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From materialgirl!

1. Given a choice to travel by one of these modes of transport, which one would you choose for a long trip and why: aeroplane, car, ship, train, bus.

Aeroplane- it’s the fastest to go everywhere. But I think I do enjoy train rides so much- I hate airplane smell anyways ahahhah :D

2. If you met yourself at a party, how would you approach your other self and get the other you to notice you and talk to you?

I would say hi and smile and then make small conversations before we start singing in harmony together lol.

3. Biggest celeb crush, QUICK. Now a legit reason why you like them so much.

I really like Michael Buble. His golden voice, his personality… anything ahahaha :D

4. What does your favourite colour remind you of and why?

It reminds me of a beautiful sunny day with a clear sky.

I guess I always strive to be happy everyday and that’s one of the things which make me happy always.

5. Say I give you a TV and a remote. Which channel are you most likely to end up watching and why?

I’m a huge fan of animals so maybe Animal planet? Hahahaha

6. Say you are going to have a kid by this time next year (the option is not in your hands). What do you want to achieve before then?

a. Finish my degree

b. Travel to Africa

c. Find my passion and be able to do it

d. Get married. LOL

e. Own my own house.

7. Tell the future you 5 lines of advice to take note of.

Follow your heart, happiness lasts forever, money can only sustain you so far.

Don’t worry if there’s no one with you- God will take care of that. If you end up being alone, be a rocking cool single.

Always remember why you start something in the first place- don’t give up, don’t back down.

Give praise to the Lord everyday and cast down your worries to Him. He’s the only one who can help you through.

Show your love to everyone you love; family, friends and schoolmates. Keep in contact with them.

8. What do you do when you’re in a situation there’s no backing out of, and your’re blocked from moving ahead by many people?

Just move ahead. There’s no backing out.

9. Pet peeve!

Unpunctuality ahahahha

10. One country you HAVE to live in at some point in your life? What would you do there?

America- I would be a budding artist there- trying to make it by singing in cafes while doing my master degree or something hahahaha

11. Where do yo see yourself in 3 years’ time?

I’ll be graduating! Wow. So weird thinking about that. Hopefully I’ll meet someone by then and start a wonderful career in the field I like and will do works which are close to my heart.

1. What’s your favorite band of all time and why.

2. If you have only one day for yourself what would you do and why?

3. Do you have a major crush now? Anyway just give a few things you are looking for in a guy/girl.

4. If you are a country, which country will you be and why.

5. What’s your fondest childhood memory?

6. Where have you been (countries)? or… where do you plan to go in the future?

7. What’s your anthem? (a song that is totally you or always get stuck in your head) why?

8. Would you redo anything if you have the chance to go back in time?

9. Americans or Europeans? Why?

10. If you have to be another person for the entire day who would you want to be?

11. What will you do  if you’re able to do just one thing before you die?