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A Stash of Tiny Study Tips


  • Create realistic goals: get ___ grade on next ____
  • Manageable let down; get back on track
  • Keep track of grades: focused, know where stand, no surprises
  • Start small
    • Low risk confidence builders
  • Take time to relax/give self rewards
    • Days off, breaks, rewards
    • All work & no play =/= living
  • Little organization goes a long way
  • Reward achievements!
  • Keep balance with exercise, clubs, friends
    • 2h/d: friends and exercise
  • Remember that hard work pays off
    • Isn’t a breeze to try to get a 4.0 GPA; but it’s possible
    • You’re smart enough and can achieve it
    • 90% there with these tips, 10% is just pure hard work
  • Only chill on weekends
    • Monday-Friday: school mode
    • Have time for some fun
    • If work as hard as should during week, will need weekends to blow off steam
  • Be self-motivated
    • Grades can matter, not everything, but follow through on what needs to be done
    • Not most important part of college but underperform? You will regret it
    • GPA cutoffs exist and matter to employers
    • College is full of distractions and opportunities
    • Nobody will hold hand and the work will suck but all the prouder of yourself to be
      • Suck it up, buckle down, get it done
        • If think need break, probably don’t
  • Turn off the little voice
    • Realize not alone in questioning ability
    • Avoid people who tend to burst bubbles no matter what 
  • Physical triggers to stop
    • Incentive to get something done when know have something else during the day
    • Don’t have a gaping abyss of study time
  • Work has to get done, in the end
    • Books, examiners, and especially your future self isn’t going to care about your excuses for not doing the work
    • Take the first step
      • It will almost be fictional how hard you thought the task was going to be
      • Just keep going because you simply can’t afford NOT to do anything today, nonzero days
      • Leeway, don’t give your perfectionism control over your life


  • Sleep! Think and function, mind & body
    • CAN sleep if keep up with coursework instead of procrastinating
    • Will miss out on some fun stuff
    • Need to stay awake in class
    • Figure out what need for full speed
    • Stay relaxed
  • Stay physically healthy
    • Diet and exercise
    • 1 hour exercise during week
    • Weekends off
  • Traditional breakfast not necessary if value extra sleep
  • Systematic habits: neat, prepared
  • Master material
    • Look for real world applications
    • Learning is a process: be patient, don’t expect to master off the bat
  • Designate study area and study times
  • Do trial runs
    • Practice tests
    • Ask a TA to listen to your oral performance
    • Study groups
  • Don’t copy other people’s psets and solutions


  • Spiral bound notebook, can color code with folders/etc if need be
    • Lecture notes: front to back
    • Reading notes: back to front (if fall behind on)
    • Seminar notes: mixed in with lecture notes, different pen color/labeled
    • Outline format
      • Bullet points for everything
    • Same NB for one set of class notes, separate notebooks for all classes
  • 5-subject notebook
    • Midterm and exam material in it
    • Mesh sources, study guide
    • All study material from week/month in one place
  • Pick the right major
    • Indulge in favorite hobby feeling
  • Pick professors & classes wisely
    • Take a small class
    • Pick classes that interest you so studying doesn’t feel torturous
      • Want to learn


  • Prioritize class by how can affect GPA
    • More credits: more weight
  • Work enough to get an A in your easy classes: take something good at
    • Don’t settle, don’t slack off, don’t put in minimal effort to get that B/C. Just put in a tiny bit more effort to ensure A
    • Will have harder classes and need to counteract
  • Take electives can ace
    • Anything but an A in an elective is kinda mean and an unnecessary hit for your GPA


  • Get to know teaching style: focus most on, lecture/notes
  • Pick and follow a specific note taking format
    • Outline
    • Date each entry
    • Capture everything on board
  • Decide productivity system
    • Google Cal
    • Todoist
    • Agenda: remind meetings, class schedule, important dates/midterms/quizzes/tests, no homework 
      • Always wanted to be prepared
      • Rarely last minute
      • Have plan, stay focused
    • Homework notebook
      • Good redundancy
  • Study syllabus
    • Know it thoroughly
    • Plot all due dates after class
    • Penalize if fail to abide by
  • Study the hardest for the first exam
    • Seems counterintuitive
    • Hardest/most important test
    • Pay attention to content and formatLess pressure: just need ___ on final to keep my A 
    • Easy to start high and keep high
  • Go into crunch mode at the beginning
    • End softly
    • Get plenty of sleep, exercise, and good food in the finals days before the exam


  • Get to know professors: go to office hours, care about grades/course/them
    • Easier ask for help, rec letter
    • Get to know interests and what they think is important
    • Figure out their research interests, 60% of their job is research
    • Learning is dynamic
    • Discussion helps
  • Get feedback early when not sure what doing
    • Take comments constructively
  • Consistent class participation: ask questions, give answers, comment when appropriate
    • Understand material
  • Find a study buddy in each class: don’t have to study with
    • Somebody can compare notes with, safety net
    • Pick somebody who attends, participates, and take notes regularly
    • Make some friends
  • Participate as fully as can in group activities
    • Be involved
    • Learn – not be taught
  • Be punctual
    • Good impression, on human professors
  • Skipping class =/= option: It’s “cool” to get attendance award
    • Make all the classes: it’s hard to feel confident when missing key pieces
    • Get full scope of class, everything will make a lot more sense and save a lot of time in long run
    • Mandatory class: higher graduating cumulative GPA
    • Go to class when no one else does/want to show up, reward
    • Get to know professor, what’s on test, notice, r/s build, material not in reading
    • Unless optional and super confusing professor
  • Sit in one of the first rows
    • Don’t fall asleep
    • Fake interest if you have to
  • Tutors


  • Take notes! Provided is bare minimum, accessed by students who aren’t attending lecture
    • Based on lecture and what read –> test; it’ll be worth it
    • Write it down
    • By hand
    • Bored? Doodle instead of going online
  • Read all assigned–even if need to skim
    • Seems cumbersome and maybe impossible
    • Figure out what’s important
    • Look at the logical progression of the argument/what’s important/what trying to prove
    • Understand everything that you do read–even if don’t read everything
    • PIck 2 examples from text per topic
  • Complete course material on time
    • Begin as soon as possible
      • Sometimes it’s just straight up impossible
    • Have it look attractive
  • Library doesn’t just mean = study
    • Social media in the library is still social media
  • Confusion is terrible
    • Read other textbooks, review course material @ another uni/by another professor, google the shit out of it
  • Review
    • Do not wait, do throughout semester
  • Exam prep
    • Ask for model papers, look at style & structure, thesis, how cite
    • Get old tests
      • Look at type of questions (detail level and structure)
      • Can solve old exams cold
      • If give out paper exams in class: probs won’t repeat questions, focus more on concepts but still learn the questions
    • Have class notes and psets down cold
      • Do all the practice problems
      • Read through notes a few times; rewrite into a revision notebook
        • Highlight major topics and subtopics
        • Different highlighter for vocab terms
        • Overall picture, go from concept to detail
          • Look at overall context and how specific idea fit into whole course
          • Ideas, don’t memorize all your notes
    • Better understand = more able to use and manipulate info and remember it. Understand = manipulation.
      • Charts, diagrams, graphs
      • Lists
      • Practice drawing labeled structures
      • Flash cards for memorization
        • Every school requires some degree of grunt memorization
        • Say it aloud, write it down
        • Get friends to quiz you
      • Self-test: severely challenge self, have a running collection of exam questions
      • Explain difficult concepts to your friends; force yourself to articulate the concept
    • Never pull an all-nighter
      • Do not spend every hour studying up to the exam
      • Eat, shower, sleep
    • Don’t wait until night before exam to study
      • Prep takes time even if reviewed throughout semester
    • Ask about format–don’t ask the professor to change it for you
    • Law of College: it will be on the exam if you don’t understand it
      • Ask professor, internet, textbooks
  • Night before exam
    • Jot what want to remember/have fresh
    • Read through in morning/before exam
    • Physical prep
      • Sleep, have test materials
  • Day of exam
    • Don’t cram every single spare minute
    • Go to bathroom before exam
    • Never miss an exam/lie to get more time
      • You won’t be any more ready 2-3 days after when supposed to have taken it
  • Slay exam. Get A. 


  • Friday morning: go through each syllabus, write down in HW notebook
  • All hw during weekend; study/reading assignments during week
  • Save everything
  • Divide big tasks into small pieces to help propel self
  • Standard study schedule: block off lectures, labs, regular commitments
    • Note the weeks that have assignments and tests that will require extra studying
    • Don’t oscillate too heavily every day with study times (i.e. don’t study 2-3 hours for weeks and then 10-12 hour days right before an exam)
    • Eat and sleep to make more extended work periods liveable and enjoyable


  • Set an amount of time would like to study every day
    • Try to study most days
    • Avoid vague/zoned out studying –> waste of time
    • Do a little bit daily but don’t let studying be your whole day
  • Review notes: 30mins/day, each class from that day
    • Look at important ideas/vocab
      • Prioritize new vocab because language is most fundamental and important tool in any subject
      • Circle abbreviations and make yourself a key somewhere so you don’t forget what the hell that abbreviations meant
      • Check spelling
    • Rewrite/reorganize notes if necessary
      • Format of ideas is just as important as the concepts themselves, esp. when it comes time for exam review
    • This helps you retain the material so you’ll be ahead next time you walk into class
    • Chance to ID any knowledge gaps that you can ask about for next class
  • Keep up with reading
    • Skim text before lecture or at least main topic sentences
    • Jot down anything don’t understand; if lecture doesn’t clarify, ask the professor
    • After lecture: skim again, outline chapter, make vocab flashcards
    • Highlight similar class and lecture notes
      • will definitely be tested on
    • Review and make study questions
  • Study
    • Disconnect from anything irrelevant to study material: help focus and your GPA
    • Don’t limit studying to the night
      • Study whenever, wherever between classes
        • Variety helps focus and motivation
      • Especially if tired at night and can’t transition between subjects
    • Try to study for a specific subject right before/after the class

bailci  asked:

solangelo first kiss? (where neither of them have ever kissed anyone before)

read on ao3

It’s during the summer. Another one of those days when Will drags Nico outside to enjoy the sunshine and soak up the vitamin D.

Nico complains, because of course he does, but really he doesn’t feel any sort of reluctance. Even when the sun burns his legs, because they’re clothed in black jeans, and he has to squint when looking up at Will. Because he’s tall, and the sun is bright, and it kind of obscures his vision.

Not that he mentions that part.

“So what’s your actual plan here?” Nico asks, trying not to flush because Will’s hand is tight around his wrist, pulling him forward. The two of them are making their way through the Camp Half-Blood grounds, and when you get past the cabins and the hoards of people just arriving back for summer, there is so much green.

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Legacy Deck Tech: Food Chain

[you can see every deck tech here]

Hello & welcome to this weekly deck tech! This week we’re exploring part of the Legacy format with a very spicy deck that is fairly well known: Food Chain. The deck relies on a very powerful & popular EDH card that lends it’s name to the deck; it’s super sweet combo deck that is filled with value & protection. The deck does fairly well in the Legacy meta ever since it’s creation a few years ago and can be somewhat cheap, if you don’t count the dual lands. Let’s jump right into it and see what the deck is all about!

Name of the Deck

Food Chain is a very very powerful card that can easily be abused. You get to exile a creature and generate mana equal to the creature’s CMC, plus one. In EDH people abuse this card alongside Prossh to usually win on the spot for example, since it return to your command zone. In this deck the goal is to go infinite and use all that mana for really spicy things. The only downside is that the mana generated can only be used to cast creatures, so no burning your opponent’s face, sadly.

Going Infinite

This is the combo. That’s it. Deck tech’s over. With this card, you can exile it with Food Chain, gain 5 mana, cast it again from exile, exile it again, etc. You get 1 mana each time out of the deal, essentially gaining you infinite mana. It’s a really simple combo to be honest and it gets around Swords to Plowshare, which is the most popular removal spell of the format.

Going Infinite, Again

With this new addition from Eldritch Moon you can bring up your combo piece to 5 or 6 instead of 4. I don’t really see people play the full 8 since you really just need to resolve 1 of them to win. Usually people play 3 Griffin & 2 Scourge, that way, if someone plays Nevermore or something similar, you have a back-up creature. I’m not sure why Scourge isn’t played in more numbers, since it’s CMC is lower, but I think it’s mostly because Food Chain costs 3 so you’d rather be on curve with a 4cmc Griffin the next turn or something like that.

Mana Hungry Mama

This is your main pay-off card. You just slam down Emrakul, take your extra turn and crash it with that big Annihilator trigger. There is usually nothing your opponent can do about this. Plus, playing this in your main deck provides some great match-ups against Show & Tell since you’ll often just be able to cheat yours into play as well and you’ll get to attack first, meaning they’ll screw themselves over.

These Ballistas are Made for Walking

With a brand new addition from Aether Revolt, this card just does exactly what you want it to do. It adds a well needed win condition to the deck since you can just cast an essentially infinite/infinite Ballista and shoot down your opponent with it. With this card you have 2 angles you can win from and that’s usually plenty. Just get a bunch of mana and win, the deck is fairly simple right?

Early Mana

From the previous cards, you could imagine the deck being a Mono-Blue combo deck with some back-up counter that just splashes Green for the Food Chains, and while that could technically work, it’s not the best way to go. There has been quite a few iterations of the deck but what seems to be the best build is Sultai. You get access to Deathrite Shaman who generates good early mana, as well as get rid of pesky cards from graveyards. Oh, and if one of your creature gets killed you can exile it from YOUR graveyard to cast it again. What a good synergy!


You can to scour through your deck to find your pieces. First thing you need to assemble your combo, so you need to find a Food Chain & one of your creatures; then you need to find one of your payoff cards. What is essential is to dig through your deck as efficiently as possible to find those cards. Brainstorm provides that early digging to find everything you need, plus with fetches you can just shuffle away anything you don’t want. You can also run some Ponder if you really feel like it.


A card that probably only sees play in this deck, in which it’s amazing. For only 2 cmc you get to grab 3 of your much needed creatures from your deck & exile them. This means you’ll have 3 chances at trying to combo off. Plus you draw a card, so that’s cool.

Digging & Digging

Even more draw & value, this mean little bird provides some great blocking potential as well as replacing itself, drawing even deeper into your deck to find what you need. There is not much else to say about this card, it’s just really good.

Digging Even Deeper

Now this is starting to look like a Shardless Sultai deck list, which to be honest so of does. Shardless Agent is just soooooooooooo good, you get to really dig and find what you need, getting you some extra value out of it and keep drawing cards. The deck is essentially trying to get a whole lot of value out of cheap cards until it can combo, and it does that so well.

Please, Use Protection

You’re running a combo AND you’re playing blue…you need Force of Will. Come on, you have to be able to protect your stuff. If you really want to you can also run a couple Misdirection to avoid Abrupt Decay & such, but that’s entirely up to you. But there is no way around it, you need to protect your cards.

Does it Look Infected?

Since you’re playing Sultai, you sort of need to play Abrupt Decay to deal with whatever is on the other side of the table. It was really good against Miracles since it passed through the Top+Counterbalance lock, but since Top is now banned I’m not sure that Miracles will still be around that much…In any case, Abrupt Decay is still amazingly powerful in the format and is a MUST if you’re playing those colours.


That’s it for this week! The deck is fairly simple, being a value-packed Sultai deck with a sweet combo. The deck can be fairly cheap if you’re not too picky on the mana base, like without the dual lands it should be around 500$ which is very cheap for a tier Legacy deck. It’s not a SUPER popular deck, so don’t expect to face it that often, but it is putting out great results and is often seeing top 8 finishes. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this deck tech as much as I did, if I missed anything let me know! I’ll see you guys next week for an EDH deck tech!

essefex  asked:

Seconding the sentiment that all four mechanics (Exert, Cycle, Embalm, -1/-1 Counters) feel satisfying to use and are enjoyable to play against. Also I really love the Cartouches for providing value beyond their buff. I got to play UG for prerelease. The Blue one replaces itself and the Green one trades very well for an opponent's card. The extra value of bouncing the Trial of Zeal I splashed for was an awesome extra reward too. Really felt my deck becoming an ecosystem.

The “ecosystem” feel is an important part of the design.

mattykinsel  asked:

Ahh, thank you! You're also so polite and kind. Often times I feel nervous asking leftists stuff because some of them can be very knee-jerk it seems. Idk. Anyways, I mean like.. about the "first part"... maybe I just don't understand surplus value and expropriation of the extra value etc etc like you explained. Do you have any links or resources that explain it super simply?Thank you so so much! I'm just concerned that it's (theft of surplus value) not real or *provable* - just an abstract rly

Oh yeah, no problem! =) Richard Wolff is a Marxian economist who does a fantastic job at simplifying many of the original anti-capitalist concepts, and this link HERE will take you to one of his lecture videos where he discusses surplus value. 

In a condensed summary, a capitalist will not hire a worker unless they can squeeze more value out of of them than they actually pay them. Surplus is the total value a worker generates minus the amount the capitalist ends up paying them. A McDondald’s cashier may bring in hundreds of dollars of value to the company each hour, but they’re only paid minuscule fractions of that. As far as capitalists are concerned, the lower the better, because that means more surplus for them. There are more details to it, and Richard Wolff covers them nicely in the above video. I understand not wanting the idea to be reduced to “just a theory” when you’re trying to convince someone – it’s tough because people take capitalist exploitation of labor for granted, as though it were an unalterable fact of nature. Wolff is great at putting all of the Marxist jargon into layman’s terms. 



Varden’s suppurating cuticles!

I can tell a lot of thought went into this line of dialogue because:

  • if Varden is a god Seivarden would swear by, I’m betting her name has etymologic origins from Varden too! like “beloved by Varden” or something.
  • cuticles are on the *hands*, so of course this is (was) a really shocking curse, like “Jesus motherfucking Christ!” Divinity + taboo bodily reference = extra shock value!
  • …except after a thousand years, it just sounds cheesy, kind of like how “Zounds!” (from “God’s wounds!”) and “Gadzooks!” (from “God’s hooks!” = crucifixion nails) have fallen out of use in anything but historical fiction.
Amonkhet - My EDH picks, Part 1

Sup m’dudes. 

I haven’t done a “set review” for anything yet (blog’s still pretty new), so I figure I get around to that. So I’d like to take the chance to do one for EDH now.

I’ll include some that I think will have an impact in EDH, and what/where they’ll be. If I don’t include something, I think it doesn’t really offer anything new to EDH, or was too vanilla/reprint/underpowered, or completely missed it (eh, I’m human). If you think it’s the last one, let me know - I’d love to add more to this.

I’ll be doing White, Black, and Blue here, with two more for the rest of the colors and a commander overview. Without further ado, here we go!


Angel of Sanctions

Banisher Priest with flying, or 2/3rds of Angel of Serenity over time.

Oblivion Ring-style removal is a fave of mine in EDH, and I run a couple in every deck that has white in it. 

Embalm is a new mechanic - to refresh, it allows for the creature to return to the battlefield in token form from the GY. A nice touch of extra value, and allows you to mill/discard these guys and still get use out of them. Basically flashback for creatures.

Sanctions here has a fair body for EDH, and a powerful effect. It makes a good addition to any deck that wants to pay more for Oblivion Ring for more value.

Score: B

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Before baking, this is my ratatouille 🤗 it has eggplant, sliced portabello mushrooms, tomatoes, sweet onions and on each piece of eggplant, i spread zengarry sun dried tomato and basil cashew cheese. On the bottom i spread out a thick layer of portabello mushroom tomato sauce and mixed in some chopped spinach for some extra nutritional value. Then i topped it all with basil, oregano, parsely, garlic powder (i used a sieve to get a more dusty appearance), salt and pepper 😍😋

anonymous asked:

give me all the headcanons about the band au. why are dick and tim verified on twitter? what does bruce think about the band's music? i need to know everything

Please I’m a slut for musician!Jason, tell me more about rhato

any chance you’d tell us a little bit more about the band au? stuff you think might not make it into graphics & edits?? <33

Tell me about your band!rhato AU please? 

okay folks… im finally delivering. im making up this au as i go, so sorry if there isnt a solid backstory yet. Some rhato band au facts! 

  • their music style is similar to Haim’s, but i originally also thought their debut album would be more like Zayn’s
  • said album is actually named OUTLAWS.
  • Lian exists on this au and is their biggest fan. According to Jason, shes the inspiration for most of their “““romantic”””songs.
  • the Wayne family is still famous here, that’s why Tim, Cass and Dick have verified accounts
  • Jason had a fallout with Bruce, but they’re slowly building back their father/son relationship because in every world they love each other a lot
  • Cass was the first person to successfully reach out for Jason. She went to every single one of his concerts in Gotham and near cities, and eventually even bought backstage passes to talk w him (Steph went with her for moral support) (aka to kick Jasons ass if he was a douche w Cass)
  • Dick tried to do the same thing when he saw pictures of Cass, Steph, Jason, Kori and Roy having lunch together all over twitter and instagram. He got kicked out of the place, bc Jason is a little shit like that
  • (Eventually he accepted the dinner invitation, though. He’s in p good terms w the batfam now, as you can see here)
  • Their first album got actually nominated for a grammy
  • (and they won. Jason promised Roy to punch Justin Bieber if that happened, which, well. Their management is still riding their asses for that one)
  • (Dick thinks it was the best thing ever, though)
  • The joker still exists on this au and yes, he has fucked jason over. Im working in an edit w some info about it 
  • Kori dated Dick for a while, which is how she met Jason back when he was p young. 
  • Talia was Jason’s original manager, but she stepped out when he formed Rhato. They’re in good terms and he still calls her every now and then to ask for advice when hes about to do something Extra™ bc he values her opinion more than anything else in the world
  • (Like that time he posted a picture of him kissing Roy when some homophobic fans were being nasty) (which actually hasnt happened yet but it will okay)
  • there are a handful of songs that every single rhato stan agree are Bruce & Oliver diss songs. None of them commented on it, but Jason smirks like the knife cat everytime he gets asked about it
  • they have parties w one direction every now and then byeeeeee
  • bruce has a room full of rhato merch. Hes a proud father okay, even when he wasnt talking w jason, he still bought every single item that had rhato written on it or jasons face
  • sometimes they have themed concerts. 
  • Their star wars themed one was legendary, RhatoGoesStarWars trended for days. Jason dressed up as a sith, kori as an alien, and Roy… as han solo jhdgsh. They played star wars songs, made their instruments star wars themed, and even had some people from the cast play w them. It was awesome.
  • they formed the band as a coping mechanism. All of them went through some heavy stuff that lead them to turn to music. 
  • Talia was the one to point Jason to the music direction btw
  • Stephcass and KoriJasonRoy are a thing on this universe. Timkon might be too… not sure
  • Clark is a facebook mom and always comments on their videos and instagram pictures
  • According to Roy, the first song they ever played was Wannabe by the spice girls. Jason says it was What makes you beautiful, and Kori You belong with me. Nobody knows whos telling the truth.
  • They started w a youtube channel where they played covers
  • (they still have it btw)
  • and idk those are some that come to my mind now

How to Horizontally and Vertically Center your Container Themes for All Screen Sizes

Step 1: Put everything that you want to center in the same div (let’s call it a container div)

Nothing gets messier faster than trying to make several unbound elements always stay together. Putting them all inside of a single div means there’s less to tweak when you want to scooch things around.

Step 2: Put the following code in your css for the container div:

#whateveryourcontaineriscalled {

Assuming you don’t add on extra margin values, your container will now always be in the exact center of the browser window, no matter how big or small the person’s screen is. 

An example that doesn’t use this trick: here

An example that does use this trick: here

anonymous asked:

If you could rewrite the Naruto Ending, how would it be like?

I’m glad you’re asking. See, as the series progresses, Naruto makes promises to those he meets on his journey, saying he will become Hokage one day and change the system. In its discourse between oppression and corruption, the two main issues of the series are of political nature. But what does Kishimoto do? 

Well, he ineloquently drops all politics aside and ends Naruto with happily married fanfiction couples. The MC is gifted with godlike power, there is peace in the ninja world; unfortunately, the important issues are still not resolved. Following the anti-establishment trope and yet failing in going through with it, Kishimoto decides to settle for the lawful endurance role.

  • So how would I rewrite the ending?

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Commissions are OPEN!!! 10$ Headshots 15$ Chibis

I recently got a job for the fall and I am going to start my career. (yay)  I’m going to move pretty far away and I want to draw commissions a lot this summer in order to pay for things in my new apartment, so I can make it into a home.

I’m going to accept only 8 slots for commissions

Flat Chibis are 15$ each

Cell shaded Headshots are 10$ each

Once the slots are filled up, commissions are closed.

For more info, click here!  My email and my commission rules are there.  If you are serious about getting a commission, email me and we can talk details.  After both parties agree, I’ll send you my paypal email and we can get started.  Thank you!!!

anonymous asked:

I understood most of the game, but I was still confused Ouma himself. Was his title really SHSL Supreme Leader and did he reveal anything about his past?

This question requires a little delving into endgame spoilers (which means roughly from about Chapter 5 to the end), so if you’re not comfortable with being spoiled that far, I wouldn’t recommend reading this just yet!

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anonymous asked:

What's your opinion on marriage

I personally don’t want to get married cause in my opinion it doesn’t bring any extra value to a relationship

Gold digger

I haven’t had Internet all day so I could choose from any requests so I just quickly wrote a crappy thing on my phone xxoo

It’s the last thing you had expected to hear from his fans… Fat and ugly? Expected. But gold digger?

You always knew Dan was bound for big things, his intelligence and charm only an extra value. He had started with youtube which lead to his radio show and now here he is writing and directing his very own films. With all of this work, it was well known that he was making big money, but was that why you were dating him? Hell no! But that’s not how the fans were seeing it.

You always promised yourself that you would never let their words get to you, but with the photos of him taking you shopping in magazines and the constant abuse from paparazzi, it was starting to get difficult.

What if Dan thought you were using him for his money? What if it bothered him? All these things going through your mind was really bringing you down.

That’s when you decided to take action on it. You stopped going shopping with him and buying new clothes. You said no to the fancy dinner invites and even told him to stop buying you gifts.

“It’s the premier of my film in two days, I need to get a new suit” Dan says as he enters your home.

“We need to go to the shops tomorrow” he continues as he wraps his arms around you from behind and gives your shoulder a soft kiss.

You absolutely loved watching Dan try on new clothing items, especially suits, so you couldn’t say no to coming.

The next day came around quickly and you now sat on a sofa, waiting for Dan to come out of the change room and show you his outfit.

The door unlocks and you giggle at his little cat walk as he sways his hips and spins around.

“What do you think?” He asks with a sexy smirk.

“You look amazing” and that wasn’t a lie, the suit say perfectly on him, square on the shoulders and the buttons done all the way up.

“Thanks baby” he says, kissing your cheek before changing out of the suit again. He pays for the suit at the cash register before you both head out of the store.

As you walk through the mall, Dan tugs you by the hand and pulls you into an expensive dress shop.

“what are you doing?” You question, looking up at him.

“Well my gorgeous date needs a dress to match me” he says, observing the products of the store.

“I can just wear an old one”

“I got a new suit so you get a new dress.” He states as he pulls out a gorgeous, flowing dress.

“This would look perfect on you” he says with a smile as he holds it in front of your body. You look at the price tag and widen your eyes.

“For $390… I don’t think so” you say, turning around at heading towards the exit.

Dan was confused, you usually loved shopping.

“Baby wait up. You know I can afford it” he says as he follows behind you.

“Yes, you can but I can’t. You shouldn’t spend so much on me”

“But I want-”

“No Dan.” You cut him off before walking away.

You didn’t intend on snapping at him, you were simply frustrated. You made your way to his nice car, unlocking it and sitting in the passenger seat. A few minutes later Dan opens the back door, throwing the shopping in before getting in the drivers seat. The drive home was almost silent, except for the quiet music playing from the stereo.

Once the car was parked at home, you got out and walked to the door, not waiting for Dan. You walk inside and went into your room, falling onto the bed feeling mentally exhausted. The bed dipped down beside you and warm arms wrapped around your body.
Why was he so sweet? Even after you snapped.

“I’m going to go make some tea.” Dan informs you, kissing your shoulder before walking away. You remain there for a moment before deciding you need to apologise to him.

You walk into the kitchen and your eyes land on the shopping bags on the bench, one being from the dress shop. You peer into the bag and see the dress.

“I told you not to get it” you said, your voice completely monotone.

“I know but I thought-”

“I don’t care, I said I didn’t want it!” You snap once again

“WHY? You always love getting new things!” Dan had finally lost it, his voice raising as he argued with you.

“That’s the problem! You’re always getting me new things! Everyone thinks I’m using you for your money and I don’t want you to think that too!”

Dan’s face fell from anger to sadness as he finally understood what was happening. You thought he yell but instead he pulled you into his arms and held you tight.

“Baby, I buy all these things for you because I want to. I want to spoil my girl, I love the way your eyes lighten up and you get so excited, it always brings a smile to my face. If these people can’t see how much we love each other then screw them. But please don’t feel bad about me buying you things, because I love doing it”

You can’t help but sniffle as you hold in tears. You look up at Dan and give him a soft, loving kiss.

“I love you so much Dan. And thank-you for the dress…. I really do love it.”

“I love you too baby. Anything for my girl”