Mick-with-friends short fill I mentioned :) @coin-in-the-wishing-well, I hope you don’t mind that it’s a bit Mick-centric!

AO3 Link

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit,” Nate chants.

“It’s okay,” Sara says, though she sounds a little nervous herself. “It’s just Gotham.”

“It’s Gotham,” Nate hisses.

“What’s the matter with Gotham?” Amaya asks.

“Gotham has the largest supervillain population in the United States,” Nate says. “Worst of the worst. The real crazies. Poison gas, fear gas, acid, killer plants – basically, if humanity has had a nightmare about it, it’s probably shown up in Gotham. Which we’re currently stuck in!”

“But, you know, maybe by now…”

“We crashed in 2020,” Stein says. “As of 2016, Gotham was getting worse, not better. Gideon, the supervillain population in Gotham –”

“2020 is the height of the supervillain boom,” Gideon says cheerfully.


“We’re gonna die,” Nate says. “Of all the cities we had to crash into…”

“We just need to get one part to fix the ship and we’ll be able to get out of here,” Ray argues. “In, out, no problem.”

“Has that ever happened?” Jax asks skeptically.

“…it could,” Ray says.

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Orchard Corset CS-426-Short Corset Review

Size: 20″
Material: Black Satin
Laces: Formerly OC’s White Paracord, currently straitlaceddame’s Maroon Satin Ribbon Laces
Modesty panel: Removed by me
Owned since: February 2015

Finally getting around to posting my review of this corset! This was the corset I needed for years, but I didn’t know it yet, and it also didn’t exist for such an affordable price until a few months ago!

The lovely ladies at Orchard Corset were so sweet to send me this model to try, since I had heard about the release of a shorter but equally curvy version of my beloved CS-426 Longline last summer, and I had been anxiously waiting ever since. Like, literally checking the Orchard Corset blog every day waiting for announcements about it. I was STOKED.

This is my 20″ black satin CS-426-Short. It retails for $69 USD on their website. It comes in size 16″-46″ and also comes in several other colors and fabrics - cotton, leather, and recently Orchard Corset introduced a version with HIP TIES which you better believe is next on my list! It has 24 flat and spiral steel bones. It is definitely one of my more heavy duty corsets, and it feels just as sturdy and only slightly lighter than my classic 426 longline.

It comes with a modesty panel, which can be easily removed with a seam ripper and some concentration - I always remove the modesty panels on my corsets for easier lacing up and easier stealthing (hiding under clothes).

Update: Until this past week, I had always preferred flat or paracord lacing in my corsets. I recently received several pairs of satin ribbon laces from Heidi of straitlaceddame (SLDCorsetry on Etsy) - she makes them in tons of gorgeous jewel-toned colors and custom lengths to suit your preference. I am OBSESSED. Orchard Corset was so kind to include a pair of white paracord laces when they shipped my corset, and while I love the durability of those, they are much thicker and bulkier and more difficult to hide under closing. I stealth this corset quite often (more on that later) so I’ve been LOVING ribbon laces, which are almost invisible under clothes.
Also, when you’re lacing yourself into this corset, neither the ribbon and paracord laces “backtrack” or unlace themselves as soon as you let go, which is awesome.
I also re-lace all my corsets using the Inverted Bunny Ears method to minimize the “venus fold” (back crack!) and make it easier to keep the lacing gap parallel, and lace down farther. You can find videos on how to do this all over Youtube.

This corset takes its sweet time seasoning and breaking in to one’s body, but it’s more than worth it. It’s important to note that there is a lot going on in the corset itself (lots of bones and layers of fabric), but if you’re patient and give it plenty of time, it will mold to your hips and ribs beautifully, and any flare you started out with will virtually disappear. For me, this took about a month of steady several-hours-per-day wear for it to fit perfectly.

I have a 13″ long torso. This corset is 10.5″ long in front, 11.75″ long in back, and 10.25“ long at the side. It has a 6″ waist-to-top rise and a 5.5″ waist to bottom length in the back, and a 5″ waist to top rise and 5.5″ waist to bottom length in the front. This makes it shorter at the bottom than the original 426 longline, but very similar in height at the top to the longline. This is EXACTLY what I need in a corset to be both flattering and comfortable on my body. I like a high back to mininize “back pudge” and I like the bottom of my corsets to just barely cover my stomach but still be short enough to comfortably sit, drive and move around in. This corset does all of that!

This corset has a “Level 3″ Extreme Curve. It provides a significant reduction and is ideal for curvy figures - if you aren’t curvy enough and/or are new to corsets, you may have some gapping at the hips and/or ribs. I am just barely wide enough in the hips to fill out this corset.
I find that the curve at the waist is a softer curve, closely resembling the original CS426 longline with a )( curve, while my CS-411 gives a sharper curve like > <. Because of this, I find the 426 corsets (short and long) more comfortable and easier to stealth in, as the curve is not so noticable under clothing. If you’re going for a nice flattering shape without telling the world, LOOK, I’M WEARING A CORSET! then this one is for you.

Due to the high back and sturdiness, I love this corset for periods of time when I’ll be doing lots of standing and walking, AND sitting (best of both worlds), and it’s LOVELY to sleep in once it’s thoroughly seasoned. It feels like a nice tight hug.

When this corset is closed, the ribs will be 6-7″ larger than the waist, and the hips will be about 11″ bigger than the waist. I am roughly 34-36″ in the hips lately and 29-30″ in the ribs, so I prefer to wear this 20″ corset with a 2″ gap.

I highly recommend this corset to those who can comfortably wear it, which is not everyone, unfortunately! This is a beautifuL corset for extra-curvy figures, as long as you have the hip ratio to fill it out. It is absolutely ideal for those who want the curve of the CS426 longline but aren’t long enough in the torso. It is also an excellent corset for posture support. This is my favorite corset to stealth in and I’m constantly looking for more outfits to wear with this corset on the outside! This is 100% my “Goldilocks” of all the Orchard Corset styles - not too long or short, and just the right amount of curve for my figure. I am a huge fan!

Disclaimer: The corset in this review was provided to me by the company. The ribbon laces from SLDCorsetry were purchased by me. I am not affiliated with, sponsored or paid by orchardcorset or SLDCorsetry for this review. All opinions are my own. 

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Heyy can you do an imagine where you are dationg swazz and he get very over protective of you ? Can you also add the fact that you are curvy but he loves you like that and he brag about you being his girlfriend?? Thank you! Love you so much xx

Over Protective -Swazz

“Hey (y/n) you ready yet babe”, John asked.

“Almost Babe,I’m done with my makeup and hair ,I just need to get dressed”, you said.

You walked into your closet and saw the new outfit you just got. You put on your black lace bra and underwear set. You started put on the dress one hook and the other. This dress was the biggest pain. It was pretty much a long corset, but it was sexy AF. When you successfully hooked all the latches up, you looked into the mirror in disgust. you looked terrible, my stomach and thigh were huge and look awful in this dress.

“Damn baby, you lookin hella fine in that. Imma have to keep an extra eye on you tonight”, John said smirking.

“Stop fucking lying John, I look disgusting”, you said trying not to cry.

“What are you talking about (y/n) you look amazing babe”, john exclaimed.

“Look at my stomach and my thighs, you can see the outlines of them”, you cried.

John walked over behind me and we both looked into the mirror together

“(y/n) I see a strong,insanely gorgeous,sexy,independent,smart,genuine girlfriend. And you know what you’ve curves are extremely sexy baby. For God sakes (Y/n) you’re a fucking curvy model baby! That’s sexy af! I love you so much (Y/n), john said while kissing up and down your neck and rubbing his hands down your sides.

You turned around and put your hands on either sides of his face. 

“Thank you john”, you said kissing him.

“Any time babygirl, ready for the party”, he asked sticking out his hand.

You nod and accept his hand

We arrived at Skate’s party and lets say it was a banger. The police would be there any minute to shut it down. 

John and You walked in hand and hand and went to go say hi to yall’s friends.

John would not stop talking about you, especially in that dress. He told all your friends about your raise at work, your sports illustrated job coming up, and about you being coming out with your own Curvy line.

When John was finally done bragging about you,he went to go get you a beer and you kept talking to Stass and Emily when you felt a smack on your ass. You thought it was John being normal John,but it wasn’t John. When you turned around you saw some drunk guy with a beanie on.

“Hey Baby, wanna go upstair? You’ve got a great ass Baby”, the drunk asked.

“No thanks, my boyfriend should be back soon”,you said walking away trying to find John.

The drunk guy then grabbed your arm and started pulling you upward the stairs. Emily started hitting the guy and Stass went to get John. The guy pushed Emily causing her to fall onto the ground and put you over his shoulder and went toward the stairs again. You started kicking your legs and hitting his back. John and Skate appeared and John dead legged the guy causing you to fall on your ass onto the stairs. John and Skate were beating the shit out of the guy. 

“John, don’t kill him”, you exclaimed!

“(y/n) he tried to get with you and hurt you”!, he yelled.

Just then the cops pulled up and you became worried. You walked over to John and put your hands on his face like earlier, trying to get him to calm down.

“Look I know what he did, but I don’t want you to get in trouble okay? Let go home okay”?,you said.

“Okay,okay lets go home”, he said.

“I love you (Y/n)

“I love you more John”.

Of Mice & Men Preference: Lingerie

Disclaimer:  We all don’t look perfect so when I do these types of preferences, lingerie or anything body related, I try and focus on finding something that will fit everyone. We all are not white, some of us don’t tan, some of us are darker, we all are not extremely skinny, or have curves in the right places, or can’t lose weight, some of us don’t have a good butt, or big boobs, some of us even have stretch marks. So this is my opportunity to show everyone of you that you are beautiful, we are beautiful in our own way. Much love, Adie.