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Some more sparkly flower crown edits, this time of @kapitan5o 

Love you and your content so much! Keep being aesthetic goals dear! ❤️


you are what you wear, pt. 2

alternatively titled: “I Spy: Crisis Indicator Edition”


This week I’ve been warming up/cooling down with a troublesome favorite.

FUN FACT: after a long day of work with a nasty head cold, I painted in the red light on that first one. In a new file. All on one layer. And then I noticed that the image dimensions were too narrow for tumblr, so I painted in the building nonsense on the left to expand it. Then I resized, saved for web, AND EXITED THE PAINTOVER WITHOUT SAVING. So as much as I want to fix a few glaring mistakes I can’t.

unsolicited fun fact: being super into a podcast when you have trouble processing speech is. uh. hell, I’ve listened to the petals to the metal arc of taz 5 times and i still don’t know how it ended

EXO reacts: when you call them daddy. EXO-K


he was just about to leave your house when you move in to give him a kiss again before he leaves.

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Baekhyun: “Oh no jagi, you know what happened last time. I stayed for an extra 4 hours giving you more than a few kisses.”

you: “oh but daddy please. Just one more”

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seconds after calling him daddy Baekhyun has you under his weight forcing harsh and sloppy kisses over your neck letting you know you had made a great mistake.


Chanyeol would act as though your daddy kink weirds him out when he is with his other member but both of you know how much he enjoys it  when you’re alone together.

you are sat with him and his other members but you were getting bored very quickly so you bent down and whispered into chanyeol’s ear

you: “channie let’s go now”

Chanyeol: “for god sake, why now?

he asks frustratedly 

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you: “maybe because i want your hard dick in my mouth instead of this boring conversation in my ears”

he looked at you shocked and eagerly got up and smiled at you while looking back at the annoyed and jealous members behind him.

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Kyungsoo would definitely shade away from his normal squishy self and turn into kinkysoo, letting you know how much he loves it.

you are sat in a coffee shop with your friends when Kyungsoo walks in and see’s you, your friend is up at the counter ordering your drinks when you shout over to her.


he would look at you in utter shock as the whole shop stared at you both

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but then he would realise this is the perfect opportunity to take you away from your friends and back to his house for a hot, sweaty, sexy fuck.

Kyungsoo: “i’ve got your bag Jagi, we need to go right now”

he says while you’re looking down at his raging bulge

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we all know Suho is daddy af

you and Suho would just be cuddling in bed, as you started to fall asleep on his chest he pulled you in closer, he woke you up slightly

you: “mmmpph i love you daddy”

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Suho: “is she awake? did she just…daddy?”

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Suho: *gets horny and hard af* “you better wake the fuck up jagi or i’ll wake you up with my throbbing dick”


Jongin loves even the thought of being called daddy, he craves for it.

you would be lay on the couch waiting for him to come home when he storms through the door frustrated after a shit day at practice.

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you: “come here daddy, your babygirl will take that stress right out of you.”

Jongin would look at you with almost venom in his eyes that just scream i’m going to fuck you so hard my name will be the only thing you remember

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Jongin: “cmon then baby? come and ride oppa’s dick?”



being the type of man he’s a childish boy really underneath all that manly he is he would love to dominate you, being called daddy would just add fuel to the horny sexy fire.

you both would just be having a cosy night in watching movies on the sofa when you decide to move a bit closer into him, you lightly brush your arm over his clothed crotch accidentally feeling his hard member.

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Sehun: “uhhh, sorry Jagi, i…yeah…”

you: “oh don’t apologise daddy, you know i can fix this”

you say while taking off his sweatpants and palming his dick through his boxers

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He looks down at your hand and back up to your lust filled eyes.

Sehun: “do you want to tease me any more baby?”

you: “believe me when i say darling, i haven’t even started yet”

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Nasimi Beach, Dubai 

Made reservations and got us a bead at one of the several beautiful beaches for today. Can I add that I never knew you have to reserve a spot on a beach? I’m liking Dubai more and more every day we’re here lol. 

Quality time with my husband in the sun. We’re going to enjoy our drinks, order some food and just enjoy each others company. Plus it’s the one place I can be semi naked out here. Can you see how @clydetherabbitgreen treats me like the big baby that I am lol, just be enabling me babe. 

Bulls swimsuit cause I gotta represent… and because it’s the most modest one I have 😂.

The Your Name. OST is on iTunes I’m going to cry :’)


hellooooo <3

so this is my first time to do this but i hope i get money from this to get a tablet because my parents don’t want to help me and i want to do my next animation with a tablet…..                                                                                     and i’ll do the commissions first before anything else 

and a reminder i do everything with a mouse 

rules !

1-no nudity or sexual content i am fine with blood and gore                             2-payment first then i’ll start the drawing just for pure certainty                       3-any extra character well cost 5$ extra except for animations it well cost 10$ extra andcoal portraits it well cost 15$ extra                                                   4-i could ask you if i want to upload a speedpaint of your request of the digital painting and you can accept or refuse as you want

what i can do and can’t do :

i can draw any character from wherever it comes

i can draw any undertale au except undertail and underlust and of course fontcest

i can do poses and realistic expressions 

i can’t do any backgrounds      

i can do animations!

i can do coal pencil portraits but not colored

i can do full digital arts

i can do arabic font art in (diwany and thuluthe) i can form it into any shape or i can do it regularly 

so here is the list :

sketches and outlines:

chibis and icons:

digital paintings:

animations :

still image animation : 10 $

calm animated character : 15 $

mischevious animated character : 20 $

small scene animation : 25 $

big scene animation :35 $

(ps)the maximum of seconds for the animation is 10 sec no more than that

arabic font art (diwany and thulrhe):

coal pencil portraits:

remember any extra character :                                                      in digital art extra 5 $                                                                              in animation extra 10 $                                                                             in coal portrait extra 15 $      

did you like that and decided what you want?

send me an e-mail to superyoumna@gmail.com send me a sentence like this :

sketch : your request with reference or picture

outline:tradition/non perfect/perfect : your request with reference or picture     

digital painting : simple / full : your request with reference or picture 

animation : still image/calm/mischievous/small scene/big scene : your request with reference or picture 

Arabic font art : the word or sentence you want me to draw with or without a certain shape to form it in

coal portrait : your request with two pictures at least of that person

done… then what?

wait until i mail you back as soon as possible informing you if i accepted or rejected your request and if i accepted it i’ll send the final cost with my paypal account and the time it would take me to finish your request

i want to see a progress or a preview 

sure you can see it any time especially for coal portraits and animations if something you don’t like about it tell me to change it or fix it

how could i know if my commission was finished?

i’ll mail you that i finished your request and you can choose whether i send it as a file or upload it on “imgur” and i’ll send you the link

thank you <3

moviesoccupymylife  asked:

I've got some assumptions, my dear friend: 1) You are an ass 2) You always lose because I am better and always win 3) You'll never be as cool as me Annnnd and extra one 4) You're cool??

  • Send me 3 assumptions and i’ll tell you whether they are accurate or not.

Assumptions 2 and 3 are inaccurate.

But hey, 1 and 4 are pretty on point so …

oh and i’m still winning.

in series 4, I want to see John save Sherlock. Sherlock has so often saved John’s life from immediate danger - the Chinese Circus, the pool, the bonfire - now I wanna see it the other way around. I know John has saved Sherlock in ASIP, but that was before they really knew each other, before they became best friends. So I wanna see it happen. I wanna see Sherlock in a sticky situation, in immediate danger, and I wanna see John save him. I wanna see the horror in John’s face, I wanna see the worry in his words, I wanna see the relief in his expression once he’s saved Sherlock. I need to see it, all of it.

10 Signs You’re A Disney Dog

1. Sometimes, after a long day at work, you just want to sit down and relax while reading a book or mag …. SQUIRREL!

2. You have the item your friend is looking for, and they’re asking you very nicely for it, but you would rather sit just far enough out of reach and watch them struggle a bit.

3. You have no problem adopting 84 extra children.

4. You randomly break out in song, on top of cars and buildings throughout New York City.

5. You don’t mind when someone props their feet up on you. In fact, you kinda like it.

6. You may actually be a reindeer …

7. You are the ultimate wingman.

8. You’re a hopeless romantic.

9. You have your own TV show … that you may or may not know about.

10. You invented the greatest dance move of all time.