“Don’t drink while you’re at the hotel and try to make some friends”
Don’t you think you’re asking too much of me

If Love Could Last

Words: 3.7k

Genre: Angst, Fluff, 60s au

Warnings: smoking, alcohol, pda, swearing

Summary: It seems fitting, a man who sells records for a living falls in love with someone who paints a picture of every song he’s ever loved, but it soon ends in heartbreak, and that’s something Phil Lester doesn’t know how to live with.

Extra tags: 60s (if that is one)

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in act 7 nobody could see terezi because they hadnt realised she refuses to build a house anywhere other than up a tree. eventually someone finds her (can) house up a massive tree bigger than a shitty statue of liberty and shes like "W3LL WH3R3 TH3 FUCK 3LS3 W4S 1 M34NT TO PUT 1T?!"

these weak af teens standing under trees….. shes gonna show them what it means to be a Real treehugger

  • When Santana and Brittany start living together, their house is a mess because neither of them can cook or clean or, you know, adult.
  • Their first and the most frequent domestic argument is about who was supposed to feed Lord Tubbington and who forgot to. Santana tells Brittany it’s her cat, so she has to feed him. Brittany tells Lord is a big boy and should cook for himself if he wants to eat.
  • Brittany brings lots of flowers in their house every day, mostly daisies. Santana thinks Brittany could be a wild daisy herself. They have three cactuses and two succulents on their sill.
  • Santana doesn’t like people coming to their flat much, but Brittany is extra excited to live with her and wants to invite everyone she knows, so they have home parties every two weeks.
  • Rachel and Quinn visit them a lot and always bring them food. Santana jokes with Brittany that a couple of years later they will be the ones coming to those totally-not-girlfriends’ house. They actually will.
  • Their flat’s design was made by Brittany, so it’s too colorful and rainbow for their own good. Santana secretly loves it.
  • Brittany wears her ring on her neck on a chain because in the first year of their marriage she lost it twice. 
  • Santana masters her cooking skills and eventually she’s the best at pancakes and risotto. 
  • Santana braids Brittany’s hair every evening while Brittany reads to her out loud and Lord Tubbington sleeps at their feet. 
  • They spend their first anniversary in Disneyland. 
  • Brittany wears Santana’s t-shirts at night and they look adorable on her as they are always a little short. 
  • They keep more tea in their cupboards than food in the fridge. Brittany loves all herbal, Santana cringes at it but drinks with her anyway. 
  • One of the walls in their bedroom is all filled with their pictures through the  years. The other one is filled with Tubbington’s photos.
  • Brittany writes little reminders for herself and sticks them everywhere. Santana thinks it’s cute, Quinn thinks it’s ridiculous to write, “Wear shoes” and stick it to the door. 
  • Brittany is a maths professor at uni and Santana sometimes get jealous because of how many love notes she gets from her students. 
  • They spend a week in July in Ohio with their parents every year.  
  • Santana uses pencils Brittany always forgets on the table to tie up her hair.
  • They are the most adorable and amazing and gay wives.