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Hey kids! Want a good shoot’n game fps where you can play as a giant robot?


Want to feel like youre playing as a mix of soldier 76, Gengi, Widowmaker, Dva and Lucio?


Want a charming single player campaign that dont overstay its wellcome, got extremely creative levels, awesome boss battles and charming bromance between a robot and a pilot?


Want a MODERN SHOOTER. From EA. That somehow. SOMEHOW.


GET. TITAN. FALL. 2!!!!!

Why all this?

Cause Titanfall ended releasing between the release of the two massive FPS franchises (BF and CoD). The chances it’ll be dead on arrival are even greater than the first one. Analists are already saying it’ll have disapointing sales due to that.

We gotta show with our wallets what we want: Paying for a full game!

Or don’t you dont have to buy it :v



Titanfall 2 is SICK and you guys gotta at least give it a try <3 

To lynx ♡

If you like my Glitchtale series. You’re gona LOVE “Dogs of tue Future Past” by Lynxgriffin. Their comic series just finished and is a GREAT read. Extremely creative and it sticks to the canon amazingly well!

Here’s the link to the first page:


Please read it.


To @lynxgriffin

I have no idea if you know me at all or what I do. But I just wanted to say that I’ve been following DOFP since it started.

You are a really talented and creative artist. One of the few that decided to choose the hard way to make a story which is sticking to the canon and make a story that would actually make sense by changing or switching a small thing here and there.

I actually got inspired to actually do research and take time to make my plots for animations to make a story that’d make sense. Without jumping away from the original undertale like 98% of the “AU"s have done so far.

If you ever make more comics about undertale, I’ll be more than glad to follow it to the end, cus I know I’m in for a great, original, creative, story that would jist increase my love for a game that even after a year has a LOT to offer.

(It was actually funny to see some similarities in our interpretation of a few things. For example a save file getting corrupted for bringing a character that’s not supossed to be tere back and such. Sometimes I’d search through your comics and other of my inspirations to look for the correct reaction of a character to a situation that wasn’t in the game, since it’s really hard to have an accurate interpretation of an undertale character’s personality without knowing much about him/her.


Thank you for this amazing comic, and I hope you get to read my fangirl paragraphs sometime lmao ♡♡♡.)

[SCENARIO] How the Hip-Hop Team will Propose [MG/VN]

Just a short (it turned out really long holyjisoos I had to split it in two sorry guys) scenario speculating how Seventeen’s Hip-Hop team would propose to their significant other. It was an idea I’ve kept in my head for a really long time, and I’m glad that I can spare some time to get it out.


You may request for other units, too! But do remember to go off-anon before doing so!

- wooed
- Scooped ✌️

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I can see the Hip-Hop Unit being extremely creative and extravagant with their proposal methods, finding the most unique yet romantic ways to pop the question to their significant other. Though things may not go as well as they had planned, the sheer amount of sincerity and thought that went into this, just for you, makes up for it all.

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i’m just rambling here, but i wanna take a moment to appreciate that Robbie has so much in common with the kids?? It’s not just that he actually knows them very well (we know that he does, even if he pretends not to): he shares interests and personality traits with them, and i love it so much.

Like Pixel, he loves to create and invent things and shows an interest in technology; they’re both extremely creative.

He could definitely appreciate Trixie’s love for pranks and penchant for getting in trouble if he took the time to listen to her a bit more (he HEARS her (she is “Loud Girl” after all), but he doesn’t listen).

He and Ziggy have the same love of sugar and unhealthy food (that could possibly extend to cooking once Ziggy grows up?).

We know for a fact that Robbie loves to sing (and dance, when he’s in the mood for it) just like Stephanie, and they both love to put on a show.

Stingy is the only one i struggle a little to find a clear example for, but they probably both struggle with social interactions at times and don’t like sharing all that much, so i guess that’s a thing.

i dunno, i just think it’s neat~

A year ago today I met Joe for the first time. I think it was the best day of my life and I will always remember it. Joe is so incredibly inspiring, funny and kind. I have been watching him for nearly 3 years now and I am so thankful for clicking on one of his videos in 2014. He’s pretty much a 12 year old trapped inside a 25 year old’s body 😂 He is so hard working and he goes out of his way for others. He is extremely creative and unique. He has almost 8 million subscribers and he has created a family that will never change. He has written two books and he has starred in and produced two movies. He also was the voice of a seagull with Caspar in a spongebob movie ahaha. He toured the world performing live shows. He has worked with multiple charities and brought out merchandise with his sister Zoe. I have met him twice now and he has been so kind to me both times. The first time he thought he broke my iPod and it literally crashed when I handed it to him (it was so so so embarrassing) and it literally caused traffic at the m&g. The second time he complimented my jacket 😂. He is just hands-down a truly amazing person and he has inspired me and 7.6 million other people so much, and I’m not sure he even knows it. ❤️ Also thank you to anyone who took time out of their day to read this, I really appreciate it.

PISCES - Business

Pisces does not take well to a position of leadership or high business person, they are too sensitive and lacking in self-discipline and lacking self-confidence for a position such as that. What they are good at is writing, acting, poetry, or being musicians. Pisces are excellent at anything that tugs at the heart strings and mystical/spiritual. They are extremely creative and can use their skills of creativity and their understanding of people to inspire others. Unfortunately, most Pisces take the easy way out in life and never attain the degree of fame that they possibly could, they have to stop self-doubting themselves because they are capable of being good role models and leaders to others, people do look up to them.

So when is somebody going to write that “Annie is away on a sleepover at her friends house and Peter and Mary Jane makes good use of the rare opportunity of having the apartment all to themselves for one night.” smut fic?

And NO fucking supervillain interrupts their night of unbridled passion and intimacy. 

Scorpio in the...

1st house: Piercing eyes, long gaze, serious look, quiet.
2nd house: Love/hate relationship with money, inherited items, values security, secret collections.
3rd house: Lots of secrets, sarcasm, intense relationship with siblings, a sibling near death.
4th house: Intense feelings about parent(s), wanting to control home, not a relaxing home.
5th house: Controlling of children, seeking extreme pleasure, passionate creativity.
6th house: Strong food opinions, owning strange pets, healing, obsessive daily habits.
7th house: Controlling partners, spouse on the brink of death, deadly confrontations, sexual partners.
8th house: Emotional ties with sex, complicated death, jealous of others’ money.
9th house: Jealous of others’ beliefs, fixed religious opinions, wanting to change the world, complex relationship with god.
10th house: Jealous of others’ success, having a powerful parent, widely known as sexual, wanting a power career.
11th house: Friends tied with control, crusading for sexual rights, intensely focused on long-term goals.
12th house: Secret dream journals, sleeping in total blackness, deep secrecy, dreams of dying.

[SCENARIO] How the Hip-Hop Team will Propose [SC/WW]

Just a short (it turned out really long holyjisoos I had to split it in two sorry guys) scenario speculating how Seventeen’s Hip-Hop team would propose to their significant other. It was an idea I’ve kept in my head for a really long time, and I’m glad that I can spare some time to get it out.


You may request for other units, too! But do remember to go off-anon before doing so!


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I can see the Hip-Hop Unit being extremely creative and extravagant with their proposal methods, finding the most unique yet romantic ways to pop the question to their significant other. Though things may not go as well as they had planned, the sheer amount of sincerity and thought that went into this, just for you, makes up for it all.

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Namjoons ideal type ((:

•okay so I wanna start by saying, someone with an imagination?? Or Someone who is creative

•Someone who could just blurt out a random fact about anything at anytime (cute omg)

•Also someone who likes to read possibly? Because books can really take your mind places

•Namjoon is very intelligent so I can see him being with someone a bit smart as well… Someone who shares the same qualities

•But although their minds and personalities are extremely creative, their outside look is plain and simple. Someone comfortable in just converse, jeans and a T-shirt (:

•NAMJOON IS V TALL so I can see him being with someone just a bit shorter than him. It would make him a bit comfortable? (Though height isn’t an important quality)

•Speaking of qualities, someone who isn’t afraid to show off their HOEY side you know? Or put themselves out there a bit (lord knows he’d do it with you)

•Someone who will gladly help him come up with lyrics or inspire him to write during a block or something. With you by his side he’d have endless things to write about :)

•Also someone who doesn’t mind doing a bit of work, or getting their hands dirty

•Someone that will happily lay out all night and watch the stars, pointing out constellations in the sky and enjoy every minuet of it

•Someone who is possibly a bit more of a talker, I take him as being the “Life is more interesting when you let others talk” kinda guy

•But also someone who will take their time to listen to what he had to say and help him when he’s stressed.

•Like Jungkook, I think he’d want someone who doesn’t mind some skinship ( (((;;; )

•Someone willing to step out of their comfort zone to experience new things

•and someone who wouldn’t even THINK about being unloyal for a second (I’m sure they’d all want that)

•Namjoon deserves so much love and would take such good care of his S/O because you’d be his entire world! He would love you so much and you would do the same. Cutest couple ever omg.

Here it is!! I hope you enjoyed it! (I had to re write it because the first one didn’t even upload!!) I had fun writing it!

—Admin Brit

It is believed that synesthetes happen to share a number of traits including: confusing left and right; a horrible sense of direction; they have an extraordinary memory but might experience a lot more migraines than the general populace; they constantly strive for perfection; they may be a lot more ticklish than the average person; they are usually introverts but extremely creative and talented in the visual and performing arts

my life explained


Pallas in the natal chart has been linked to creative intelligence, political leanings, pattern recognition, and general skills and strategy. 


Aries: Tries to find the quickest solution to problems. They love competition and like to win and be the first. They are inventors, innovators. 

Taurus: Skilled in physical interpretations. They use texture, color, and form to create beautiful objects. They have common sense and are tenacious.

Gemini: Sees the world through words. They collect and dispense knowledge easily. They have a knack for choosing just the right words to make themselves understood. They fight with words.

Cancer: Sees the world through emotions. They defend their family and home, and easily interpret their own and others’ emotions. Very empathetic.

Leo: The world is their stage. They are extremely creative and use every aspect of life to express themselves. They are dramatic and attention-grabbing.

Virgo: Analyzes the world around them. The separate the big picture from the smaller details very easily. They are practical and thorough in their work.

Libra: Seeks harmony. They are a firm believer in justice through diplomacy and compromise. They are excellent mediators and counselors and like to solve social problems. 

Scorpio: Sees the deeper side of the world. Easily gets to the heart of issues. They are fearless, cool in the face of danger. They love to solve mysteries.

Sagittarius: Sees the grand scheme of things. They make excellent teachers and are very open minded. They see learning as a spiritual opportunity. 

Capricorn: Examines the structure of things. They are great at organizing and planning, and have a knack for always being in the right place at the right time. They are very precise.

Aquarius: Sees the world’s potential. They are inventors and radicals. They are humanitarians. They come up with unusual solutions to difficult problems.

Pisces: Knows the magic in the world. They are wonderful storytellers and see the beauty in everything. They deeply inspire others, and are poetic and compassionate. They are willing to sacrifice themselves for a cause.


1st House: Has creative intelligence and fights for justice. May defy social or gender norms.

2nd House: Creates physical beauty from materials. May be good at the fine arts, interior design, fashion, or landscaping.

3rd House: Intuitive and excellent communicators. Loves to learn and views the world linguistically.

4th House: Empathetic to the point of being almost psychic. Good at creating the comforts of home and nurturing others.

5th House: Very creative and innovative, tending towards dramatic expression. Great with children.

6th House: Organized and detail oriented, seeks to improve. Can be perfectionists.

7th House: Gifted with mediating and counseling others; has a knack for problem solving and compromise.

8th House: Seeks to expand their horizons. Sees opportunities in all endeavors for personal transformation or personal gain. Good executives or businessmen/women.

9th House: Very ideological and concerned with justice. Make excellent teachers and activists. Seeks global improvement.

10th House: Desires recognition for their effort. Will often choose career over family, desires to climb higher on the ladder to success. Extremely motivated.

11th House: Humanitarians at heart, their knack for problem solving is used to solve social or political problems. Very idealistic and innovative, may become the voice for a cause.

12th House: Has great spiritual intelligence, is able to see the higher value in life. May choose a path of servitude to others.

What Your Favorite UD Character Says About You

Sam: You take hour-long showers. You get annoyed very easily at the stupid mistakes people in horror movies make.

Josh: You enjoy feeling bitter and screwed over by endings to things. You probably have at least one other fave whom you passionately believe deserved better.

Mike: At some point in your life you have looked in a mirror and gone “dayyyyyum”. You love dogs more than life itself.

Jess: You’re often upset by how female characters are treated by writers and fandoms. Your insults are very cutting and extremely creative.

Matt: You find yourself overlooked and under-appreciated a lot. You’ve watched Grease Live at least seventeen times.

Emily: A righteous anger hotter than a thousand suns burns in your soul. Dragging people is what you live for.

Chris: Puns are the highest, purest form of humor. You romantically call people “bro” or “dude”.

Ashley: You sleep in until noon like every day. You scream when a phone rings in a quiet room.

Hannah: You love death and dying and being dead. You have bad luck with your crushes.

Beth: You have an extremely low bullshit tolerance. You want to date someone who could kick your ass.

Moon in Pisces

Natives of this moon sign tend to be very emotional people, and are very in tune with their feelings. They are often overcome with emotion and need to escape in some way to get away from them, and that can be through alone time, creative writing and drinking or substance abuse. These people tend to get scared very easily because their emotions are so heightened and are constantly aware of their surroundings because they are on everyone’s wavelength subconsciously. They are very dreamy and wistful people and often thinking more of the possibilities than the realities, this makes them extremely creative and intelligent people, but a lot of people don’t understand this because they ideas aren’t exactly possible or realistic, so they are often misunderstood because of their imaginative ideas. They have very addictive personalities and can get very obsessive and wrapped up in whatever they have their attention set on, whether it be a partner or a friend, or worse drugs and/or drinking, and this can get them into a lot of trouble because they don’t know how to get out of their fantasy world that they have put themselves into and they need to let go, because if they don’t let go, it will eventually overcome them and will rule over their entire life. Piscean Moons can be flaky at times and aren’t the most reliable people, but they are very true to their partners and friends and they get deeply attached very easily and they are truly great people. Some advice to Moon in Pisces is, living in a fantasy world is fine, but don’t let it take over your entire life and get lost in your fairytale, you will eventually be stuck in it forever.

anonymous asked:

Hi was wondering if you could describe a intp x Infp friendship(both females). Just curious since they seem to be rarely paired.

Well firstly it doesn’t really matter if they’re male or female, it won’t make much difference. INTP and INFP relationships work out fairly well as far as I’ve seen. Both are extremely creative and inventive, allowing conversations between the two to be vast and interesting. Even if INFP is talking about a moral concept, INTPs actually love to tackle the concept of morales…just usually in a more cold, calculating sort of way.

They both will respect each other’s space and often bounce ideas off each other. I know I practically helped an INFP start a book she wanted to write because we bounced ideas back and forth. This is Aux Ne at work. Since they both have the same tertiary function that usually acts as stress relief, they are easily able to relax together.

INTP and INFP might crash because INTPs are coldly logical and toss morals out the window, which will make INFP view her as cruel and heartless. INTP will see INFP as too emotionally weak and will commonly avoid dealing with her when she’s emotional. This can cause a strain between the two as it seems that the INTP just doesn’t care, but in fact the INTP is just unable to deal with emotionally charged situations, so she will avoid them. 

All in all INFP and INTP can be very good friends as long as they understand their very very clear differences. Having two matching functions with two different once goes quite the long ways for having a comfortable, but interesting relationship.

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AU scenario w/ kuroo, oikawa, lev, & bokuto where whatever they draw on themselves it appears on the soulmate, & their s/o is extremely creative?

shit, for the AU soulmate scenario i accidentally put 4 people. can you just do oikawa, lev, h bokuto? sorry, i mixed up the rules!

((I love, love, love AU’s! * v* I had so much fun with this one! -mimi))

These wordless conversations with Oikawa began with a single drawing of a white lily. The petals appeared to be growing from the top of his hand because of the accuracy and precision shown by the dark lines. Oikawa stared with awe, hoping this flower was blessing him with the knowledge of the existence of his soulmate. His reply is “beautiful,” which he wrote with his finest of print.

Since that moment onwards, you continued to bless his skin with these alluring creations of yours. Each one with the same precision as the first. Oikawa could only respond with single words and comments, due to his lack of creativity.

But that isn’t an issue. Oikawa’s words were as captivating as your illustrations. You feel heat travel to your neck and your heart drum faster with his sweet messages. Similar to how you have brought tenderness to his being, Oikawa does the same thing to you.

Oikawa is aware of you being his soulmate which is why he writes you such endearing messages, so he thinks it’s time for him to arrange a meeting with you.

‘[Name].’ He begins by writing your name on his arm, a name as beautiful as the first flower he received from you. Oikawa’s shaking hand continues to scrawl his next thoughts. ‘would you like to meet up soon?’

Oikawa awaits your reply, restlessness causing his leg to shake and his fingers to twirl the marker.

Soon he finds your reply sketched across his arm. ‘Of course!’ A doodle of what he supposes is you rests beside the reply.

Oikawa brings up a hand to hide his obvious grin. He recomposes himself then picks up the marker again. ‘Great! I’m sure these drawings are a representation of your beauty. ♥’

It was all over for Lev. He knows the brilliant thing to have done last night was study. The bed looked so inviting, how could he refuse a little nap? Okay, so maybe that wasn’t a nap.

But Lev had a solution for this problem! He had opted to wear long sleeves today (thank goodness the weather was quite chilly) and wrote most of the answers on his arm. Every opportunity Lev had to take a peek at the answers on his arm, he would take! There was no way he was going to fail this test. There is no telling what Yaku would do to him if he fails. Or if he’s caught cheating, but that’s beside the point!

It is time for the test. Once his teacher had distributed the tests, Lev noticed most of his classmates were breezing through the test as soon as their pencils touched the paper. And Lev, well he sat motionless, pencil in hand and eyes wide with confusion.

Lev peeked up from under his eyelashes. The teacher is patrolling the opposite side of the classroom, which meant this was an opportunity for Lev to get some answers in.

He slowly shimmies the sleeve upward, finding his first step to actually passing this test. Lev writes down the word before observing the room again, his emerald eyes searching for his teacher. The teacher was nearing his location so Lev opts for hiding his test by lowering his head and circling an arm around the paper.

The teacher makes his way past Lev, not taking note of his suspicious behaviour, giving him the freedom to look at his arm again. But the words on his arm don’t catch his attention. Instead he stares lovingly at a small doodle of a lion. Beside it are the words ‘good luck!’

Lev could spring up from his chair with glee, but this wasn’t the right situation for that. But that’s the impact you have on him; every time a new doodle is left on his skin from you it usually has an encouraging and loving message. He’s surprised you didn’t use this opportunity to scold him for writing down answers on his arm.

He would worry about later. Right now there were more important matters to focus. For instance, why didn’t the lion you drew have a body? Lev knew it was his mission to complete this drawing of yours. There was still time until class was over, so it won’t hurt if he takes a little break.

Lev takes a marker he found buried underneath the plethora of papers in his desk, takes the cap off then completes the image. His lines are far more shaky than yours, since he attempted to draw with the same precision as you. He was born with height but not creativity. Although it wasn’t the most accurate image, Lev was still proud of his work.

He was so proud he extends his arm to observe his image from a far. That was foolish mistake on his park.

“Mr. Haiba, what are those words written on your arm?” The voice of his teacher bellows from behind him.

Lev flinches in his seat. He slowly turns to his teacher, giving a shaky smile. “Uh, this is how I think up the answers?”

From the moment you graced Bokuto’s skin with one of your doodles, he would frequently request you doodle something new on him. Bokuto fell in love with your creations as well as your being. Seeing anything from you always caused his mood to shoot up higher than the school’s roof. He would proudly show many people your talent.

Bokuto was so proud he would regularly show his teammates the doodles. An ample amount of time was spent listening to - or pretending - Bokuto explain the story that came along with the doodle.

“See this one here Akaashi?!” Bokuto had his hand close to the setter’s face, pointing at a drawing on his palm. “[Name] drew this because they said I looked like an owl! I told them I didn’t believe it but they proved me wrong. This little guy kinda does look like me right?”

“It does Bokuto-san,” Akaashi replied with the usual stoic expression.

“Man I wish I had [Name]’s talent.” Bokuto crossed his arms, a small pout forming on his face. “I mean I can play volleyball pretty well, which is awesome, but drawing looks pretty relaxing.”

“Practice is about to start,” Akaashi commented.

Bokuto paid no heed to his words. His expression only brightened, meaning Bokuto had formed a new idea. “I know! I’ll develop my own drawing skills and draw something for [Name]! Maybe the animal they remind me of…” Bokuto furrows his eyebrows, his mind running through all of the animals he was familiar with. He soon gave up when he realized the time. “Ah, who knows! Let’s get started with practice Akaashi!”

It was after practice that day that Bokuto rushed home. He grabbed the nearest scratch paper and began drawing. His tongue poked out from his mouth as he focused on the movement of the pencil on the paper.

It was when Bokuto gained some confidence that he decided to grab a marker to draw on his skin, wanting to show you his newly acquired skill as soon as possible. On his arm he drew an owl, which he thought closely resembled you.

After he completed the drawing, his gaze stayed on his arm as he awaited for you to see his drawing. Bokuto hoped you weren’t napping.

His prayers were answered since dark lines began to form alongside his doodle. Quickly Bokuto realized you were also drawing an owl, similar to the one you drew earlier. After you finished, you drew a heart around the two owls which symbolized the both of you.

Bokuto was truly delighted at what the both of you created, but he couldn’t help but feel a little jealousy.

“[Name], I will never catch up with you and your amazing drawing abilities!”

The winter of 1434-5 was long remembered as a particularly cold one, at a time when the winter climate of north-west Europe was much colder than it is now. Not only the Thames itself froze, but most of the Thames estuary also, and the wine-ships from Bordeaux had to be unloaded at Sandwich. At Arras, the civic authorities drafted a special memoir to record the numerous snowmen which were set up in the streets and squares. They included the figure of Danger, the Grand Veneur with his dogs, the Seven Sleepers, the Danse Macabre, and Joan of Arc at the head of her men.

“Philip the Good: the Apogee of Burgundy”, by Richard Vaughan

Whose job was this? Which French official had to go around making lists of municipal snowmen??? Also, they’re very ambitious projects aren’t they? A Danse Macabre set of snowmen? That’s extremely creative. Well done fifteenth-century Arras.