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Two Types of Gravity: An Adrien Fic

Let it be known Adrien Agreste loves science. His favorite subject is physics.

Physics is easy, physics is constant, and gravity will always be 9.8 meters per second squared. Ladybug will always be that constant.

What does that even mean, anyway? Meters per second squared? It sounds like a fictional variable just for math.

During a photo shoot, Adrien calculates what gravity really means. It’s roughly 35 kilometers an hour or 22 miles per hour.

That doesn’t feel fast enough; he thinks while riding home in the backseat. He remembers falling from RogerCop’s car; it had to be faster than that. He tries again, that’s 32 feet per second.


In perspective, he reasons while fingers run through a classic masterpiece and his instructor keeping time behind him, that’s ten seconds. Ten seconds to fall from the top of the Eiffel Tower to reach the ground. He’s dived that over a dozen times with Ladybug. Each time he’s thought those leaps were too long, the rate he fell for the spotted heroine was faster than that.

Because with Ladybug, the pull of gravity is immediate and obvious. She leaps: he falls. People are pulled to her in an instant. An Akuma trying to escape her is like trying to leave the atmosphere.

Adrien sits as Chat Noir from the rooftop of the Trocadero, watching his lady gaze out to the tower beyond. She is the gravity that keeps Paris safe. There is logic and sense and normalcy. There is no danger of floating away; there is no danger in the unpredictable. She is his 9.8 meters per second squared. She is his gravity.

Ladybug is the apple to his Isaac Newton. Both fell from the sky, both leave a man dizzy.

And yet…

And yet, he suspects there’s a different kind of gravity at play.

Let it be known Adrien Agreste loves science. Lately, he’s taken an interest in Geology.

He read once that it’s impossible to travel in a straight line. That, the further he is from the equator the tighter the circle he will travel, leading back to where he came. He read it had to deal with the earth and magnetic fields. He read it had to do with gravity trying to pull him to the earth’s molten core. It’s not an obvious thing, by the time someone realizes they’re not walking straight anymore, it’s too late, the circle is almost done. This aspect of gravity is a barely acknowledged fact, like how toilets flush in opposite directions depending on the hemisphere.

Except, he thinks, that’s not a good example. (Even if Chloe thinks otherwise)

Marinette Dupain-Cheng is his sudden interest in Geology. It starts as a paired project, where Alya snags Nino as her partner before Adrien can reach out. Marinette is nervous around him, though he doesn’t know why. She stutters, stumbles, and flails in ever extravagant fashion; he wonders how she can create a bowler hat with delicate embroidery if all she does is make large gestures. He thinks one of these people have to be true: Bowler Hat Marinette or Nervous Marinette.

Adrien discovers Bowler Hat Marinette is tried and true. She is shy, there’s no question, but the flailing and stutters are just nerves. Her pink room, strewn with fabric and clothes have the care and calm of someone who is at ease with themselves, who welcomes any and all that come her way as if she has a gravity of her own.

He finds himself turning to look at her at school, dropping by her balcony clad in a catsuit after patrol, offering to study together in his limited free time. He’s caught in a circle, no matter how much he tries to correct his path, he winds up at her side.

If there was a straight path to loving Ladybug, he supposes he got off course. Adrien circles Marinette, discovering it’s this aspect of gravity that leads him home. Marinette is home; this is his barely acknowledged fact.

She is not loud like Ladybug. She doesn’t leap so Adrien can fall. She is not the immediate cause and effect of physics. Everything about her is quiet, subtle.

He thinks her quiet gravity will easily take over his lady’s someday.

He thinks, while setting his book bag on his desk, he should start looking into Geophysics, should he ever escape his modeling career.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng is a different kind of gravity than Ladybug. His eyes still gravitate to the both of them, but he doesn’t have to fight with or against Marinette’s pull. He surrenders to it.

Adrien hears her laugh, so he turns, just a little bit more away from Ladybug, and towards the door Marinette pushes open, giggling at a joke.

Let it be known Adrien Agreste loves science. He loves it almost as much as he loves Ladybug. And as much as he keeps turning, Adrien may just love Marinette even more.

Wrote this as a way to explain sibling characters to a friend. Hmmm, dunno if I did it justice. 

My dear lgbt+ child, 

Happy Halloween! Did you know that halloween has a history as a lgbt holiday? 

-  The Castro, a district in San Francisco played host to an annual children’s costume contest starting in 1948. Back then, many (straight) families with kids lived there. 

- In the 1960s, most families moved to cheaper suburbs and instead “single men” moved into the district. Many of those “single men” were gay (many of them were expelled from the military for being lgbt+ and decided to stay in San Francisco instead of returning home and facing hate. San Francisco allowed to to find housing and employment.).

- As a result of that, gay bars opened in the district, which in turn attracted more lgbt+ people to move to The Castro. It became a “gay district”. 

- It was also home of the Black Cat Bar, a gay bar which featured the live entertainer José Sarria. Police raids of gay bars were routine back then and many people got arrested. José who was openly gay advised them to demand jury trials - now many courts were overloaded and judges began to expect actual evidence of a crime which resulted in less people being arrested. He became the first openly gay candidate in the United States to run for public office. 

- With The Castro known as a gay district, the annual children’s Halloween party turned into a adult lgbt+ event in 1979. Halloween became known as “the major holiday” for lgbt+ people. 

There are other history facts about lgbt+ Halloween: 

- If interviewed before 1969, lgbt+ people often wore masks to hide their face during the interview. Wearing a mask was a symbol for “being in the closet” which is one of the reasons why the stereotype “lgbt+ people love extravagant fashion/love dressing up” exists.   

- Halloween gave trans people a chance to wear clothes that represent their real gender without the fear of getting arrested (It was common to arrest trans people for wearing “deceiving” clothes). 

I hope all of you have a safe and happy Halloween! <3 

With all my love, 

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the scene between alec and aline that i wish we had gotten

disclaimer: i haven’t come across any alec/aline content in the canon literature that i have read but i do know that apparently there is a similar(ish) scene. so if there are any similarities, it is a total coincidence.

Aline was set to leave and she had promised to visit again soon. Izzy and Alec were stood outside the Institute with her, saying their goodbyes with minimal tears on Izzy’s end. Just as they were finishing up, Izzy received a text from Jace and excused herself. “I’ll meet you inside,” she told Alec before squeezing Aline into another tight hug and scurrying off.

Just as she turned the corner, Aline turned to Alec and let out a deep breath. Alec looked at her with a beaming smile. He had missed this. “Before I leave,” Aline said, catching Alec’s attention. “I wanted to make sure to thank you.”

Alec’s brows furrowed and he paused, taking a slight step back. “What for?” he asked, dubiously. His hands automatically moved behind his back. Aline smiled at his reaction and let out a chuckle as though it were obvious why. But Alec looked at her with a curiosity that suggested he was genuinely clueless. He blinked at her and Aline realised that he really did not know just how much of influence he had had on so many Shadowhunters, young and old.

“For what you did at your wedding,” she replied. “When I heard that you kissed Magnus in front of everyone…” her arms flailed about for a bit as she struggled to find the right words. “It helped me come to terms with who I actually am.” Alec’s lips parted and his mouth became dry.

He had faced so much negativity for what he had done that praise and thank you’s were the last thing he had ever expected. Aline smiled and her dimples caused an involuntary twitch to Alec’s lips as well. “You probably don’t even realise… But because of what you did, I finally allowed myself to fall in love. And I want to thank you for that.” Her hand came up to meet Alec’s elbow and he felt his last breath escape him.

“I- I don’t know what to say,” was all he managed to get out.

Aline stroked her thumb against his arm and shook her head with the same soft smile that Alec had grown up knowing. “You don’t have to say anything,” she replied and Alec’s heart calmed down.

He took in a deep breath. “Does anyone else know?” he asked in a quiet voice.

Aline shook her head again and looked down. “Just you and Sebastian. And Helen, of course,” she said with a laugh.

Alec smiled, glad that she had found someone she could care for and cared about her the way he and Magnus did. “Blackthorn…?” he questioned with a hint of doubt in his voice. Aline nodded enthusiastically and Alec only hoped that his face lit up the same way when he talked about Magnus. “I’m happy for you, Aline,” he said.

“Thank you,” she breathed out, partially relieved, though she knew his reaction wasn’t the one she was anticipating. “Speaking of your wedding, I’m sorry I couldn’t make it.” Alec looked up at her with a strange feeling in his stomach that he couldn’t put his finger on. “If I had known you were going to come out in such an extravagant fashion, I would’ve been there,” she said and they shared a smile that eased Alec’s stomach.

“You should’ve seen the absolute horror on my mother’s face,” he joked, looking behind him at the Institute. He was glad he could laugh about it now. His mother was trying and he was grateful.

Aline let out knowing sigh. “Oh, it’s always horror with the gay ones,” she said and Alec admired the way she was able to say it so freely when still closeted. He would have never even dreamed of talking about being gay less than two months ago. “And don’t even get me started on the Clave.”

Alec threw his head back in a carefree laugh and he loved that he was having this conversation. Right now, right here, he was able to fully embrace who he was with someone that completely understood his position. “I’ve missed you, Lightwood,” said Aline and Alec nodded with a grin.

“It was nice to see you again.” He only hesitated for a few seconds before stepping forward and embracing Aline in a tight hug. Aline could’ve sworn it was tighter than Izzy’s. “Good luck with your parents,” she heard Alec whisper and it sounded like it wasn’t addressed to her alone. “I’ll always be here.”

Aline smiled into Alec’s arm. “Thank you,” she said again and Alec was finally able to understand he weight of what it meant.

They pulled apart and looked at each other, the faint glow of the streetlights illuminating their features and the light breeze ruffled their hair. A silent agreement fell between them. There was a look in Alec’s eyes that promised Aline he wasn’t done fighting and that he would continue to fight for others as well.

And for the first time, Alec felt a sense of responsibility that he had never felt before. It wasn’t like his everyday responsibility to protect the Mundanes and Downworlders but one that suggested he now had to stand up for his own people.

i hope you enjoyed, let me know what you think! if you have any prompts or scenarios for me, please head over to my ask box.

in the meantime, does magnus still remember his birthday?

anonymous asked:

I personally HC Yuuri not knowing how expensive all his outfits is since he used to buy cheap ones from like, street vendor and Phichit & Celestino was like 'Yuuri no you're a celebrity for god's sake please don't' then proceeded to make him advertised a fashion brand they picked with 'simple yet elegant' 'clean, sharp cut with subtle sensual undertone' that Yuuri picking one of Victor shirt thinking it's the most plain and cheap while it's the exact opposite (embroidery, lace, frill) he...[1/2]

[2/2]… missed while hastily surfing through Victor’s closet. Poor Vitya’s like ‘of couse he chose the most classy one he has extravagant fashion taste’ thus further confirm his belief of Yuuri Casanova-ness that leads to angsty moments of ‘he could never be satisfied with just me I’m just one of his various conquer targets’ ‘did he leave his shirt at each partner places he slept with then take their as makeshift trophy then throw it away when he lost interest in them’ etc.

After he finally gives it back (although Viktor tells him to keep it because he has A Thing for Yuuri wearing his clothes) Viktor is like 'I still can’t believe you stole my most expensive shirt’ and Yuuri is like ’???what? It was just a plain white shirt what do you mean it was expensive.’ 'It was made of silk Yuuri how did you not notice that’ 'Well how was I supposed to know?!’ *Viktor looks into the camera like he’s on the office*

Mystrade fic rec: The Foldings

[I had to delete a few links in this post, because Tumblr prevents posts with certain links from turning up in the tags to avert spam. Please look up/reblog the older version for more information.]

I admit, this is probably less of a fic rec and more of an artist+writer rec, since The Foldings comes with a fully built fantasy world, a 23-page long comic and quite a number of mini comics and sketches/artwork. And although based on the good ship Mystrade, there’s little resemblance to be found between Sherlock and The Foldings. What started as a Mystrade AU ended up having so little in common with the original series, the creators decided to separate it entirely and rename the characters. But if you love Mystrade, there’s a good chance you’ll like the gay magical steampunk world of The Foldings as well.

I myself came for Mystrade, but stayed for the breath-takingly beautiful world-building @kowabungadoodlesand @marmosette have accomplished. It’s unique and complex and makes you fall in love with the city and its inhabitants in a heartbeat.

The Story

The Foldings mainly takes place in Lunule, a city full of magic which floats in the air. Airships enable transportation, complicated ladders and bridges lead from one level to the next and if you fall, the air reaches out to catch you.
All inhabitants possess magic and are receptive to it; all except Jasper, who magic seems to stubbornly ignore, making him a ‘Null’. Micah, on the other hand, is exceptionally talented with magic and was trained to become the Vedouci, the magical leader of Lunule. Naturally, the two are a match made in heaven.

[Comic] The Foldings - Issue #1
“Two stories introduce you to the vast magical world of The Foldings, a place where another world is just a doorway away. Step into a city of over-complicated gadgets, runaway spells and a fashion for extravagant magical hats that’s getting badly out of control.”
Features a comic of Vedouci Micah and his Druhy Jasper taking a relaxing evening stroll around the markets, an illustrated story introducing two of Lunule’s inhabitants trying to save the city and enthralling descriptions of Lunule’s architecture.

Available as print with or without postcards included, or as PDF version on tintreas[.]storenvy[.]com

[AO3] The Foldings: Ten Years Earlier
“Jasper, housemaster to the Earl of Ryebury, catches the eye of a presumptuous young man and between them they create one hell of a mess.“
Discover how Micah and Jasper first met and get to know Lunule and its secrets. An exciting and captivating mix of magic, mystery and love. WIP


The Foldings: Website  thefoldings[.]co[.]uk
General information on The Foldings, convention dates, news and artwork.

The Foldings Tumblr: @thefoldings​​
Follow for news, art and updates.

Become a patreon, help fund Issue #2 and enjoy previews of what’s coming next.

Mini Give-Away

Interested? I’ll buy and give away one copy of The Foldings - Issue #1 (with postcards included). To participate, reblog and add a few words so I know who’s interested and who just wants to spread the love! ❤ (open until 31st May 2017)

[all art by @kowabungadoodles​]