That’s not the way you walk in real life, is it? Neal Caffrey is one of the few characters on television where you would remark on the way he walks.

No, my god. I wish I was that kind of peacock. Yeah, I locked myself in our guest room for about – I would say like 2 or 3 weeks working on that. And then I would walk around my block and the house. I only had one suit to my name when I got this job – maybe two. And I would put it on and walk around my block. I’m sure I looked like a complete loon in L.A. But I would walk around just figuring out how he moved through the world. We hadn’t even filmed the pilot, but I knew a lot of it was going to play in masters and us walking around together, so I figured I should figure out that part of his physicality. - Matt Bomer [13:00]

accurate descriptions of bts stans

jimin stans: innocent fluffballs who are wrecked by jimin’s thighs and ass, will do anything to protect him ((dont piss them off))

suga stans: honestly think they’re the loudest, panicking 24/7 bc where’s suga’s mixtape

taehyung stans: funny, but are sensitive and they’re so deeply invested that they write long paragraphs about taehyung in their tags

j-hope stans: will fight for more dancing videos, can’t deal with him being extra but can’t live without it either

rap mon stans: easily moved by his dancing, aesthetic freaks probably and everything about him????? sign them up pls

jin stans: sunshines, awkwardly funny like jin really, his broad shoulders and delicate voice??? definite sucker for those

jungkook stans: they love to die


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This probably would have been more appropriate last week with the Plague of Shadows DLC and the amiibo, but hey, it’s never too late for a Shovel Knight comic! I like to imagine that before the game, he used to bury all of the lost lives from all the old school platformers. I tried to include as many famous characters (old and new) as I could fit in the hole. For anyone trying to guess who they all are, the two heads with all the bullet holes are supposed to be the guys from Contra. I didn’t know what they looked like, sorry.

I’ve been reading Extra Lives by Tom Bissell, and it’s been a really interesting read.

But one sentence has completely derailed my enjoyment of this book.

Regarding his visit to Ubisoft’s Montreal office: “…I noted the number of attractive young women wandering about the premises and began to wonder if the company had expanded to include an escort service or modeling agency or both.”

I haven’t noticed Bissell addressing the lack of diversity in the industry’s supposed target audience, so I really didn’t expect him to touch at all on the lack of diversity in the industry.

And this was just not the way to say “Hey, there were more women working at Ubisoft than most game companies I have visited!”

It’s hard for me to continue reading when, as a woman in tech, I think of that sentence and can’t help but feel offended. So what, attractive women can’t be developers, or artists, or voice actors, or whatever other kinds of jobs are available at a gaming company? Women that do have these jobs can be presumed to be unattractive? What the hell was up with the escort service comment, was that even necessary?

I continue to see advertisements for games and gaming accessories that make it clear the marketing team said “The people who want to play our games are men, let us cater specifically to the stereotypical male interests”. Now even in a quasi-academic work, it is assumed that I the reader must be male? (Or, apparently, unattractive)

It’s one sentence in a book but it is so revelatory of the mindset of the industry.