I have bright dyed hair, VERY SMALL plugs in my ears, and an industrial piercing, and I work in a small retail shop in the mall.
One woman came in with her two daughters, and I had welcomed her in. The first thing she does is ask for a different sales associate. As per policy, I had to politely ask her why, and she sneers and says “I don’t want my daughters being around people like you.”
I’m not even that out of place or extravagant looking, bitch.


I need to follow Liam centric blogs, hi, and make more Liam mutuals. Listen, I feel like quite often we end up distancing ourselves from the other either because one blog is a “crazy tinhat” or because the other blog is a “dumb anti” dkdjdjd. I know our dash is a safe space for all of us, but if y'all are here for Liam first and foremost and primarily blog about him only, then like or reblog this so I can check you out and the blacklist option does exist, so as long as you’re here for Liam and are OT5 friendly (aka not hating on anyone else), then do this.

How do you know if this a good idea: if you thought Liam made a hoodie look extravagant at the Brits 2017, 😍😍 , you know you want to.

The house was eerily silent as Eleanor stepped through the front door. With her suitcase in her left hand and Patty in her right, she glanced around the extravagant mansion, wondering for a brief moment if this was all the sinister plot of a bad horror movie. Truthfully it had all the makings of one– a group of college aged kids, a large mansion, tons of alcohol and bad vibes in the air. On the other hand, the same traits the made the trip seem like a horror film could also make it seem like a bad mtv reality show. And she wasn’t sure which she’d prefer to be apart of. Probably the horror movie.

Setting her bag and Patty down, Eleanor looked at the clock on her phone. 3 A.M.? She sighed deeply, knowing her friends would probably be asleep. God, it was so typical of her to arrive late. Even though she made it a point to leave her hotel earlier than necessary. Nantucket island was a confusing maze of suburban houses and tennis courts. It wasn’t her fault, really.

She headed into the kitchen to scope out the snack situation and found herself staring mindlessly at the open refrigerator. Why was she here again? Why did she think it was a good idea to spend three months with her old friends? Everything was different, she was different, and whatever connections she had probably wouldn’t be there anymore. That scared her. She had lost so much over the past few years, the most important being herself. The brunette was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn’t notice someone walk in the kitchen. “Oh my god, you scared me!” The girl laughed, her heart practically beating out of her chest. 

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I know about your affair

Apparently much more than me!😂 I wasn’t aware I was having an affair! Shit I’m so sneaky I fooled myself!

Kylo stared blankly at the computer screen, unable to tear his eyes away from the email.

It was short. To the point.

‘I know about your affair.’

At least these people were efficient, and didn’t waste time with monologues and feather ruffling.

Attached were several photos. It wasn’t some bluff after all… He slowly scrolled through them, at the images of himself smiling, a small brunette woman on his arm.

The first was of their anniversary dinner. He hadn’t even noticed anyone following them that night. Rey had demanded his full attention, and every time he turned away she would wilt slightly. And that just wouldn’t do.

He was smiling, reaching across the table in the extravagant restaurant to take her hand. She was flushed a bright pink as she tried to hold back a cheesy grin.

The second was of the two of them walking together down a dark street, illuminated only by streetlights. He held her hand, arm wrapped around her to hold her even closer, leaning in with a goofy grin on his face.

To be honest the photos were amazing. Beautiful quality. Had he not been being blackmailed Kylo would have been very interested in purchasing the photos. Rey looked stunning in each and every one. Radiant and full of light.

Kylo sighed, leaning back in his chair and glaring at the office ceiling.

He’d have to tell Rey they’ve been caught. Caught in a secret relationship that was never supposed to happen in the first place.

He spent many months on his knees, begging for her to accept his heart. When she found out about this, she’d throw it back into his face, or stomp it into the dirt.

She never wanted to be a part of this relationship, he had seduced her into it, with promises of divorcing his wife-which he was very close to fulfilling. The paperwork was nearly complete. No doubt that wouldn’t ease Rey’s mind. She’ll still be furious.

Rightfully so.

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Such a brilliant and inspiring artist! I'm blessed to have found you!

Ah… I think that that is the most extravagant compliment that I have ever received in my life! Fortunately for me, I am happy to have made the work that I’ve made, but unfortunately for me, I am also well aware of the need for improvement on a variety of fronts. And yet… although my past work is variously flawed, perhaps my future work will merit your current praise. I look forward to the day! With best wishes, Wallace

I’m a bit late but Happy Valentine’s Day, @hrhase. Since your prompts included canonverse, I got thinking and wondered how the eruris would celebrate something like Valentine’s Day in canon. I hope you like this and that you had a wonderful day.

Also, thank you to the mods of the eruri secret Valentine’s exchange event!

Dating Min Yoongi would include:

- Cuddles constantly because he is secretly super affectionate
- Spending lazy days napping with each other
- Those special moments when he is really sweet and tender towards you
- You cooking for him because it’s almost impossible to make sure he eats properly
- Stealing his clothes because they are so fashionable and smell like him
- Arguing over who caused the hole in his sleeve but neither of you actually even know who did it
- Either really extravagant anniversary plans or he forgets all together becuase of work
- Passive aggressive fights with under your breath comments or angry stares between the two of you
- Actual fights with lots of yelling and storming around the house
- These types of fights that always end up with really sensual and rough make up sex
- Even though he is dominant in bed, his favorite position would be you on top riding him
- He likes to lay flat on his back with you leaning back against his knees while you grind down on him
- You can expect bruises around your waist from his grip, hair pulling, harsh bites, and LOTS of dirty talk and extensive eye contact
- Him softly kissing all the marks and bruises after because he hates bruising your skin
- Running your fingers through his hair when he is laying his head in your lap
- Slowly scratching his back every morning to wake him because he is ignoring his alarm
- Seeing that gummy smile every morning in bed as he turns to nuzzle into you - Him getting jealous but never wanting to admit it
- snuggling into him on movie night
- Back hugs when you aren’t expecting them and him just sighing happily as he let’s you rest against him
- Suggestive comments and obviously sexual looks towards you in public. He isn’t much for pda but he likes to see you squirm
- Dealing with the members calling you when he won’t answer his phone
- him buying you random things you didn’t ask for and then teasing you about how you’re spoiled and lucky to have such a caring boyfriend
- Him wanting to take care of you because you are his and he is yours
- Him squeezing your thighs and you playing with his soft hands kissing his fingertips while you lay on the couch together
- an all around loving and affectionate relationship

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hades just wants a happy son
  • Hades: So... I heard you have a new crush. What's his name?
  • Nico: Dad, we're not doing this.
  • Hades: I just want to know so I can try to welcome him, son.
  • Nico: I'm not telling you his name. Just drop it.
  • Hades: He's ugly, isn't he? I bet he has an ugly personality, too. You're ashamed of him, aren't you? LOL
  • Hades: Jason Grace then. I need to have a word him.
  • Nico: DAD NO! I don't plan on telling him! He wouldn't like me.
  • Hades: What?!! Why wouldn't he like you? You're very likable in your own... dark way. Every boy on earth should treat you like a god. JASON GRACE SHOULD BE WORSHIPING THE GROUND YOU WALK ON--I'm going to talk to Zeus.
  • Nico: DAD NO!