Pisces & Taurus relationship GIF set


on a date

meeting eachothers exes



in the bed


Pisces & Taurus! <3


Everyone talks about being on facebook over here.

“You wate your hour here on facebook.”

“Get off of facebook.”

“Come on and lets go and check you facebook.” (what got me here in this cyber cafe in the first place)

I am slowly figuring out this keyboard.

Also I could have died yesterday. Yeah. This town I was in yesterday has rain almost everyday. IT RAINED HARD. We went down the hill next to the river and then it POURED. We got stuck under a tree but we still got soaked to the bone. My uncle went to go check for a dry spot… and didn’t come back. The three of us under the tree ran up the hill and found a dry spot. We noticed that the current in the river suddenly got really fast so we ran up come more. Jumped two fast streams and made it to the top where our uncle was coming down with come car mats for cover (too late man)… I… that was scary… the hill was just like down hill rock so everyone was afraid of sliping… but we made it… in the pouring rain… yeah…

I should stop typing now…

This comp is so slowwwww…


(“Feeling Myself” softly plays in the background) eyebrows on extraaaaa fleek while my stomach is full of dim sum and an ice cream sandwich. What a way to start my weekend. Have a fun 4th of July y'all~~

Not Her Type
I’m not her type and she’s not mine, but we look past skin and bones- straight into each other’s soul. ❤️ This was my extraaaaa girly #birthdaysuit. 🙈 The theme was #goddess. I did okay. 😂😂😂 #birthdaygirl #birthday #athena #pride #seattle #seattlepride #lesbian #lovewins #loveislove #whiteandgold #ootd #yesthatsaselfiestick #poetess #poet #femme