You’ve spoken out about being dyslexic. Has that made what you do for a living extra challenging?
I’m quite severely dyslexic so I struggle with acting in certain ways. I always have to put in triple the amount of effort, which would always frustrate me a lot. I suppose that some people can just look at a script once and know it. That’s not me. I really have to spend a bit of time with the lines. But it’s my job and I’ve got better and better at it. If you’re learning a lot, things start going quicker. Doing the lines with repetition and you just get it in your head somehow.

Cayde-6's Checklist For Hunters Entering A Room

[ ] Confident Swagger

[ ] Dramatic Cape Swoosh

[ ] Roguish Grin (Even With A Helmet!)

[ ] Keep One Hand Resting Oh So Casually Near A Weapon At All Times (Blade Or Barrel, Dealer’s Choice)

[ ] Look Damn Good Doing It!

Sherlock doesn’t live badly - he doesn’t give any indication that he lives badly at all. One, he comes from a wealthy family, that’s clear. And two, he makes his money, he does fine, Sherlock Holmes. He chooses to live the way he does because he likes it. There’s no suggestion ever in Sherlock he doesn’t have enough cash.
—  Steven Moffat, The Abominable Bride behind-the-scenes (x)

so there were these two options at the beginning of the production of book 3:

a) bryke’s idea to have kataang be endgame, and only 3 books so a live action movie trilogy could be made 

b) aaron ehasz’s idea to have zutara be endgame, no live action movies, and for a book 4 - possibly even 5 to be made