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outerspace-iiinnerspace asked:

what kinds of body decoration do your rtts aliens do? like, are there alien versions of/analogues to tattoos, hair dye, nail polish, pierced jewelry, face paint, etc.?

OH BOY do I have a lot of stuff for this topic! For reference the main posts for centaurs, avians, and bug ferrets are here. Scud body decoration not included in this post because they are my most recent Runaway to the Stars race and I don’t have as many juicy cultural details for them. More info under the cut.


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The Lantern

So, a couple of months ago, I (Mod Morgan) wrote this as part of my English class portfolio. We were told to try writing something outwith our standard comfort zone, and it was suggested I try writing romance. This was around the point where I started getting super into this blog, so, the following was meant to be a love story with just a dash of my own personal flair for the weird. Hope you enjoy it!

- Mod Morgan

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Transitioning because if dysphoria is medical, thereby insurance’s should cover it. If you transition because of gender euphoria though, it’s cosmetic and not something that should be covered by insurance companies. They’re two different situations, and they need to be treated differently.

You can like that or not, you can find it pretty or ugly, you can have some or not at all but it’s always spectacular and unique. Those person use body like a material for express themselves  but on the same time they do permanent damages and imagine those fellow at 70 years old? …I’m not against bot not in agreement  either…


Most humans in Staraways with access to good medical care can actually get lab-grown flesh limbs to replace any missing ones, which is a solution especially favored by traumatic amputees. Humans with congenital limb deficiencies are the ones usually more interested in cybernetic prosthetics, but they’re just as expensive to make as meat limbs, so… you’re more likely to see people with cheap adaptive prosthetics. The fancy robo ones are controlled by a small universal wifi implant hooked to the spinal cord. (This means that, yes, you can prank your amputee friends by hacking their wifi limbs. Shenanigans??)

There are definitely communities of people with robot limbs and eyes and stuff who are very dedicated to the aesthetic and may or may not be chopping off their flesh body parts on purpose, but it’s not THAT common… they’re sorta like modern extreme body mod communities. Like, I guess you could replace all your limbs with stronger robolimbs and deal with the pain of recovery and phantom limb issues and possible health complications; or you could keep your regular legs and hop in a robotic exoskeleton to roughly the same effect instead. Maybe I’m a little biased as someone who’s more into biopunk than cyberpunk but, whateveeerrr man

Of the non-humans ferrets also favor labmeat limbs, but avians have garbage underfunded biological sciences so you tend to see them with fancy cybernetics more than anyone else. Centaur medical studies haven’t progressed to the limb growing stage yet, nor do they have neural hookups for cybernetics, so cheap adaptive prosthetics it is.

My tongue split,FAQ & Healing diary.

If you’re reading this,you either specifically sought it out,of I half sarcastically linked you because you typing out the same series of answers gets annoying. At any rate,hello! I’m writing this in mid November,and I got my tongue split the 24th of October!

I posted the progress for about the first week,and this is a compilation post of all those updates,along with some photos! FAQ first. Then,a copy and paste of the Facebook statuses I made!

Can you do tricks?

Not really,no. Moving them individually is super rare from everyone I know,I’ve never seen it done. I can barely even roll my rs without a lot of practice.

Did it hurt?

No. The lidocane (numbing agent used with a needle) hurt a fuck ton. Then the very back suture a good amount. Swelling,and the last days with the stitches hurt but the procedure itself didnt!

Why did you do it?

I’ve wanted it since I was very young,I want a few “extreme” (to some people) body mods,and this was the first,to prove I could do it. I wanted to see exactly what it was like and how much my body could handle. And here we are.

Do things taste the same? Does eating feel the same? Can you feel your tongue the same?

Everything,EVERYTHING,is exactly the same.

***any question about kissing or nsfw nonsense**

I did not got the split for sexual enjoyment. Kissing is almost the same,just a bit more enjoyable. The person who I current kiss,has kissed me pre-split,and post split,and says it feels different,but basically the same? Giving oral is a little better but the novelty will probably wear off.

A word of advice is that if you’re anticipating the split,be prepared for the same shitty gross questions forever.

Healing diary!!!

(Here’s me and my artist!)

Day 1!

About 45 minutes of sitting with my mouth open,but I barely felt the pain until that night. Swallowing was nearly impossible,but I managed some ibuprofen and water as much as I could. I had a cup for what didn’t make it,and drool.

I tried to drink water and coughed swallowing and spit it on the floor.

I fell asleep on the ride home and it wasn’t sobbed after ibuprofen. I do feel a small headache,and jaw ache.

I’m a little worried about removing my stitches since he said its easier to find someone to help,but,tomorrow will probably be the worst one.

Also for those of you who are curious,once my stitches are out,its not noticeable unless I stick my tongue out. I know tons of people with it done,and it doesn’t effect very much lol.

Day 2

Sleeping wasn’t terrible,gross but not awful. I actually slept longer than I normally do if you exclude waking up at 2 am for ibuprofen.

When i woke up,my tongue was double the size it was yesterday. I can’t move it much now but I think my right side is my dominate side.

It doesn’t hurt as much as it is just uncomfortable. I can’t fully close my mouth and my glands are swollen so I’ve been icing my jaw a lot .

I purchased everything to make energy bursting smoothies but I’m a little scared to try them.

Last night I ate some warm soup,by which I mean,I drank vegetable broth I made.

Slurping is 10 times easier than bottles with the spout. Breakfast was an applesauce that took about 10 minutes to eat,and I crushed up some arnica in there.

I’m using a very watered down and alcohol free mouthwash,more so diluted then when I had any oral piercing.

Also using a saline solution. Both things actually alleviated a bit of discomfort.

This being said,not once have I thought “why did I do this” and I just can’t wait to be all healed.

First set of stitches come out Friday,and the rest come out Sunday.

If anyone knows how to remove sturtures let me know! He said my mom should do it,but I know she will hate it.

I made a hearty smoothie,sans peanut butter so it wasn’t too thick. Every sip I took I rinsed with water,or swallowed it all with water,to keep it from getting messy. It was hard,but I didn’t really finish any of it. I also had a lot of ice.

Day 3

I barely slept last night. My tongue rubbed against My teeth so badly,I couldn’t shut my eyes until I got the idea,at around 5 am,to put wads of papertowel in My mouth.

But. If my breath didnt stink beforehand that made it way worse.

Like I’ve never smelled something so foul,and that’s INCLUDING the mouthwash rinses,salt water rinses,and brushing my teeth once a day.

But,my tongue isn’t being exfoliated by food,or moving at all really,so.

I woke up twice,chugged some water,and did rinses and took ibuprofen for relief.

Once I was finally up (which undoubtedly means I’ll nap a lot today) I immediately ate a smoothie. This time,with fruit I put I’m the freezer,making it much easier to drink,and with peanut butter and way moreeeee spinach since yesterday I only ate a little bit.

It aches. My teeth ache. My jaw aches. But its going away ,and apparently I’m over the the the the aches.

After eating,I’ll clean,and then separate my sides,which makes me bleed a little bit,which is when I’ll salt water rinse!

First set of stitches out tomorrow means a lot of relief….praise the heavens.

Day 4

Today,I took out stitches from the tips of my tongues.

I also drooled a lot less last night—but I slept on my couch (with a huge towel). I found its easier to sleep with my head up than it is to lay down,especially when you toss and turn like I do.

I haven’t eaten yet,I’m not really hungry. Taking my stitches out was a hassle but,it feels like a relief? It kind of feels like I burned my tips. Someone said they lost feeling on their tips but I’ve only heard of that happening one time.

I’m less swollen today,but still judging that on if I can shut my mouth all the way,which I can’t do comfortably.

I can’t wait till Sunday!

It took nearly an hour to get these two stitches out completely, and all my medical friends are back home,so I think I’m going to go to urgent care. But if this feels this good with just two out I can’t wait for the rest.

Less aching today,too. And there Isnt as much of a bad smell since my mouth can be shut more

Days 5,6,7

All of these days were about the same until day 7 when I got my stitches out at a local piercing studio called True Expression. That day I ate sushi and edammame and it was soooo weird to get used to it. The swelling lessened each day,but once the stitches were out everything was loads better. I had a bad lisp for the next 5 days after that,but its finally gone. I have had a bit of newgrowth pretty fast,but I separate most of it every day,and sleep with gauze in my mouth to prevent it. I still rinse,and didnt kiss,have dairy,spicy food, or alcohol until a full 14 days passed.

Moving it indivually is apparently next to impossible but none the less I have so much fun playing and practicing every day!

Hopefully any of this post helped! Feel free to ask anything I didnt answer!