extra medication

Decluttering: What to throw away

The other side of a lost earing.
Scraps of wrapping paper.
Cards with no sentimental value
Ticket stubs
Holey socks
Old t-shirts
dried flowers
hair elastics with extreme stretchiness
shoes you don’t wear
extra photo prints
tired bras
scarves you never wear
clothes that don’t fit
gifts you don’t like
old towels, makeup, toiletries, hangers, paperwork
extra buttons
expired sauces, medication, coupons
unused chew toys for your pets
dried up nail polish
DVD’s you don’t watch
CD’s you don’t listen to
damaged, or stained clothing
old prom dresses
scratched nonstick cookware
outdated electronics
rusty jewelry
Stockings with runs
Pens that don’t work
Necklaces and bracelets with broken clasps
Cables and wires you don’t use
Worn-out sheets and bedding
Empty or near-empty bottles of cleaning products
Worn-out bath mats
Broken electronics
Purses you never use
Flatware, plates, and glasses that don’t match the rest of your collection, plus dingy children’s plates you no longer use
Old pillows
Worn-out shoes
Wedding invites
Wedding favors you don’t use
Old wallets that you don’t use
Broken kitchen equipment
Spare furniture parts you don’t need
Furniture manuals
Unused vases
Extra tupperware you don’t need
Old mail
Junk mail
Travel brochuresOld crayons or art supplies, plus markers that have run out of ink
Random containers and jars
Unused stationery, stickers, and sticky notes
Ripped denim
Old artwork or old children’s artwork
Used and ripped envelopes
Broken or old iPhone cases
Old unused batteries
Extra and unused coffee mugs
Old spices
Address labels for your old house
Wrinkled ribbon and bows for gift wrap
Cards or gifts from exes
Frequent shopper cards you never use
Old shopping bags
Old calendars
Old folders
Clothes that are outdated or from college
Broken Christmas decorations
Christmas lights that don’t work
Frayed towels
Expired food
Computer cords, firewire cord, etc. that you don’t use
Old and outdated software
CDs for old computer programs
Old cell phones
Hand-me-downs that you’re guilt-tripped into keeping
Freebie or promotional t-shirts you never wear
Old fortune cookie fortunes
Old bank statements
Old planners
Delete email subscriptions from sites
Delete emails you don’t need
Delete unwanted music from your iTunes
Extra buttons that come with newly purchased clothes
Games that are missing pieces
Old schoolbooks you’ll never use again
Papers you have backed up on the computer
Books you’ve already read and don’t want to display
Cell phone covers you’re over
Old manuals to electronics
Cell phone accessories you don’t use anymore

Tag Yourself: Time Signatures
  • 4/4: standard, unremarkable, listens exclusively to pop music
  • 3/4: cool, popular, good dancer
  • 2/2: too extra, needs medical attention, a mess
  • 6/8: think's they're cool, actually just a 3/4 wannabe
  • 9/8: 3/4's sibling who is nicer but quieter
  • 12/4: gets in the way a lot but you can't hate them
  • 12/8: unique, mysterious, subject of urban myth
  • 7/4: chaotic neutral, probably killed a man
  • 5/4: chaotic good, not understood, just wants to have fun
  • 1/1: just like 2/2 but already dead from the heart attacks

Aah, yes! @greenhouse-nurse

I have a diabetic lance fic and an epileptic Lance fic floating around somewhere on tumblr. I love the idea of:

-missions taking longer than they anticipated and missing a dosage of medication

-the other paladins carrying extra doses of medication for the affected paladin in their Lions in case of emergency

-panicking every time their mood is down like “are you okay? feeling okay?? need anything???”


You know nothing, John Snow…

Extra Credits has just wrapped up an excellent series on cholera, Dr. John Snow, epidemiology, and life in Victorian England.

I highly recommend you watch it all, including the Epilogue and “Lies” episodes, for bonus fascinating history and current stuff.

Episode 1: You Know Nothing, John Snow!

Episode 2: Epidemiology Begins!

Episode 3: Map of the Blue Death

The Sanitary Movement

England: The Broad Street Pump - “Lies”

Stickers & Witchcraft!

- Enchant stickers with happiness and luck and give them to your friends(or little kids)

- Seal your letters with enchanted stickers

- Put stickers on your jars to personalize them(Bonus points if the symbolism of the stickers matches whats in the jar)

- Put stickers on a potted plants pot to help it grow

- Put a sticker on the lid of your medication bottle(if there isn’t anything important on it) to give your medication an extra boost

- Kiss a sticker to bring love to the person who wears it

- Sticker spells! You can put them on a paper in a similar manner to emoji spells before burning them(outside and away from anything flammable)

- Put stickers on your book of shadows to give it a little flair and to ensure fun times in your craft

Feel free to add to this!

- Mod Faye

Update on my dog: I called my friend up who knew what to do and had been studying on animal injuries came by today and bandaged him up. He also gave me extra gauze and medical supplies so I can put on fresh bandages in a couple of days.

He did say we should get him to a vet when possible, and once we have the money we will. But otherwise Trutta is okay.

Thanks for all the msgs and tips you guys gave me today. I was crying and in a panic. So your support really helped.

Flare care box

Idea (necessity) for Ibs, Ibd and other gastro effecting spoonies.

Keep in or very near your bathroom the following items, in a box or other easily accessible and movable location.

- an empty bottle or cup to be filled with water or electrolyte fluid.
- electrolyte sachets (any pharmacy or supermarket should have some)
- baby wipes (trust me, your bottom will thank you)
- Some form of soothing ointment for your bum. (Barrier cream or something. You’ll need it. Trust me)
- A small snack (and few biscuits/muesli bar or something. You could be there a while or need food to take medication with)
- 1 spare toilet roll. (Always have a spare for a midnight flare
- extra medication (you might be in the bathroom for a while, don’t want to miss a dose. Also, pain killers and nausea meds)
- a small stool/cushion/rolled up towel. (You’ll need something to put your feet on. raising your legs stops them from going numb, and is generally more comfortable)
- A book/puzzle book or other time passing hobby that is acceptable to do while on the loo.
- phone charger. (don’t lose your life line)
- a cardigan or small blanket to wrap around your shoulders (being cold and sick are a bad combination)
- sunglasses (I know this seems strange, but migraines are pretty nasty when you’re in a bright white bathroom and can’t reach the light switch.)

Add any more as necessary.
Happy Pooping!
Love and spoons xxx


I have put far too much thought into the pseudoscience of this story to keep it all to myself, but also didn’t want to make the read so specific that it became squicky, so I figured I would write a brief explanation of how sex and genders are determined in this little fictional verse and what constitutes a male vs female and an alpha vs beta vs omega.  

(the timing of this entry is very much related to the content of the next scheduled chapter, in the event that anyone would like specifics on where exactly that syringe is going to be going)

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The Signs When They're Sick
  • Aries: will take care of themselves, insisting that they're okay despite looking like a corpse
  • Gemini: will complain constantly but won't take any medication, also extra irritable
  • Tarus: they're literally always sick, always has tissues
  • Leo: tries to tough it out, refusing to take a day off, and ends up feeling worse because of it
  • Cancer: symptom check themselves on the internet constantly, ends up convincing themselves that they're dying
  • Virgo: uses weird remedies and tricks to treat ailments, never stays sick for too long
  • Libra: drops their cool act and is a whiny baby about every single thing wrong with them
  • Scorpio: starts hanging around enemies at the first signs of a cold in order to get them sick
  • Sagittarius: they sleep it off and sweat it out, any medicine they take is probably only the PM stuff
  • Capricorn: almost never gets sick, when they do they'll just look forward to embracing death
  • Aquarius: helpless and pathetic, needs to be taken care of like a child
  • Pieces: will complain about feeling sick but still muddle through it and get shit done

codii1134  asked:

“Random fact about yourself.”

In college a couple of years ago I was an A-grade English Literature student who fucked it majorly in an exam just because of the pressure, which I do not deal with well. This was despite having extra time due to medical needs.

In the non-exam essay I got an A, in the mock exam I got an A, my tutor expected me to do well. I thought I would do well, too, but that’s how it goes.

anonymous asked:

I guess this is kind of related to your post (which I liked, so this isn't negative). I'm curious about how you feel about spoonies going into the medical field (i.e. I'm going to be a nurse)?

I definitely think this is a personal question and there will be lots of different comfort zones here. My opinion is that I LOVE spoonies in the medical field! The kindest doctor I’ve ever had was diagnosed with multiple chronic conditions and therefore was very understanding of me, and caught symptoms that my other doctor’s overlooked.

That being said, I would say it’s probably tough to be a spoonie in the medical field. There’s a lot of ableism in that particular career path and I have met people who have kept their severe conditions secret from their coworkers for fear of getting fired if word gets out about their disability. This is an extra hurdle that medically trained spoonies have to pass.

There’s also the thing to consider that medical jobs can be very physically taxing and with progressive conditions that may require lots of rest days, hospitalizations, and mobility aids, this can make any taxing job seem impossible.

Bottom line is that I would love it if all of my doctor’s were fellow spoonies, as I feel they would understand me better. But in a world especially built for able bodied medical practitioners, I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for disabled folks.

anonymous asked:

Went for a quick loot in Battery, found some extra medical supplies I don't need if anyone needs em

I’ll pay ya for anything that can help my arm.
Other than that, ya heard it here Joys, meds on the waves.

P out












Ok so regarding Quicksilvers Death

Considering the fact that he and scarlet witch are signed on for a multi picture deal, this already tells us that he may/may not make another appearance. However it could be in a form of a flashback to give more backstory. Nether less I retain the following theories.

My point is that Agent Hill mentioned that he has an increased metabolism. Would that include healing? Like how the flash broke his arm and it healed in an hour due to his fast metabolism. Pietro could already be healing but due to the fact he got shot multiple times he’d need the extra medical attention.

Also why would they put Pietro on a boat if he’d already perished? I get that its a respect thing but in (not all) some movies when a character dies thats it, no more shots they dissolve into the background as it goes up in flames and the story continues. They had a significant moment to show Pietro ‘dead’ on the boat while Hawkeye laid beside him. On a side note I thought this was symbolism of Hawkeyes death due to him bleeding out and laying next to someone already dead etc etc. But luckily, he lives to another day. (Plus him and him fam are too cute.) 

I really hope they do bring Pietro back because 1. He’s damn cute. 2. He and his sister are damn cute. 3. He has the potential to become a very likeable character. 4. Imagine the interactions between the avengers and him, specifically Stark investigating his powers.

Stark prodded Pietros side with a pen.

“So how fast are you?” 

Pietro shrugged. “I cannot say for certain. However-” 

“What about like, enjoyable stuff. You know.”

Pietro cocked an eyebrow. 

“Excuse me?”

Tony rolled his eyes.

“You know.” He paused. 

“Does being fast include everything?”


“Stephen Hawking was initially very disappointed when he learned that his assigned Doctoral Advisor was Dr. Dennis Sciama. Sciama was a brilliant cosmologist but at the time Hawking felt as though he’d been placed in the wrong field of research. However, Sciama who was known to put his students needs before his own, was always available for guidance and advice and soon proved to be like a second father to Hawking. After his initial diagnosis, Hawking went into a deep depression and it was Sciama who pulled him out of it and pushed him to continue with his work. Sciama even demanded that the Physics Department pay for Hawking’s physical therapy sessions so that he could work on his thesis without having to worry about paying for extra medical care. Hawking would always credit Sciama as the man who helped shape his career and he was always the first person Hawking called to rely any new scientific findings he may have happened upon.”