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If you're taking prompts what about "Please, don’t leave" with nurseydex maybe post est. relationship and they have a fight over something or the other bad like they haven't had since the time when the hated each other bad enough to make one feel like they need to leave for the night but that causes Nursey's anxiety to flare up and neither of them really sleep well without the other anymore so they try but it gets to the point where ones of them just quietly U surely asks "Please, don’t leave"

Nursey and Dex have reached a point in their relationship where everyone knows this is it. There’s even a bet going on about when they’re going to get engaged, and a further bet on who will do the proposing.

They’re about three months away from graduation, and have already made the decision to move into an apartment in Providence together. They’ve started hunting for places to live, but one huge obstacle stands in their way.


Nursey likes the more extravagant apartments. The ones that have three bedrooms and are in the middle of downtown, with gorgeous views of the city around them. Dex likes the one or two bedroom apartments that are on the outskirts of the city and a little more affordable for two guys just graduating from college. He’s got student loans, after all.

Nursey offers to pay more than half of their rent, but that just makes Dex even angrier, and the resulting things they say to each other are not very pretty.

Dex declares that he’s sleeping “literally anywhere else tonight” and storms out of the room, whole body red with anger. Which is just fine for both of them—at first.

The longer Nursey sits at his desk fuming, the more he starts to worry about what just happened. They argue all the time, but never like that. Not since their frog year when they hated each other. They argue over little, insignificant things, and their arguments are usually half-hearted and resolved within a short time frame.

But this. This seemed a lot more serious. More significant. And Dex storming out feels almost…final, in Nursey’s mind.

And now, he can’t stop thinking about how final it all seemed. How angry Dex was, and how stupid he probably was to force the subject. The difference between one bedroom and the location might have just ended their relationship.

He tries curling up in bed, thinking maybe if they both just get a good night’s sleep the argument might resolve itself. But the whole situation isn’t sitting well with him. The other side of the bed is overwhelmingly still and cold. The attic is too quiet, and Nursey’s whole body feels charged with energy that is just not letting him relax enough to fall asleep.

He heaves a sigh and rolls out of bed. If he isn’t going to sleep, he might as well at least get a slice of the leftover pie that Bitty sent this weekend.

On the way down, he notices the tv is on, and takes a peek into the living room.

Dex is cuddled up on the couch staring blankly at the tv. His eyes are rimmed red, and he’s sniffling every minute or so. He obviously can’t sleep either. It breaks Nursey’s heart because he did this. He made Dex this way.

“Baby?” he says quietly. Dex looks up. “Please, don’t leave.”

Dex sucks in a breath and sits up, turning to face Nursey.

“I’m sorry,” Nursey says in a rush. He crosses the room and sits on the table in front of Dex. “I got excited thinking about finding the perfect apartment for us to move into. I shouldn’t have pushed so hard. I just…I love you, Dexey.”

“I don’t even understand why you want three bedrooms, though. The location, I can compromise. But three bedrooms is too much when it’s really just going to be you and me,” Dex says, sounding resigned.

And hey, that’s somewhere they can start compromising on. Nursey takes a deep breath.

“I—well, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Dex,” he admits. “And when I look at those apartments that have more bedrooms, I think about how we would have the room to start a family. I—I want a family with you.”

Dex is silent for a moment, and Nursey is so, so afraid he’s going to turn him down. But—

“Don’t you think you’re putting the cart before the horse?” he asks with a small smile. “Babe, we haven’t even graduated yet and you’re planning for our kids?”

Nursey shrugs, a little embarrassed.

“At least I know you’re going to be an amazing father.” Dex reaches out and takes Nursey’s hand. “You know, when we have children a long, long time from now.”

Nursey meets Dex’s gaze and he’s got a little twinkle of amusement in his eyes. Dex giggles a little, and leans forward to kiss Nursey.

“I love you way too much for a little argument to break us up,” he says sweetly. “But babe, we gotta take everything one step at a time. Let’s graduate and get real jobs and maybe actually get engaged and married before we start thinking about having enough room to have children.”

“So when I ask you to marry me, you’re going to say yes?” Nursey asks, returning Dex’s kiss.

“Not if I ask you first,” Dex responds with a smirk.

the cute cute cute cute trans girl with amazing arms was working the register at the coffeeshop today, she is consistently the nicest and perkiest person in the world, i love her so much, the only way i can communicate that is through extravagant tipping.

His suitcase hits the scratched door frame of Room 209 on his way to the car. He tries to open the car but the only key in his hand is the one belonging to the motel suite. “Damnit,” he says. He slides the room key into the card slot and waits for the light to turn green. It flashes yellow. Then red. Another try later and the door unlocks. Inside the fluorescently lit room is an avalanche of tissues and hamburger wrappers, all concealing his metal savior. Something gleams. It’s the discarded diamond: the one that cost five months of his salary, now being left in the empty trash container as an extravagant tip for the cleaning staff. In between the withered bouquet of roses and half-empty, grease stained pizza box, the only other shiny thing in the room flashes. He snatches his car key off the table and the door chases him until it strikes the frame.

7 Days of Dorianmance - Day 2

What was the most romantic moment during their courtship?

For Dorian, it was more than just any one event. Elden kept stealing these little moments for the two of them to spend together. They were so simple really, little things like watching the stars while wrapped up in a blanket together, and yet at the same time also incredibly intimate. It seemed so natural for Elden to do things like that for him and it really went a long way towards silencing the nearly ever-present doubt and reassuring Dorian that what they had was real. There was no denying Elden cared for him when he smiled so brightly at him every time Dorian said he had had a nice time.

For Elden, there were lots of things he could count. Even just sitting together on the couch in front of the fire, just reading together, is his idea of a perfect night. But Dorian does enjoy his extravagance. He worked with the advisors to clear Elden’s schedule and set up a whole day where the two of them could just be together. There was candle light, a fancy dinner, and anything else Dorian could arrange in a place as remote as Skyhold. While Elden had insisted that Dorian hadn’t needed to go to all the trouble for him, memory of that night kept him smiling for days after.

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Diff anon but I was thinking blackberry, Kamimatsu would be white cranberry

Black berry would make more sense color-wise, but I decided to stick with the main candy flavors like the other matsus. Same with Kara’s blue raspberry since he’s, well, blue, but I could totally see him as something more painfully extravagant like Cabernet Sauvignon or something–oH MY GOD WHY ARE WE EVEN TALKING ABOUT THIS??

UPDATE: Just realized you said Kamimatsu not Karamatsu I am an idiot

Bill Cipher x Reader | | Mirror | |

Your best friend’s name is Sally in this because shut up it was the first thing that came to my head.


“Hurry up, Y/N!!”

You took the time to fix the makeup on your face again. It wasn’t anything too extravagant as you weren’t really that kind of person, but your best friend had practically forced you to wear it. You got off with only wearing lipstick (thank god). After all, ‘today was the day for you to get turnt up’, as she so eloquently put it.

What was today? Oh. Halloween.

Whereas you’d rather be scaring kids that came to your door and gorging on candy while watching Netflix, your friend had other plans. She’d been invited to this haunted house, a.k.a a bunch of teenagers going to a crappy attraction then most likely go and get drunk afterwards and go to an actual party.

Yeah. You didn’t feel like doing that last part, if it wasn’t obvious. The only reason you’d agreed was because you’d never been to an actual haunted house.

“What’s the harm?” You muttered, dragging the red lipstick down the sides of your mouth to your chin in makeshift fangs. Yeah, yeah you were a vampire. Cliche, right? It was the only costume at Walmart that wouldn’t make you look like you were slack - the others only covered your most important parts and otherwise disgusted you.

Along with a long black cape, a jagged red shirt, ripped jeans and some knee length boots, You had on a white mask that covered the top half of your face, the material unique so that you could see out of it but that no one could see your eyes.

It was kind of sick actually. In a good way.

“Y/N!!” She whined once more. You rolled your eyes, capping the lipgloss and putting it down.

“Coming, coming,” You shouted back, running out the bathroom to meet her expectant eyes. She gasped and clapped her hands together, grinning.

“You look amazing!” She danced around, grinning cheekily. You rolled your eyes again but smiled a bit.

“You don’t look too bad yourself,” You glanced over her Tinkerbell costume. Way too flashy for your liking, but she still looked beautiful. It suited her.

“Damn right,” She scoffed, hooking her arm with yours at the elbow. “Now let’s go show the city who’s ready to rock.”

“You mean the boys,” You responded, teasing. Your friend could get quite boy crazy.

She chuckled nervously, scratching her cheek. “Same thing, right?”


“Woah,” Sally breathed, looking up at the large establishment in front you. Beside her were about ten other teens in your little group. They were all from your school as you vaguely noticed the faces, but otherwise you didn’t think you’d ever even talked to one of them before. A couple of them were staring with the same awe, one looked completely bored out of their mind, and two were locked into an intense make out session, with no regards for PDA. You shivered, disgusted, and pointedly glanced away.

The house itself indeed did look, haunted, you thought. Large intimidating structures lit up in silver, courtesy of the moon, and covered in shadows. Contorted faces of monsters greeted you as you all walked up the pathway. There was a long line to go in and you sighed just as everyone groaned.

“This is gonna take forever…” One of your groupies mumbled. Well the universe must have heard the complaint because as soon as the words left his lips, a shout was heard.

“Is there a group containing more than ten people?” One of the guides shouted over the crowd. “We’re taking in the large groups first!“ 

Immediately your group started calling out, jumping and making noise. A minute later you found yourself walking into the entrance.

"Ooh…I’m so ready for this!” Sally fidgeted. You huffed. You were a bit excited too, but you wished you could have spent this with only her or more of your close friends.

The double doors closed behind you as soon as the last person stepped in, enclosing everyone in total darkness.

Squeaks and cries were heard while you just raised an eyebrow. Sally clutched onto your arm.

“Well that’s just great,” You spoke, sarcasm dripping from your tone. “How are we supposed to know where to go?”

As if switched on by your words, a trail of lanterns suddenly lit up, one by one, leading down and down into the house until you couldn’t see anymore, emitting a green, sickly light.

There were words painted on a sign hanging from the ceiling. It was only supported by a tiny string and looked like it would fall any minute. “CoMe” it spelled.

Ok. That unnerved you just a bit.

The group of you started making your way down the path.

Long story short there was a bunch of scares. Some funny, most cheesy, and a few special ones that made you jump.

(What? You absolutely did not scream that one time a skeleton hand grabbed your shoulder out of the shadows. Definitely not. Tell anyone that and you’re dead.)

You could tell that you were nearing the end as the scares got few and further apart.

“The Man in the mirror?” Sally mumbled. You all had stopped before a large painted over sign that pointed to the mirror below it. You looked at the person in the glass and for a second your heart jumped.

“Woah,” you breathed, for the first time intrigued. There was indeed, a man in the mirror. There was a grin on his face, though there was something wrong with it, something  not quite….normal. His wide dark eye was glazed over, the other covered by an eyepatch. He was adorned in a white dress shirt covered with a yellow brick pattern jacket that matches his boots. His teeth were gleaming white, his gloved hands behind his back and holding a cane whilst a… top hat? A top hat floated above his head. He seemed to be frozen in the position.

Weird. But intriguing.

“Say something and I’ll answer it….if you dare~” A talk box was beside the mirror. It was funny how it tried to sound intimidating, and you sighed. Just when you were interested it had to be ruined with something corny.

One of your groupies ‘ooo’d, even Sally looking scared and you just shoved your hands in your pockets. Disappointing.

Some of the guys elbowed each other to say something till you just spoke up.

“Hello,” You said, the boredom leaking through your tone. Your group held their breath in anticipation.

“Hello. You may not want to look into your mirror tonight…just a warning.”

One of the girls jumped. “Oh jeez! Looks like I’m not looking into my mirror ever again.”

“Are you being serious right now?” You mumbled. “That was about as scary as a baby panda.”

A chuckle.

Well it was more like a giggle, but nonetheless it startled you, making you worry they had heard your stray comment. But none of them were laughing. In fact they weren’t even paying attention to you.

Then who…?

You dismissed it as a lame sound effect of the house.

“Well let’s go,” Sally hushed everyone along. You pursed your lips.

“Actually,” you interrupted. “I think I’ll stay here. I’m not really feeling up for any more fake scares.”

“But..” Sally frowned.

“I’ll be fine,” you reassured. “We have like fifteen minutes left in here anyway.”

“…ok,” She said cautiously. You watched till they disappeared into another room before letting out a breath, leaning against the wall.


Your eyes couldn’t help but stray to the attraction again. It seemed like his gaze was boring right into you.

You chuckled. “I can’t believe they got scared in here,” you talked to yourself, rubbing your head. “It’s all a bunch of crap. I should’ve just stayed home.”

“Say something and I’ll answer it….if you dare~” the box spoke up again, responding to your noise.

“Is there a way to turn this thing off?” You muttered. You were starting to get a headache and it wasn’t helping. You kicked it as a little joke, but jumped when smoke started coming off it.

“Did I just break it…?” You blinked. “Hah…whoops.”

Your eyes went back to the man’s again and you narrowed your eyes. “They couldn’t have done better with you? At least have your mouth move when you talk.”

You walked closer to the mirror till you were right in front of it. “Then again,” you titled your head. “I must say I’m loving the bowtie. Very dapper looking.”

You tapped the mirror absentmindedly. “I wish I could have this permanent smile. How do you do it?” You mused, closing your eyes out of frustration. “Having to deal with these stupid people? Sometimes I just want to smash their heads in I swear.”

You rested your head on the cool surface, snickering. “Well not literally. Don’t think I’m crazy enough for that yet.”

“It’s harder than it looks. Dealing with these meatbags.”

You jolted, opening your eyes.

Only to find him looking right back, head turned in your direction.

You backed up, eyes wide. His eye followed you as if actually seeing you. You swallowed then let out nervous laughter.

“Oh you can move! Thought you just stood still. Scared for a bit.” You shook your head. “And talk with a different voice too. Cool.”

The man just leant forward, bringing the cane from behind his back and leaning forward on it, floating top hat following his movements.

“I’m talking to an inanimate object, great, Y/N,” you slapped your forehead.

“Depends on what you’d call inanimate, Little Bat,” He hummed. You frowned.

'You know what?’ You thought. 'To heck with it.’

“Little Bat?” You harrumphed. “What, because of the vampire outfit? Real original.”

He shrugged. “I do try.”

You put your hands on your hips. “Okay there’s no way that’s a mechanical response. How are you doing that? Is there someone listening and sending you the answers? If so not cool, man!” You shouted to whoever was controlling this.

The man giggled, turning upside down, blonde hair floating around. “Cute. But I’m afraid not, love.”

You pursed your lips. “Then how…?” You got an idea and went around the mirror but there was no projector or man standing behind it. Just the smooth back of the silver mirror. You went back around.

“Tell me how this works,” You couldn’t help your curious nature, eyes gleaming.

The man shrugged. “I’m trapped in here. That’s all.”

You snorted. “Yeah right. You want me to actually believe that?”

“I mean you can believe whatever you want, little bat,” he crossed his legs indian style, still upside down as he bored his eye into yours. “I’ve been stuck here for years. Sucked right out of the dreamscape because of some stupid teens trying out an incantation. Forced to watch every tiny little human walk by here on this holiday. It never surprises me, the stupidity of the human race.” At first his tone was light and comical but as he continued it started to get dark, his smile widening. “Sometimes I wish I could just go out there and rip the smiles from their puny little faces. Splatter these restraining walls with their blood.”

You took another step back, eyes wide.

He snapped out of it at your action, laughing and flipping back right side up. “Ah, did I frighten you?”

You swallowed on a dry throat. “Uh yeah. Definitely…definitely a bit frightened. And normally I’d be running down the hallway by now and screaming but you still intrigue me, and I’m not taking that stupid faux story of yours for the truth. So spill.” You crossed your arms.

Instead of giving in he just laughed hard suddenly, holding his stomach.

“AHAHAHA!!” He kicked his legs in the space. “I knew there was a reason why you interested me, kid!”

You could only watch as he continued his hysterics. “Excuse me?”

“Come back here tomorrow,” He said. “Early.”


You were cut off by a shout.

“We’re leaving!” You heard the voice of your best friend distantly. “Get over here!”

You blinked. How did he know you were about to leave?

“…I won’t be coming back,” You said.

“Yes, you will,” He said without a beat.

How dare he act like he knew you?

“I won’t,” You stressed. “Now if you excuse me, I have to leave.”

He only stared at you expectingly, resting his chin on his fist. You relented, turning around so you wouldn’t have to look at him.

“…what’s your name?” You muttered. He snickered and you glared at the ground. “It’s only so that when I tell my friends not to come here to be assaulted by a man in the mirror I have a title.”

There was amusement in his voice when he replied. “You can call me… Bill.”

You mentally tucked the name into the back of your mind before taking a step towards the exit. Two steps. Three. When you were at the door and he still didn’t say anything, you couldn’t help it.

“Don’t you want to know my name as well?” You looked at the painted wood of the door. You heard a click of a cane against the nonexistent ground of the mirror.

“But I already know it.”

You stiffened.

When he didn’t say anything else you opened the door and just as you were about to swing it closed, a whisper echoed in the space.


You slammed the door shut.

When you finally met back up with your friends, you tried to ignore the way your heart ferociously beat against your chest.


You couldn’t sleep.

Trust me, You tried.

You read a book. You visited every single social media account you had. You drank some tea. Hell, you even took a pill at one point.

But no matter what you tried, you couldn’t sleep. Every time you closed your eyes the name 'Bill’ appeared behind them, teasing you, inviting you. You were sick of it. You were tired, anxious, and you absolutely could not get a wink of rest.

There were so many questions. Was someone just trolling you? Was it really possible he was trapped in there? Why hadn’t he told anyone? How did Bill know your name? Most importantly….

Why did he want you to come back?

“I’m not doing it,” You stopped that train of thought, scolding yourself harshly. You rolled over on the bed, stuffing your face into the pillow and pulled the sheets over your head. “I’m not going.”

As the clock ticked four thirty a.m. you found yourself heading out the door.

Thankfully you were sleeping over Sally’s house that night. Sally lived with only her grandma, her grandma that wouldn’t wake up if someone was blasting the radio next to her head.

It was easy enough not waking up Sally as well, though it almost gave you a heart attack how cautiously you got out of the bed she and you were sleeping in. You swore she almost woke up like ten times.

You tapped against the mask you wore, biting your lip. No you still weren’t in your vampire outfit, just the mask. Why did you wear it? Well that’s what you met Bill with. You saw his face but he didn’t fully see yours. It gave you a sense of….security.

By the time you reached the haunted house you were already regretting your decision. Nonetheless you steeled your nerves and went forward.

You dropped down from the window you had crawled through, swaying on your feet to regain balance. The darkness hit you all at once. It had been dark before but without the lanterns it was pitch black.

Well. You came prepared. You took out your flashlight. It flickered a bit before you slammed it against your hand and the bright light shone out in a wide, strong beam.

You made your way through. There were no people hiding in the dark to scare now, and the traps you had stepped on earlier you maneuvered around this time. As an effect, it was just silent. The only sound you heard was the dusty shuffling of your feet as you walked. Eventually you got to the room where Bill was.

You took in a deep breath, strengthened your grip around the flashlight and opened the door.

Bill was in the pose you had first seen him with, staring off into space. You felt your stomach tighten at just the sight of him. Nothing strange really ever happened in your life and this, just his existence, made your adrenaline spike.

Your eye caught a switch on the wall and when you flicked it, light flooded the room. Thank god you wouldn’t have to be in the dark anymore.

“Hello?” You hit yourself internally for stuttering as you stepped closer. “Uh, Bill?”

Silence. He didn’t even move.

You tapped the mirror after you crossed the room, wondering if you had to wake him up or something. When he still didn’t make any signs of movement after a while you deflated.

“Of course he’s not on,” you pressed a hand to your forehead, feeling yourself get angry. “He’s shut off like everything else in here.”

You bit your tongue to calm yourself down, shutting your eyes tight. How had you really been so stupid?

I wasted my time. “It was all just a stupid-”


You made an embarrassing squeal and snapped your head up. Bill was grinning at you, twirling his cane. You couldn’t even say anything, your mouth opened wide. He burst out laughing at your expression.

“You should have seen your face! That was too good.”

If you were angry before, You were furious now. Somewhere deep down there was also relief that he was real, but mostly anger.

“I can’t believe you-ugh!” You almost tore your hair straight out of your skull.

Bill just watched you calmly. He leant on his cane, waiting for you to calm down. When you did, he smiled.

“Ah Little Bat, you’re hilarious. So, how’s that not sleeping thing going for ya?” He mused, stretching.

“How did you know I hadn’t-” you cut yourself off, shaking your head. “Forget it.” You had no time for that. “Why did you want me to come back?”

“Because I was lonely?” He tried, shrugging. You narrowed your eyes and he sighed dramatically. “Fine, fine. Because I want you to let me out.”

“Let..let you out?” You repeated, stunned. Something blue flashed in his eye and he nodded.

“Yes, let me out. Your hearing’s just fine, don’t be annoying.”

Um. Rude much?

“I don’t think that’s the way you should be speaking to someone you’re asking a favor from,” You crossed your arms. He had an uncanny way of pissing you off. “And besides, how were you so sure I’d come back today? What would you have done without me?”

In a split second his face was right up against the glass of the mirror, so close to yours he would’ve been touching you if not for the thin separating material. Your eyes widened and you froze, unable to move. His grin had widened, showing teeth. His eye was now coated over with a deep madness that bored straight into your soul.

“Because you’re curious,” He slammed his palms onto the glass as well. “And it’s that curiousity that kills cats such as yourself. I’d advise you to run, but would you heed the warning?”

You tried to swallow but found that you couldn’t. Your tongue was too dry.

When you finally managed to speak it was without thinking.

“I thought you said I was a bat?”

Bill blinked, looking surprised for the first time. Then he started laughing again, so hard you expected tears to start streaming down his face.

“Of course!” He knocked a fist against the glass. “How could I make such a mistake, Little Bat?”

You watched him lose it. “You’re insane.”

He stopped laughing creepily fast, shrugging as he returned to normal in a blink. “Sure I am, what’s your point?”

You opened your mouth before closing it. “You’re going off track. Why in the world should I release you? Not going to lie, people normally trap things if they’re causing chaos. How am I even supposed to in the first place?”

Bill just hummed, tapping the spot where your nose was in front of on the glass. You backed away, somehow feeling assaulted like he had actually touched you.

“You’re asking the wrong questions, dear~” He twirled the cane again. “What you should really be asking, is why I chose youto ask.”

“Alright then,” you caved, in your defiance not even noticing he’d totally switched the topic. “Hit me. Why did you choose me?”

Bill didn’t even hesitate. “Because I like you.”

You almost choked. “You w-what?”

“I like you,” he repeated. “You interest me. From the minute you walked in wearing that ridiculous getup, I could tell you were different than the rest. That feeling only increased the minute we were alone.”

You could feel your body heating up, cheeks flushing. You forced it down, licking your lips. “And…You want me to let you out?”

“Thought I’d made that clear, little bat.”

“What’s in it for me?” You bit your lip. He tapped his mouth as if thinking.

“What do you want?” He asked.

“You,” you spat out.

His eye widened just as your jaw dropped as you realized how that sounded.

“N-Not like that!” You clarified, face now steaming as you shook your hands and head.

“That is a bit misleading,” Bill mused. Then he smirked, eye lidding seductively. “Though I’m happy to abide by your circumstances, kid~”

Oh. My. God.

You looked away as to not embarrass yourself further. “What I meant, was that you stay. Not just leave as soon as I let you out. I have so many questions…”

Bill seemed excited. A bit too excited. “That sounds fair. First, take off the mask.”

“Why?” You were taken aback.

“I want to see your face. It won’t work with a barrier like that.”

You took in a deep breath. “Fine.” You slowly removed the white accessory, smoothing your hair back and looking away so as to not see his reaction. When you inevitably looked back he had on a possessive smile that made you blush.

“Beautiful,” He purred.

“Get to the point,” You snapped, blushing harder. “What, w-what do I need to do?” Everything in you was screaming what in the world were you doing but your selfish desires were whispering in your ear for you to continue.

“Just put your hand here,” He pointed to the mirror. You shakily pressed your palm to the surface. His own hand lit up blue, enchanting you as the bright flames licked at his glove, but didn’t seem to burn. “Now repeat after me: θα σας απελευθερώσει, Bill Cipher, Δίνω την ψυχή μου.”

You repeated the syllables as if in a trance, the unfamiliar language rolling off your tongue. Bill grinned.

“Then it’s a deal,” He pressed his hand to where yours was. A blinding light flashed. The glass seemed to be melting as he started to step through. His hand passed through the mirror and pressed to yours, gripping your fingers. You gasped at the leathery soft feeling of his gloves as he shook your hand, electricity tingling through you at the contact. The last thing you saw properly was the bobbing motion of your arms and his last foot stepping out before everything happened at once.

Something exploded above you, deafening in your ears and plunging you into darkness. It took you a second to realize that it had been the lightbulb. Bill’s hand slipped from yours and you heard laughter, gleeful, mocking. You twisted on your spot round and round but you couldn’t locate the origin of it as the sound bounced round the darkness.

“I’m free!” He yelled.

“What are you doing?” You asked, starting to panic.

“'I like you’” He repeated the words he’d said to you, laughing. “What a joke! More like you were the only person gullible enough for me to win over their complete trust. You’re such an idiot!”

You felt a strong blow to your heart. What had you done?

“Though I suppose I should thank you for setting me free.”

Before you could register it, He was knocking you down to the floor. You could see his lone eye glowing yellow in the pitch black.

“And you do still interest me, believe it or not,” Hot breath hit your ear. His hands pinned yours to the ground, forcefully straddling you and pressing your bodies together. “So considering that you’re now bound to me for eternity-”

He bit down on your bottom lip.

“Let’s have some fun, Y/N~”


θα σας απελευθερώσει, Bill Cipher, Δίνω την ψυχή μου.

Translation: I release you, Bill Cipher, I offer my soul.


Narrated Al-Mughira bin Shu'ba (radhiAllaahu ‘anhu):

The Prophet (sallAllaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) said, “Allah has forbidden for you,

(1) to be undutiful to your mothers
(2) to bury your daughters alive,
(3) to not to pay the rights of the others (e.g. charity, etc.) and
(4) to beg of men (begging).

And Allah has hated for you

(1) vain, useless talk, or that you talk too much about others
(2) to ask too many questions, (in disputed religious matters) and
(3) to waste the wealth (by extravagance).

—  [Sahih Bukhari Vol. 3, no. 591]

Stephané Gizard

Ibiza | Mediterranean Nights

Spain’s sexy little island continues to live up to its reputation for illicit extravagance, from its wild characters to its all-night beach bacchanalia. But now, thanks to a monied mix of royals, moguls, politicians and celebrity revelers, it’s on the brink of reinvention.

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i suppose living
in a materialistic society
to some would be having
more than what you need

living in an electronic age seeing
the whole world by pushing a button
the nth degree might perhaps be
adequately represented by having
someone there to push
the buttons for you

i have thought if only
i could become rich and famous i would
live luxuriously in new york knowing
famous people eating
in expensive restaurants calling
long distance anytime i want

but you held me
one evening and now i know
the ultimate luxury
of your love.

—  Nikki Giovanni, Luxury