• mercy, redesigning genji's body: hey you kids like those video games right? those xboxes and whatnot
  • genji: we are the same age angela
  • mercy, who has never been afforded the comfort of a real childhood or a loving family and has spent her entire life working to cure death after the trauma of losing everyone she loved to war at an extremely young age, only to be thrown into an extralegal organization that compromises her moral code but could potentially allow her to save more lives despite the casualties:
Half-naked vicars FTW

Tonight I watched the first two episodes of Grantchester, a British/Masterpiece mystery series about a crime-solving vicar in an English village in the early ‘50s. James Norton as Sidney Chambers is a man of faith but haunted by his experiences in The War and perhaps a weensy bit bored, so he jumps at the chance to investigate when a woman confides in him that she thinks the suicide he just kindly (and extralegally) buried was actually murdered. He’s also the hottest fucking vicar I have ever seen holy Jesus is there some fanservice in this show. Soaking wet vicar in civvies changing into his clerical suit and then putting on cassock, surplice, and hood? Fuck yes someone is finally writing to my kinks. Naked vicar in the bath drinking a whiskey? I’ll take seventeen more episodes please and thank.

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I'll pay you 4.20$ if you write that brooding dude vs asexual girl thing. It is awesome and to deny the world of this greatness would be blasphemy.

Actually, that post WAS based on two characters I already have.

It’s actually plot relevant too, his ex boyfriend.

This is also the story where there’s three gay couples:

-troubled research experiment and his former boyfriend who betrayed him in the past and works for a different, non-government extralegal organization.

-admiral and colonel who have to keep their relationship secret not because they’re military or even gay, but because it’s illegal for humans and non humans to “associate” (arguably, though, the law mostly applies to heterosexuals, because they might create offspring…you don’t have that problem with gays).

-two headbutting friends who were raised together by the same woman, they’re a minor couple though, they’re support cast, it’ll take A LOT for them to admit their feelings for one another.

But there’s a more relevant lesbian couple than them.

Scientist and her glamorous, flamboyant former assassin girlfriend.

But anyway.


That story is really…

It’s the one I don’t plan on writing immediately because the universe is really dense?

Like that’s my greatest story, I think.

So sorry.

But I dunno, my last series definitely had a few hetero bait and switches.

Main character isn’t straight, second main character isn’t straight, pansexual antagonist, trans female chaotic neutral…

Come on, get on board with the animentality lgbtrain.

America’s history of lynching is way worse than we ever thought

EJI staff spent four years studying so-called “terror lynchings,” extralegal executions by hanging intended to strike fear into the hearts of the American black community, in the United State’s “12 most active lynching states” between the years of 1877 and 1950.

Between interviews with historians, survivors and descendants, as well as reviews of newspaper and court records from the eras in question, the EJI documented at least 3,959 lynchings — a minimum of 700 more than previously thought. What’s more, the researchers noticed that certain states and localities had far higher rates of lynching than others, meaning that individual communities lived under the constant threat of white violence.

But wait it gets worse.

How does an Irish genius, son of a devious criminal,
Raised to inherit an international empire since birth,
And henceforth prefers the extralegal
Grow up to be a hero to the People?

This rich-kid scheming robber without a father
Got a lot farther by plotting a lot longer
By being a lot smarter
By being a self-starter
By thirteen, he’d made off with the People’s ransom barter

And every day while fairies were living secret and hidden
Below beneath the earth, he designed and kept his guard up
Inside, he was longing for something to be a part of
The hotshot was ready to deal, steal, borrow, or swindle

Then a ransom message came, and all plots were delayed
Mud boy saw his father kidnapped for the Russians’ gain
Bargained favours from the People, pulled ideas from his brain
And he shot his father dead, then swallowed up his pain.

Well, the word got around, mob said, “This kid is insane, man.”
Booked it from the Arctic to escape the adolescent’s plan
His father wasn’t really dead, escaped alive and lame and tame
“The world’s gonna know your name. What’s your name, man?”

Artemis Fowl the Second
My name is Artemis Fowl the Second
And I know that you’re from LEPrecon
But just you wait, just you wait…

When he was ten his father split, full of it, in a ship
Two years he was presumed dead, Arty’s mother bed-ridden
Half-mad sitting in the near dark, her face stark

While Arty hatched a plan unto which he soon embarked

Travelled with his butler, the Butler was a bodyguard
Kept him safe while following the rumours, every apalogue
A memory saying

“Arty, you’re the man of the house.”

He started retreatin’ and readin’ every fable on the shelf

There would have been nothin’ left to do
For someone less astute
He woulda been broke and destitute
Without a cent for search and rescue
Started thinking, linking
All the clues he found online
Piecing every reason to believe the Fae hid a goldmine
Scammin’ sprites to access the book he wants his hands on
Puzzlin’ through the code

See him now as he reads the Gnommish like a pro
And he shakes my hand
In Haven he learns he could be a new man

Just you wait!

In Haven you learned you could be a new man-
In Haven you learned you could be a new man-

Just you wait!

In Haven you could be a new man-
In Haven-

Just you wait!

Artemis the Second Fowl
We are waiting in the LEP for you
You could never give up
You never learned to toe the line!

Oh Artemis the foul one
When the LEPrecon comes for you
Will they know what you overcame?
Will they know you rewrote the game?
The world will never be the same, oh

Mud Boy is in his study now
See if you can spot him
Another human
Working towards his own destruction

His enemies erased his mind
But I never forgot him

We fought for him

Me? I died for him

Me? I stole for him

Me? I spied on him

And me? I’m the damn fool that lost him.

There’s a million things he hasn’t done
But just you wait!

What’s your name, man?

Artemis Fowl the Second!

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Isn't Matt M3a prosecutor these days?

He’s looking into Nadia’s unusual case as a favor to Jan.

And also because it involves and extralegal cold war organization that trains young kidnapped girls to become assassins and that’s the sort of thing Matt is always about looking into.

Even though it’s not done entirely consistently, I love how Elementary gives us consequences that are often missing in other similar shows.

Police department chief likes to use [eccentric, rude] outside consultants on an improbably frequent basis?  Yeah, most of the precinct is going to be resentful.

You employ shady extralegal tactics during your investigations?  The legal system is gonna want to have a little chat with you.

You conduct loud, smelly, and otherwise disruptive and annoying experiments in your home?  Yes, you have neighbors, and yes, it’s going to cause problems.


And now, ladies & gentlemen, one of the most exciting items of the night, a mainstay on the FBI’s most wanted list, this gentlemen has been on the list longer than any other criminal!

A former naval intelligence officer, he possesses a wealth of classified information and presides over one of the world’s most prosperous extralegal empires.

You may know him as the concierge of crime.

I present Raymond Reddington

check it out- this lecture is TOMORROW. from the speaker’s page on the princeton website:

Matthew is currently completing a dissertation on the history of “fan fiction” - literary works that use preexisting characters invented by other authors. Based on extensive archival research  and close readings of literary and legal texts, “Borrowing Werther” documents the widespread practice of writing “fan fiction” and identifies the set of unwritten, extralegal customary norms that governed the production of these works. In addition to presenting a more nuanced view of the rise of intellectual property rights in Germany, his dissertation demonstrates how these customary legal norms translate into a distinctive form of literature. “Borrowing Werther” thus scrutinizes a largely overlooked literary genre and reveals a new concept of literary originality and authorship that predates Romanticism.

looks like a great event for anyone interested in historical perspectives on fanfiction! 


Submission call for the winter issue of Working It: Stigma and Violence
(I know, the illustrations aren’t on theme)

Based around the December 17th memorial and call to end violence against sex workers, this issue explores the violence sex workers of all trades face: violence enshrined in law, socially sanctioned violence, the violence of stigma, including the extralegal (but winked at) violence of serial killers, families, foster care and social workers as well as the prison system against us.

Firsthand personal accounts and stories
writings about legally sanctioned violence (such as the laws in Oakland that make it mandatory for a landlord to kick out a sex worker)
the ways the law allows people–from social workers to law enforcement–to take advantage of, extort, assault us

The violent ways that law enforcement talks about us (a Portland DA referring to child commercial sexual exploitation as “the juicy stuff”)
The way our lived experiences are taken from us along WITH our lives to promote the agendas that hurt us
The prohibitionists who refer to us as fuck meat and the violence that does

AS WELL AS ART along any theme, not just violence

And the usual columns:

Client hall of shame

Go to Health: stis, sexual and emotional health

Tales from the shift (your best, worst, or funniest interactions at work)

Spread legal–new laws, laws in other areas, upcoming laws and pushes for end demand

Pets and money are always cheering!

Sex worker friendly medical and health providers anywhere that you know of

And reports of BAD DATES, again Portland specific but I will take anywhere and publicize it everywhere I have access too to make sure it reaches people.


Just for the record, that Anonymous KKK thing is poorly sourced nonsense that will probably just sully the names of decent people. Stop sharing it. As someone who has been to more Klan rallies than I can recall (30 would probably be a low-end estimate), I have a decent idea of the demographics of the present day Klan. The idea that there are mayors of large cities in the Klan today is ludicrous. It’s not 1925. It’s not 1965. It’s not 1985. It’s 2015. Organized white supremacy has largely been defeated in the United States. That isn’t to say that organized white supremacists no longer exist or that they’re unimportant. They should still be confronted whenever and wherever they appear. But it is important to note that, at this moment in our history, white supremacy is not primarily held in place by extralegal terrorism by groups with official membership rolls (groups like the Minutemen are exceptions that prove the rule). White supremacy is, as always, primarily held in place by completely normal people acting mostly in accordance with law and order. It is held in place by the widespread fiction that it does not exist, by regular white people – and even by black and brown people – who disavow its power and who refuse to confront it in their daily lives. It is held in place by the *perfectly legal* institutions that we all maintain and inhabit. It is held in place by regular hiring managers and developers, by schoolteachers and cops, by progressives and conservatives.
This has *always* been the case, of course. But there was also a time during which blockbuster films extolled the virtues of the Klan and during which KKK membership rolls could be were as high as eight million nationally. There was a time in the recent past during which those who confronted white supremacy were subject to possible torture and assassination and during which membership in a racist terror group could reap personal and political rewards that offset any social stigma that membership brought. We should know that history but that time is over.
Instead of sharing these bunk Anonymous lists of KKK membership, perhaps we should ask ourselves a question: Now that the KKK is functionally dead, and actively confronting white supremacy is no longer a lethal enterprise, why isn’t the KKK necessary? If not the Klan and the threat of lynching, what’s stopping us from finally ending a white supremacist society?
—  Some guy named Robert on fb, shout out to Robert!