Similar to how Nono is, that she will not be able to look into the camera in other outfits except her SSR outfit, Tomoe will also seem flustered in several MVs! This, however, is not the case if she is equipped with the SSR outfit! 

Talk about a confidence boost!

images and extras courtesy of twitter user @gakuyoshitai [ original tweet ]

thank you so much to everyone who dropped by at vancaf! i was super nervous about selling my first book, but everyone was so rad and nice! and if you’re here from picking up a postcard, i hope you enjoy the comic

if you weren’t able to come and wanted a book or other stuff, i’ll have preorders up within the week!

i’ve started thumbnailing the next chapter, so hopefully new pages are on the way soon 💖


Momager Mako

thank you Sam and Dan for always givin’ us good brother riffs