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it’s really cool that a lot of skins we assumed to just be Extra Bullshit are turning out to be canon like….genjis nomad skin is like a Thing He Wore and widowmaker was actually a ballerina like that’s so cool and interesting and also roadhog isn’t white



↳ Anger or quiet rage that makes Klaus extra

Commander of the Week

The Many Forms of Yidris, Maelstrom Wanderer 

Out of the commander 2016 four color commanders, Yidris is probably the most interesting allowing for several different strategies. I find that the other four encourage a certain strategy and makes it very hard to deviate from that strategy. With Yidris however, It’s quite easy to come up with a pretty good list for a voltron deck, a deck made up largely of creatures and a spell-slinging deck. Yidris is a 5/4 for 4 mana with Trample, that bestows cascade to spells cast from your hand if he deals combat damage that turn. 

Creature Heavy decks 

This deck is mostly green and super easy to build, just take an old Kruphix, God of Horizons deck (minus the prophet mind you, which really hurts my Kruphix deck), that probably contains creatures like Craterhoof Behemoth, Trygon PredatorProgenitor Mimic and Avenger of Zendikar and add some of the add some mana dorks like Somberwald Sage, Bloom Tender, Gyre Sage and Birds of Paradise. Then just add some cool red and/or black spells like Stalking Vengeance, Inferno Titan, Warstorm Surge and Master of Cruelties

Spell-slinging Decks 

This deck will be mostly Red and Blue. Though this deck will have far fewer creatures, it will contain several of the same mana dorks. Though this deck will contain creatures such as Mirrorwing Dragon, Zada, Hedron Grinder, Mercurial Geists and Nivix Cyclops along with any creature that gains a bonus when instant and sorcery spells are cast. Most of the spells in this deck will be really cheap and will hopefully allow you to draw cards. These will include spells like Uncaged Fury, Distortion Strike, Giant Growth and Butcher’s Glee. Paradox Engine and Cryptolith Rite make a really good combination too allowing you to tap your creatures to produce the mana needed to cast these spells. Aetherflux Reservoir is also a good choice for this deck for life gain and a potential win condition.

Voltron Decks 

This is much like my idea for the spell-slinging deck only with more permanent methods of “powering-up” the commander and other creatures perhaps. I thought maybe auras such as Rancor, Claws of Valakut, Aqueous Form and Auramancer’s Guise. Or Equipment such as the Sword of Feast and Famine, Lashwrithe, Nim Deathmantle and Whispersilk Cloak, or a combination of both. Decimator of the Provinces and Craterhoof Behemoth are both good finishers in such a deck.

Extra Turn Decks (Please, No)

This is pretty self explanatory and not something I advocate. Spells such as Temporal Extortion, Time Stretch, Time Warp and Temporal Mastery are all common choices for such a deck and Yidris’s Cascade ability just makes it easier to run into them. I wouldn’t recommend doing too much of this or the table will quickly turn against you.  

And Finally…

Land bases for four color decks are challenging and I’m still struggling to come up with one that works well. Terramorphic Expanse, Expedition Map and anything that searches for land is sorely needed as is anything that taps for any color such as Command Tower, Ancient Ziggurat (In creature decks) and Exotic Orchard. The lands from Ravnica block like Rakdos Carnarium and Simic Growth Chamber are also very good, especially when combined with lands like Halimar Depths or Bojuka Bog allowing you to recur their abilities. I do hope you find this helpful, I have put a creature list together for Yidris but I still have to finish lists for the other decks when I finish them I will post them shortly. Until Next Week, Happy Deck Building.


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Some Teenage Angst Zimmermann Thoughts

- Jack Zimmermann had a crap ton of cliche teen angst and has at some point said the following things to his parents “ugh….you just don’t get it!” “Gawd your so humiliating…Papa stop waving he see’s you! People can see.” and “Mama I am not wearing that to school! i don’t care if it was on the runway in Milan last week it has feathers!” 

-Jack had a boombox in his room and whenever he was feeling particularly Extra he’d turn it up all the way and blast French Rap, which Bad Bob Zimmermann hated so much it made him want to set the boombox on fire. 

- Jack has a tongue piercing…he absolutely does…he 100% has a tongue piercing you can ply this head cannon away from my cold dead hands. This closeted-Emo grumpy motherfucker has a fucking tongue piercing. (when Bitty finds out thats a whole other post all together) (when Shitty finds out Thats a whole other post all together) Surprisingly when Bob saw it, he just rolled his eyes. Alicia almost had a heart attack. “He put a hole in his tongue Bob….HE’S SIXTEEN!” 

-Whenever Jack was angry at his Dad, he’d show up at Hockey games wearing the opposing teams Jersey. “Hey Bob, What the fucks your son doing in a Senators Jersey?” “I’m making him miss hockey practice to go to Alicia’s movie premiere.”

-Jack once wrote a paper on how Henri Richards ( the record holder for the most Stanley cup wins) was his hero, and Bob said belligerently ‘ Jack I’m your father, i’ve won two Stanley cups!’ and Jack replied ‘Yes but have you won eleven?’ 

-Pre overdose Jack has one thousand percent snuck out of the house to go to a party, and I assume they live in a three-four story detached family home that looks more like a castle than a house with an iron gate and electronic locks and the whole nine, so imagine not only a pubescent and drunk Jack Zimmermann trying to climb down and scale the wall of that house but also trying to climb a giant iron fence at two in the morning and getting caught by his father with a flashlight a robe and bunny slippers. 

-Jack Zimmermann has experimented with both girls and boys in the confines of his room and at many high school house parties and has come home covered in hickies that look like he got slapped in the neck with a puck and Alicia just about loses her mind…Bob snaps a picture for his embarrassing Jack Photo collection. 

-Bad Bob does that Dad thing where he rhymes everything and thinks it’s hilarious like “Hey Papa this is my friend Paul-” “Oh yeah, paul eh? tall paul from montreal? Gonna have a ball?” Jack’s facial expression is a solid mix between wanting somebody to mercy kill him and wanting someone to mercy kill his father. He later gets back at him by wearing a leafs jersey to one of his games (the leafs weren’t even playing)

- Alicia makes the whole family do a professionally done Christmas photo every year to send to family in matching Christmas sweaters. Jack believes he had burned them all in the great cleansing of ‘09′. It’s not until Shitty’s multimedia best man speech at his wedding that he realized his father had kept electronic copies and a very embarrassing photo of Jack with a floppy Bieber fringe, eyeliner, a serious scowl, and a bright red sweater that has a giant stocking sewn on his broadcast for his utter humiliation. 

-Jack wrote lyrics on his shoes in permanent marker. These weren’t eighty dollar converse…these were 2000 dollar Rick Owens running shoes his Mom brought back from France. 

Person A has 10 page essay due in two days and has done nothing for it yet.

A knows they should go to Person B for help, but also knows that B already finished their paper a while ago and might yell at A for being lazy.

Person A instead closes themselves in their room, trying to get as much done as possible before the deadline.

After a few hours Person B walks into A’s room and sees A crying, and close to a complete panic over the overwhelming amount of work due.

B slowly takes the laptop away from A, sits next to and hugs A, all the while gently telling them to breath and take their time calming down.

Eventually A calms down enough to explain the situation. Person B tells A that they are not mad at all, and is completely willing to help.

Together they make slow and steady progress on the essay.

EXTRA: A turns in an 8 page essay, but is still proud of the work that they did together.

Wish Ornament

Wish ornaments are the perfect way to get festive and enter the new year! Or just to have to give your wishes an extra kick! They turned out beautiful and their energy alone fills the area around them. Hopefully, you’ll give it a go!


  • Clear plastic ornament 
  • Ribbon/String
  • Colored candle of your choosing
  • Herbs of your choice
  • Devil’s Shoe String (optional)

Before starting, it’s a good idea to cleanse the materials you will be working with and prepping your space. I do a simple sage cleansing not only for my materials, but for myself as well so I may go in with a renewed and energized mindset! 

Whichever herbs you decide to put into your ornament largely depends on your intention. My wish for this new year was for focus on school, money in my new job, and personal peace and confidence. So, I used the following herbs: 

  • Patchouly - Money
  • Basil - Money
  • Lemon Balm - Success
  • Rosemary - Confidence
  • Lavender - Peace
  • Bourrage - Courage
  • Peppermint - Clarity, focus
  • 3 Rose Petals - Love
  • Star Anise - Luck

All of these herbs were enchanted/charged with my intent. This process is personal and varies by practice, however, whenever you feel ready take the top of the ornament and them in!  Before recapping mine, I charged and snapped a Devil’s Shoe String in half to enhance the power of my intent. 

Once your herbs are nicely sealed, seal it with a wax color of your choice, finalizing your intent as you watch the flame. You can coordinate a color with your wish, or aesthetic! 

Then tie your string through the loop of the ornament and display wherever you would like (:

Happy Wishing!

im sorry but i had to (i hc that dwyer is actually really tall but only looks normal height cause he has terrible posture)


I could never leave you.

I can’t decide what my favorite thing about Rogue One is: that Darth Vader makes dad jokes, that Darth Vader’s lava castle is canon again, or that Darth Vader turned off the lights on his chest to make his entrance more Dramatic™

Sickeningly sweet HC’s for everyone

Since I already wrote something about Valentine’s Day chocolate before, yet still kind of want to do something today since everyone seems to be fired up … I’m quickly writing down my cutest and cheesiest random little head canons about each of the MysMe characters (all of them, so kind of spoilers). Happy Valentine’s Day to me!



  • Sometimes you ask him to open things or grab things from a higher shelf for you, even if you don’t actually need him. His reaction to this is just too cute. He not so secretly loves these kind of stereotypical couple dynamics and gets adorably excited.
  • When you are apart you text pretty much non-stop. Even if you both try not to get distracted you always end up looking at your phone and replying. Sometimes, even after a long time of being a couple, you still stay up all night talking to each other and making each other smile like an idiot.
  • Yoosung talks a lot about you. It’s not on purpose, he just can’t help it. Even people who have barely or never met you, already know that you are presumably the loveliest and most amazing person ever.


  • Zen always practices any and all romantic lines from every role he takes on with you. He always acts it out with passion and sincerity, no matter how cheesy and ridiculous they get, and insists that all of it still pales in comparison to his love for you. He can and will do this for hours on end.
  • So much physical affection, too. No morning without a good morning kiss. No sleeping without a good night kiss, probably not a lot of sleeping at all without some body part of you touching. Random touches and hugs and kisses everywhere.
  • Of course, your phones are full of couple selfies. Either one kissing the other or doing those heart hands. Zen loves the heart hands. You do it everywhere.


  • Even before you get together, Jaehee keeps a framed picture of you on her desk to remind her of how lucky she is to have met you. She also has one of the both of you on her bedside table.
  • One of your favorite things is to lay in bed beside each other, in the darkness and just barely touching each other, and just talk about anything and everything. You both have so many things and feelings to share, and Jaehee never had this sort of relationship before. She enjoys this bond and the trust between you two so much.
  • The very first latte art Jaehee presents to you has the shape of a heart. She insists that you drink this cup of coffee, because she was thinking of you while making it.


  • You can turn Jumin into instant mush by doing the littlest sweet things for him. He expects nothing from you except for just being there, so every small gesture still means the world to him. Just hide a cute note between the documents on his desk and wait for his reaction.
  • He is the cutest when you are just relaxing at home, snuggled up to him, staring out of that huge window together. He will happily hold and cuddle you the whole evening, giving you the softest kisses on the head and telling you again and again just how precious you are to him.
  • Jumin’s phone is actually full of pictures of you, and of the two of you together. He stares at them a lot when he can’t physically be with you.


  • He didn’t lie. He did not have a recording of your voice at that point. But he has now. Several. He listens to them whenever you’re not there and he’s missing you.
  • The two of you sometimes play up the sickeningly sweethearts routine for fun, in real life and in the chat room. Complete with spoiling and pampering each other, giving cringey pet names and fighting about “no you are cuter”. It is joking around of course, but deep inside you both know you’re actually kind of serious.
  • Joking or not, whenever he is with you, Saeyoung really tends to touch you a lot. Takes your hand, or plays with your hair, or puts an arm around you when you’re close enough. He sometimes doesn’t even seem to realize it. He just likes to be close to you and feel that you’re there with him.


  • Saeran secretly enjoys doing “typical couple things”. Holding hands or linking arms in the streets? Carrying your stuff? Having to give you a bite from his food? No problem. Because this kind of behaviors and routines not only feel like kind of a validation … but also like he’s finally doing something right, and normal.
  • You are the one person who is always allowed to come near him. Talk to him, touch him, even hug and kiss him. He probably won’t say it, but he likes getting attention and affection a lot – if it’s from you that is.
  • Saeran has a really bright and beautiful smile he almost exclusively shows to you, when the two of you are alone and relaxed. You have a selfie on your phone where he is smiling beside you; the two of you look so cute and happy that Saeyoung actually cried a bit when you showed it to him.


  • He likes to make small gifts from time to time, often photographs or single flowers. Sometimes he sends them to your workplace so they will brighten up your day. He doesn’t want anything in return and tries his best to make that clear. He just wants you to smile and be happy.
  • You have a favorite place you discovered together. A small but elegant café/bar, located in the top floor of a multistorey building. You go there for a date with candlelight and view over the city almost every Friday evening.
  • Sometimes, seemingly without reason, V will just turn to you, take your hands, and tell you sweet things. That you’re wonderful and perfect and that he’s incredibly happy and grateful to have met you. He is so sincere about it that you usually don’t question it. If you do, he just smiles and says that he wanted to make sure you knew this.


  • Vanderwood actually appreciates you and the relationship you have so much. He might deflect from that “feels-y” stuff with snark and pragmatism to hide the awkwardness, but he’ll just go over to you and hug you in the same breath. Sometimes physical affection is easier to give than honest, heartfelt words.
  • He’s attentive enough to always know when you need something. And as long as it doesn’t involve him having to spout sweet talk (or risking his life again), he’s also quite willing to do it. Sometimes he fetches you a glass of water before you even realize that you’re thirsty.
  • You do have these rare, quiet moments. From time to time, and each time surprising you quite a lot, Vanderwood drops the sarcasm and talks to you very sincerely for a few minutes. Then, he’ll explain his usual behavior to you, apologizing if he’s ever hurt you, and assuring you that yes, he does love you. A lot.