Welp it’s summer and I’m having trouble finding a job in my tiny hometown… 
So, I’m opening up commissions! 

I’ll draw just about any character; OCs, cartoon and anime characters, etc.   


  • each added character is $5 extra
  • Please be specific if you want a certain pose, expression or anything else super specific in the image.
  • Payment through Paypal (USD)
  • I will not draw anything NSFW

If you are interested, please message me

hi everyone

i’ve come into some financial problems, and while i’m don’t post much art, i figure it wouldn’t hurt to open up commissions

prices listed above, DM me here or on discord for info

also if you want more art by me head over to my artblog (i’ll be reblogging this there too)


  • if you want a bust it’s 5 dollars off
  • more characters are half the original price tacked on, with an upwars limit of three characters per commission
  • there’s nothing i won’t draw, however if there’s something i feel is ouside my range of ability i’ll bring it up and you can decide if you’d like to proceed
  • if something’s overly complex it’ll be a few dollars extra

please give me money


Hello my loves: I’ve updated my commission info!  Commissions are generally open unless something comes up, so please feel free to contact me at any time if you’re interested.  Even if you’re not looking to buy art, please consider spreading this around.

Contact Info / Payment

  • Contact me at marisketchart@gmail.com if you’re interested, and message me on here to let me know you did
  • Payment is via Paypal in USD
  • More complicated / detailed commissions may cost extra

Please Include

  • Tumblr url
  • Type of commission
  • Character name(s)
  • Commission details (pose, expressions, interactions, etc.)
  • Reference images as well as some information about personality so I can avoid out of character representations
  • Very detailed written descriptions are okay, too

General Info

  • You can choose between my usual or more realistic art styles (no cost difference)
  • These will all have very simple backgrounds, and I can add textures if you’d like
  • I draw fairly quickly but I am a full-time (grad) student; I’ll contact you if any delays arise 
  • I’ll start working as soon as I receive payment, and I’ll send you progress shots as I go
  • I’ll be posting the commissions to tumblr when they’re finished
  • You can remain anonymous if you prefer
  • Commissions can be used however you choose as long as credit is given and it’s not for monetary gain

I Won’t Draw

  • Furries / anthro
  • Mecha
  • Explicit gore / NSFW (I will draw mild versions of each, but I’ll discuss that with you when you contact me)

Let me know if you have any questions!