extraterrestrial pokemon

Mega Beheeyem, based on the Flatwoods Monster

Think this is more fitting to base the mega of an alien encounter like the rest of the line, than just giving it some bigger details. Gave it steel typing as Flatwoods Monster had some metallic clothing, and levitate because well, Beheeyem already does and Flatwoods Monster was said to do as well. And also good to make it immune to ground. Another option could be adaptability as ability.

The shiny one is colored to look more like the Flatwoods Monster, with darker clothing and reddish face.

buckle in, its the florida pokemon au

choose a starter between totodile, treeko, or tepig 

the everglades is the penultimate location of importance (akin to mt coronet, cave of origin, dragonspiral tower, etc.) Raikou is the patron legendary, due to florida being the lightning captial of the US, and being similar to the florida panther. 

the main plot will probably center around natural wildlife area preservation, as the villain team is a corporation wishing to develop a lot of these lands. themes of valuing of human expansion/capital gain over pokemon and earth preservation

gyms are found in: 

  • tampa
  • tallahassee 
  • jacksonville 
  • orlando 
  • miami 
  • ocala 
  • port st lucie 
  • naples 

other notable towns include: 

  • key west - can find manaphy here 
  • titusville/cocoa - can find “extraterrestrial” pokemon around here, such as staryu, clefairy. deoxys can be obtained at the space center 

other important locations: 

  • ocala national forest 
  • everglades national forest 
  • the keys 
  • st augustine 
  • lake okeechobee 
  • st johns river/various springs 
  • disney/general theme parks 
  • i-4 
  • a ranch in the middle of the state 
  • a retirement home trailer park 

misc. notes: 

  • pinap and nanab berries can be purchased in southern pokemarts, while oran and sitrus are found in central/northen regions 
  • the ocala gym leader is a mountain biking fanatic; their gym is outside and has ledges/ramps using the acro and mach bike 
  • the naples gym leader is too old to be a gym leader and should have probably retired with her peers ages ago
  • pokemarts are replaced with wawa
  • fight an emboar with your bare hands in the swamps off 520 
  • palpitoads are everywhere and they WILL scream at you 

please let me know if i missed or need to add something. this is coming from someone who’s spent most of their time on the east coast/central areas of florida so i know more about those regions, but not as much others

list of obtainable pokemon under the cut, because it got a little long

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Pokemon watching; extraterrestrial sightings
Pokemon: Elgyem and Beheeyem
Location: Forte Pozzacchio, Italy.

Rumors of their origin are linked to a UFO crash site in the desert 50 years ago. They are said to use their strong psychic powers to cause unendurable headaches. Apparently, they communicate by flashing their three fingers, but those patterns haven’t been decoded. 

Medium: Colored markers and watercolor on fuji instant film.
Following the recent release of the mobile app PokemonGo, we decided to paint our take on this fun game.

anonymous asked:

Your creasellia looks sooo cool and alien! I love it I think it's my favorite thus far of your pokemon redesigns!

Thanks, I Imagine that a lot of “legendary” Pokemon are space faring in origin (all pokemon being extraterrestrial but most legendaries being fresh from the cosmos)

I also based Cresselea off the colors of gannets and common dolphins

The Springfield Region

Because I’m a weirdo, I made a Pokemon Region based on The Simpsons.

By which I mean I made the Gym Leaders and Elite Four based on name puns, the Elite Four being based on characters voiced by guest stars.


  1. Hans Moleman - Ground Type - Trains a Diglett, an Alolan Diglett, and his signature, Drilbur.
  2. Dr. Nick Riviera - Water Type - A Pokemon Battle with lots of water at a hospital? Sure! What could go wrong? - Trains a Chinchou, a Dewott, and his signature, Psyduck.
  3. Snake Jailbird - Flying Type - The Penitentiary is now home to some Bird trainers, including Sideshow Bob who uses two Murkrows (an attempted murder) and either a Dartrix, a Combusken, or a Prinplup, whichever has the advantage over your rival. As for Snake, he - Trains a Dunsparce (it isn’t Snake without a Snake, and it has wings so close enough.), a Fletchinder, and a Honchkrow, his signature.
  4. Seymour Skinner - Psychic Type - As a Principal, making people use their brains is part of the job, combine that with his name sounding like “See More” and Bingo Bongo! - He trains a Slowking (he seems like a Slowking trainer), an Alolan Raichu (Nibbles), a Metang (from his war days) and his signature, a Claydol that sees more!
  5. Jasper Beardley - Rock Type - What? Did you think I’d give it to Kent Brockman? Let’s give the old folks some action. - He trains an Onix and a Relicanth (known for their longevity), a Shuckle, and his signature, an Alolan Golem (because of the beard).
  6. Nelson Muntz - Fighting Type - The bullies and the nerds alike serve in his gym. Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney use all three Hitmons in a triple battle before you face Nelson. - Primeape, Toxicroak, Scrafty, and his main, a Haw-Hawlucha.
  7. Drederick Tatum - Dark Type - He might be a boxer, but his name almost has “Dread” in it. Springfield’s celebrities are the trainers in his gym, including Krusty the Klown with is Krafty Krustacean, Krawdaunt! Now with that senseless series of Ks over, Drederick’s team! - Hitmonchan (breaking protocol here, but he’s a boxer for pete’s sake!), Zoroark, Crawdaunt, Pangoro, and his main, Incineroar.
  8. Mr. Burns - Fire Type - The nuclear plant is the stage for the final badge, but the employees are the obstacles along the way, including Homer Simpson and his Pignite, Darmanitan, and Camerupt. Even the Inanimate Carbon Rod has a Pokemon for some reason, but nobody’s questioning the rod with a Chandelure. After dealing with waves of employees and released Houndours, it’s up against Smithers with his Flareon, Pyroar, Rapidash and Houndoom. After him… - Mr. Burns’ party consists of Heatmor (for it’s engine guts and head shape), Emboar (because of that oaf in sector 7G), Ninetails and Arcanine (canines), Torkoal (because tortoises can become very old, and it sets up sunny day for) his final Pokemon, a Mega Houndoom (the ultimate hound, and frankly the final gym leaders should have a Mega up their sleeves.)!


  • Hank Scorpio - Bug/Poison Type - The supervillain you wish was your boss brought an event-only legendary to the Elite Four! - Drapion, Salazzle, Genesect, Volcarona, Mega Beedrill.
  • Artie Ziff - Ice Type - His frivolous spending might have gotten his company under when the bubble burst, but he got some shinies out of it, including a shiny legend. - Shiny Cloyster, Crabominable, Vanilluxe (reminds him of Marge), Shiny Articuno, Shiny Mega Abomasnow.
  • Herb Powell - Grass Type - Homer’s half-brother. I try to retell his story with his Pokemon. - Gogoat (his car company), Exeggutor (Homer), Dhelmise (bankrupsy), Leavanny (The baby talk machine. It’s a stretch, I know.), Mega Sceptile (becoming rich again)
  • Elon Musk - Dragon Type - Because Elon sounds a bit like the Chinese word for Dragon. - Dragalge, Turtonator, Zweilous, Kommo-o, Mega Salamence.


Hello, Bart.

  • Bart Simpson - Varied, leaning towards Dark. - Your rival, the champ, America’s bad boy, it’s Bart. - Mightyena (Santa’s Little Helper) Mamoswine (because Donphan was too plain for Stampy), Hydreigon (underleveled, of course.), and the two of these that doesn’t match the first type of his starter: Greninja (Bart Jr. the frog), Serperior (Strangles the Snake), and Incineroar (Snowball II). Finally His Mega-Evolved Starter. Which has an advantage over yours.

And now, the post-champ pre-credits battle.

  • Kang and Kodos - Extraterrestrial Pokemon, mostly Psychics and Ultra Beasts - It’s a double battle to save the Earth. - Kang: Starmie, Xurkitree, Attack Deoxys. Kodos: Beheeyem, Celesteela, Defense Deoxys.

And that’s just about it. I have no ideas for the local legendaries or villain team. Take it away, shooshing lady!

bandwagon HOOOOOO

Anyway, amuseoffirebane made a very good suggestion to do Clefairy variants based off of various moon legends/themes.

Standard: The most common species of Clefairy, they are most well known for their dances on the night of the full moon on Mt. Moon. Still strongly suspected to be an “extraterrestrial” pokemon similar to Deoxys and Elgyem, they have been on Earth long enough to adapt and thrive in our environment.

Wolf: A failed attempt at breeding Clefairy specifically for battle. It is just as passive and friendly as it’s Standard cousin, until the night of the full moon where it’s aggression levels will spike. It tends to favor physical attacks over the psychic/ fairy type attacks used by other variants. Due to it’s more muscular upper build, it has lost some of it’s bipedal ability.

Rabbit/Man in the Moon: Bred for companionship, this breed is almost the same as the standard except for a few physical features and a greater inclination to bond with humans. Breeding for tameness has resulted in flopped ears, and speckled markings on the face. They are often nicknamed ‘dream guardians’ due to watching over their trainers or family at night. A good pokemon for older trainers and young families.

Full: A variant of the standard Clefairy that leans towards a “fuller” build, these pokemon adapted to live in cities and use their ‘cute’ round bodies to beg for food and attention. They are considered signs of luck for families trying to have children, and will often be adopted as hospital mascots or by midwives. Special care must be taken to not underfeed these pokemon, due to ignorant trainers thinking them overweight- a plump “Full” Clefairy is a healthy Clefairy.

Crescent: One of the oddest variants, this pokemon when first spotted on a surveillance camera was at first confused for a pair of white pants being moved by a psychic pokemon as a prank. This has since gained them the nickname of the “pants pokemon”. It is unknown why this variant evolved the way it did- but it has since become a favorite of “paranormal research: trainers.