extraordinary nights

“The atoms of our bodies are traceable to stars that manufactured them in their cores and exploded these enriched ingredients across our Galaxy, billions of years ago. For this reason, we are biologically connected to every other living thing in the world. We are chemically connected to all molecules on Earth. And we are atomically connected to all atoms in the Universe. We are not figuratively, but literally Stardust.” - Neil deGrasse Tyson

Benjamin Hallet A Child not five years old who under the Tuition of Mr Oswald, Performed on the Flute at Drurry Lane Theatre Ano. 1748, for 50 Nights with extraordinary Skill & Applause, and in the following Year was able to Play his part in any Concert on the Violincello", 

 "Thos. Jenkins pinxt. / Js. McArdell Fecit"

Mezzotint portrait as a child standing whole-length to right playing cello, looking to left at music on stand, dressed as a girl, his hair curled. 1748

Further proof that my husband is extraordinary - last night we were sitting watching The Equalizer and I suddenly realised that this had appeared on the wall. It had been there since Friday morning, and I just hadn’t noticed! (In my defence, I’ve been out of the house for most of that time!) It’s an original artist’s proof wood engraving by Hilary Paynter, titled ‘Above Ickornshaw, Black Huts’. I saw it at an exhibition we went to a couple of months ago and it transfixed me because it could be an illustration in a supernatural YA book that I will write in the next couple of years called ‘The Blessing’. Anyway, he apparently went all the way back to buy it a couple of days after we’d seen it. He really is the best, most thoughtful man on Earth and I will never deserve him. I keep staring at it - this photograph doesn’t do the image justice, but it’s so detailed, with an incredible brooding quality that really captures the landscape of this part of the world. It’s amazing that Paynter can work such precision into a block of wood. 

In case anyone’s interested in ‘The Blessing’, here’s the blurb for it:

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The signs as Fiona Apple songs
  • Aries: Fast As You Can
  • Taurus: Shadowboxer
  • Gemini: On The Bound
  • Cancer: Paper Bag
  • Leo: Limp
  • Virgo: Every Single Night
  • Libra: Extraordinary Machine
  • Scorpio: Sleep To Dream
  • Sagittarius: A Mistake
  • Capricorn: Left Alone
  • Aquarius: Window
  • Pisces: Valentine

billyeichner Leaving the White House at 3am last night after dancing the night away, celebrating 8 incredible years. What an extraordinary night. Here with my dear friend @robinlordtaylor who came with me. Thank you @barackobama and @michelleobama for everything and for including me. Unforgettable and joyous and as inspiring as ever, even in the midst of such an emotional, bittersweet goodbye. [x]

The Flash description from Upfronts

TUESDAY 8:00-9:00 P.M. “THE FLASH” Barry Allen (GrantGustin) lived a normal life as a perpetually tardy C.S.I. in the Central City Police Department. Barry’s life changed forever when the S.T.A.R. Labs Particle Accelerator exploded, creating a dark-matterlightning storm that struck Barry, bestowing him with super-speed and making him the fastest man alive — The Flash. But Barry wasn’t the only person who was given extraordinary abilities that night; the dark matter also created meta-humans, many of whom have wreaked havoc on the city. New threats also arrived from a parallel earth known as Earth-2, under the direction of an evilspeedster named Zoom (Teddy Sears). Withthe help of his adoptive father, Joe West (Jesse L. Martin), his lifelong bestfriend and love interest Iris West (Candice Patton), and his scientist friend sat S.T.A.R Labs, Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) and Cisco Ramon (CarlosValdes), as well as Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanaugh) from Earth-2, Barry continues to protect the people of Central City from these powerfulthreats. Based on the characters fromDC, THE FLASH is from by Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television, with executive producers Greg Berlanti(“Arrow,” “Supergirl”), Andrew Kreisberg (“Arrow,” “The Flash”), SarahSchechter (“Arrow,” “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”) and Aaron and Todd Helbing (“BlackSails”).