How can you cut a scene where two people look at each other like this?

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I just don’t get it.  Never have, never will.

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Everything about it is perfect.

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Last two nights watched ‘Extraordinary Merry Christmas’ and ‘Yes/No’…Thoughts from the eyes of babes and a 40 yo gleek…

1. I haven’t watched Yes/No since it aired and I TOTALLY forgot that Finn’s dad died of a drug overdose…I remembered that he had PTSD but not how he died. There is literally a line from Carole saying she never told Finn because his dad was so much more than the last few months of his life. Just woh. So many unintentional foreshadowings -

2. Which brings me to the scene - which I did remember - about Finn’s star for Rachel in the sky. How it’s him watching down over her…Too real.

3. So Extraordinary Merry Christmas - Everything my kids liked, I find boring/dumb. Everything I like, they find boring/dumb. This episode is one of those times that the humour (the Judy Garland special chalet) is super high context adult humour (my kids were like entirely wtf’ing through all of Kurt’s drama at the online auction and the ‘best friends and holiday roommates’ - and ‘that’s not eggnog’ does not even register, AND the other stuff is quite cheesy and perfect messaging for a six year old (go help out those in need on Christmas. Gifts aren’t important, kindness is! Let’s give back!) - But they were down with that. Adults vs kids all the way on this one.

4. The Artie/Becky story in Yes/No is really well done. Realistic, good messaging. And Lauren killed it. Great job.

5. It is still a TRAVESTY that they cut the box scene. 


Klaine - The Box Scene