extreme agression

only coming back quickly to clear some things up

im allowed to say im happy im not cis if i want to. does that mean i think being trans is all rainbows and sunshine? no. i know how hard it is. but im gonna try to love it, you know why? because ive spent too many years hating myself for it.

to anyone who decides that im not trans because i dont try to hate being trans even though its difficult: fuck you. i came out over three years ago, ive changed my name legally, ive gone to appointments to start testosterone (which i probably will this year), i struggle with dysphoria everyday, so a huuuuge fuck you.

to every trans person who’s come into my inbox saying im faking being trans: i fucking wish i was. it would be so much easier if i was. and its really low of you to say that, especially as another trans person. you sound exactly like cis people who’ve told me the same thing.

to the cis people who like to call me a tranny, ‘dysphoric girl’, etc: well…..that kinda makes me laugh actually lol. better me than someone else you could actually hurt. i want all terfs to come @ me tbh

also liiiiike idk about you but i think a post where i say im happy to be cis doesnt deserve ppl telling me to die and overall being extremely agressive but like….aight. u do u transphobes (and trans people who apparently get to nickpit other trans people’s identities off of one post). i guess gay ppl who say that about not being straight and black ppl who say that about not being white probably get the same thing

There isnt much minor character headcanons around sooo

Headcanon! That the hermes cabin’s mischief and pranks got worse after the titan war, and even more ballistic after the giant war. Everyone thinks its because like their brother luke, bloodshed makes them a step closer to darkness and sociopathy. But no one ever thought about the fact that because they had the most members in their cabin, they held the most casualties. No one realizes that its depression, and like leo, they drown themselves in jokes and laughs to cover their tears. No one ever notices the stolls crying themselves to sleep, knowing the fact that just a few weeks ago they had been praying that people will start moving out of the cabin so that they could have more space. But now, after their brothers and sisters had died, theyd do anything for them to come back. No one notices how slowly, one by one, members of the hermes cabin started disappearing.

Headcanon! That pollux became alcoholic after castor’s death. That pollux started living in solitary confinement. And that he became extremely agressive, and every time percy saw him, he couldnt help but remember smelly gabe. Headcanon! That later in the future, pollux became like smelly gabe. And one day percy runs across him, and couldnt help but think, ‘you know.. I never knew smelly gabe’s backstory, or what shaped him into the man he was’.

Pollux dies in a car accident.

He doesnt make it into elysium.

Headcanon! That after the war, the hypnos cabin then was constantly full of screaming, because they kept re-living the worst day of their lives in their dreams.

Headcanon! That the demeter cabin’s plants reflect the health of the demeter kids, and after the war, even though the demeter kids were alright and in one peice, the plants were wilting. And it didnt matter how much nectar and ambrosia they take, because at the end of the day the demeter kids were still dead on the inside.

Headcanon! That the ares cabin is almost always empty now because the ares kids are always away, on quests or just hunting for monsters to kill because its the only way they know how to drown their pain.

Headcanon! Athena kids become amnesiacs, studying 24/7, blaming themselves for not working hard enough before the war and ultimately failing their friends and being the reason of their deaths. They slowly fall ill and pass away because they keep forgetting to eat and end up starving to death.

Headcanon! That rick stopped pretending that children having to watch their friends and families die as they get cornered with the worst monsters wouldnt cause a major trauma and affect their mental health. Headcanon that rick stopped pretending that everything is okay in CHB after the wars.

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I was listening to music while reading May and the World and John Mayer's "Your Body Is A Wonderland" came on and now all I can think of is Archie playing it on guitar and singing to Maxie like omfg my gay ass needs the cuteness

I bet this is what happens afterwards

his kokoro is brokoro

sorry for the even crappier quality than usual, I’m working on a comission r/n but this made me laugh and needed to draw it real quick

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yknow, some people are really mean when it comes to drama and their opinions. there are those who yes, have a different opinion than me and usually a respect it. as long as they arent being extremely toxic or agressive. they have been both toxic and agressive to you and many others. this definitely not your fault (and ahh dont kys! thats bad!!) try to take a step back from Tumblr and drama for a bit and calm down for a few days, this will all be over soon -local horses near you (aka rosecowboy)

oh gosh! thank you for your concern!

i know other people have their own opinion and i love that! i hate it how they gotta be rude about it…


1989. Extreme Agression

 is the fourth album by band Kreator, released in 19 June. 

While the band had already gained a sizeable following in the US due to their 1987 tour with the band D.R.I., this album introduced many American fans to Kreator, primarily through heavy rotation of the “Betrayer” music video on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball, which was partly shot at the Acropolis in Athens, Greece.

The album title definitely says it all. is super fast, super heavy, and of course super aggressive. This is without a doubt one of Kreator’s best albums ever,  This album truly has it all: Aggressive vocals, killer guitar riffs, awesome solos, lightning fast drums, what more could you ask for.

       Mille Petrozza     Jörg Trzebiatowski   Rob Fioretti   Jürgen Reil

I just wanted to take a second of blogging to apologize if you’ve ever felt like I was being rude/mean to you. I swear I wasn’t, I just have a very protective way of expressing my opinion which often comes off as rude. Tumblr is the place where I’m happy, I come here to chill and have a laugh. That’s it that is all I hope you all have the chance to eat a cookie today.

people with hyphenated urls agressively explaining extremely basic knowledge in all caps as if the reader is an idiot is an aesthetic