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I feel like Derek would just spoil Stiles rotten! You see Derek never really got to be a teenager courtesy: Kate Argent and well Stiles after his mom's death had to grow up too quickly and then the financial issues of the Stilinski household not to mention his best friend turning into a freakin werewolf! So yeah Stiles didn't get a normal teen life either so you can bet my ass that Derek does everything in his willpower and bank account to remedy that. And he's so extra with it and Stiles just!!

This is such a cute ask!! And it’s absolutely a headcanon of mine that Derek would hate spending his inheritance on himself (see: him having hundreds of thousands of dollars and squatting in an abandoned train depot), and also a headcanon that Laura and Derek had a tradition on spending it on each other on holidays for extravagant things (that’s where the Camaro came from) so Derek buying Stiles nice things or surprising him with expensive trips is just completely fitting to me.

And the thing is, Stiles would probably be put off by it at first. Like… “dude, these are nice but you have me, ok? You don’t need to win me and you definitely don’t need to buy me.” And the ridiculous thing, the thing that makes Stiles feel guilty about all the amazing (and expensive) gestures is that Derek never buys himself anything, never gets anything new for the house or buys himself books or goes out to restaurants unless he thinks Stiles will like them or spends money on anything beyond the bare essentials unless it’s for Stiles or one of the pack.

But eventually I think it would probably click eventually –– when Derek’s planning a trip to the Caymans because “Stiles, you like beaches and the water’s incredible there, look at these pictures, and see, you can swim over the reefs and there’s a boat trip to pet stingrays, you’ll like that” –– that Derek’s not doing any of this to buy Stiles, or because he thinks he has to impress Stiles with expensive things to keep him, or even necessarily for Stiles. Yes, he genuinely thinks Stiles would like the trip, and Stiles is sure he will, but Derek’s face has just this little hint of shy excitement when he’s talking about stingrays and about all the water activities they can do… and Stiles realizes that this is something Derek really wants to do. For Derek.

And he probably also really wanted to try out that nice restaurant last week –– the one that was strangely fancy and lacking in burgers, considering Derek had framed it as a “place Stiles would love,” and Derek has spent a hell of a lot more time on that porch swing than Stiles ever has, even though Derek had made it so Stiles “would have a place to sit if the pack was ever out back training.”

Derek does buy himself things, sometimes, slipped in between the newest Playstation and the trip to Comic Con and all the things that are genuinely and truly meant just to brighten Stiles’ life. He just doesn’t know how to say that –– to admit it to even himself, maybe. To give anything nice to himself, because he still doesn’t feel, deep down, like he deserves it.

So Stiles lets Derek book that trip, and the stingray boat ride, even though he’d really rather stay at the beach and not risk his life to stinging, thank you very much. And he stops complaining when Derek buys him expensive things –– buys them expensive things –– loving the little moments where Derek buys something that’s just clearly not Stiles-centric for the thrill of watching Derek indulge himself, even secretly.

Cute Grantaire things
  • often has cats with him. Either on his shoulders or in his arms or on his head!
  • sticks his tongue out when he’s concetrating!
  • puffs out his cheeks when he’s frustrated
  • extravagant gestures, like cartoony comics but in real life.
  • sweeping hugs! Including twirls and excited dancing, escpecially if the person has helped him with something he was stuck on.
  • has a baby face when he shaves.
  • not a small sneeze but unexpectedly soft.
  • pulls his beanies over his ears when embarassed
  • sings when he’s painting
  • bouncy walk when he’s happy.
  • his hair is pretty expressive for some reason and moves along with his mood (flat curls when tired, bouncy curls when happy and so on)
  • once drew blushies on the back of his hands and hid his face in them when Combeferre analyzed and complimented a painting he was insecure about.
  • draws little comic strips of moments in his life that make him smile
  • baby talks apples and generally gets really excited about apples.
  • very passionate about Greek and Roman mythology, as in “four hours analysis and personal interpretation of this one specific story that no one actually knows about”

anyway johnlock au where john and sherlock go to cons and john is always like, some battleworn badass in a variety of leather jackets (han solo being my personal fav) and sherlock always goes in some extravagant alien cosplay that like, totally alters and hides his actual face so john has never seen what he really looks like, but they go around to cons and end up seeing each other all at the same ones and start this cute lil friendship and john is like wonder why he always hides his face like that and of course it doesn’t matter but he’s curious. then they’re at san diego comic con and some important movie artifact is stolen and sherlock needs to recover it and they work together and kick ass and get it back and afterwards john asks sherlock to dinner, and so sherlock and john go back up to sherlock’s room so sherlock can change into regular clothes so he can eat and john is like psyching himself up to kiss sherlock and when he comes out of the bathroom as his usual self he’s like, i know, it’s a bit of a letdown after the alien thing isn’t it, and john is like 👀👀👀 absolutely not?!? and then he kisses sherlock pink and they never do make it to dinner

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Why did you list Ludger as your favourite grim reaper? He seems quite plain to me...

You know, when you read a manga full of extravagant characters doing crazy stuff

or highly secretive characters doing mysterious stuff,

then you sometimes long for someone plain and simple for a change :)

Like this guy

or this guy

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I also imagine Jack being exasperated at how much he spoils his dog. All the nice treats and the best beds. The nicest leashes and extravagant collars. I'm imagine them mostly being silver with real diamonds in them to contrast in her pretty black fur. And she becomes a great cuddle buddy with Rhys I imagine. Rhys laying there with her and snoozing. Jack shooting his dog a look as she looks back at him. You've become soft with all his spoiling. Rhys you're ruining my dog.

yess! we were talking about this too! jack fussing about how rhys is spoil his pupper, making her too soft and pampered with all these gifts and cuddles! but rest assured jack she can still be viciously protective of both of her masters if the situation calls for it~ <3

rhys snuggling with his dog and getting fur all over one of his fancy suits lolol

I’m having random thoughts about HTGAWM. This seems like a silly criticism and maybe it is, but I suddenly realize that the show has never ever felt like it takes place in Philadelphia. Philly is such a blue collar city and they’ve never captured that. Everything’s too nice. Everyone’s hair, makeup, and clothes are so extravagant. Even people’s apartments and houses are so big and fancy. 

It doesn’t feel like Philadelphia. Where is the dirty Philly vibe to remind me of home?

The house we lived in was small – my father wasn’t one for unnecessary extravagance. And in that small house was a tiny room. It was completely bare. They only opening was a the door that locked from the outside. There weren’t any windows. There weren’t even any lights. Just a hard wood floor and the walls and the door. That was my bedroom. That was where my father locked me after he slapped me hard enough to make me see stars for telling him that it’s not all fantasy. That it’s all real.


Spectre 2.
Phoenix Leader.
General Syndulla.

What each zodiac reminds me of:

Aries: random sparks of energy, doodling at night, warm coffee, martial arts, meaningful hugs.

Taurus: laughing so bad you can’t breathe, sentimental conversations, pumpkin muffins, music played loud, family reunions.

Gemini: Wikipedia searches, cute faces, extravagant places, house parties, understanding smiles.

Cancer: pancakes, shy appearance, libraries, fantasy books, seashells with pearls

Leo: fashion walks, old memories, stability, black and white photographs, genuine expressions.

Virgo: newly bought books, home interiors, accepting yourself, strange calming songs, owls and trees.

Libra: marmalade, yellow sunrises, free horses, kind gestures, freshly painted walls.

Scorpio: sitting beside a window at night, passionate and intense conversations, surprise gifts, gentle cuddles, smirking.

Sagittarius: hiking, curiosity, rock/alternative music, sculptures, history textbooks.

Capricorn: writing a journal, family dinners, watching your favourite series, silent communication, flowery fields.

Aquarius: clouds on a nice day, sparkling eyes, goofy jokes, debates, extreme sports/skydiving.

Pisces: group projects, foreign languages, humanitarian works, poetry, when your pet(s) sleep beside you.

I Do (want to love you)

“God, Jimin.” You stop and giggle at him, light disbelief in his words. “You’re crazy.”

He chuckles, the sound of your laughter a perfect symphony to his ears. “If falling for you is crazy, then I’m going out of my mind.”

Synopsis: There is only one word to describe your life, and it is simple; there are a million words to define Park Jimin’s sphere and the few are extravagant, prodigal — affluent, especially. Though despite the stark differences between your plain world and Jimin’s riches, you both find a common ground within the universe of love.


Pairing: Jimin x Reader // soft sugar daddy au

Genre: light angst, fluff, lots of fluff ^^ + a bit suggestive

Word Count: 24.2k

Includes: alcohol mentions

A/N: i haven’t written full on fluff for a while, so here it is :D it feels great to be back into the loop. here u go @pjxmin!! :’)
10/10 would recommend the song this fic is inspired from!! here it is :)

namjoon’s also going to have his own branch from this story in another fic, haha. it’ll go into detail w him and the showgirl :D

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