Feeling oh so lush and luxurious in my incredible @catherinedlish merlot robe and @louboutinworld heels! Lounging around the garden is possibly one of my favorite things to do in summer. It makes me feel like a cat, searching for the spots where the sun hits, then laying down on a picnic blanket and rolling around as the sun slowly moves across the garden!
First week back to work is already coming to an end! I can’t believe how quickly that went!! I’m so looking forward to this weekend although I have no idea what to wear yet, work can get in the way like that 😝 but I’m sure I’ll be able to find something in my vast lingerie wardrobe! I’m proud of myself for not over filling my weekend, sticking to one of my resolutions for 2016! It’s still a bit busy but usually I try to fill it to the brim so baby steps are always a good way to start!! How are your New year resolutions going?

This photo was taken by my amazing and beautiful friend @svettieand from our little series we shot over our summer break!