I finally made a commission post for tumblr ahaha… anyway, happy August! Next month I’ll be starting uni so I might as well rack up some extra money for living costs, art supplies, etc, if possible

Anyway, you can see more examples/more detail on my commission journal on dA, I recommend that you look at that first!

If you’re interested, please e-mail me at xishkas@gmail.com ♪

**All prices are in USD


Tonight was a pretty exciting night all around, with bull fighting, quest clearing, and the grand finale of Kill la Kill! So here we go to break it down:

  • Dragon Ball Z Kai- Ginyu takes over Goku’s body, and quickly learns he has no idea how to use it properly. Goku calls him a poser, and I can’t believe Jeice is FUCKING DEAD!
  • Kill la Kill- Shadow the Hedgehog Ryuko flies up to the Space Colony ARK The Primodial Life Fiber, goes gold and gets extra power from Live and Learn Don’t Lose Your Way. Also, remember kids: PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE! CLOTHES ARE CLOTHES!
  • Michiko and Hatchin- Michiko tells the house mom of orphanage how to do her job, and then dresses as a bull fighter to save Hatchin. I’m disappointed Hatchin didn’t beat up the bull with her ladle , but that would be anime cruelty, don’t do that kids.
  • Sword Art Online II- Klein’s waifu turned out to be Thor (I ship it), and then he got Mjolnir, which he can’t even use. Meanwhile Kirito got Excalibur, bringing our Quest to save the MMO world to an end.
  • Naruto Shippuden- Naruto continues his training, Sakura comes to grips with the fact that she can’t cook, and secret backroom dealings in a bathroom,
  • One Piece- The Franky family is alive, Galley-la team is alive, The giants are alive, everyone who was on the burning ship is alive, and the Going Merry is alive!
  • Attack on Titan- No.

And that covers it for this week. Akame ga Kill joins the line-up next week.

Until next time:

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Saturday Night Happiness

1. A good, not too fruity, zinfandel. denynothing1, pick yourself off the floor, I sometimes drink red.

2. The promise of new fic from so-caffeinated, who thinks it’s a bad thing that she can’t stop writing.

3. dettiot answering prompts.

4. The Giants win in extra innings.

5. The living vicariously potential for tomorrow for my pals in ATX, machawicket
and susannahmccormick. Ladies, I want ALL the stories!!!

6. I did all my work today, which means tomorrow I get to play.

7. My two favorite shows otps are canon. Just FYI. CANON. (Yes, I still crow about MSR. I took too much @$#! From Noromos for too many years.)

8. I found an old friend on tumblr, and I knew it was her when I found her reblogging gifs of CKR. ::::waves::::



  • don’t sign up for morning classes. allow yourself time to wake up, go get breakfast, and not be in a rush.
  • don’t take classes that end later than 5 or 6 so you have enough down time and study time in the evening, without having to overlap with dinner.
  • go to seminars on interesting topics that don’t necessarily relate to your major.
  • don’t take back-to-back classes. allow yourself to grab a snack or rest. you might also have to cross campus and not give yourself enough time otherwise.
  • check out ratemyprofessors.com before enrolling in a class.
  • take every extra credit opportunity.


  • pour your own drink.
  • don’t mix liquors.
  • drink as much water as you do alcohol.
  • don’t hesitate to call 911.
  • if you’re hungover, drink water, and eat bananas and saltines
  • stay active.


  • nobody else has friends the first couple weeks either. you’re not alone.
  • leave your dorm door open when you’re in there and don’t mind distractions.
  • go to as many events as possible.
  • decorate your dorm with your roommate as an easy bonding experience.


  • make dorm rules with your roommate to set some basic boundaries in the first couple weeks of school.
  • empty your trash regularly.
  • keep a surplus of a quick snack, like cereal or granola bars, for when you’re running late or not hungry enough for the cafeteria.
  • bed bath & beyond, as well as daiso (or find a store), have good and relatively cheap dorm supplies. 
  • save receipts for everything you purchase. figure out how much you spend per week on the bare necessities, and set a weekly budget slightly above that.
  • plan on spending an extra $100 on things you forgot for your dorm.
  • here’s a list of what you should pack.


  • check your student email very regularly. your class might get cancelled, or a free event might be held.
  • take advantage of free services.
  • don’t take your paid services for granted, either. do your homework and don’t sleep in class.
  • explore your school’s website for interesting or useful information.
Today, I fucked up... by cheating on Candy Crush and getting out of bed at 3am

So, I am addicted to Candy Crush on my iPhone but refuse to pay for any extra lives or power ups or whatever. This means when you’ve played 5 turns, you have to wait a few hours until they refill and you can play again.

I was doing this like a chump for several years: play 5 turns, wait a few hours, play 5 turns, wait a few hours, etc. Then I heard about a workaround where you can reset your phone clock forward an hour and Candy Crush thinks it’s time to give you another life. Woohoo! Free lives. I did this a few times in the evening.

This was fine until my phone alarm alarm went off in the morning at 6am, my usual time to get up and start getting my 8 year old son ready for school. I go shake him awake. He’s strangely difficult to wake up this morning. I shake him harder. Finally he half opens his eyes and says ‘is it morning already?’ He drags himself out of bed and zombie-walks to the living room where I put some cereal in front of him and he turns on a Netflix cartoon.

He is still half asleep trying to eat his cereal, and I think, “maybe he’s getting sick, he shouldn’t be this tired.” Then I open up my computer to read with a morning coffee, and I glance at the computer clock. 3:15am. It took a moment to figure out that my '6:00’ alarm had gone off at 3:00 thanks to my Candy Crush phone-time clock cheating.

I sent my poor kid back to bed for a few more hours of sleep.

Guys. I need help.

I know I’m not an at risk teen or someone with a disability
But I need help.
I work 40 hours a week at 8 dollars an hour and I’m just not making enough.
We barely eat. Our electric is probably going to be turned off soon.
I don’t know what to do. I’m losing sleep over this.
We’ve also got an extra person living with us who is contributing absolutely nothing and I don’t know how to tell them to either help or leave. But that’s besides the point.
I know I’m not a spectacular artist but if you could commission me it’d be a huge help. Just take a look at my art at Shzoly.carbonmade.com and see if there’s anything you want me to do. I’m also an ok writer. I’ll write you anything.
I’ll do anything.
Whatever you want just please help.
If you can’t. Just reblog this and get the word out.
I’m so desperate it hurts.

Harrys been under immense scrutiny ever since he auditioned for the xfactor when he was only 16….and not once have I heard someone complain that he has a rotten attitude…he’s probably meet thousands of fans and fellow celebrities….and all of them only have nice things to say about him…5+ years of taking his personal time to say hi to fans and random strangers….plus the occasional assholes who make fun of him or stalk him….and he still treats them with respect… I have no words about how much I admire and respect harry I’m honestly crying just making this post I hope Harry continues to be like this for the rest of his life I love his personality so much