Scattered around Riina’s bedroom in her [ Open-Eyed Dream ] card, is a posted featuring the art of Natsuki Kimura’s [ Jet to the Future ] card, as well as a magazine that features Anzu Futaba’s card in the December 2016 Token event, Ankira!? Kyosoukyoku. 

Not only are they duo units, but they are duo units but these two duo units were originally fan ones that gained enough popularity to even become canon! 

–Ay, Holffy. –Ransom se tragó el trozo de pastel de nueces de pecán–. Parse le ha pegad’o to un codazo a Jack.

Los ojos de Holster volaron del portátil a la tele de la Haus, pero el puck ya estaba en movimiento otra vez.

–¡Jo, tío!  –gruñó Holster–. Venga, tienen que poner eso otra vez.O que alguien haga un gif o algo.

Ransom volvió a centrarse en el pastel.

–Jack y Parse. Lol.


Flag Football
  • Bitty: [completes TD pass to Jack]
  • Jack: [slaps his boyfriend's butt]
  • Jack: Nice play, Bittle.
  • later
  • Lardo: Wow.
  • Ransom: Um. That was weird, right?
  • Holster: No joke. That was the most precise and least sexual butt slap I have ever seen in my life.
  • Ransom: ...Incredible. He's perfected it.
  • Lardo: Purely functional. Congratulatory. Efficient. Masculine. Terrifying.

we’ve been waiting to post this one since september

(from Project Voicebend episode 15/16)

Bitty knows that Jack knows that Bitty knows how to dress warmly for the cold. After all, he had survived two entire New England winters yet. But he smiles and laughs when Jack pulls the beanie down over his bangs.

Jack chirps him about properly wearing toques and how you feel a lot warmer when your head is warm, and Bitty chirps him because no one uses the word toque down here, stop trying to make toque happen. They somehow end up talking about all the different ways to pronounce pecan.


Extras 2016

É tão bom não ter medo de ser  você mesma, de poder ser do jeitinho que você é, e ser “aceita” assim. É tão satisfatório sentir que alguém gosta de você assim: com aquela cicatriz enorme que você odeia, com o cabelo despenteado e bagunçado, com os olhos marejados e o rímel borrado, ou com aqueles quilinhos a mais para os lados. A definição de amigo é impossível caber toda no dicionário.
—  Sobre amizades.
The Prince in the Castle

The people were disappointed in the prince in the castle.  They had become accustomed to a certain type of ruler, charismatic and easy.  Their king was just such a man.  Court was opened regularly to all petitioners, and subjects came from far and wide to see the king, to bask in his friendly smile and the love that shone between himself and the queen.  They ruled with wisdom and kindness and the people felt at ease in their presence, sure they would be listened to and cared for.

The prince did not inspire such trust, nor such love.  He stood at the edge of the court, hands behind his back, shoulders straight, and looked above the heads of the people who would one day be his to rule.  He would not meet their eyes.

He was cold, and the people asked themselves, Who is he to have such ice in his veins? How could he, when his parents shine so bright?

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