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Hey I saw your human stowaway ask and I was wondering how would would Rung, Rodimus, Tailgate, Swerve and Drift React when they /finally/ caught the sneaky tiny human child that's been hiding aboard the ship for weeks?

Pretty sure I’ve done all the other characters, so I’ll just do Swerve.


  • He’s pretty proud of himself for finding them. He feels like he just one a game of ping-pong or something. 
  • When he notices how malnourished they are he gets freaked out and runs to the medbay.
  • While they’re getting better he constantly asks the child about earth and compliments all the neat things humanity has come up with. 
  • He sneaks the smol extra sweets, since Ratchet won’t let them have too many.
  • He ends up becoming a big brother. He takes the child everywhere with him, let’s them pick out the movies for movie nights, and even let’s them sit on the bar counter when things aren’t too rowdy.

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™ ( u got this DOWN eheh )

imitation meme // accepting // @landmiicht


❝  oh look at me, I’m big HUNKA HUNKAGASTON !! belle—baby, where are you ?? precious ?? still running from leo the uh—bitch you fucking thought—LA LA LAMB ?? well FUCK I heard you like beasts, hit me up, baby, daddy negan is ALL beast and I’m not just talking about the top portion. forget about that sucka, gaston and what in the fuckity fucking fuckery fuck is an ADAM ??

his head banged widly at the mention of adam as negan’s BOOMING voice was surely to rung through the hunters ears aswell as the rest of the town while negan ganged up over gaston’s face, aiming lucille’s barbed surface at his face as if he is about to bamm bamm gaston’s ass. the gangster sang one more time.

❝  nooo…one'sss…slick as NEGAN // no one’s quick as NEGAN // no one’s dick’s as incredibly THICC AS NEGAN’s !! ❞negan occasionally snorted over howling laughter && singing as he made gaston’s name a complete JOKE—fuck outta here with that nonsense, negan sang.


Walking through how I put the car back together. It is a whole lot easier to do when you have all the kennels to start. 

Kennels are 2 medium double door RTKs, a medium single door RTK, and a custom metal one that my dad made. 

Since the front of the cargo area doesn’t really have much for attachment points, I ran an endless loop ratcheting cargo strap underneath the seats. I used that to secure one platform, and Streak’s kennel. The rear side of both are secured with turnbuckles. 

The rear kennels are offset a bit to give me more storage on the side where I keep a water bladder for the dogs and whichever dog sport bag I need. Ratcheting cargo straps secure everything to the cargo rings. 

Ratchet’s kennel is secured to the platform. I moved it from it’s original position as a trial. The extra storage space isn’t quite as convenient (it’s easier to fit things in an L than two rectangles I find) but this does allow me to recline my driver’s seat back so I can sleep there instead of sleeping on top of the kennels. 

Underneath the platforms I can keep my camping supplies, clothing bag, and food, and have room for any extras that I am bringing back. I also have a fabric cargo top carrier underneath there in case I ever need some extra room. 

Black, Latinx, and White Girls...

It’s royally fucked up that white girls (and white culture) have mocked Black and Latinx fashion for years, and now have the nerve to imitate it cuz it’s hot. They cop our style and rename it “urban fashion.” They make their lips bigger, have implants to make their ass bigger (5 years ago “your ass is huge!” was considered a legitimate insult among white chicks), and alter their bodies to resemble ours only to criticize us when we proudly display our own natural assets. Natural hair on Black girls is shunned because apparently it’s unkempt, sloppy, dirty, unprofessional… But white girls with crusty ass dreadlocks are called “indie”? Colorful weave on Black people is automatically ratchet and extra, but white girls can say “It’s not weave, they’re extensions. It’s called alternative fashion.” Black women and Latin@s are criticized for being “loud and extra, too angry,” but as soon as a white bitch says sum, she ‘bold and brave” for speaking her mind. Blaccents, Latinx slang, big jewelry, long nails; it’s all so glamorous until a woman of color does it/claims it as hers. Then it’s considered ghetto. Sporting cornrows, slicked baby hairs, du-rags and doobie styles and renaming them shit like “punk rock braids.” Finding our most sacred beauty routines and claiming it’s something “new” that they discovered. They call us hood, ghetto, ratchet, mean, etc then feel entitled to act superior. But when someone calls em out, they become defensive and claim, “Fashion and style belong to the entire world equally! Nobody owns anything! YOU’RE being racist by claiming them as your own and encouraging a stereotype!” hooomg..

We can’t have a single gotdam thing. 

“I don’t want to do this”

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Prompt: Write me something sweet and fluffy with Ambulon and First Aid????

this is more awkward and dorky and maybe cute than anything. I cannot for the life of me figure out why this was so hard to write it took a week I’m???

Is it weird to ask your boss to a bar?

Or at this point, is it not weird because everything surrounding you is far weirder? (He’s not even your boss anymore, because the boss of the whole facility you were at went nuts and after systematically murdering half of your patients, tried to kill you all, and now there’s a 95% chance that he’s dead and after cleaning up his mess and coming to terms with the fact that he was not your friend but a lunatic, you’re both now on a spaceship to nowhere.)

Yeah, weird’s all relative, and yeah, he’s not your boss anymore.

First Aid knocks on the door to the hab suite, to let Ambulon know he’s there, and then enters, because it’s his room too. Ambulon is rearranging things on his side of the room, picking at the paint on his hands. He does that when he’s nervous. “Where were you?” he asks.

“Talking to Ratchet.” First Aid decides that he doesn’t want to talk about his someday-in-the-future promotion right now and leaves it at that. “Have you checked out the ship’s bar yet?”

“The ship has a bar?” Ambulon repeats in disbelief.

“Yeah. Ratchet says it’s ‘not terrible.’”

“High praise.”

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Second Chances (1/?)

Alright here we go, back in the fanfiction game. Let’s fucking doing this.

Title: Second Chances

Series: Transformers: Prime, specifically immediately after the Orion Pax arc

Pairing: Ratchet/Optimus and past Ratchet/Orion

Rating/Warnings: M for eventual sexual content, otherwise just robot violence/injuries


“I suspect I am not the Optimus you had been hoping for.”

In which Orion Pax becomes Optimus Prime again, but the Matrix fails to return his memories of his time as Prime.

| Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 |Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 |

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