extra terrorestrial alien encounter

thebatwhispers  asked:

Hey! Just wondering because of reasons, would you happen to know if Disney acquired the theme park rights to the xenomorphs in general for GMR, or just the ones in the first Alien movie? Hope all is well! I'll be at SWW on the 31st, if you're at GMR that day, I'll request your show!

There’s actually a cool story behind that, I’m not 100% sure, I believe its just the first Alien film. Disney got the rights to Alien many years before GMR opened, at first it was slated to be its own attraction in the Magic Kingdom but Imagineers and George Lucas(who Disney brought on for the task) felt they didn’t need a rated R film in the parks, so they shelved Alien, later to use it in The Great Movie Ride. Thats why the majority of the films used in GMR are MGM, with the oddball Alien from 20th Century Fox. Lucas started working again on the project in the early 90s to create Extra TERRORestrial: Alien Encounter! Sorry if you knew all that but I like telling the story. That would be great!