extra medication

Spoonie witch tip:

Don’t be afraid to take your meds just because some witches think you shouldn’t have unnatural things!

Make your meds witchy and add magic as an extra supplement to the medical help you’re getting:

✨ enchant them with a kiss

✨ store crystals, herbs and other magical things near your meds to give you some extra goodness (like protection or calm or happiness etc) - don’t ingest herbs with your meds unless you know 100% it’s safe

✨ leave them to charge under a full moon for some added cleansing and energy

✨ draw a sigil on the packaging

Your meds don’t make you less of a witch! Please remember to always take them 💖



1. I understand how you have lower health compared to other classes, but please, for both you and your Medic’s sake. SLOW DOWN.  

2. Don’t call for a Medic when you’ve lost 1 health. Seriously, there’s a burning Soldier on 1 HP right beside you. Don’t expect to be prioritized.

3. If your Medic is on fire, extinguish him with the Mad Milk or the Mutated Milk.


1. If you want effective healing, DON’T EQUIP THE EQUALIZER OR THE ESCAPE PLAN. They decrease Medics’ healing impact on you by 90%.

2. DO EQUIP THE DISCIPLINARY ACTION. It can make you and your Medic faster than usual for a short period of time. Use it when your Medic has a hard time keeping up with you.

3. Unless your Medic is using the Quick-Fix, try not to rocket jump as it will be hard for him to keep up with you.


1. If your Medic is on fire, extinguish him. If he burns to death and you get killed, you can’t blame him, because you didn’t keep him alive.

2. DON’T EQUIP THE BACK SCRATCHER. It decreases the amount of healing you get from Medics and dispensers.

3. Unless your Medic is using the Quick-Fix, try not to flare jump as it will be hard for him to keep up with you.


1. When your Medic is on low health, build a dispenser for him. 



2. When your Medic is on low health, give him your Sandvich.

3. DO EQUIP THE SANDVICH, THE DALOKOHS BAR, OR THE FISHCAKE. These serve as a portable health packs, which you can give to your Medic if he is on low health. The Dalokohs Bar and the Fishcake can also give a 50-point overheal to the consumer.


1. Unless your Medic is using the Quick-Fix, try not to sticky jump as it will be hard for him to keep up with you.

(Other) Medic: 

1. Keep each other safe. You are both men of medicine. You’re supposed to be bros.

2. DO EQUIP THE AMPUTATOR. Taunting with it gives all of your teammates extra health (including your Medic).


1. If your Medic is on fire, extinguish him with Jarate or the Self-Aware Beauty Mark.


1. You’re a SPY. Unless you really need to be healed, don’t expect to be helped by Medics.

I’ll edit this if I missed something. Please reblog and add your own tips if you have any. :)


Star Trek


Imagine Falling For Spock

For My Followers

You have no idea how it happened.

He is the exact opposite of you.

You are warm, emotional, empathetic, exciting, energetic, and utterly illogical.

He is cold, calculating, intelligent, tactical, and utterly logical.

You should hate each other, but you don’t, you love each other.

The day you first met certainly should have been the last time you talked.


“Miss (Y/N) I am here to conduct your Yeoman interview in the stead of Captain Kirk. My name is Mister Spock,” the, tall dark-haired, Vulcan explains as he breezes into the interview room. You sit up straighter and smile pleasantly and he sits across from you.

“It’s nice to meet you. Are you Captain Kirk’s first officer?” you inquire.

“Yes I am. Now let’s overlook your qualifications,” he muses and flips open your file. He starts quietly looking it over while you sit silently.

It is awkward.

“Uhm it’s the Enterprise nice? Do you like it?” you ask. You’re desperate to fill the silence.

“It is a satisfactory ship yes,” he replies and goes quiet again.


“Miss (Y/N) no further talking will be necessary,” he deadpans and you scowl. That is so rude.

“I was under the impression an interview involves quite a bit of talking,” you snap back.

“Between emotional beings yes, but Vulcans do not need to talk. All we need to see is the resume to understand who is the logical hire,” he explains all the while raising an eyebrow at you. Fuming you cross your arms and try not to frown too deeply.

“Well then do tell me if I am logical,” you invite.

“You aren’t.” The single statement makes you furious and seeing that if you aren’t getting hired anyway you’re going to tell him off.

“Excuse me Mister Vulcan logic pants but I am extremely qualified for this job and just because I have emotions doesn’t make me illogical. I understand logic perfectly well and I believe that it is logical to try and hold a polite conversation with the person hiring you. Now I have kept my composure but I have to admit you are straight up rude! I don’t care if Vulcans value logic above emotions that does not give you permission to be a jerk!”

Then you storm out in a rage.


The next day you decide what happened was your fault so you baked him a traditional Vulcan desert and went back to meet him in his Yorktown office.

You knock on the door and he opens seconds later. Mister Spock raises and eyebrow which you find maddening.

“Miss (Y/L/N), what are you doing here?” he inquired and you out on your best grin.

“I’m here to apologize for my outburst yesterday. I made you this traditional Vulcan dessert and hand wrote an apology. I’m sorry I raised my voice at you, I was being defensive and silly. If we end up working together I promise I won’t raise my voice again.”

“Thank you Miss (Y/L/N),” he says and takes the dessert from your hands.

“Your welcome Mister Spock.”


You did end up getting the job because you have an extra degree in medical sciences.

And that was not the last time you ever yelled at Spock. In fact you two ended up getting into heated arguments almost everyday.

Until one argument ended in him actually getting angry.


“I don’t understand why this is a problem Mister Spock,” you growl as he escorts you back to the Enterprise. “I was on shore leave so therefore I was doing nothing wrong.”

You were only on a date with a native from the planet when he pulled you away.

“I think you misread the protocol about cavorting with the native species,” he lectures and you scowl. You’re flushed red from having him take your arm and pull you from your date.

“Actually I didn’t! It states clearly that as long as an officer is on shore leave and not interfering with the laws or development of a native species then all forms of relations are allowed,” you announce bluntly land pull your arm away. “So therefore Mister Spock you have no business pulling me from my date. Not as my boss, not as my father, and not as my boyfriend.”

The stone cold Spock actually flinches which makes you raise an eyebrow.

“Apologies (Y/N),” he utters and you gasp.

“You called me (Y/N)!” you exclaim wildly blushing.

“Apologies Yeoman (Y/L/N),” he corrects.

“I don’t mind. I like the way my name sounds when you say it…Just tell me one thing Mister Spock,” you request and he nods. “Why did you take me from my date?”

“I was feeling-” he hisses and bites his lip. “Jealous.”

Shock makes you stand utterly still while you heart hammers in your chest. Spock looks you right in the eyes a green blush forming on his cheeks and the tips of his ears.

“We should kiss,” you suggest breathlessly. He raises an eyebrow at you in response.

“That seems logical.” You don’t wait in throwing your arms around him and kissing him fiercely. He returns just as passionate and presses you back into a wall.

Surprisingly you fall into bed and when you ride him all his logic goes out the window.


You’ve been together ever since.


Same dress, different person. Two years apart.

I’d like to say that the person I am now is more confident in who they are and knows what they want for the future, but I don’t. I’m definitely more with comfortable since starting blockers (I’m noticing a bit of a difference in my body mass distribution and body hair growth, though I don’t know how much is just down to the extra self medicating…). It hasn’t stopped that punch in the gut that hits me every so often of whether what I’m doing is the right thing for me and if pursuing this is what I should be doing in the long run. The sense of self-doubt is crippling but the possibility of going back to how I was before doesn’t seem like an option at all. I guess I must be doing whats right for me - I feel it in my heart the rest of the time. 

I’ve been so isolated so far in my journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. I’m hoping that now that I’m settling into this new life and (properly!) moving to a new city and setting up roots I can find somewhere to feel okay to be me.    

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Prompt:  Can you do a series of bones x reader oneshot on how throughout the films they fall deeper in love as they work together as doctor and nurse pretty please
Word Count: 2223
Warnings: Beyond spoilers
Author’s Note: Part 3! (Here’s Part 1 and Part 2). So guess what? There’s gonna be a part 4 because this one got away from me a bit and I don’t want to make it too long. 

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104th Headcannons

Continuing the trend of me throwing out headcannons, I’m tackling the Wolfpack this time around. You can find some for the 501st, 112th [happy version] (Krell’s squad) and Coruscant Guards if you fancy

-They were the ones who first refereed to Plo Koon ‘General Buir’ (Buir means father in Mando’a) 

-When Plo figured out what it means, he was speechless and looked for a word to call them by: Ade, meaning children

-Everyone knows the 104th call their rookies ‘pups’ or ‘cubs’ but no one would dare say it when one of them is around

-The older soldiers all howl occasionally during battle

-When Wolffe lost his eye, everyone was worried as hell and were prepared to do anything if it’d help him stay here and not be decommissioned

-Wolffe himself was scared shitless because he believed they were going to get rid of him. During the time they waited for an answer, almost all of the 104th spend time together in case it was their last

-Instead of the usual squad code names, they divided themselves into three primary ones: Alpha, Beta and Omega

-They used to have a Rite of Passage to hunt down an animal on the nearest planet, but had to stop it because pups would want to keep what they caught

-At one point, they had over 10 different species aboard their ship before releasing them on acceptable planets

-Because they usually do the Mercy and Rescue missions, they are the second best at dealing with civilians (right after the Guards) 

-There are a few other soldiers who are accepted as part of the pack, most of them being Captains and Commanders

-The Passage for outsiders to join, is to beat Wolffe in an arm wresting match.

-Because they are one of the smallest battalions, Plo Koon has been able to distinct between each and every man through the Force

-Medics have extra knowledge in Kel Dor biology, because it’s quite different than others’ and should anything happen, they need to be ready

-They started using jet packs because there was an ongoing joke in the GAR about how ‘Wolves can’t fly’ so they did it out of spite 

-There are only a few brothers left who still remember Wolffe when he had both his eyes and would tell stories about him as the deck officer

Immune System Failure [Tim Drake x Reader]

Requested by @kaylasummers01: “I’d like to request an imagine with Tim Drake and a sick reader. I just started following u and read a few of ur posts and I’m already loving it!!❤️"

A/n: Oh my goodness, welcome! Lmao, I’m actually sick at the moment so I relate to this post. I hope you enjoy it love!! ❤️❤️❤️

It wasn’t often that you got sick. You always strode to take proper care of yourself, if you even sniffled the Vitamin C bottle was out of the cupboard. You hated being sick, the body aches, runny nose, congestion, throwing up, all of it just made you antsy. Not to mention having to stay in quarantine at your apartment until you felt better. Staying busy is something you like, so bedrest isn’t your thing.

But this time, it was just what the doctor ordered. Literally.

You just got home from a doctor’s appointment having learned you have the stomach flu on top of a sinus infection. How this happened was a mystery to you, but alas, here you are; sick as a dog on your couch. Groaning you pulled a blanket over your figure and tried to get comfortable. Tossing and turning but never finding a comfortable position. Comfort seemed hopeless until you finally found a comfortable position that allowed you some relief from the achenes of the illness.

Though, just being the lucky person you are, someone knocked on your door. A loud groan escaped your throat before you rolled off the couch. Blanket wrapped tightly around you while opening the front door. Seeing your boyfriend standing there. “Whoa, you look awful.” Tim took in your state. “Thanks” You deadpanned sarcastically, “That’s just what I want to hear from my boyfriend.” Turning and walking back into the apartment and to your couch again.

“I didn’t mean it like that.” Tim closed the door behind him before meeting you in the living room. “Are you okay?” He petted your hair before you shook your head. “I have the stomach flu and a sinus infection and I welcome death with a warm embrace.” Saying before burying your face in a pillow. Tim rolled his eyes at your dramatics, “You sound like Dick.” He teased.

“Shut up” Mumbling before peeking up at him. He took the chance to feel your forehead, immediately noticing the fever. “Let me get you some medicine.” He stood up and walked to your medicine cabinet in the kitchen. Sifting through the bottles and boxes until finding extra strength flu medication your doctor had prescribed. Filing a glass of water he came back out to the living room and gave you the pills and cup. “Thanks” You croaked before sitting up and taking the medication.

Tim rubbed your back. “Have you eaten?” He asked as you shook your head. Sighing he got his phone to call Alfred on how to make you soup. “You’re as bad as me.” Saying before Alfred answered. You simply laid back down and tried to fall back asleep. The medication made you drowsy, and you were knocked out the minute your head hit the pillow.

The only thing that brought you out of it was the smell of your favorite soup. Getting up from the bed you found Tim in the kitchen, stirring in a pot while talking to Alfred on speaker phone. Smiling at how nice the gesture was, from both Alfred and Tim. Leaving the kitchen you laid back down in the living room, waiting for Tim to finish.

Soon hearing him say goodbye to Alfred and then hanging up the phone. He came back to find you awake and scrolling through your phone. “Why didn’t you tell me you woke up?” Shrugging, you answered, “I didn’t want to bother you.”

“You’re never a bother.” He shook his head, and you smiled. “Thank you Tim, for taking care of me.” He kissed the top of your head, “I love you, it’s what I’m here for. Also, I already told Bruce that I’m not going on patrol and I’m staying here until you feel better. You always take care of me when I don’t sleep or eat or need patched up, so I’m here to take care of you.”

Grinning you hugged him, “how do I deserve you?” He chuckled, “it’s the other way around. Now come on, Alfred helped me make your favorite soup. Let’s see how I did.” Nodding you watched him get up and go to get you a bowl. Smiling you thought to yourself, ‘With Tim, maybe being sick won’t be so bad afterall.’

Title: Take a Bullet (Daughter of Tony! Reader x Pietro Maximoff)

Summary: Pietro is asked on the same mission as the reader, which hardly ever happens when Tony’s around.

Word Count: 1844

Warnings: Violence

A/N: I LOVE PIETRO MAXIMOFF! Okay this is gonna sound weird but this was inspired by a dream I had where Pietro died and I was so sad so I decided to not let that happen! Yay!! I hope you enjoy! 

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So my teacher wants me to support my essay on disabilities being shit to live with and invisible disabilities being outright ignored a lot with more statistical evidence. So here’s a survey! It includes the pieces she said need more evidence, numbered. 

If you have a disability or invisible disability, please reblog with the numbers of the ones you have experienced/have a close friend/family member who has experienced either in the tags or in the text.

If you’re abled, feel free to reblog, like, and share the numbers of the ones you have a close friend/family member who has experienced either in the tags or in the text.

Thank you if you participate!

1. Disability is especially hard to get for invisible disabilities.

2. Work is harder to find and to hold down while disabled.

3. Mountains of paperwork at every turn create roadblocks and traps for any disabled person without significant education.

4. Disabled people are extra likely to experience medical abuse.

5. To get care for my disabilities, I have to carefully feel out each new specialist I’m sent to. Figure out if it’s safe to tell them the extent of my disabilities.

6. Even if they have no active bigotry, they will have bias. And if they are active bigots… I may have not a choice about them treating me. They may well be the only specialist of that type my insurance will cover. 

7. Even specialists will often shrug and say “Come back later.” Which I can’t afford to do too often. The insurance doesn’t like it, and we can’t pay out of pocket.

8. This means that frequently, I have to research my conditions online, carefully tiptoe around the doctor while presenting a treatment option I found before the appointment, and have them approve it. 

9. To get lifesaving care, I have to do the majority of my specialists’ jobs in regards to diagnosis and treatment plans.

10. I have to keep pointing this out to people who think health insurance is just a political issue. 

11. Point out that when it gets cut, the chances of me and some people I love dearly staying alive goes down sharply. 

12. Point out that I and other disabled people are both more likely to be poor and need and need more help. 

13. I actually have to point out that we are human beings who deserve the chance to be happy.

anonymous asked:

So if you're still doing hcs, could you do some for how the paladins react to their s/o being gravely injured?

These two asks are pretty similar, so same scenario and same outcome.


  • Blames himself for not being there to protect you. 
  • He sits for hours by your bedside.  Eventually someone has to drag him out of the room so he can eat & get some rest.
  • Sleeps in your room almost every night.
  • Treats your wounds and wraps them himself.
  • Cries silently to himself whenever he talks to you.
  • So when you finally wake up he’s hysterical - like you’ve never known Shiro to be so emotional.
  • It’s so overwhelming you start to cry too.
  • Shiro is with you, helping you until you’re full recovered.

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  • Most likely tries to find whoever/whatever hurt you and… . do stuff to them.
  • When he returns though he doesn’t talk to anyone, not until he gets to you.
  • He’s quiet for the first few days, but becomes more talkative as the days go.  From barely saying a word and not leaving your side, to training to keep his head, and then eventually going on missions again.
  • But he always sees you before he leaves and when he returns first thing, and whenever he has time of his own.
  • After you’ve woken up and recovered enough, everyone notices how much more he smiles around you; Keith gets more open about PDA.

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  • He feels so lost when he’s sitting there watching you in your bed, all crapped up and clueless to the world.
  • Lance just cries silently with his head in his hands.
  • Eventually he forces himself to go do something else or he would have broken down completely.
  • Asks Pidge, Allura and Coran for frequent updates on your condition.
  • Lance even sings to you quietly in Spanish while you sleep.
  • Holds your hand a lot and talks to you, telling stories and how his mission(s) went.  He believes you can hear him.
  • When you wake that’s when he breaks down, holding your hand and kissing you endlessly.  He’s a complete mess.

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  • Goes into doctor mode immediately.  He’s your only doctor - no one else touches you.
  • He gets cranky too, more than how he was when he wanted to save Shae and her people.
  • Apologizes immediately though to the person he snaps at.
  • Distracts himself by baking, training or going on mission, or helping Pidge with her tech.  The thought of you not waking up haunts him.
  • Hunk has fallen asleep many times by your bedside, noticed by a couple of his friends.  Your bedding is stained with tears.
  • Puts extra medical supplies in your room.
  • Once woken up he apologizes profusely because he feels like it’s his fault you were hurt.  
  • Gives you the most gentle kisses.

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  • She swears on her life that she’ll find whoever hurt you.  She brings her laptop into your room and works night and day until your attacker is found.
  • The poor girl gets so exhausted, but she keeps working - until someone has to drag her to her room before she passes out.
  • Many times someone has found her asleep beside you in your bed, holding your hand.
  • Besides her brother, she’s never been this emotionally open - Pidge has cried while you slept, even in front of her friends.
  • She tends to some of your wounds, but leaves the professional work to Coran or Allura.
  • When your eyes open, Pidge is on you instantly, giving you kisses on your lips, cheeks, forehead.  She’s never been so happy.

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-Mod Rikku

Sir Lockie of Albrand & Lady Faye: The Stars That Fell Too Soon

Lady Faye began as a squire from House Albrand in the midst of the Nohrian Civil War, a bloody conflict between the last heirs to the Nohrian throne. The noble house was split in two, one siding with the abominable Lord Oswald, and the other siding with the young brothers King Hugo and Prince Garon. Faye was still young when she escorted Lady Katerina around Nohr, but she proved her mettle in the final battle as vanguard. She was made a knight and royal retainer to the royal family alongside her colleague Sir Zhara, who went on to serve Princess Diantha.

As retainer to the crown prince, Lady Faye served as Xander’s primary swordplay instructor once he decided to follow the path of the blade. Known for her raucous laughter that echoed in the halls of Krakenburg, the knight loved to tease the young prince but dispensed good advice, even though Xander didn’t always appreciate her words. Despite her great affinity with the fellow knights of the order, Lady Faye swore to never marry and was well known for spurning the advances of many men who wished for her hand in marriage.

Sir Lockie of Albrand, the son of Violeta of Albrand and Sir Gunther, was chosen to serve his cousin, the crown prince, from the very moment he was born. Xander regarded Lockie as one of his closest confidants, third only to Princess Diantha and Prince Marius. Quiet and thoughtful in his early days, Lockie made quick friends with the crown prince, and they often spent long nights together in the family libraries to read their favorite books together.

Lockie greatly admired the many warriors and knights in his family, but he simply could not stand blood so much that he fainted at the sight of it when he was young. His struggle had not gone unnoticed by his cousins and Lady Faye, who all helped him over come his fear. He later reaffirmed his position as Xander’s right hand and retainer when he won the family tournament in a display of honor and good restraint. Many likened Lockie to his father, Sir Gunter, and expected that he would follow the same noble path, but fate made it not so.

In the second wave of the Nohr-Hoshido conflict, a strategic error left the crown prince stranded without reinforcements against Hoshidan soldiers. Lady Faye and Sir Lockie fought with their lives to protect their crown prince and help him escape the overwhelming number of enemies. Distraught by the loss, Prince Xander relented in his assault on Hoshidan lands and agreed to an armistice with the High Prince of Hoshido. He grieved for two years afterwards and could not bring himself to hire new retainers until his siblings raised concerns about his health.

Today, a new pair of retainers walk beside the crown prince. But the memory of waking up on Lockie’s abandoned horse still burns in his memory. His fallen retainers were give a hero’s funeral, and their names are enshrined in the many plaques that line the Garden of Champions.

Well, this was a long-deserved bio.

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Title: ‘Reunion’
TV Show: The 100
Rating: General
Summary: Marcus makes it back inside the bunker, but runs into a problem he didn’t expect. Totally baseless next episode fic that will doubtless be completely discounted by tomorrow :)

(I wrote this at work because it was a long day today and I guess this was at the top of my mind)

Marcus finds Abby pretty much where he expects, in the bunker’s version of Medical, deep in the lower levels.

She’s moving crates when he walks quietly through the door – medical supplies, he assumes, though whether from the bunker itself or whatever is left of their meagre stash scavenged from Mount Weather he can’t tell. They have years to set up in this place, but it’s typical of Abby that she would start right away, throw herself into her work without a second thought.

She looks tired.

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I’ll Take Care Of You // Byron Langley

Word Count: 1203

Summary- You have to work, but can’t focus as your boyfriend is home alone and ill.

Warnings; N/A

A/n; I’m really not sure why, but the simple imagines take me the longest to write. Suppose I have to come up with most of the plot, but am restricted at the same time if that makes sense? Nonetheless, It’s finally done.

Requested; Yes.

req; hi, i want to request a sick byron imagine ever since in the last poop sqoop joe mentioned he wasn’t feeling well :( thank you💘


You were immensely relieved as the clock finally hit 12:00pm, break time. Quickly cleaning up, you opened one of your many office drawers where you kept your purse and phone. You thanked heaven you lived close to work, so you could just drive to the flat for lunch. You opened your phone, checking if you missed anything during the hours you were occupied with work.

‘Byron 💕: Could you pick up some more medicine before coming home?’

The text illuminated your screen, causing you to sigh. Recently, Byron had been feeling ill, and you hated that you couldn’t do anything to help. When it came to it, there really wasn’t much you could do, but it still made you feel useless and a pathetic girlfriend when you couldn’t make your boyfriend feel better.

‘You: Of course, By. Take care, I’ll be home in 20 minutes.’

You popped into the shop on the way home, grabbing some extra medications and a tub of ice cream for Byron’s sore throat, and drove home as quickly as you could. (Without breaking the law, of course.) You entered the flat, slipping off your shoes at the door and entering the bedroom, where Byron was wrapped in a cocoon of blankets. You giggled slightly at the sight, him groaning at the sudden noise.

“Hello to you too, mister.” You teased, sitting on the edge of the bed next to his shielded body. Another groan was your response, and you frowned. “I got your medicine.” You said, softer. He shifted slightly, so his head was now peeking out of the shell of blankets surrounding him. “Thank you.” He said, his voice scratchy and obviously sore. You winced slightly at the sound.

You handed him the medicine, leaving the room to get him a water bottle, (which you scolded him for not already having one when he was sick, as drinking water was very important). You got yourself a sandwich to eat for lunch while you were there, and returned quickly and helping him untangle his limbs from the sheets. You got him to take his medicine, brushing his hair off of his sticky forehead.

As your raised your arm, you frowned as you saw the time. “Crap.” You muttered, taking the last bite of your sandwich and standing up, despite your conscious telling you to stay and take care of Byron. “I’ve gotta get back to work, hun. Take a nap, I’ll be back before you know it. There’s ice cream in the fridge for you if you want it.” You told him, and he grabbed your arm. By the expression on his face, you figured he’d ask you to stay; but he knew you couldn’t.

“Will you bring back Nando’s?” He asked instead, making you chuckle. “Of course, Byron.” You smiled, kissing his forehead lightly and opening the window. “I love you, but it stinks and the air is completely stale in here. Just because you’re sick doesn’t mean you’re allowed to stink up my room!” You instructed, and he chuckled slightly, nodding. You bid him goodbye, driving back to work.

The rest of the day dragged on, as it does when you have something better you could be doing, and your eyes kept instinctively drifting to the clock. It was the longest day of work you’d had in awhile. Don’t get me wrong; you loved your job, but with a sick boyfriend at home and you not being there for him you were really despising it right now.

Finally, it rolled around 4pm and you were allowed to leave. You quickly gathered your things, taking some papers you could work on at home and leaving as fast as possible. Leaving always took so long, all the cars trying to get out, and you wanted to get home. You got to your car and it only took a few minutes to pull out, despite the wave of cars attempting the same action as you.

You drove to Nando’s, which thankfully, wasn’t too far from your work, picked up some dinner for you and Bryon, remembering his very specific order, and you sighed as you realized you’d likely get stuck in traffic. It was a bad time, and you were in the middle of London. Great. You’d spent the whole day worrying about Byron, (though deep down, you knew he’d be fine for a few hours), and you just wanted to curl up next to him and watch some 3 star comedy you could make fun of on Netflix for the rest of the night.

You tapped the steering wheel impatiently as the cars passed you, and the line of cars slowly inched forward and through stop lights. Finally, you pulled up to your flat parking lot and couldn’t have been more relieved. “Byron?” You called, kicking off your uncomfortable shoes and sighing in relief. “In here, still.” He called, from the bedroom. You walked in, and frowned. “Have you moved at all

since I left?” You asked, concerned. He looked at you, his eyes red and tired-looking. “I got up to go to the bathroom right after you left, and I got ice cream. Since then, no.” He rasped, his sore throat evident in his voice.

“Didn’t I open this window?” You asked him, eyebrows raised. “I got cold.” He shrugged, and you rolled your eyes at his obvious excuse. “Byron, at least if you’re not getting out of bed, you need some source of fresh air.” You opened it again, and walked back to the bed. “Alright, time to get up. I know you’re sick but it’s not helping to stay in bed all day.” He groaned, but you weren’t changing your mind.

You pulled him up; he didn’t fight, he knew you were right anyways. You dragged him out to the sitting room, and sat him down on the couch. He turned on some football, while you quickly prepared some tea, and set out your Nando’s. When everything was ready, you sat down on the couch next to him, placing everything in front.

You spent the evening taking care of him, more so than usual, as though making up the time you were at work and couldn’t be home for him. “Thank you, Y/N. You know you didn’t have to do all of this.” Byron told you, as you were changing into your nighttime attire. “I wanted too. I hate that I had to leave you for work.” You frowned, guiltily. “Hey, it’s okay. You’re here now. Now let’s watch Netflix and make fun of stupid movies until we fall asleep.”

You smiled. Even though he was sick, he put your happiness and preferences first, and thought of how to cheer you up. “I thought I was supposed to be taking care of you.” You teased, climbing into bed next to him. “You already have, more than I could ask for.” He said, pulling you into his chest. “You’re gonna get me sick!” You whined, but only playfully. “Good. Then you can stay home and I’ll get to take care of you.” You smiled, shaking your head and leaning up to kiss his cheek. “I love you, Byron.” “I love you too, Y/N.”