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Dr. Flug Headcanons

These are just my personal headcanons for flug so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

- Flug has autism
- Flug is an object head ( I really don’t want them to reveal his face because I really like the paper bag. )
- Flug is ace ( I’m already super over seeing Flug/Black Hat. He’s a small, anxious, innocent nerd that I want to protect.)
- Flug really likes planes and would like to pilot one someday ( Due to all the planes )
- Flug isn’t actually evil, and actually just wants to do some fricken science without Black Hat getting onto him all the time.
- Flug is actually extremely terrified of Black Hat because he’s abusive.
- Flug doesn’t really mind Dementia but is sometimes majorly annoyed by her. Flug is a neat freak who likes silence, meanwhile dementia is the complete polar opposite of him. Despite their differences they can get along ( sometimes. )
- 5.0.5. Was actually created by Flug. I imagine that Flug was doing an experiment and accidentally made 5.0.5. as a result. It would explain 5.0.5.’s friendliness I think. It would also mean that Flug takes care of him like a child ( tucking him in bed, reading him stories, ect. )
- Overall, Flug is a good, anxious science boy who just wants to invent things and do cool science stuff

Normani not winning that damn trophy is some next level bullshit

I said this before but imma repeat it.  THIS is what it means to be a black woman in White America. We can be as flawless and as perfect as we can possibly be but will still not get as far or be as rewarded as our white and male counterparts. We have always had to work twice as hard to get half as far. That’s not news to us, its just shit like this shoving that harsh reality back in our faces. 

 That being said I am happy that Rashad won instead of David even though white mediocrity was still rewarded higher than the efforts of not just one but two extremely talented black women but I digress.

 We have been blessed this entire season with amazing quality dances and interactions from Valmani. Seeing Normani come out of her shell and become more open, honest, and carefree has been such an honor and I know Val feels the same. I’m so grateful for Val bringing out Mani’s best and pushing her to be better, that man is so talented and together they made magic. This partnership was truly a gift.

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 I will always remember that our queen still DID THAT week after week, despite numerous and painful injuries, despite long hour flights and jet lag, despite working on tour and in the studio….SHE DID THAT. Enough perfect 40s to put everyone in that room to shame, we don’t even have to say it. We know who won, those judges know who won, the audience know who won but it’s okay cuz my queen is gonna stay winning in life and imma keep supporting no matter what.

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A Fine Day To Die
A Fine Day To Die

Along the black mountainside scattered
By the campfires awaiting the dawn
Two times a hundred men in battles
Tried by the steel in the arrow
Axe and the sword

By battle worn hunger torn awaitening
For the sun to break through the cold haze
And for the banners of Ebal to appear
On the hill in the sun’s first warm rays

The elder among the men
Looked deep into
The fire and spoke loud with pride

Tomorrow is a fine day to die

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Hey I'm white but I was raised by my family's black housekeeper, do you think it would be appropriate for me to say nigga/nigger? She raised me extremely black

Yes 👌👌👌 bitch. You are an honorary POC. Stay fucking valid!

So like, here’s the thing that’s FUCKING WILD about the new Death Note show.

They make Light white, which isn’t shocking. It’s still bad, but it isn’t shocking. Not at this point at least. Where this gets BAD is when you look at the other casting and you find that L is being played by a black actor named Lakeith Stanfield


The later half of the show is going to be all about the pastiest white guy you’ve ever seen in your life trying to kill a extremely smart black guy and actually succeeding.


Did like no one talk to the director at all about this? That maybe this would change the way we view the two warring moral grounds and make for a deeply uncomfortable commentary that is absolutely unintentional because it works directly against the moral dichotomy of the original series?

Also, on a different note, have they thought for even a second that having Light “““Turner’s”““ alias be “Kira” still loses all meaning to an american audiance that doesn’t catch onto the pun of Kira sounding like Killer and that kira-kira is the onomatopoeia for “sparkling” in japanese, used in part because of the name “Light”


Is an extremely poorly thought out deal my guys.