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Good Things to Research When You Don't Know What to Research

They don’t exactly teach this stuff in schools. This list is designed for the beginner witch, who keeps hearing the advice “Research!” but wants some better specifics on what exactly that means.

Now, you don’t have to be a complete expert on all of these or even most of these! You don’t even have to incorporate all of them into your practice. They’re just some stuff it’s good to have a basic working knowledge of in the Craft.

🌻Planetary Correspondences- Even if cosmic witchcraft isn’t your thing, a lot (and I mean a LOTTTT) of correspondences in any other category are going to eventually lead back to the planets. Having a basic understanding of what each planet governs is extremely helpful when learning the correspondences of basically anything else.

🌻Herb Correspondences- Herbs and spices are incredibly useful! They’re probably one of the most versatile of the “big categories” since they can be used in herbalism and kitchen witchery, as well as a great add-on to any other variation of witchcraft. It’s good to have a working knowledge of what herbs you can use in a pinch, especially the stuff you already have in your kitchen. When an emergency calls, it’s good to know how that chili powder can help you.

🌻Crystal Correspondences- This is another great add on! Crystals can often be used to enhance and focus the energy of a spell, as well as cleanse any ritual tools you have. Besides, who doesn’t like pretty rocks? Crystals can be particularly great for the witch who has a tactile mind, and likes to have things they can feel and roll around in their hand.

🌻Days of the Week- Knowing the right time to cast a spell can be very important! Casting a love spell on a Friday gives it an added boost, or at the very least creates a path of least resistance. Besides, there’s only seven of them, so it’s easy to learn quickly. You get a lot of bang for your buck!

🌻Phases of the Moon- We have a really big collective crush on the moon, it seems. And for good reason! The moon is a great source of power and mystery even in a completely mundane setting! Understanding the phases of the moon and how it can affect your craft is extremely important. (Hint: you can cast spells even when it isn’t the Full Moon.)

🌻Basic Mythology and Lore- This is an absolute must if you plan on going into any type of spirit work. Even if that isn’t your thing, it’s good to know a little bit. Firstly, because you may draw unwanted attention from spirits, and it’s good to know how to deal with them if it happens. Secondly, because if you draw from a path with any history behind it, it’s good to know how the rules go down on their turf.

🌻Basic Divination- Not everyone has the money or the time to pick up and learn how to read a 78-card Tarot deck, but things like scrying and pendulums are pretty easy to figure out quickly. What’s more, they can be done on little to no budget. Divination’s a useful tool to have on your utility belt, and who wants to pay someone to use a pendulum for them when you can learn it yourself?

🌻Anthropology of different cultures/religions- You don’t have to be a religious witch at all, but witchcraft still has its roots as a religious practice! Lot’s of practices have a cultural context as well, which can be important to know in order to fully understand the action you’re performing. A lot of correspondences, traditions, and rites come from cultural or religious roots. It’s good to know not only what people did, but why they did it! Does X tool have some symbolic meaning or was it just what was available at the time? What was simply a product of the culture around them?

🌻Science- It’s a HUGE category, and I left it that way on purpose. If something interests you, look at the mundane side of it as well! Do you like kitchen witchery? Read up on food chemistry and how different nutrients affect the brain. Into crystals? Learn about how they’re formed! Read about gardening or psychology, anything that can help enhance your path.

Happy researching!

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Why you should buy: Nova 2016-2017

The Nova Corps, if you don’t know, were basically the intergalactic police force of old. Powered by their technologically advanced helmets and armor, the Corps are now nonexistent except for two Novas of Earth: Richard Rider and Sam Alexander. Marvel’s 2016 series Nova, by Jeff Loveness and Ramon Perez, is essentially a buddy cop series in space. Comedy, adventure, drama, family, friendship, romance, and more, Nova has something for everyone, and is (for me) one of the best ongoing comics hitting the shelves.

This comic really compliments Marvel’s more comedic yet heartwarming tone that they’re implementing in their cosmic/space adventure genre. If you like Guardians of the Galaxy in any form, Nova is definitely for you! Some other reasons to read Nova: 

1. Captivating Characters and POC lead

Richard Rider was the original Nova, who died a hero by sacrificing his life for the galaxy, but mysteriously returned to life. Sam Alexander is a mixed Mexican teenager from Arizona who inherited his Nova helmet from his missing father, who was a part of the Nova Corps. While Sam’s character is more focussed in growing up, high school, and family, Richard’s is completely different, tackling issues of life, the difficulties of moving on, and trauma. The contrast between the Novas of new and old also add to why the comic is so diverse when it comes to genres, but instead of feeling convoluted, the narratives compliment each other extremely well. The bond that builds between Richard and Sam create a really interesting and fun dynamic that’s less of a typical mentor/mentee relationship then something much more complex and personal. They both learn from each other and grow through their friendship, which makes their character development intriguing and appealing.

The artist and co-writer, Ramon Perez, is also Latino, and he’s made it clear how much he loves Sam (lol), and is keen on depicting him and his family very visibly Not White. So you’re also supporting creators of color by buying this series! 

(There’s also a talking Russian astronaut telepath dog, Cosmo, who’s a friend of the Novas and a very cute and hilarious addition to the cast) 

2. Gorgeous Art/Colors

Ramon Perez’s art style is extremely dynamic and beautiful, and Ian Herring’s bright color palette full of pinks, purples, and blues create a visually stunning comic. Fight scenes are thrilling, and alien and enemy designs are completely lovely. 

My favorite parts of the comic art-wise is of Richard and the demons that torment and infect him (no spoilers…) These depictions are mind-blowingly gorgeous and haunting. Not much else to say other then to take a look for yourself! 

3. Its Pretty Fucking Funny/Endearing 

Jeff Loveness is a Emmy and WGA nominated comedic writer for Jimmy Kimmel, The Onion, and more. His extremely well-crafted dialogue is full of humor and fun, and the comedy makes the characters even more charming. He also enjoys poking fun at the ridiculousness of the comic world: 

(This scene has like 20,000 notes so why did none of ya’ll actually buy the comic)

I also love how the humor in Sam’s scenes make him a very endearing kid you really want to root for. Sam’s self-doubt and typical teenage insecurity is very relatable and always depicted in the best ways: 

Unfortunately, despite all the good reviews and positive fan feedback, this comic is getting cancelled after 7 issues, which is a huge mistake on Marvel’s part. Nova really feels like its just starting on something big, and it was heartbreaking for me to hear about its cancellationI really wish I wrote this sooner (Loveness and Perez were so bummed out about it, I feel like I personally failed them) but I’ll still do anything to promote this comic as much as possible, the creators deserve that much. Its a very charming and entertaining series, and I love this hidden gem with all my heart! I hope this convinced you to read Nova!

Definitely check out if you like: Starlord, Guardians of the Galaxy, Power-Man and Iron Fist, Ms. Marvel, Green Lanterns, and Blue Beetle. Tbh i’d even say space dramas like Voltron and Cowboy Bebop have a similar vibe.

If you enjoy the comic, please support these creators and sales by buying the comic instead of torrenting! Check out your nearest comic book store, or buy digital issues on Marvel.com or Comixology.com for #1-5! 


Dr. Moses “Musa” Powell (1941-2005)- A martial arts master teacher and practitioner from New York. Moses Powell was a master student to , he was so skilled at Juijitsu that he developed his own style and system called Sanuces Ryu and he still ha students such as Anthony Muhammad teaching today. Moses was a teacher to the Nation of Islam, law enforcement, and even the FBI.

Ava DuVernay (Born 1972). I know most of you know Ava so I don’t need to do the whole bio. But I’ll say that I became aware of her work when she released a little documentary called “This is the Life” about a L.A. hip hop scene that produced some of my favorite MC’s. And imagine how stunned I was when I realized I’d been listening to Ava rhyme on Project Blowed and didnt even know it was her. This is the 3rd time I’ve drawn or painted Ava. Yes. Go watch her latest film “The 13th” about prison industrial complex and its relation to slavery.

Octavia Butler (1947-2006)- Octavia was in incredible mind. An incredible writer, and a predictor of future. My mom read her work and introduced me to her 15-20 years ago. It wasn’t until I was in my late 20’s that I actually read and understood her work. In fact, she is the reason why I now love to read and share books with others. Her work in fantasy and science fiction has inspired so many with her talent for describing, telling, and bringing you in. I beg you, read her work and check out Octavia’s Brood-an anthology of writers inspired by her work.

Dawud Anyabwile (born 1965)- Illustrator and co-creator of the Brotherman Comics stories, I first became aware of his work as a teen, and later became rejuvenated by it as a young adult. I have written about this brother in magazines, and social forums because his outlook and approach to life, his views on Black family, and his stunning artistic abilities are a guiding light daily. Go support this living legend now by getting “Brotherman-Revelations” for your kids.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe (1915-1973)- A Rock and Roll pioneer, she was one of the architects of what today is now known as Rock in its many forms. She was a pioneer in her life, music, beliefs, and her relationships being a bi-sexual woman in her day. Her style was fierce, loud, and extremely soulful.

Oddisee (born 1985). Amir Mohamed is a Sudanese American musicians who both rhymes and produces instrumental music. The basis for his work is hip hop, but it expands to other genre’s such as Jazz, Soul, and house. I first became aware of the brother on a visit to DC back in 2008 and have been a fan of him and Diamond District since. His work is extremely skillful, well crafted and thought-out, and balanced with thought and care-free. I think many my age would agree that he is one of most talented to do it. On constant rotation. Support him now by seeing him perform or buying his new LP.

These are a few illustrations from last year that were commissioned by a Bay Area Tech company last year for Black History/Future month. There are more, but these were my favorite. If you would like to purchase a print of any one of these email me at info@robdontstop.com 8"x11" mixed media on paper.

SO i just finished binge watching dear white people and just! this show is SO DAMN GOOD

like, it’s amazing for discussion race and social injustice from a black perspective - from MULTIPLE black perspectives, bc there’s not like one unanimous perspective on things!

if you’re just looking at it in terms of representation - like, THIS is the answer to tokenism. no one character becomes a Symbol of the Black Experience. There’s no one mouthpiece for the Not White Voice. Everyone is a fully fleshed out, complicated character with depth and desires and fears and drive and strengths and vulnerabilities. when people want representation, it’s not just a matter of ticking off one checkbox on a mostly white show - it’s, you know, writing some actual CHARACTERS.

AND this show’s also just so fucking well made. structure, pacing (EP 5 IS THE MOST PERFECTLY PACED THING I’VE EVER SEEN), characterisation, STYLE - just EVERYTHING about this show is A+++ i LOVE the voice over, i love all the moments breaking the fourth wall - making it CLEAR that this is a commentary on contemporary society, this show is actively engaging with the audience in that direct silent stare at the end of each episode, this show is challenging and provoking and not shying away from it’s political nature. I love that each episode has its own structural and stylistic quirks based on the viewpoint character (the film references in gabe’s ep are just so fun). i love the way social media and the internet is integrated (lionel on his laptop while two white guys in the “comments section” sit behind him and yell at each other). i love how straight up funny this show is! it’s! just! so! good!

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Headcanon: (pre-stony) Steve always catches Tony staring at him while he draws. Then, one random day, months after the staring kinda dissipated, Steve finds a big sheet of paper. Huge. He unrolls it and Finds a gorgeous drawing of himself made entirely out of shapes. It looks like several blueprints layered over eachother to make a stunning version of himself. Tony obviously did it. He asks Tony about it. He kisses Tony as a thank you. Stony occurs. :):):)

Steve figures the staring thing is just because he happens to be in Tony’s line of sight when the man gets lost in his own thoughts. It happens often enough that he doesn’t put too much thought into it. Even if the way Tony stares at him makes him a little hot under the collar. He just chalks that up to wishful thinking.

He figures his notion is confirmed when Tony’s staring gradually dwindles, thinking that maybe Tony has finally solved whatever problem was bothering him enough to constantly lose focus the way he did. 

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MBTI Types Based On Real Life People I Know:

ISFJ: My aunt; extremely moody and sensitive, affects everyone else with her mood if she’s upset, jealous, emotional and cries easily, cleaning freak, likes to take care of her appearance, generous, old souls, people pleasers

ISTJ: Various friends; Rigid, trusts their own experiences only and labels their subjective and circumstantial experiences as ‘facts,’ blunt, easily annoyed, always on time, takes their time being an absolute perfectionist, prudish, dry, a little shallow and can’t seem to appreciate unconventional/’ugly’ people, will humiliate you at work but doesn’t understand why it backfires

INFJ: Various friends; Reads people pretty well, selfless, kind, spiritual, insists on seeing the good in everyone know matter how batshit shitty they are, beguiling, surprisingly sexual and seductive, shy but outspoken at the same time, creative writers, philosophical

INTJ: Various friends and acquaintances: Pretty shy, sarcastic with a wry but likeable sense of humor, kind of awkward and you’ll see it in their smiles in pictures, places a lot of importance on being as objective as possible and projects that on to other people, their word is ‘law’ and the true facts of the universe, don’t bother arguing with them, secretly lurking over the ENFPs

ESFJ: My mom and other aunt; selfless to the core although they love to show off how selfless and hard-working they are, needs to feel valued, can treat people unfairly and unreasonably when stressed, genuinely kind hearted, says they hate gossip but they gossip, motherly and affectionate, will take care of you, a little tsundere, loves male (and female) attention, pays a lot of attention to their appearances

ENFJ: People I’ve observed; needs some followers to thrive, friendly and like being team-leaders, can’t seem to roast people, always on time and serious about social cues and rules, motherly and will take care of you

ENTJ: Various acquaintances and my uncle; very professional, conscious about their way of dress and love to indulge in materialism or whatever makes them look good, social status is their soul, direct but never cruel, guiding your life is how they care, marshmallows on the inside, witty and polite, conscious of one goal and knows exactly what they want, very picky with choosing their significant other, horny and loves sex jokes

ESTP: Various acquaintances and my dad; callous, cares a lot, but hides it underneath a gruff exterior, love to cake their faces with makeup, says a lot bullshit just for the sake of having to say something, class clown, disorganized yet grounded and serious when need be, athletic and constantly active, they talk like your typical internet trolls only they are serious about it, wants to be admired and love bragging about themselves, Trump, most likely to be the ones to sell stuff to you or wolf whistle/smack your ass as you walk past them, extremely loyal once they found the one

ENTP: Friends and various acquaintances; nothing offends them, tries too hard to be the Cheshire Cat, blunt and not fond of using proper spelling/grammar, will make fun of you but never cruel, loyal friends and you can always count on them, constantly asking the whys and hows of the universe, not as playful as the stereotype says and actually pretty grounded and serious after a certain point, loves to extend their knowledge, is surprisingly sensitive to the needs and emotions of others, laid-back 

ENFP: Various friends and acquaintances; erotic and sensual, places a lot of emphasis on aesthetic, their appearance and eloquence, extremely flirtatious to everyone even when they don’t mean it, wants to be admired/loved, likes cute/childish things and animals, plays mind games, act like femme fatales in risky situations just to see if they can get away with it, extremely sassy and love sarcastic humor, trolls your feelings for the LOLz, mocks society and fuck rules, horny, have trouble with commitment, excellent liars, hypocritical and full of shit

INTP: My beloved friend you know who you are; can reach all kinds of conclusions but hard to make up their minds on one, always asking the hows and whys, shy and introverted, constantly curious, obsessed with ENTJs, observant, will make fun of you, unhealthy ones thing everyone else not them is dumb, extremely articulate and detailed when answering your questions, likes people watching, actually cares about their appearances despite stereotypes saying otherwise

INFP: Friends; secretly loves attention but shy at the same time, takes care of their appearances, spacey and loves to daydream, likes the occult/witch craft/fantasy, extremely creative and artistic, excellent writers, adaptable, horny and kinky, really outspoken and sassy, most likely to send anon hate, can be hypocritical, curse like the sailors, loves kawaii things, opinionated and won’t budge, hard for them to talk about their feelings, difficult for them to commit

ESFP: Acquaintances: knows what they want in a partner, pragmatic and practical, hot-tempered and outspoken, thrives in the spotlight, emotional and cries easily, very funny, class clowns and cheerleaders, loves makeup and need to look good, vivacious and flamboyant, flirtatious and warm, defensive, difficult for them to leave toxic partners, does not like the abstract

ISTP: Various acquaintances; hates xNFPs, likes sex a lot, tries too hard to live up to the motor rider stereotype, they think they’re never wrong, peaceful, emotional, selfless and good on the inside and try hard to hide it, they are like cats, loves reading

ISFP: My cousin and people I know; extremely hot tempered and can be violent, curse like sailors, loves art and drawing, at their best when they’re creating something, generous with gifts, picky about fashion and will criticize your looks, loves shopping, philosophical and can be melancholy, very romantic, wants everyone to be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, withdrawn and distant at times

ESTJ: My manager; bossy and demanding, sassy but tolerant, practical and efficient, does not like to talk about their own personal lives, can get sentimental, easily annoyed, tries their best to be sociable and likeable, surprisingly wise

I’m never over the fact that Juliet, though sunshiney, loving and in many ways naive, is actually a ridiculously morbid and very calculating person.  I love her for it, honestly, and I hate when people cut those lines or play it as though she isn’t these things.

Like, my love for Juliet Capulet knows no bounds as it is–she’s defiant, she’s passionate, she’s nonviolent, she’s loving, and basically  the coolest.  But I feel like the fact that she’s kind of a manipulative genius at times, and a somewhat creepy Gothic romantic at  others is so often overlooked, and I can’t imagine why, because that’s great!

I mean, it’s clear how intelligent she is, and how easily she manages to say what her parents want to hear, without even once letting on what she’s really saying, as the audience knows, most notable in Act III, Scene VL

Indeed, I never shall be satisfied
With Romeo, till I behold him—dead—
Is my poor heart for a kinsman vexed.

Where she basically knows how to simultaneously say that she’s grieving both for the loss of Tybalt and Romeo, while letting her mother hear that she wants Romeo dead, and then later in the same scene:

I pray you, tell my lord and father, madam
,I will not marry yet. And when I do, I swear
It shall be Romeo, whom you know I hate,
Rather than Paris. These are news indeed!

Where she manages to basically throw it all out on the table–she’d rather marry Romeo than Paris–and still words it just so they have no idea.  This is an extremely subtle and deft crafting of word and communication and how people hear things.  The girl is basically a genius and could probably have made a terrifyingly good con artist if she wanted.

But then I also love the fact that lots of her other lines are oddly morbid, and that she clearly loves and enjoys darker things, and isn’t quite the wilting, delicate flower people seem to portray her as.  I mean, one need mostly just look at her speech in Act III, Scene II, which I’ll do here, and then it becomes a wonder no one modernizes R&J and makes her an adorable Gothic princess, in a way. 

Gallop apace, you fiery-footed steeds,
Towards Phoebus’ lodging: such a wagoner 
As Phaethon would whip you to the west,
And bring in cloudy night immediately.
Spread thy close curtain, love-performing night,
That runaway’s eyes may wink and Romeo
Leap to these arms, untalk’d of and unseen. 

This part isn’t terribly dark, but it’s got the feeling of a battle  cry, in a way, invoking horses of the gods to go away, commanding the sun to set.  It’s intense stuff.

Lovers can see to do their amorous rites
By their own beauties; or, if love be blind,
It best agrees with night. Come, civil night,
Thou sober-suited matron, all in black,
And learn me how to lose a winning match, 
Play’d for a pair of stainless maidenhoods:

To me, at least, there’s something witchy about this: it reminds me, in a way, of Lady Macbeth’s “Come, thick night,” speech, where she’s powerful, literally calling evil spirits to do her bidding and change the course of what’s to be done.  Obviously, Juliet isn’t a witch and no spirits come to her aid, but the thought is there, as is her love for darkness, her disdain for light, her romanticization of the night and its cover and the color black.  It makes me want to picture a modern Juliet painting spider-webs on her fingernails and watching the starts for hours in the dark, and listening to The Cure.  

Hood my unmann’d blood, bating in my cheeks,
With thy black mantle; till strange love, grown bold,
Think true love acted simple modesty.
Come, night; come, Romeo; come, thou day in night; 
For thou wilt lie upon the wings of night
Whiter than new snow on a raven’s back. 

Again, this is something she very clearly loves and thinks is gorgeous, and it’s morbid and dark and rich.  And yet she’s so constantly written off as this silly little girl, foolish and flowery in the way people read her or perform her.

Come, gentle night, come, loving, black-brow’d night,
Give me my Romeo; and, when he shall die,
Take him and cut him out in little stars, 

Honestly, just to drive the point home, she’s thinking about her lover’s death making him scatter into the stars and literally becoming part of the night.  She wants to be Night’s lover, in an indirect kind of ways, and the fact that she twines darkness with Romeo in this image, indicates that she associates love and things she adores with darkness.  It’s certainly a love for the dark that I’d put into a Gothic Heroine of later literature.

And he will make the face of heaven so fine
That all the world will be in love with night
And pay no worship to the garish sun.

And finally, she concludes with calling the sun “garish,” which, if anything, makes me think of a line in a song from Phantom of the Opera–”Turn your face away/ from the Garish light of day”–which also associates romance with darkness, and a contempt for light.  But this isn’t meant to make her bad or wrong, simply private and rich and dark.

So basically, this all boils down to two things:  One is that Juliet Capulet should not be written off as stupid because she is literally too clever for anyone else.  The other is that I don’t get why people portray her wearing all white, or bright colors so often in modern adaptations, because there’s literally text-based justification for goth!Juliet if you wanted.

TL;DR Juliet Capulet is my cunning Goth Daughter who I love to hell and back and would kill someone for and I hate that people do not like her or put a lot of thought into her.  Also, if you’re ever thinking on it, consider goth!Juliet who loves spooky things and sneaking out at night. It could go very well with pastel!Romeo.

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Hi, I read your reply about Verizon buying Yahoo and the possibility of people (who have ATT emails). I wonder what email would you recommend (examples, gmail or outlook, etc) that I use for my Tumblr account? I live in the UK and I don't know how this new changes will affect me? Thanks

As far as I can tell, this is actually due to fuckery on AT&T’s end. At some point in the past, they struck up a partnership with Yahoo that made all their customers’ email addresses function as Yahoo accounts, so that one login would work across the whole range of Yahoo sites. Including, apparently, Flickr and Tumblr. And now AT&T and Yahoo are parting ways and they’re awkwardly disentangling everything they linked up.

So, still an ominous warning sign about the dangers of consolidating a bunch of internet infrastructure in the hands of a few mega-companies, whose users are all at their mercy of their mergers, horse-trading, and attempts to undercut the competition. Just not from the direction it initially looked like.

Gmail is a damn fine service with the best security in the business–and that’s nothing to sneeze at, because internet security in the year of our lord 2017 is such a raging clusterfuck that it takes mega-company resources to keep up. Google, however, engages extensively in the same login-bundling fuckery as Yahoo. Like, probably the best way to understand wtf is going on with the AT&T email addresses is: “remember when Gmail accounts got forcibly merged with YouTube accounts? okay, now imagine they have to undo that.” So that’s a risk on all the sites Google owns… but Tumblr isn’t one of them. Unless Google is dumb enough to acquire it.

Anyway, you’re cool using Gmail or another email provider of your choice for your Tumblr account. The thing to be wary of is when a company with its fingers in a whole bunch of pies starts going “your account here is also your account over on this unrelated site in a different line of business! magic!!!” Chances are they want to bundle the datasets to sell to advertisers, and/or use their stranglehold over one market to start fucking over competitors in another–either way, it’s not being done for your benefit. Maintain separate accounts if you can.

In general: don’t keep all your eggs in one basket, download everything to local backups (Google Takeout is your friend), use separate email addresses for different parts of your life (professional, personal, shopping, fandom, etc).

(Unsolicited but related advice: DON’T REUSE YOUR EMAIL PASSWORD ON ANY OTHER SITES. Your email is the skeleton key to every account you’ve ever signed up for with it, via confirmation emails and password-reset links. It also contains enough information about your interests/normal communications to craft extremely convincing social-engineering attacks. Reuse all the passwords you want for throwaway logins on forums/e-commerce sites/social media platforms/whatever, I don’t give a fuck. But when one of those sites inevitably gets hacked and has its data dumped, you don’t want your email password to be the one plastered all over pastebin.)


Craft - According to Him

mycrawft  asked:

Hi! New to the Mendo community after watching him in Rogue One. :) What movies of his do you recommend checking out and why?

Hello and welcome!!!!

the must-sees for new Ben fans (amazing fantastic incredible movies)

  • Mississippi Grind: watch Ben and Ryan Reynolds act their socks off together in this wonderfully intimate and loose character study of a sad, sad gambling addict and his mysterious new boyfriend best friend. Their chemistry is fantastic and Ben’s character is one of the most painfully real I’ve ever seen on screen.
  • Starred Up: a sublime prison movie with forces-of-nature performances from Jack O’Connell and Ben. Very violent and explosive but also very touching and emotional (I highly suggest subtitles).
  • Animal Kingdom: the Australian crime epic that won a shit-ton of awards and catapulted the careers of most of those involved. The whole cast is great and characters extremely well-crafted. If you want to know why Ben’s always playing sketchy people nowadays look no further, he’s terrifying in this.

worth watching just to see Ben steal the show as side characters

  • The Place Beyond the Pines: it’s a decent movie and Ben’s freakin’ fantastic in it. Ryan Gosling’s obsession with him began here, for good reason.
  • Killing Them Softly: your mileage may vary with this one. A crime/gangster story with political/economic allusions, directed by Ben’s best friend Andrew Dominik. Ben plays a really gross low-life heroin addict and he’s phenomenal. If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, at least check out the heroin scene
  • Lost River: you’ll probably be okay with this if you like Nicolas Winding Refn. Even if you aren’t, you get to see Ben sing and dance
  • Slow West: Ben’s distractingly magnificent fur coat aside, it’s a very interesting revisionist Western with some gorgeous cinematography.
  • Black Sea: a solid enough submarine thriller, where Ben’s another weirdly almost-sympathetic scary mofo.

when you’re in deeper you’ll end up looking for these rather obscure but still good Australian films (Ben has lead/major roles in all of them)

  • Amy: Ben has a nice wholesome role in this surprisingly depressing movie about a traumatized deaf girl.
  • The Big Steal and Spotswood: they’re rather typical teen movies but Ben is a baby and cute as **** in both. They’re watchable and fun.
  • Beautiful Kate: the subject matter is off-putting but it’s a very well-acted low-key drama.
  • Cosi: random and kind of weird, but also kinda cute and Ben looks SO GOOD
  • Hunt Angels: a cool and surprisingly engaging little docudrama on Rupert Kathner, an early Aussie filmmaker.
  • Idiot Box: a dark comedy about suburban delinquents that’s probably not going to be to everyone’s tastes, but it’s a fairly iconic part of Ben’s filmography from what I can tell.
  • Metal Skin: strange, nihilistic and unpleasant but young long-haired womanizing Ben is 👌 👌 👌 👌 
  • The Year My Voice Broke: Ben’s breakthrough film role at age 17. A melancholic coming-of-age teen movie that pulls no punches, I’m really not joking.

for true Mendo completionists that still have some respect for their own time

  • Black and White: a meh movie with admirable intent and a tiny bit of Ben. It’s okay at best. 
  • The Dark Knight Rises: watch it if if you haven’t seen it by now I guess?
  • Secret Men’s Business: it’s an unremarkable made-for-tv movie, but Ben looks great…….. beach and shower scenes……..
  • Quigley Down Under and Sirens: Ben’s barely in these and they’re so-so movies, go for it if you want? 
  • Knowing: it’s not the worst thing ever but it’s really not good and Ben gets very little screentime. Nic Cage isn’t that entertaining either.

anything not mentioned here is either terrible, or I just haven’t seen yet so can’t judge. have fun descending into Mendelhell!