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I have an idea for a request if there still open? What if reader along on some “business” to help and when things turn into a gunfight J gets a little to blinded by his psycho mode and accidentally shoots her? Maybe not killing her but somewhere that would seriously injure her? @snow-massacre

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“Finally!” i let out a grumble as I walk through the front door of my apartment. I throw my purse on the kitchen table and kick my shoes off. i make my way into the bathroom and I let my hair down from the bun it has been in all day, my hair falls down past my shoulders. I run my fingers on my scalp massaging the soreness away. I wiggle out of my clothes and throw them to the side. I turn the nozzle for he shower and wait for it to warm up. I take a long look at myself in the mirror. 
Bruises forming on my thighs, scratches on my shoulders and down my arms, the bruise on my stomach is starting to turn a dark purple.
I turn away from the damaged parts and look at my face.
My hair was a plain brown with the natural highlight of a lighter brown, i tousle my hair with my fingers. I can never style my hair and I was never the best with makeup. I was just a plain Jane kind of girl. I never draw much attention, i never cause drama, I never have the spotlight on me, I simply am just making my way through life, unnoticed. 

 I get in the shower, washing away the dirt and dust, the dried blood on my arms and legs. I let the water relax me, my muscles loosen under the hot water.

It’s getting late and I have to get up early to run my personal errands before heading into work. 

I grab a few ice packs, the normal routine, and crawl into bed with a heavy blanket to keep me warm. I place one ice packs slowly on my bruised stomach, I flinch at the freezing temperature on my skin but slowly lay it there, I put another a ice pack on the bruises on my legs. I move it around the bruises till it’s melted. I toss the ice packs on the floor and get as comfortable as I can. The night is quiet, I can hear sirens in the distance which is like Gothams personal lullaby. I close my eyes and let the sounds rock me to sleep. I know it will be a busy day at work tomorrow.

Morning comes far to quickly. I groan getting up, my body still sore for the previous nights work. The sun light shines through my beige curtains, I pick up the ice packs from the previous night and put them back in the freezer. I search the cabinets for a coffee cup, I fill it to the brim and take a slow sip.
I close my eyes and wish I could just sit at home all day. Curl up and read a nice book or two. My phone buzzes and my dream of staying home shatters to pieces. I pick my phone up off the night stand,

“Be here by 5pm.” -Michael

I let out a sigh and reply with an “Ok.”

That’s a little earlier than usual but its not like I can say no. I know I’ll have to change before work so I just throw on an oversized t-shirt and a pair of black leggings with some sandals to match. I pour my coffee in a to-go cup and grab my purse that’s was thrown on the table. I head out the door, lock it behind me and hurry my steps down the stairs. I walk to the garage behind the apartment complex, I take my keys out of my purse and hit the lock button to let the horn sound so I don’t have to search to hard. I walk up to the driver side and take a few looks around before unlocking my car, getting in the drives seat and locking myself inside the car with a quick, swift motion. I let out a deep breath and pull out of the garage.

it’s almost noon when I get to my first errand, traffic in Gotham is no joke. I park my car up front, I let a smile out as I close the car door behind me and smell the sweet smell of ammunition.
I’m greeted by the owners, Steven and Tim, and only the best of the best come here to buy or play.

“Hey, Lacey! How are you this morning?” Steven greets me with a smile as Tim just gives a head non.

“A little tired, just came by for a quick pick me up and for what I ordered. It’s in right?” I grin at them and pick up a large Ak-47 and start to walk to the back room.

“We got it here when you leave Lace.” He talks to my back and I nod my head back to him letting him know I heard him.

I slide behind the couple of people in the shooting range. I set up in my own booth, I load the clip and snap it in place, I smile at the noise.
I place the butt of the gun against my shoulder, I lightly place my finger on the trigger, I look to aim.
Adrenaline runs through me as I plum my finger back against the metal. My shoulder takes the kick but im accustomed to it, I unload the entire clip. I set the gun down on the counter in my booth and look up at the target, there is a large hole right in the middle. I feel much better and awake now. I grab the gun and make my way to the front desk.

“You never fail to impress Lacey.” Steven smiles as he takes the gun from me and puts a large black box in place of it. My eyes are gleaming as I look at the box.

“He is going to flip!” I squeal as I open it up.

“I can’t believe it’s been a year already.” Steven runs his hands down his face.

“You are getting old!” Tim chimes in with a laugh.

I let out a laugh with Tim, I lift the pistol in my hand and examine every detail.
The matte royal purple is flawless and covers the gun effortlessly, gold accents are placed throughout, the trigger is a gold J and it couldn’t be anymore perfect.

“Yep, I have made it, I survived a year!” I put the pistol back and close the case, “Maybe I’ll finally get to live a normal life?” I roll my eyes and laugh.

“You would be restless out of your mind!” Steven lets out a loud laugh, “I’ve known you since you were a little girl, always looking for the danger. Always wanting to be right in the middle of it.” He ends with a small laugh and a smile.

“Well I’ll probably see you guys in the morning!” I give them each a hug and walk out, they yell bye as I walk out the door.

Next stop, shoes. My job is like a game of dress up and ‘Surprise Bitches’. I’ll let the boss pick out everything, every little detail he can pick, but the shoes, those are mine.
I thought I wasn’t going to get the job when I told him that. It was a lot of bickering in the interview over shoes, which now is kind of funny. It took him a few days, but we came to the agreement.

I walk into an extravagant shoe store that has just opened up a few days ago so I figure I’ll give it my first look. The girls inside see me and I can tell they are talking and laughing at me.

“What’s a girl like that doing in a store like this?”
“Does she really think she can afford this store?”

The list goes on.
I walk up to the wall of shoes, a pair of black heels catch my eye. They wrap up to mid calf with a black ballet ribbon, the heel is about 5 inches, the black is like satin and they look sturdy. I reach up and grab them, size 7.5, perfect. I sit down on the bench and slide off my sandals and slip the shoe on. I lace the ribbon around my leg over my leggings, I tie it into a bow on the back of my leg. I stand and practice my walk, which doesn’t need practice.
I can hear the girls laughing at me,
I ignore them. I’ve grown immune to this kind of attention.
I sit back down and undo the shoe and place it in the bench. I get up to look for one more pair, it’s not hard to find. They are straight shining gold, 6 inch heel. I’m in love. I grab them and it’s also a 7.5. I take both pairs of shoes and head to the check out.
There are 3 girls talking about me right in front of me, I just flash them a smile.

“I’m ready to check out.” I place the shoes on the counter and reach in my purse for the card. I slide it on the counter.

“We need id.” One of the girls laugh.

“Oh! Duh!” I laugh, “Here.” I hand them my work card, on purpose.

‘Property of The Joker’

Is in big bold letters at the top with an i.d number at the bottom.

I can see the fear set over them, “Uh, yeah it’s ok. This is fine.” They won’t even look at me.

“Thanks.” I wink at the one girl who decided to make eye contact.

They ring everything up and hand me my bag.
There is no more laughing as I walk out of the door.
I check the time as I walk out of the store, t’s 4:30.
I tie my hair up in a bun once I get in my car and make my way to the bosses house.
Its a long drive from where I live, he lives on the outskirts of Gotham. I pull up the the front and Michael is there giving me a confused look.

“What are you doing here so early?” He questions as I step out of my car.

“I got a gift for the boss.” I smile and hold up the black case.
Michael is friendly but never shows it. He has to stay top guard at all times. I don’t think he ever sleeps.
He just nods for me to go in. I’m greeted by other guards. It’s strictly business, no hugs or high fives. I simply just smile and say “Hello” to everyone. I take a seat on the empty chair at the kitchen bar.

“Where’s the boss at?” I ask openly.

“Upstairs, office is open.” Michael replays.

I swear he sees and hears everything.
I smile at him and hop off the seat and run up the stairs skipping every other one, I catch my breath quickly and knock on the open door.

“Well, Hello Lacy.” He looks at hot gold watch, “You’re a little early, doll.” He stands up and turns a chair around for me to sit.
His green hair slicked back, almost never out of place. His pale skin somehow feels warm and inviting. His crystal blue eyes are part of what makes him so powerful. It’s almost hard to make eye contact and if you do, well good luck. His chest is always showing, the black ink from his tattoos against his skin is such a contrast, such a beautiful contrast of colors.

“I know.” I walk over to the chair and sit down, “Do you know why today is, boss?” My voice is full of excitement.

He pauses and looks at the case in my hand, “I can’t say that I do.” He trails off trying to remember what today is.

“My anniversary! For working for you!” I jump up, I know to never hug him, and hold the box out, “I got this for you, it’s just a thank you for keeping me on the team. I couldn’t ask for a better boss!” My smile is pure happiness.

He lets out a laugh, “I don’t think I have ever celebrated an anniversary of any kind.” He reaches for the case and opens it, “Lacey, this is spectacular, doll.” He looks at me and gives a huge grin, “I can’t wait to show off my new toy!” He exclaims and laughs.

“You’re welcome boss.” I smile at him, “I’m going to go get ready for the night. Thank you again for letting me show you I could do this job.” I smile and walk to my dressing room.

This is the ‘dress up’ part of my job. My dressing room is on the other side of his office. Every time I have to work I come in here and there is a full outfit hanging up in the closet, even the underwear. Nothing else is in the closet other than what I need to wear that night, except the shoes. 
I realized I forgot the shoes in my car and text Michael to run and get them, he is at my dressing room door in no more than 5 minutes.

“Thank you kind, sir.” I mock and giggle.

He gives me a ‘dad’ look that says ‘Enough.’ I roll my eyes and close the door.

Tonight we must be going somewhere, not so classy. The out fit is a very, very small red dress. The dress barley covers, well anything. It is a lot of leg and a lot of cleavage. I fight myself into the dress and decide to go with the gold heels. I always get to wear such gorgeous jewelry, tonight is a dainty chain necklace that has small diamonds all around, he also left square diamond earrings and a black leather bracelet that has the word ‘Daddy’ spelled out in diamonds. I laugh as I strap the bracelet on, it isn’t even surprising. 
I walk out and I get second glances from the guys, who I would think would be used to this by now. 

I walk over to the bathroom that is closet to the front of the house. Grace and Danielle are waiting in there for me, they love to get their hands on me for hair and makeup. 
It never fails, “Oh, Lacey if you just would put on some powder, girl, you could stop crowds. Some mascara too. You would have your boss on his knees!” they laugh and i just sit there waiting to get out of hell.
They try and teach me simple steps but i never try them. After a year of working with them I figured they would of taken the hint.

They give me a soft pink lip, some browns and golds for eyeshadow and a nice bronzed coverage. Grace does the hair and she gives me loose curls and pulls my hair out of my face and clips it in place. Its a must for this job to not have my hair flying in front of my eyes. 
I appreciate their work and it always looks amazing, i just don’t think its all necessary for everyday life.

“Thank you girls, like always.” I flash them a smile and walk out the door.

The boss is walking down the stairs, he is easy on the eyes, just not my type.
He runs his hands through his hair, he is wearing a burgundy shirt that is almost completely unbuttoned, he always wears his pants low on his hips and it is near impossible to not look him up and down a few times.

“Well, you look perfect as always, doll.” his voice rings in my ears as I come back to reality.

“You don’t look to bad yourself, J?” I laugh a little bit and question what name I should call him. 

“Tonight, J is perfect.” He holds his arm out for me and I link mine with his.

I have to get our identities straight with him, “And I am?”

”You are Katy.” he smiles at me, “It is an easy night, this man has done a lot of wrong to me, but there will be blood, doll.” He laughs

We walk up to a white car and Michael is in the driver seat, J opens the door for me and i get in holding the dress down as far as i can. He sits next to me and closes the door.

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The drives are never long, we pull up to a old house, there are 3 black cars parked out front. My heart rate increases and I shift in my seat with excitement.

“Calm down, doll.” J laughs, “I haven’t even told you your role yet.”

I sit back and look at him and bite the inside of my cheek out of embarrassment.

He continues with out plan, “He’s weak, just flirt with him, keep him distracted, he thinks I’m letting him have a night with my woman. I’ll give you a cue. You’ll know when to move out of the way. You won’t need to do much though.” He gives a full smile and looks me up and down.

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“Easy enough! I’m guessing I don’t get any protection though?” I ignore his last comment. Strictly business, sometimes he does make it hard to figure out where that line is though. I look at my dress, seeing there is no where to hide anything.

“Not in that dress.” He looks at Michael in the small mirror giving a cue.

We get out of the car and we start walking to the front door, linked arms and all. The rest of the guards are going all around the house, taking their spots.
J and I reach the front door, he gives me a ‘Go ahead’ look and I knock on the door. Like a switch in my mind, I get into character.

“Hellllloooo! Anyone home?” I push the door open.

A very large man was sitting behind a desk, he could barley fit in the chair. “Well, look what The Joker dragged along. A pretty little whore.” The big man laughs.
J squeezes my arm giving me the go ahead, so I do.

“All for you baby! I spent all night getting ready for you, so how about you take me out for a night on the town? Show me off a little?” I walk over to him and sit on the edge of the desk with my legs partly spread. I can see the sweat grow on his forehead. He places his hand in my knee.

“Not so fast! You got to pay for the merchandise.” Js voice rings out.

“Oh, you haven’t even paid the man!” I hop off the desk, “I’m not that easy baby.” I walk back over to J and hang on his shoulder.

“J how do I know she’s even your girl?” The big man laughs and his men join him, “She doesn’t seem like your type. I figured you’d have some class when you picked ya’ ladies!” The men with him laugh even more.

I walk back over to the man and he gets quiet, “How should I show you that I’m his girl?” I lean close to him and whisper. I put my hands on his shoulders and I walk behind him and run my hands down the front of his shirt, I dig my nails in his skin when I bring my hands back to his shoulder, I lean in close to his ear and whisper, “Would it prove I was his girl if I told you how he takes me in the bedroom?” I walk to the other side of him, “Or maybe if I showed you how he likes me on my knees?” I bite my lip getting close to his face, “How about if tell you how I scream his name when he fucks me?”

A shiver goes down the big man, he’s adjusting himself in his seat. He is repulsive. I start walking back over to J and his smile is huge, he gives me a wink and I wrap my arm around his waist standing next to him.

“Dee!” The big man shouts, “Give it to him.”

A man with a full ski mask comes forward and drops a bag on the floor in front of us, J gives a look to one of the guys and they rush to check it out, everything is clear. J grabs my arm from around his waist, and pushes me toward the man behind the desk.

“I’m all yours tonight daddy!” I sit on the big mans lap.
I can hear J growl from here and I shoot him a questionable look.

“Now would be a good time to get going doll.” He gives an upset grin.

I go to get up, I still have my hand on the mans shoulder so he doesn’t get the feeling I’m leaving him. J pulls his gun out quickly and the man grabs me to block the shot that hand rang out.

I close my eyes tight, and when I open them again the man that had used me as a shield is slumped over with a hole in his forehead. I am trying to look for a familiar face, I can’t fine one. Someone grabs my foot and pulls, I’m dragged off the chair and my body slams against the ground, I let out a scream as my spine and head hit the cement floor full force. I look down and it’s not one of our guys, i dig for any strength left in me. I lift my other leg and kick as hard as I can, my heel lands directly in his eye. I let out a scream of pain and I hit him, I try pulling my foot back and I can’t, it’s stuck in this mans face. Another scream of agony leaves my body and tears are flowing down my face, makeup is smeared all over. I reach my hand over my stomach and blood is all gushing out. Sounds are becoming hard to make out and I know thats not a good sign.

Finally a familiar face, J.
He looks livid.

My body feels cold and I keep my eyes closed trying to hold myself together.
J has picked me up and is carrying me somewhere, I know he is walking, maybe even running as the air is blowing in my face and I can feel my hair being brushing back with wind. I get laid down in the car, I can smell the leather that I am ruining with blood. I feel Js cool hand push hard on my stomach, I scream, Its a loud, deep scream. 

“How could you be so stupid?” 

I can hear Js voice and i think he is talking about himself, i want so bad to tell him it’s not his fault but I can’t speak. I have my jaw clenched, holding back the screams.

“How could you be such an idiot Lacey?!” he is yelling now.

“You knew the fucking code, I literally said it, I told you to move! Fuck!” 

He thinks this is my fault. He is blaming me. I can feel myself getting angry but I stop myself, I know I need to save my energy. For now.

“Lacey! I dont ask much of you! I really dont doll. I never thought when I asked you to act stupid you would take it till death!” He lets out a sigh and punches the seat.

“When I asked you to take this job as my ‘woman’ it was so simple. Just act, just fucking act. You knew how to fight as well, which was a plus, i didn’t have to take care of you, but that obviously didn’t register tonight, did it?” He sighs loud.

“And now look, I have to fucking take care of you!”

I can’t believe what I am hearing. I can’t help but cry, after a year of putting myself on the line for this guy, after a year of dressing all these different ways, a year of killing men, a year of pretending to be his ‘woman’ to make his job easier, a year of coming home late and icing all the bruises, a year of all this and he shoots me and I get the blame.
i can feel my heart start to break, i cared about J, after a year of working for someone who is constantly charming, intriguing and even sweet at times, its hard to not catch any feeling towards him. I didn’t love him, but I did care for him.
That feeling was obviously not mutual.

We pull up to the hospital and I am carried in and a doctor is there right away taking me back into the abyss of the hospital.

I look back at J one more time.

He is punching a wall, a few nurses are trying to pull him back, he pushes them off him and slumps to the ground.

This is just part 1, loves.
This was actually really hard for me to do. 
Because it wasn’t my idea, it wasn’t something my brain came up with I
hard time bringing it to life and creating the scenario and the actual story part. 

I also have a hard time writing short fucking stories
I am sorry about that.


(please do not murder me if this is not good)

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How would GOM react to their s/o's buying them these rare, expensive basketball shoes as a birthday present when they know lately they've been going through financial issues? They love the shoes, but know they're rare & cost a fortune. ((In Akashi's case he probably already has them tbh))

Generation of Miracles

Akashi Seijurou: Akashi would genuinely thank you from the bottom of his heart, and even if he did already have them, he would wear the pair that you had bought him since they had a much more significant meaning to him. He would be likely to help you with any financial issues they’re having before it gets too difficult for them to live comfortably, not accepting if they reject and just finding a more subtle way to help them out in the long run.

Aomine Daiki: Aomine would be a little shocked to see you give him such a nice pair of shoes, and would really want to accept them, but would feel guilty knowing you’re having such difficulty buying yourself basic needs and you’re buying him extravagant shoes like this. He would ask if you’re sure that you couldn’t use money for something else, seeming ungrateful though he’s actually just worried about your well-being.

Kise Ryouta: Kise would love them because they knew they were from you, and would never be able to deny you as he knows you’d gotten them just for him, and wasn’t one to turn down a gift. He’d gently ask if you had anything in line for work, acting as though he were just making conversation, when in actuality he was trying to help you find a job so the shoes wouldn’t set you back too far.

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko would be entirely conflicted on whether or not he should tell you how he truly feels, or if he should accept the gift and try to speak to you in a more subtle manner. He would take them, looking at them in frustration which you easily pick up on. He would try to tell you that though he does like the shoes, he worries about you daily, and wants to know if you have a new job or if you’ve gotten some source of income yet.

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima would scold you as he’s not entirely afraid to hurt your feelings if it means getting you to realize you’re acting foolishly and to look out for yourself. He’d make the underlying statement that he cares too much about you to let you go under; he tells you to worry less about him and though the gift is wonderful, he wants you to be able to live in the comfort you deserve and to not struggle.

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara would feel a little guilty as he wonders why you continued to buy him expensive gifts instead of taking care of yourself like you should be. He would thank you but be clearly distracted, muttering that you should come over for dinner tonight/stay the night at his house so you don’t waste electricity or have to cook for yourself as a way to lower your personal bills and make up for the gift.

Honestly, it’s kind of hard to watch that Sex and the City episode where Carrie loses her $400 designer shoes at her friend’s party then gets pissy when her friend doesn’t want to pay the whole amount and not see Carrie as an out-of-touch consumerist. Carrie, she has young children. She’s got better stuff to do with her money than fund your extravagance.