extravagant fashion

“Im not a woman. I’m not a man. I’m something you will never understand.

One of the most iconic musicians, passed away yesterday. But leaving a legacy of  authenticity in everthing he did.

We will never forget his perfect eyeliner, the baroque style, the big glasses, and the extravagance.

Thanks for all the madness and for making us love pearls like you did .

anonymous asked:

We have the fashion disaster villain (Eto), the not-one-hair-out-of-place villain (Furuta), the creepy clownish villain (Donato), the extravagant-fashion villain (Uta), and then there's Kanou with his hawaiian shirt. He's just too fav #Kanousummercollection2k17

How about we gift Kanou a ticket to his beloved Hawaii so he leaves Tokyo for good?

I like being set on edge by new things. I like extremes, whatever they are and whomever they’re coming from. When fashion is extravagant or experimental, it has the potential to be fantastic and memorable; if something’s done to the nth degree of sincerity, skill, and conviction, then I’m always up for it. It’s the banal and timid in-between I can do without.
—  Sarah Mower