extra skrillexular

This was the result of a conversation in the car with my parents:

Snoop Dogg is in a swamp. Snoop Bogg.

Snoop Dogg goes out for a brisk walk. Snoop Jogg.

Snoop Dogg becomes a tree and is cut down. Snoop Logg.

Snoop Dogg is eating a lot of food. Snoop Hogg.

Snoop Dogg becomes a part of gears. Snoop Cogg.

Snoop Dogg is an overused word in the homestuck fandom. Snoop Gogg.

Snoop Dogg becomes a family pet. Snoop Dogg. Oh, wait-

Snoop Dogg is a holiday drink. Snoop Nogg.

Merry Christmizzle to all. Yo ho ho.