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No Place Like Home

Here is @megatraven’s Bee-day gift!

“It’s a dump,” Chloé declared her arms across her chest.

“Well the relator did say it was a fixer upper,” Marinette reminded their wife as they looked around the large foyer.

“It’s a dump,” Chloé repeated herself stubbornly.

“Chlo, love, it is in the right part of town,” Adrien pointed out to their wife as well.

“Do you both really like it?” Chloé tilted her head with a slight frown as she looked at the two people she loved. Both nodded their head. There was a lot that needed to be done to the house, but it was in the part of town they all had agreed they’d prefer, it wasn’t too small (in fact it was larger than they had planned, but two out of three fathers’ would be pleased with the extra square footage) most of the problems were cosmetic, and it had the right mix of ‘must haves’ on each person’s list (the most important the heroes agreed on was plenty of ways to covertly enter and exit their property). However this meant it would take time before they could move in. “Fine, but don’t say all of that when she returns. Let me get this deal to go through.”

And Chloé did. The biggest problem with the house would take nearly a month to fix once they hired a contractor, but they had waited this long for a house they could all love, they could wait a little more. The day to day dealings with the contractor and the interior decorator was handled by Adrien, being the least busy of the three.

When they had time the women would come with Adrien to see the progress of their home. Adrien,and whoever was in charge of the current project,taking time to explain their progress. In all that time though, Chloé did not go back to the yard behind the house, nor did she realize it.

The day they were to move in was an exciting day and Chloé found herself, not buzzing around, despite what her spouses and kwamii said, but excited. The apartment they’d shared for the last two years was completely bare now and while it did hold good memories, she was happy for them to be just that, memories.

When they pulled up to the house they all exited the car and just stood outside, looking at the house in wonder. Marinette had an arm wrapped around the waist of both her partners and Chloé felt washed with a warm sensation, this was going to be their home! After they’d had their moment Chloé broke away, less they stay rooted at the spot until sundown.

“Wait a moment Chlo,” Adrien called to her.

Chloé paused and turned around, seeing her wife holding up a blindfold. “Put this on.”

Chloé’s eyebrow went up. “What’s going on?”

“It’s a surprise,” Adrien said even as Marinette, smiling widely, walked over to carefully place the blindfold on Chloé. She let it happened and the last she saw was the smiling faces of her spouses before the world became black.

It wasn’t the first time Chloé had to trust blindly either of those helping her to the door, but it was still a weird sensation. “There isn’t anything here I haven’t seen you know,” she said, her voice somewhat bored and annoyed, but she knew they could see the smirk on her face. She’d play along with their small suprise, but she couldn’t make it easy for them. “After all I know where the piano is placed in the music room, and which of the guest rooms we’ll eventually convert into a nursery.”

They agreed with her on this and other points as they walked her through the house. She was pretty sure they had gone the whole length when she heard a door and felt a breeze. Finally Adrien took off her blindfold and her eyes laid upon paradise.

Maybe it wasn’t quite paradise but it seemed nearly so. When they bought the house, the garden was nice enough, there were bushes and flowers, but now it seemed truly alive! As Chloé took her first steps she noted the apple tree that had been pruned and the new cherry trees. The rosemary bushes, in full bloom, and the lilies waving in the breeze. She even noticed the dandelions, allowed to say, but in an artistic manner all it’s own. More than once she spotted bees happily going from flower to flower. Honey bees, bumble bees, and at least two varieties of solitary bees if she was any judge. After several more steps in awe, she spun and looked at the two grinning fools behind her, well more like five, as the kwamis were out and paused in their own investigations of the flowering plants.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were going to have the garden landscaped?” Chloé demanded without much bite in her words.

Adrien shrugged even as Marinette’s grin widen. “You haven’t seen the rest yet.”

Curious now Chloé walked further still, noting the gravel surrounding the fountain pond, and the lovely scents in the spring air and the buzzing. In fact there was a lot of buzzing. And then she rounded a large bush to see three beehives.

“Oh!” was all she could say as her hands went to her mouth, her eyes feeling moist. “Damn it you guys, you didn’t warn me to wear waterproof mascara!”

The laughter of her spouses only made the warmth in her being grow and while she knew she would look like a raccoon later, Chloé let the tears of joy flow, happy to finally have a place they could all call home.

(AO3 http://archiveofourown.org/works/10687839 )

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going through old notes because i’m helping some friends who are currently in orgo

notebook: moleskine cahier journal extra large squared

  • Chat Noir: (shows up on Marinette's balcony post-angsty-reveal)
  • Marinette: What are you doing?
  • Chat Noir: Waiting for my girlfriend. Maybe you've seen her - pretty girl, leaps tall buildings in a single bound, carries the weight of the world on her shoulders, yet still manages to laugh at some of my puns.
  • Marinette: She sounds like a pawful.
  • Chat Noir: Oh she is. But she's worth it.

Hey everyone! So, like I promised, here are all of my study supplies in a handy-dandy list format for you all! If I get any more study supplies in the future I’ll simply add on to this post or make a new one, so be on the lookout!

  1. Wenziday Better Together Organizer. Purchased from: Amazon. Listing here.
  2. Staedtler Brilliant Colors Triplus Fineliners, Pack of 20. Purchased from Amazon. Listing here.
  3. Moleskine Cahier Extra Large Squared Journal, Kraft Brown. Purchased from Amazon. Listing here
  4. Various-Sized Post-It Notes. Purchased from local supermarket, library vending machine, or given out on campus. No listing available.
  5. Pilot Soft-Color Highlighters, 6-Color Set. Purchased from Amazon. Listing here.
  6. Washi Tape. Purchased from Office Depot and Amazon. Listing for Amazon here
  7. Pentel Hi-Polymer Eraser. Purchased from Target. No listing available.
  8. iPad Stylus. Purchased from Best Buy. No listing available. 
  9. Thin Folder. I’m honestly just using the group fitness schedule for my university’s gyms. No listing availble.
  10. Foray Colorful Gel Ink Pens. Purchased from Office Depot. No listing available.
  11. Mechanical Pencils. Purchased from Target. No listing available. 
  12. Zebra Eco-Bright Double Ended Highlighters. Purchased from Amazon. Listing here.
  13. iPad 3rd Gen. 16gb. Purchased from Best Buy. No listing available.
Which Sailor Moon Drops Characters Should You Use?

With 45+ characters available in Sailor Moon Drops (so far!), one of the trickier things about the game is figuring out which characters to level up & use in the various levels. People tend to focus on their faves for lack of a better option, which sometimes doesn’t work too well (looking at you, Chibiusa, Chef Mako and Venus).

The main objective of this post will be to list the characters that I have found (through LOTS AND LOTS of gameplay) to be the most effective. It will be continuously updated to include new characters as they become available. Note that I play the Japanese version, which is roughly 6 months ahead of the English version, so beware of spoilers.

Your Mileage May Vary, of course…


  • ✝ = This character is unlocked on the main storyline map. You should prioritize maxing out these characters to Level 5 first, as you will have to use them in side levels.
  • ♦ = This character is unlocked in a limited-time event.
  • ♪ = When this character’s level is maxed out, the Heart Gem Gauge just charges more quickly rather than their Special Move being improved.
  • ¤ = The animation for their Special Move is the same at Level 2 & Level 5.
  • ♥ = This character’s Special Move also clears/destroys cages, barriers, plates, etc.
  • ⍟ = This character has an ability that, when maxed out at Level 5, makes certain other unlockable characters obsolete.

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Harry Potter Bookmark Tutorial

1) Draw 3 squares in pencil as seen above, the upper square and right square with a diagonal line that starts at their top left corner. Scribble out the outer halves (look at the picture to make sure you do it right)

2) Cut the shape out. Make sure it looks like the one I made.

3) Create your design on one of the triangles (the image has to be facing the base of the triangle) and on the square (this one can face any side). Trace in black pen.

4) Color your design. OPTIONAL: Cut out an extra square the same size as the others and color it solidly. This is in case the marker bleeds through.

5) Flip the bookmark and glue the extra square so it fits the square shape of the bookmark. If not, just color in the square. Bend the two triangles towards you so that they overlap, with your design being on top. Glue the triangles so they stay in that position.

Thanks for the request, Anon, I hope this was clear :)

(There are other examples on my main page)
  • Alya: [is v suspicious post-reveal] You've been spending a lot of time with a certain model lately.
  • Marinette: [is a lying lier who lies] Pff, whatever, I'm completely over Adrien.
  • Adrien: [is walking past at the exact wrong/right time] Wait, you're over me?
  • Marinette: Ohh God.
  • Adrien: Wha, you're uh, you're over me?
  • Marinette: Ohh, ohh.
  • Adrien: When, when were you, under me? My la-Marinette?Marinette do you, I mean, were you uh...What?

Fidds kissing Ford’s fingers and Ford kissing Fidds’s nose are the purest things for this ship.

They know each other’s insecurities and show they love each other despite them often.

Ford giving Fidds a morning kiss on his nose and Fidds giving a good night kiss on Ford’s extra finger.

The Do It Yourself Tarot Challenge: Supplies And Stuff

Getting prepared for the September DIY Tarot Challenge? Here’s some ideas for stuff to have lying around for when you begin making your deck. 

  • First, decide if you want to go traditional or digital. You are welcome to make a fully digital deck on any program you’d like! If you are planning to print out your deck, I would recommend looking up the dimensions of the card size you’d like to have (playing cards, mini cards, standard tarot, extra large cards) and making a file with them handy. 
  • Good programs include Photoshop, The Gimp, and even Microsoft Paint will suffice if you’re handy! 
  • Most of these further materials will be geared towards traditional art. If you are inexperienced in digital art or design, I find that making decks with your hands may have a more cathartic effect and be less frustrating. But do whatever works for you and will have the best effect for what you need. 

The Cards: 

Raw Options: 

Cut these into 22 (with some extra) squares or rectangles, of your own custom size and shape! 

  • Computer Paper/Standard Paper: Probably the easiest material to get ahold of, a deck can be made with plain computer paper or even any recycled paper as long as one side is blank. Pens, colored pencils and crayons are the best bet for this material. The one downside to standard weight paper is that it is flimsy and not great for shuffling - but a mini deck can be easy to shuffle if you’re careful, and paper can be folded, taped together in layers, or mounted on cardstock for further durability. If you want something cheap and easy you don’t have to think about, this is most likely in your home already.
  • Construction/Craft Paper: Similar to standard paper, Construction paper is easy to use and cut, but may be flimsy if not mounted. More colorful and durable for markers and collage use. 
  • Cardstock: Sturdy, reliable and can be purchased in many colors or styles, and good for use as a backer. Great for both drawing/writing and collages - just make sure your utensil of choice will not smudge or indent if not desired. 
  • Watercolor/Acrylic/Paint paper: More expensive and may need to be backed on cardstock, but is ideal for anyone interested in using painting, water magic/liquid applicants, or watercolor pencils for their deck. 

Pre-cut Options: 

These options are already ready to go. 

  • Blank Notecards/Index Cards: One of the most versatile options, blank notecards come in a variety of sturdy weights and nice colors, can be both drawn on and used with collage, and can be further cut down to a custom size. 
  • Blank Business Cards: A small, handy size, and may come on nicer paper than an index card. 
  • Blank Playing Cards: Some craft stores and online shops may sell pre-cut, high quality blank cards ready to go and be shuffled! If you are willing to invest, these cards may be the best for an immediately functioning deck. Many are also printer-friendly for digital designs. 

Tips: *If you want to shuffle your deck easily, buy blank playing cards or create a deck you can later laminate. 

*You may need to treat these cards with a little more TLC than a published deck as they are made out of more fragile (but easily accessible) material. 

*When deciding what to use, think about size and shape! Consider making a mini deck for extra ease and cuteness, an XL deck for more design opportunities, or a square or circle deck for extra fun!  Check out the paper and cardstock samples at your local craft shop for a better idea. 

*If you want your deck to have a strong upcycled/repurposed or chaotic magic feel, consider using recycled newspaper or a plain pack of playing cards and modifying them to fit your designs. 

The Designs: 

An amazing deck could be made with an entire craft shop’s worth of supplies or a single pen. Some materials you might want to consider using:  

  • A black pen
  • Colored pens
  • Colored pencils
  • Marker (permie or washable)
  • Crayons
  • Pastels
  • Paints or Watercolor pencils
  • Construction/Craft paper
  • Scrapbook or origami paper
  • Scissors for resizing or making scalloped edges
  • Magazines, newspapers, and printed images for collaging 
  • Pictures and photographs
  • Stickers or sticker paper/label paper
  • Ink stamps
  • 3D texture materials such as string, confetti, sequins, glitter, foil, fabric, tissue paper or plastic wrap
  • Glue sticks, paste, glitter glue or glue guns
  • Organic inks and stains such as tea bags, berry/plaint stains and charcoal smudging (great for infusing magic) (if you decide to burn any edges don’t burn your damn house down)
  • Anything to preserve your deck if needed (laminating sheets, sealant spray to preserve chalk or paint) 

Tips: *Think about the purpose of your deck. A heavily mixed media deck may be more fragile and hard to shuffle, but will be truly creative and unique. A simple illustrated or written deck may seem “boring”, but will be easy to use and elegant. 

*For this project, be creative, but pick a technique you think you’ll be able to do quickly/not get stuck on. 

*Have fun! Raid the clearance section of craft or hobby stores, check out your back to school sales for good deals on pens and markers, bookmark websites with cool pictures, and just see what you have lying around the house. 

Before you begin creating the cards, have 22 cards cut and ready to go and have your supplies handy. 

Now might also be the time to decide what kind of deck you’d like to make. 

Sand mining has erased two dozen Indonesian islands since 2005. The stuff of those islands mostly ended up in Singapore, which needs titanic amounts to continue its program of artificially adding territory by reclaiming land from the sea. The city-state has created an extra 130 square kilometers in the past 40 years and is still adding more, making it by far the world’s largest sand importer. The collateral environmental damage has been so extreme that Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam have all banned exports of sand to Singapore.

The Deadly Global War for Sand

By Vince Beiser in WIRED

First Session of D&D Summer Camp

DM (counsellor): Okay, so you have 500GP and any table in the PHB to buy whatever equipment you want. Go crazy, I’ll be back in half an hour.

Dwarf: So if we’re stingy about our gold we can buy anything in here? Anything?

Elf 1: Sure. *sigh* I’ll buy rations and travel equipment…

Elf 2: And I’ll buy EXPLOSIVES!!!!!

The Dwarf is oddly quiet as the two Elves and the Human excitedly chat about what will look the coolest in battle.
About 45 minutes later, they’re entering their first fight.

Dwarf: I drink all four dozen mugs I bought!

Everybody: What?!

Dwarf shows inventory sheet, which does indeed contain 48 beer (mug).

DM: Are you sure you want to drink all of them?

Dwarf: Well, yeah. Sugar rush should give me an extra move square, right?

DM: Uh, no… Are you sure?

Dwarf: Yes I’m sure!

DM: *sigh* Fine. Roll endurance against inebriation.

Dwarf rolls, fails, and has every roll in that battle short of a 20 treated as a crit fail. He later explains that he believed Beer (Mug) to have been Mug Root Beer.