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Me ‘n Vio are going on an adventure

A book adventure!

Vio:  Look!  It’s me!

anonymous asked:

What was your very first Parks and Rec episode? And was it love at first watch for you, or did you need a few episodes to get into it?

Honestly? The pilot was my first. I watched it all in order the first time. I liked it from the get go, but I’ll admit that my biggest motivation when I started watching the show was to find out more about this blanket. 

We saw it in episode 1 like this:

So a clear yellow/red/white pattern. But then episode 2:

I wondered if it was actually the same blanket, you know? Cause this one has a white/purple/red/blue/pink theme. What is going on there? Fortunately, episode 3 I had my answer:

It was the same blanket all along, obviously. You can see the orange/red theme next to Andy’s shoulder, and the rest is the other theme from episode 2. Then episode 4 blessed us with this great moment:

Where we actually saw the way all the different colors were combined on this beautiful crocheted blanket. By then I was already hooked on the story and the characters (Ann was still my favorite at that time, before April overtook my whole life, and she had great taste in blankets).

I crocheted too much and I got carpal tunnel symptoms, so now I walk around with a splint on my arm. Waiting for someone to ask how I hurt myself so that I can tell them that I practice extreme crocheting, the third most dangerous sport in America.


My mother is an AMAZING artist, she can draw, paint, sculpt, etc. She is also extremely amazing at crochet. This is one of her creations, made for me for my birthday! HUGE! I provided an image of me for scale XD

Here is her website: http://vivaciousart.com/#!/about

(I helped create the website, also made the banner and icon for her, and I took -most- of the pictures in her gallery.