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Sag girls drag me pls

ajdjgdlfg bye i love sagittarius girls they’re WILD. like they’re super chill, easy to get along with, have some very interesting insight, they can be so gentle and then they hit you with the most extravagant and scandalous shit and u are like … DAMN. she’s very versatile and most likely have eclectic tastes and interests. so yeah they’re really entertaining and really inspiring. like i’ve never met a sagittarius girl that wasn’t beautiful or stylish and whose makeup wasn’t impeccable. they seem confident but they have insecurities that fuck with their heads so it’s important to be there for them and let them know how much esteem u have for them they appreciate the support and will give it back tenfold. they can be somewhat reckless when they feel like they lack support but if they find a steady ground to stand on u could trust them w/ ur life imo.

Meet Maya Hart. A rebel of a blonde beauty who occasionally makes sarcastic remarks, befriends the quirky squad, is persistent to withhold any certain relationship, kills joy in the most pleasurable pursuit, sacrifices happiness for much of anyone, has an extravagant passion for art and takes on the world with a freaky klutz to control.

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Bts reaction when his girlfriend hope they can together on Halloween .

I parsed this as “can be together on Halloween”, let me know if you wanted something different. OTL

Jin: I feel like Jin would just use every holiday as an excuse to cook something ridiculously extravagant and have a romantic holiday dinner, and Halloween would be no different.  If you really wanted to go out, he would probably go along with you trick-or-treating.  He would… definitely dress up as Mario, and you would be either Luigi (I’m literally laughing thinking about this) or Princess Peach.

Suga: Really… really does not want to do anything major.  He would much rather snuggle up on the couch and watch a classic horror movie like Psycho or Halloween (and fall asleep almost immediately, lbr).  If you insist on taking him out somewhere, he might agree to go to a low-key Halloween party with you and your friends or something.  For a costume, he would probably either re-purpose the Chucky costume (and have you be Bride of Chucky) or just let you pick something you liked for him.

J-Hope: Super psyched to go trick-or-treating.  He’s already bought you two the absolute cheesiest couple costumes on the planet (wait for it… salt and pepper shakers).  You can’t even be mad because he’s such a ray of sunshine.  Related, he also probably gives away all his candy to a little kid at the end of the night (and then makes puppy eyes at you later to get you to share yours).

Rapmon: Would rather do something chill and low-key than go out, but it’s really your choice.  If it were up to him, he would want to just make popcorn, cuddle on the couch and watch scary movies (which would turn into makeouts real quick).  But if you really wanted to dress up and go out, he would go with you, no problem.  He wouldn’t put too much effort into it, though; he would probably just be something generic like a vampire or werewolf.

Jimin: He’s excited to do whatever you want to do (he’s excited to just be around you, because he’s precious), whether it’s trick-or-treat or go to a party.  He would do something simple and dress as a cat (cat ears and tail, drawn-on whiskers and nose, a collar with a little bell on it… what, don’t look at me like that), and you would be something matchy like a mouse.  You would definitely be the cutest couple, wherever you decide to go.

V: Taehyung is going to go absolutely insane.  Pumpkin carving (you guys turn the kitchen into a disaster area), dressing up in a couples costume (probably the Joker and Harley Quinn, lmao), trick-or-treating, handing out candy to kids- if you have a younger sibling/family member to take trick-or-treating with you two, even better; Taehyung would make sure they have the time of their life.

Jungkook: Definitely wants to go trick-or-treating, but would wait for you to ask first because he doesn’t want to seem childish in front of you (but the second you bring it up he would be like “YES I DO WANT TO GO TRICK-OR-TREATING ARE YOU KIDDING”).  You would go as something couple-y, but still pretty corny, like Batman and Robin.  At the end of the night, he tries to scam you out of half your candy (or do something dumb like try to trade you all his bubble gum and licorice for your Reese’s Cups…).

i secretly admire people who can say the most extravagant bullshit lies with a lot of gravitas and authority and confidence on this hell site like i can barely assert things about myself that are objectively true like i’d add question marks to my name if i could because someone might disagree but y’all are out there asserting your skewed ass views and they’re honestly…dumb as shit… but i do think the fact that u are so confident about it is something i should emulate. truly inspiring. 


Day 9 : Favourite Cat Outfit (series VI, e.3)

The Red Dwarf 30 Day Challenge (by rosandguildensterns)

[This was an impossible question - Every single outfit is majestic AF!]

BUT…I’ve always been in love with his dreams of becoming “King of Cat Castle” (with female furries surrounding him) and as many mirrors as humanly possible! Yes, he is the definition of cool, sassy yet also regal. His super ego means he’s numero uno, so why not dress like a king if you’re number one anyways! That’s why I think the plush purple tailcoat with matching gloves and golden frills nails that extravagant overthetop royal look down to a tee!

He’s like an eccentric version of Tom Cruise in “Interview with the vampire”

First drawing from a series (hopefully) of 🏠 we’ve come across around the world, from the extravagant to utterly banal. This is 20 5th Avenue 🗽, a 1940’s apartment building designed by Boak & Paris Architects that I walk past a lot. And no it doesn’t look like a clown house in real life but it sure would if we got our hands on it 👐🏼

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Happy (late) Valentine’s Day!

i live for a kaneki harem for hide ok  ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` )