Hello 2016!! Let’s make this the best year. A fun thing I’m doing this year is starting a YouTube channel with @chrisjehnert and it’s going to be A LOT of fun. So come laugh with us!! :) The link to the intro video is below! #ExtraordinarilyOrdinary #2016

Barefoot, braless, beer in hand. And this sunset. Yup, this one. It was a stunner. Why? Simply because it happened.

As I was editing my beautiful experience I started thinking …. When did ordinary become not so extraordinary?

My feed is frequently filled with sunset pics. I love them all. But I must admit I watch how many likes they get. The highly edited and deeply saturated photos get high scores. And the others … the “others” … well, they might get a smile from the viewer but not a red heart.
But it’s not just the sunset pics that this happens to …. It happens to the selfies, the groupies, and every way we share ourselves and the world through our lens. Striving for “perfection.” Competing - sometimes with our own internal expectations and sometimes with a fear of rejection … The fear of being an “other” and getting a pass on the red heart …. Reminds me of elementary gym class during recess when it’s time to pick kickball teams …
But you know what? The sun never asks itself how come it didn’t shine brighter … It just shines. The sun never says you’re late for sunset or sunrise … It just shows up when it’s time to be seen. The sun never tells itself it should be more like the moon … It just is what is it and burns brightly.

You’re a stunner. Simply because you happened. #extraordinarilyordinary

❤️🙏🏼 #beinfinite #alexismartinyoga (at Lil Gasparilla Island)

30.12.14 //

Nothing is worse then not speaking your mind. To not convey your emotions and your deepest thoughts is toxic. What is pride? It is just a barrier you create in your mind that stops you from reaching the potential of your being. – This is something I struggle with and have been struggling with my whole life.

My best friend in high school said to me, ’ Hlez, you have to put your pride in your pocket and move along with life’ - Yaz.

So as I end this year, one of my goals is self-expression be it in extraordinary or ordinary ways.

Vulnerability is always daunting but it is in that vulnerability that we become stronger and learn to stand up for ourselves becoming the lead act in our own lives.

Therefore, in the words of the highest earning entertainer of 2014 Taylor Swift I say 🇸🇭🇦🇰🇪. 🇮🇹. 🇴🇫🇫❗