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Bad. ♦🃏♦

We worked so damn hard on this shoot, and it was a blast. I’m especially proud of my lovely boyfriend who portrayed The Joker, nailed it, and was sometimes even mistaken for Jared Leto in this photo which was awesome and flattering. We took inspiration from the electroshock scene for these particular shots. There are so many amazing Harley/Joker cosplays out there, and I’m really proud to see everyone kicking ass and taking names.

We will be doing more H\J cosplay work soon, so if you want to follow along on the journey let’s be Instagram friends. (If you want to repost, feel free and please credit us! ♥)

Mistah J: @jantzenhawkins
Harley: @emmaxmoody
Photo extraordinaire: Drew Lundquist

#jokerxharleyweek @jokerxharleyweek ♥

The Art of Busking with “Vaudevillian Extraordinaire” @karlamilugo

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Performance artist Karla Mi Lugo (@karlamilugo) describes herself as many things: balloon portraitist, nonviolent piñata-maker, Billie Holiday impersonator and “vaudevillian extraordinaire.” Yet it’s her self-proclaimed identity as a busker that perhaps explains her art best.

“‘Busking’ comes from the Spanish word ‘buscar,’ which means ‘to seek,’” Karla explains. “You go out there seeking — most of the time money, because you need money to do anything — but also seeking truths, or seeking friends or seeking any kind of spiritual fulfillment.” She takes her art to the streets of San Francisco, Paris and other cities around the world, often playing accordion while singing and balancing on a circus ball, or serenading passersby with her handmade “whisholin” — a decorated cardboard violin played by miming and whistling. And it’s on the street where she finds inspiration from the shared community space.

“I’m longing for so much meaning in life, and also for connection and experience,” she says. “When I go out in the street, it’s undeniably going to happen if I open myself to what I will find.”