extreme climbing


“the wonderful thing about tiggers is tiggers are wonderful things.”

the clouded leopard is the most ancient type of cat alive today, with all other living cats sharing their genetic blue print. it is from them that today’s species of cats inherited their razor sharp canines, heightened senses, extreme agility and climbing skills. but they are now so rare that little is known about them, including just how many are left in the wild. 

what we do know is than that they continue to live high in tree tops like their ancient cat ancestors, using their long tails for balance. and that they, like all cats, are one of the few animals who lack a fear of heights. but unlike a typical house cat that can get stuck up in a tree, the clouded leopard can rotate its paws to climb down head first. (video


New Hampshire’s Mount Washington has a weather station with some of the most extreme weather on Earth. Reportedly during the month of January the average wind speed at the summit is Tropical Storm force, and the record for strongest wind at this site would qualify as a category 5 hurricane

Can we appreciate the fact that there’s an extreme sport known as “Extreme Ironing”? 

Like basically people take ironing boards to crazy locations and iron their shirts

There are no limits to what these people will do 

“Hell yeah I’m an athlete" 

You thought you’ve seen it all huh? Well, there’s more.

Oh, don’t mind me, just ironing some shirts

These people will always find time, no matter what

Oh and my favorite

Ok so

I have his extremely gay friend, and as u know I am also extremely gay? Anyway I climbed into his car the other night and he’s fucking BLASTING the le miz sound track and my ear drums are like broken from hearing TO THE BARRICADE! At top volume and I was all “Andrew this is the gayest thing” and I shit u not he said “at least it’s not abba”