extreme change

(sn-OOL) ( snuːl )
-A servile person who submits tamely to oppression.
-An extreme toady, a willing kow-tower, a ‘yes man’.
-A milquetoast, a drudge.
-An obsequious or sly person.
-A cringing person; a coward.
-A mean, wretched person; a bully.

-To reduce to submission.
-To cringe or cower.
-To dominate or bully.

Early 18th century: of Scottish origin.

Used in a sentence:
“I always knew he was a snool, in every sense of the word, but did he really have to curtsy like some obsequious little milquetoast?”

The definitions seem contradictory, in that one describes a cruel bully, and the other describes the one being bullied. The key point to remember in these situations is that definitions of words evolve over time. The longer a word is used, the more likely it is to happen and the more extreme the changes. Like the word “literally” as a fine contemporary example.

Climate change is not a hoax. it is frighteningly real. Billions of people are losing the ability to feed themselves. Don’t let the whole side down by leaving, just when we have a game plan.
—  Frank Bainimarama, the prime minister of Fiji, speaking at a conference in Melbourne. Learn more. 

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What do you think Nidoking and Nidoqueen are based of?

Their lines seem to be inspired by bits of all sorts of animals - we git some unmistakably mammalian influences, for example from rhinos, rodents/rabbits etc. but also something archaic and reptilian - hey don’t have cheeks for example. I think that they form a unique little clade within pokémon, a distinct body plan (that includes having also similar quadruped pre-evos) that allies them with the rhydon line. Indeed the Nido royalties, Rhydon, and Rhyperior all are known as The Drill Pokémon. Also, Khangaskan shares many features of this group too. 

The body plan of a large, eared, bipedal, tailed, spiny, reptiley-mammal has an unmistakably gen 1 feel about it, it is so recognisable, for example it stars as the iconic gym statues, and as one of the major roster sprites in gen1/2. Rhydon like mons everywhere man. 

Of course, rhydon was one of the first Pokémon designed, and you can see from this early concept art that the original rhydon was even more Nido like than now.  

Ok I don’t know where I’m going with this, but before I had a tendency to shoehorn pokémon into definitive groups based on real life counterparts, however this often runs into difficulties where you have pokémon based on more than one unrelated real life animal, or when a real life counterpart simply doesn’t exist. Plus we have lots of game mechanic bullshit that can be just plain biological sacrilege - eggs, B̑́ͧ͐rͨͩ̇ͣ̏ͧE̷͗E͑͟d͗͆iͤͦͫ͒n͟Ǧ̃̃̄̌, evolutionary stages (though I see pokémon evolution in this sense as a form of facultative metamorphosis) etc.  

I think now it’s better to assume that Pokémon is an incredibly different universe, but one that does share some fundamental biological and evolutionary laws and similarities. Thus for example instead of saying that Rattata is a rat definitively, it could be better to say that Rattata is an organism that shares many morphological and ecological characteristics with a rat, and thus, since we have very limited data to go upon (we can’t properly study it’s physiology, behaviour etc., sequence DNA etc., and like,the pokedex is written by a ten year old child lol), we can infer aspects of it’s biology from rats as well as it’s evolutionary relationships to other rodent like pokémon that share a similar suite of physiological and ecological characters, from what we know about such relationships in Rodentia, and from real world character evolution. 

So what can we say about the Nidos? They are part of a distinguishable group of pokémon that all possess a distinct set of ecological, behavioural, and morphological characters, which have analogies to a variety of real life mammalian and reptilian real life counterparts, such as rhinos, glires (rodents and lagomorphs (hares, pikas, and rabbits), and mammal like reptiles. The variation within this group of pokemon is less than the differences between members of this group and other pokémon, and this unites this group as a clade. It would be a lot of work to actually work out what pokémon the drill pokémon + khangaskan are most closely related to, i.e. make a phylogenetic tree, but here is just a rough within group tree with a possible scenario of major character evolutionary events (indicated by black rectangles). 

(also, the breeding rules between the Nidos, and whether the king and queen are different species or this is just sexual dimorphism is completely clouded by game mechanics of having gendered pokémon before established gender mechanics, so I’m not going to into that - however, I will say for a quick example, meerkats live in a matriarchal society and the alpha female usually has most of the breeding rights - however, because she has to defend the her position, as well as the group itself from danger, she often has very high testosterone levels which reduces her fertility - perhaps nidorina and nidoqueen are extreme examples of this, changing physically to take on a more protective role, letting nidoran sisters/aunts/mothers take on breeding roles)


Before & Now

About two years and 150lb difference here I want to say. In my before pic I am 300+ pounds and I look exhausted because I was killin’ it. Here I am now feeling good, and super proud of past me for getting me here.

I feel like almost all of the guys who’ve had an unreciprocated thing for me developed it because I listened to them and was emotionally supportive, etc., but they themselves never thought to do the same for me. Which ended up with this weird situation where I knew them super well but they literally had zero idea about who I was as a person other than “listens really well and is emotionally supportive.”

Like, they didn’t know the first thing about what was important to me, my beliefs, my family, my work, how I spent my time when I wasn’t with them. Because not a single one of them wanted  to know. They would just… never ask, or they’d ask politely and when I started to answer they’d show extreme disinterest and change the subject back to themselves.

But they still thought they loved me, because to them that’s all love is - being emotionally supported by someone. It did not even occur to them that the support could ever go both ways, and they were always bewildered about why I never loved them “back” - even though all they gave me to love was a person so self-obsessed that he couldn’t see me at all.

Emotional labour is so, so important to be aware of in relationships. It has to have some kind of balance, or the person performing it will just burn out. And a relationship consisting only of one person demanding and demanding and never giving back is not love. Love is not a demand. It can accept, and it can ask, but love listens, love cares about how its requests affect the beloved. Love wants to give back.

Fantastic Beasts was really good in that it was like watching two different but equally interesting movies that had a weird crossover section at the end. 

There was ‘cute british man child and animal friends take new york’ 

and ‘pain: the gay ghost story’ 


local floating head wants to suffer in bed all day without disruption

I always feel like giving up when I feel like my life is falling apart. But I think the truth is that there isn’t such a thing as a life falling apart. A life falling apart is simply a life that is changing extremely in a way we don’t expect it to. So if you feel like your life is falling apart—know that right now—you are simply trying to understand what this extreme change means for you because that’s life. We just have to learn to let go and appreciate the beauty, love, and sadness that comes with its ups and downs because life is like a river and we just have to learn to go with the flow. So smile, cry, laugh, and go crazy and realize that life is just a joke and we’ll all be laughing once death makes its final punch line.
—  Juansen Dizon // Falling Apart

People who don’t sign will never understand how revolutionary skype (and similar apps) are.


Photos from the Peoples Climate March in Washington D.C.

Flood Trump (4/29)
It Takes Roots: Red Line Action (4/28)
Potatoes Not Pipelines at the FERC headquarters with Beyond Extreme Energy (4/28)

Resistance takes many forms. It’s going to take more than mass mobilizations.
Support front-line communities resisting the fossil fuel empire. Support the roots.

How has the number of people living in extreme poverty changed?

The treemap above (interactive version here) illustrates how the number and distribution of people living in extreme poverty has changed between 1990 and 2013. The reduction in the number of poor in East Asia and Pacific is dramatic, and despite the decline in the Sub-Saharan Africa’s extreme poverty rate to 41 percent in 2013, the region’s population growth means that 389 million people lived on less than $1.90/day in 2013 - 113 million more than in 1990

The World Bank is pleased to release the 2017 Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals. With over 150 maps and data visualizations, the new publication charts the progress societies are making towards the 17 SDGs.

if there really was a societal epidemic of women locking men down with pregnancy, men would push for male birth control to prevent that from happening. but they haven’t. it’s been slow fucking going.

because generally speaking, women are fucking terrified of pregnancy like holy shit, that flap of skin between your vag and butt hole? RIPS OPEN! and if it doesn’t? the doctor cuts it open with scissors! your hip bones crack!!

you can bleed for MONTHS afterwards and it’s not uncommon to end up with serious bladder infections or worse.

pregnancy is extremely dangerous and life changing.

men think women want to risk our lives to keep their lazy, entitled, unempathetic asses hanging around? 

why do they think we march in the streets by the hundreds of thousands for our right to abortion?

I don’t think pokemon heights are, like, the size of the sprite, per say. I know the label is “Height:”, but I don’t think it’s really that simple.

Say you have a snake Pokemon, like seviper. Is its height as seen in its sprite pose really 8'10"? No, it’s a snake and if it wasn’t posing it’d probably be pretty “short”, height-wise. So 8'10" is probably how long it is, because that’s how you generally measure snakes in real life.

Even quadrupedal pokemon, their heights probably aren’t the entirety of their sprite. As far as I’m aware, animals like dogs and horses are usually measured to their shoulder height, not head height, since they could droop their head or hold it high, which would change their height drastically. So a rapidash isn’t 5'07" tall as seen in its sprite, it’s 5'07" tall to the shoulder, which means it’s actually taller than you’d expect from the listed height.

Bird and bat Pokemon are probably measured by wingspan. What sounds more likely, a crobat that’s 5'11" tall, or a crobat with a 5'11" wingspan? And fish are usually measured in length, so fish pokemon would also be measured in length, not height.

I would say humanoid and other bipedal pokemon are Actually measured by height, but probably just to the top of the head. The height probably doesn’t count crests, like on gallade and bisharp, or ears, like on lopunny and lucario.

Pokemon that don’t follow the anatomy of Common Animals™ would be measured differently from case to case. Electrode would have a diameter of 3'11", honedge would have a blade length of 2'07", etc

Also, I would say the listed “Height” is probably just an average of the species. Heights between individuals of most species can almost certainly vary from each other by at least several inches.

Play With Me

word count: 3.7k (i really tried to limit myself)

genre: smut



requested by anon #1 who who asked for the reader to have a thigh kink & anon #2 who just wanted some good ‘ol joohoney smut; thank you for requesting! ♡

Tonight was wild, in more ways than one.

To begin, it’d been a good year since you started dating Jooheon, in secret of course. As he was an idol (an up and coming one at that) who had an image to protect and he didn’t want anything happening to you because of saesang fans. You two had been friends before he debuted, having gone to school together and essentially dealing with the worsts of puberty together. So it honestly surprised no one when you finally got together with him; you’d seen each other at your individual worsts and bests already and still stuck around so you two found it comfortable to start dating. It wasn’t like much changed, except now you held hands when you watched movies or kissed each other goodbye at the end of days together.

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BTS reacting when their gf is scared when they’re mad/jealous

anon:Hello, how would bts react to girlfriend being scared of them when they are mad/jealous

Thank you for request! Enjoooy~ Hope that you’ll like it^^


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This fight was nugacity. You fight over who of you should make dinner for your parents. Jin wanted to impress them but you know how to make what they liked. Jin feel aggrieved. It’s hard to make Jin like this but at this time he was mad. When he yell at you and you just flinch, he frooze. He would be mad at himself that he made you scared. Jin would stop this and came to you slowly. Hugging you he whisper that it was last time making you scared becouse of him and that he is sorry.

“I would never hurt you. I don’t know what make you scared but I’m sorry.”


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When Suga arugue with you it would be a real fight. Anyone who was around leaves room, don’t want to be nearby you two. That day was one of the worst in his life and now you pick at him for some stupid reasons. He can’t take a pipe and raise his voice like never before. You can’t control your fear. He lower his voice and leave house-filled with remorse. Even when you two made up, he still remember you scared of him and can’t snap of it.

“Let’s not get into argument again. It’s not good for us and you.”


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I see him crying. Like, how his precious Y/N can be scared of him when he never do anything to you. He know him spending more time with members can annoy you and even make you jelly but being scared? It was too much for him. Hoseok would try everything to never be angry again and if he can’t stand him emotions more, would ask you to leave him alone mostly calmly how he can. You would leave him to back chocolate because “it’s perfect for every time”

"You’re the best jagii. I promise that you won’t feel like this again”


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BTS had tour in Japan. You felt lonely and your old besfriend back to Korea from college.It’s a guy so you don’t want to tell your bf becasue you knew his reaction-jealous.When he had fansign one fan showed him a pic of you with your friend asking if he knows him.Saying that he was mad is to weak. He come back to Seul and argue with you about why you didn’t tell him.You were always scared when he’s angry. Jonnie would try to understand why you feel that way. He’ll try to make you sure that there is nothing to be scared about and that’s his fault that you felt that way. But also he would talk with you in a calm way about your friend.

“Next time just tell me, Y/N. I know that I might be scary but it’s reasons to be scared. You promise me that you’ll try and I’ll promise that I’ll be less jealous”


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His come back will be in few days. He spend a lot of time in practie room. You was mad at him becase of that. You wanted normal realtionship like all your friends. Going to cinema, spending time together walking about-it was your dream. And this is reason of this fight. Jimin defend his view at this situation. He hope that you understand that but now he is dissapointed that you don’t. Career is very important for him, same like you. You never see Jimin acting like this before. He was mad-very mad. You were scared to say anything and give any voice. When Jimin raise his head to see you cringe in fear, he stopped and thinking what he did. You have to prove him  that you’re fine and it was just instinct and that you know that he’s calm person in real.

“You felt awful right? I’ll change my schedule, promise. I won’t hurt you. You know it, right?”


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What can make person like Tae mad or jealous? I think that appreciating one of his members more then him. He knew that hard-working Yoongi make you always admiration him. But he don’t like it. When Suga asks you about one of his songs, V told him to leave you alone and go away. You don’t understang him. He’s his hyung, his older brother and now he’s rude for him. When both of you were alone you asked about this and Tae zoom out. Words are fall from his lipis one by one. Everything would be fine if his voice won’t be that agressive. You just wanted to leave this room. Run away and back when he’ll be calm. But you started to cry from fear. He would be schocked and don’t know what to say.Then he started to crying with you. He let you know that he understands you and thought how to made it up-still crying with you in his arms.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. *chlip, chlip* It won’t happen again. But please, give me some attention too.*chlip* I love you..”


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Making his Y/N scared and beacuse of him would be like end of the world for him. This was your first ever argument with eachother. You don’t even know why you fight. He wanted to be calm but he can’t. He loves you but this was enough. His face and eyes changed, tighten his naprapathy. This look can be frightening, don’t you think? He would regret this fight after seeing your reaction. He would begging you for forgivness and when you started to laughing because he extremely change again, he would feel relief.

“I think that this is charm of being in realtionship. But why were you scared, Y/N? I have to know to not do this again. You have to trust me”


-“Saw shit straight out of my nightmares.”-

two days of nothing and I shove Locus in a thong made of dollar bills into your face

im so sorry