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Possible Location of the White Lion

Before I go on with my theories, I’d like to first point to the direction of this wonderful post done by @ironinkpen that talks more about the White Lion and theories on its possible paladin and is very well-written and a joy to read.

Note this post contains some spoilers for season 4.

Moving on, for those who aren’t familiar, the White Lion is a possible sixth lion that MIGHT show up in future seasons of Voltron. At least, that’s what’s been buzzing around in the fandom as of season 3 and 4 since, you know, we kinda have an ‘one paladin too many’ problem and an extra lion in future seasons would definitely fix that issue without sending Keith on the Blade of Marmora bus. Oh, you know, the Kuron theory could be right and the team boots clone Shiro off until the real one is found. 

But hey having another lion is a lot more fun, amirite?

Anyway, the concept of the White Lion has appeared in the original Voltron series, through it was more of a fake Alfor ghost (later Robeast) sent by Haggar to lure Allura to their clutches. 

As silly as this sounds, it leads to one of the best Lance lines.xD

Princess Allura: “No Lance; don’t shoot! This lion is the spirit of my father! He spoke to me!”

Lance: “Wake up! You’re having a real bad nightmare!”

Princess Allura: “No! It’s true; father speaks to me often when I visit his tomb, but now he’s come back to reallylead me, and he’ll advise me wisely!" 

Lance (unimpressed): "Ha! The first thing he should do is advise you against going out into the woods, in the middle of the night, in your nightgown, with a big wild lion!”

Lance, once again the beacon of impulse control, stability, and common fucking sense. Oh that could be traits of the White Lion.  Someone write that down!

Ahem, back to the topic.

So, the concept of the White Lion is known in the original series. Though, as far as I’m aware, the only time it has physically appeared as actual Lion of Voltron was in an Robotech/Voltron crossover saga where it’s pilot is the character Rick Hunter.

Hehe, Lance’s favorite movie quote is “The Hunter becomes the Hunted”. Get it?Hunter? Rick Hunter? Not saying that it’s a clue that Lance could be the pilot of the White Lion, but….yeah, I dunno it just made me giggle. Shut up.

Also, on another side note, Rick Hunter sometimes calls the White Lion Kimba. KIMBA.

So fucking cute. Rick Hunter wins a gold star for grade A mecha lion naming.

Now that we know a bit of backstory on the White Lion, let’s look at main question: WHERE IS IT?

Well, in my opinion there are four possible theories:


To me this seems the less likely to be the case, but it is a theory. Some fans think that the castle itself might be able to transform into it, but the castle was canonly built by Coran’s grandfather well before Alfor’s time so I find that unlikely. It could be hidden in the castle somewhere because, yes, the castle is very, very big. But with Allura being connected to the ship, I think she’d be able to sense the presence of another Lion inside.


This seems to be the mostly likely hiding place for the White Lion to be at since this is where it’s was canonly located in the comics. Alfor had hidden it away in the mountains of Arus with only himself knowing the location. Which makes sense that if he was building the White Lion as a secret weapon to counter Zarkon and the Black Lion, he’d keep it only to himself and probably built it away from Altea and prying eyes. It would also explain why the Castle of the Lions decided to land itself on Arus after Altea was destroyed. The Castle wouldn’t have had a pilot with both Allura and Coran asleep and Alfor dead, but perhaps Alfor’s AI was able to guide it to Arus because he was already familiar with the planet and knew that their secret weapon was hidden away there.


If Alfor were able to evacuate his civilians, it’s possible he’d send his last weapon- the White Lion- with them for safekeeping. So if Alteans are alive, they might be holding the White Lion until a paladin is worthy to awaken it. Or is able to find them at least.


I know this one sounds crazy, but in all honestly, I think it’s the one that will make the most sense. And it’s already kinda canon in the comics. In the comics, the Voltron Paladin and their lions are sent into another reality and left their own in ruin and defenseless for several years. Then Rick Hunter gets pulled from his reality by Haggar and is presented with the White Lion by the ghost of Alfor to help protect Arus. Which he does before he’s eventually returned back to his reality.

Now, I wouldn’t have considered this possibility, but with season 3 and 4 introducing the canon truth that there are different realities and that Voltron has the ability to safely cross them, I can completely see this being true. Imagine that one of the paladins (probably Lance or Shiro since those two seem to be the most likely candidates for White Lion Pilots) gets stuck in another reality where the White Lion was built. Perhaps piloting the White Lion would be the only way to safely cross back into their own reality. 

So yeah those are my theories on where the White Lion (if it exists) might be located at it. If you have any other ideas, feel free to comment or shoot me an ask!^^


It’s been a while since I’ve made a post, and I figured that these tips might be extra helpful with exam season approaching. As someone who struggles a lot with procrastination, I do everything I can to fight the urge to put assignments off until the last minute (even though I’m not always successful). 

As always, good luck! (ᵔᴥᵔ)


Actual scene from s3


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Hope of Morty

Look, I know there’s like a million Hope of Morning vids already, but trust me. This is a Rick Sanchez song.

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Altean Lance hair color?

I flipping love Altean Lance guys, And I love the way he looks when people draw him with brown or white hair but here’s my thing,

brown hair is a human color, in the famous mall episode we are shown actual images of Altean’s through Shiro’s visions and none of them have brown black or blonde hair. 

Then when it comes to white hair, the only Altean’s shown rocking it seem to be the royal family.

The more common colors are shades of blue, purple and orange. sO unless Lance and Allura are siblings in your au,

Consider Altean Lance with dark BLUE hair!!! I have yet to see it but I think it would look good as hell on him and fit better with what we’ve seen !