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I personally HC Yuuri not knowing how expensive all his outfits is since he used to buy cheap ones from like, street vendor and Phichit & Celestino was like 'Yuuri no you're a celebrity for god's sake please don't' then proceeded to make him advertised a fashion brand they picked with 'simple yet elegant' 'clean, sharp cut with subtle sensual undertone' that Yuuri picking one of Victor shirt thinking it's the most plain and cheap while it's the exact opposite (embroidery, lace, frill) he...[1/2]

[2/2]… missed while hastily surfing through Victor’s closet. Poor Vitya’s like ‘of couse he chose the most classy one he has extravagant fashion taste’ thus further confirm his belief of Yuuri Casanova-ness that leads to angsty moments of ‘he could never be satisfied with just me I’m just one of his various conquer targets’ ‘did he leave his shirt at each partner places he slept with then take their as makeshift trophy then throw it away when he lost interest in them’ etc.

After he finally gives it back (although Viktor tells him to keep it because he has A Thing for Yuuri wearing his clothes) Viktor is like 'I still can’t believe you stole my most expensive shirt’ and Yuuri is like ’???what? It was just a plain white shirt what do you mean it was expensive.’ 'It was made of silk Yuuri how did you not notice that’ 'Well how was I supposed to know?!’ *Viktor looks into the camera like he’s on the office*

Mystrade fic rec: The Foldings

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I admit, this is probably less of a fic rec and more of an artist+writer rec, since The Foldings comes with a fully built fantasy world, a 23-page long comic and quite a number of mini comics and sketches/artwork. And although based on the good ship Mystrade, there’s little resemblance to be found between Sherlock and The Foldings. What started as a Mystrade AU ended up having so little in common with the original series, the creators decided to separate it entirely and rename the characters. But if you love Mystrade, there’s a good chance you’ll like the gay magical steampunk world of The Foldings as well.

I myself came for Mystrade, but stayed for the breath-takingly beautiful world-building @kowabungadoodlesand @marmosette have accomplished. It’s unique and complex and makes you fall in love with the city and its inhabitants in a heartbeat.

The Story

The Foldings mainly takes place in Lunule, a city full of magic which floats in the air. Airships enable transportation, complicated ladders and bridges lead from one level to the next and if you fall, the air reaches out to catch you.
All inhabitants possess magic and are receptive to it; all except Jasper, who magic seems to stubbornly ignore, making him a ‘Null’. Micah, on the other hand, is exceptionally talented with magic and was trained to become the Vedouci, the magical leader of Lunule. Naturally, the two are a match made in heaven.

[Comic] The Foldings - Issue #1
“Two stories introduce you to the vast magical world of The Foldings, a place where another world is just a doorway away. Step into a city of over-complicated gadgets, runaway spells and a fashion for extravagant magical hats that’s getting badly out of control.”
Features a comic of Vedouci Micah and his Druhy Jasper taking a relaxing evening stroll around the markets, an illustrated story introducing two of Lunule’s inhabitants trying to save the city and enthralling descriptions of Lunule’s architecture.

Available as print with or without postcards included, or as PDF version on tintreas[.]storenvy[.]com

[AO3] The Foldings: Ten Years Earlier
“Jasper, housemaster to the Earl of Ryebury, catches the eye of a presumptuous young man and between them they create one hell of a mess.“
Discover how Micah and Jasper first met and get to know Lunule and its secrets. An exciting and captivating mix of magic, mystery and love. WIP


The Foldings: Website  thefoldings[.]co[.]uk
General information on The Foldings, convention dates, news and artwork.

The Foldings Tumblr: @thefoldings​​
Follow for news, art and updates.

Become a patreon, help fund Issue #2 and enjoy previews of what’s coming next.

Mini Give-Away

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[all art by @kowabungadoodles​]


“If I am ever queen, I will make them love me.”

“Ye may have a greater prince, but ye shall never have a more loving prince.”

Sansa Stark and Elizabeth Tudor have numerous parallels between them, starting with their physical resemblances, ending with the strangely similar arcs their lives appear to take. 

As far as I can see, there are four areas under which to divide comparisons: physical, personality traits, parallel events, and predictions for the future of the book series. 

Under a cut because this got long.

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