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university tips

*from someone that survived her own first year of university

  • university is SO different from high school; a brilliant student in high school can be just a mediocre university student, and this is simply how it is when people from all over the country come together in a class. 
  • so it is okay to stress, but only if afterwards you’re just trying your best! it doesn’t matter how much you already know (though it helps), but how willing you are to learn! so, really, if you want to be there, you can make it!
  • make sure you eat properly; after a while, your body will start feeling gross and it’ll eventually show in your capacity to do your work. go out, buy that extra meat, extra salads, extra fruits, at least every once in a while. it’s not luxury, it’s a need
  • go the extra mile. no matter how optional a task may be or how tongue-tied you feel on a particular day, put yourself out there. write that essay, do that projects, speak about your ideas. your teachers really appreciate it when they ask for interractions from students and they provide, and it’s nice to have your teacher know you by face and by actions. it might prove useful when they’re grading you during the finals as well.
  • go to all (most) of your classes, no matter how optional the attendace is or how little you understand on the moment. in the long run, it will matter, and it’s super helpful to complete all your materials with the extra knowledge you got from the class. and no one and nothing will truly replace a teacher’s explanation.
  • try to make friends with those around you; most are probably just as lost and lonely as you are and it’s good to have people around you who can motivate you when you’re done or with whom to simply share the struggles of getting an education. sure, not everyone will like you, but those that will, make sure they can stick.
  • get involved in all the extra programmes that you’re interested in! you’re young and a student once! these opportunities are mostly a once in your lifetime thing! get out there and try everything: go to that book club, get your ass for the cinephile gathering, sign up for exchange programs, help out your teachers with their projects, do volunteer work! whatever floats your boat, but just do it!
  • also keep your eyes wide open to catch all the interesting lectures happening in your school. check those posters, check those subjects, check those dates and go. most of the times, you’ll leave knowing much more and having something to think on.
  • do your reading and assignments ahead of time! you don’t want it to be 2 dayss before your first exam, and you still have to finish essays and books.
  • the library really is your best friend! either as a study place or alternative to spending all your money on the source materials for your homework.
  • tidy up at least once a week; as school materials will start pile up, it will be harder and harder to find anything and you’ll only just end up frustrated
  • no one knows you better than you do, so make sure to take only the amount of work you know you can do. it’s okay if you want to keep your first year as free as you can, so you have time to acommodate, and just as okay it is to try all the available classes if you can. 
  • keep your facebook name your real one so people can find you. make sure you’re in every possible group within the first week of university, so you know what’s going on. use said facebook groups to ask about teachers and classes, or find offers on used textbooks that are much cheaper than if you would have bought them yourself.
  • talk with the upperclassmen if you have questions, or simply for tips! really, it tickles our ego to have people actually interested in the experiences we have to share and most of us are more than happy to clear any misunderstandings or help you guys get a classroom right.
  • carry pills and proteine bars with you, especially if you spend a long time away from home! you never know when pain or hunger hits you, and it is better to be prepared than sorry. 
  • it became a running joke at this point, i know, but right during the exam period you’ll want to do everything you haven’t done ever. so make sure you nurture your hobbies as well as your studies, and hopefully your interests are not too time consuming or at least require frequent/long breaks.
  • literally no one cares about how you look; so wear that make-up and nice clothes if you feel up for it, but if you don’t, that’s fine as well.
  • it will be done in the blink of an eye. so be true to yourself and your wishes, enjoy what you’re studying and, remember, you can do it!
Patater Week - Day 6

Feb. 11 - Cuddling/Snuggling – Marty finds Alexei shopping for condoms at 1 AM with Kent. It kind of goes from there, 1.2K

“For water balloons,” Tater says dumbly, looking like he wants to put the pack of Magnums back but can’t because he’s lost all motion in his arm. “Prank on Poots.”

“Hm. Alright,” Marty says, still holding the Little Colds Multi-symptom Cold Formula meant for his son, who’d started sniffling at 8 PM and have not stopped since. “Why not just use real balloons?” he asks, pointing at the balloon packs hanging not far behind Tater.

Tater seems to be strangled by an unseen force. “Penis is more funny,” he says very slowly, then he visibly winces, like he wants to pitch himself into a ditch.

(Marty’s no fool. Everyone on the team knows that Tater has a boyfriend whom he has yet to refer to by name, which is peculiar especially when the latter refuses to shut up about him. At this point, between the two of them, Marty and Thirdy can probably recite the Boyfriend’s failed recipe for chicken salad by heart and how exactly he managed to conduct a mini-explosion in Tater’s kitchen. He just hadn’t expected the nameless significant other to be visiting Providence this week, or that he’d catch Tater buying…supplies.) 

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A Dixon’s Mate

Pairings: Daryl Dixon x Reader

Summary: Y/N is attracted to a certain blue eyed Alpha, but she thinks he doesn’t like her because of how much he avoids her. What she doesn’t know is that Daryl lives to protect that Omega. One night when Daryl doesn’t join everyone for a special dinner in the cellblock, she takes some dinner to share at his watch post, but what she finds will change everything between them.

Warnings: Unprotected sex (be safe when you get naughty), A/B/O Dynamics, knotting sex, a little fluff at the end, wee instance of Daddy kink, etc.

A/N: This took longer than expected for many reasons, but I’ll just leave it at that for now. This isn’t my best work, but I’ve been told it’s good for how rusty I am getting back behind the keyboard after a while. The style of this story is written in @kittenofdoomage‘s A/B/O universe. If you’d like to know more she has a link to the list of rules on her page. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it.

AO3 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10816410

Word Count: 2,356

Originally posted by findmeacurebae

The sun was already high above the prison when Y/N stepped out to the yard, loving the Georgia heat despite the humidity. It had been freezing inside the cell block with three straight days of rain, so the warmth of the sun’s rays soaking into her skin was a welcome change. A smile tugged at her lips as she watched the kids run out through the muddy grass, Rick and Hershel checking the crops, while Maggie and Glenn walked hand in hand to the fence to kill off some walkers. She was always so happy to see the sweet beta couple together, feeling the love they have for one another radiating from them every time they even look at each other. Poor Rick always smiled at the sight of them too, wishing he could go back to the days before he lost his omega, Lori. As if it wasn’t bad enough that he had to kill his best friend, Shane, another pig headed alpha pining over his omega. But he had Carl and sweet little Judith to keep him going. He also had his duty as leader of the group to make his days busy, caring for the people taken in after the fall of Woodbury and the Governor slaughtering some of his own people.

An all too familiar feeling pulled Y/N from her thoughts and made shivers run down her spine. Her teeth quickly sunk into her bottom lip to hold back a soft whimper that threatened to escape, loving the heat that spread through her body under the blue eyed gaze of the alpha staring at her from the nearest watch tower. Daryl watched her every chance he got, secretly admiring everything about her. He had been completely entranced with her since the group first found her outside Atlanta. He liked to believe that she had no idea, looking away to avoid meeting her eyes any time she’d look at him.

To Y/N’s dismay, he always kept his distance from her. Whenever she caught him looking, she wondered how it would feel to be close to him or how he would smell. She’d been told that alphas smell wonderful to omegas like her, but she’d never been around an unmated one before, aside from Shane but he acted like Lori was his, even when Rick came back. “Maybe he thinks I’m gross.” She mumbled and kicked a rock from under her foot before walking down the gentle slope to feed the pigs the group had raised.

Daryl kept his gaze locked on her every move, groaning at the sight of her hips swaying with each step. He wanted nothing more than to pull her against his chest and scent her properly, make her his mate. He always made sure she was safe when they were on the road, keeping his distance and watching from afar. It was dangerous enough for her to be an unmated omega in a world of zombies that half rely on the scent of living things to find their next meal, but it was worse when her scent intensified during her heat each month. Securing the prison had been like a God send to protect her. He’d stop outside her cell at night when everyone was a sleep just to check, inhaling deeply to take in her intoxicating scent while he peeked in on her sleeping form. He thought he’d heard her whimper his name in her sleep a few times, but it was too quiet to tell for sure. As much as he wanted to be hers, he never got too close. Daryl thought he wasn’t good enough for her. He thought she deserved better, but couldn’t stand the thought of anyone but him touching Y/N. He shook his head and turned his attention back out to the woods and fields surrounding the perimeter of the prison, fully prepared to stay there long into the night with his thoughts.

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Plage (M)

◇ pairing: jin x reader
◇ genre: smut, fluff
◇ summary: the suave champion swimmer is like a fish out of the water around the girl he is crushing on.

Do you want to go
to the plage with me?
I’m going down-down-down
there at 4 in the morning,
most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.
Come down-down-down,
my love is calling.

plage - crystal fighters

There are three things in Jin’s life that he is truly grateful for. The first being his parents; his mom for giving birth to him and for passing down her gorgeous face to him, and his dad for his height and athletic abilities – oh, and how they love and support him through everything, but that goes without saying. The second being his three best friends and teammates – Nam Joohyuk, Kim Jisoo, and Seo Kangjoon – because without them, his dreams of winning the three gold medals he won at the International Competition last week would have never been possible. Not only did they win the toughest men’s medley relay to ever happen in the past 10 years together, but they were also there to cheer him on during his 200 m individual medley and 200 m breaststroke race.

And last but certainly not least, the third (and the greatest) thing Jin was grateful for was that he met you.

Yes, Y/N, you.

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Little disclaimer, I fucking love Petra okay? I`m not against shipping her with Levi or trying to hate on her character, this is all an excuse for me to write Levi being hopelessly in love and jealous!Petra is one of my guilty pleasures. Petra is a sweet angel and doesn`t deserve the suffering I put her though, that is all u-u 

AO3 Version


When Eren had been thrust into their squad, she’d thought nothing of him. Yes, he was handsome and new, but it wasn’t something she, as devoted to Levi as she was, took notice of.

She should have noticed the lingering looks Levi kept sending him, the shy glances he got in return.

She should have noticed the way the Corporal helped him off his horse when they’d arrived at that castle, despite him being entirely able.

Should have noticed the charged air between them, when they’d disappeared without a trace for an entire night to tend to the horses that had already been tended to that morning.

Maybe she could have prepared, but she was too sure, too blinded.

And because of that, too late.


Petra seethed silently as Eren scooted closer to Corporal Levi, he may as well have been in his lap! And the dark haired man wasn’t even protesting, she was beginning to think he’d actually let the young brunette do it! Levi was telling an intricate story of he and Hanji getting into something or other and normally she’d be enthralled by it, but ever since Eren found his way into their squad, he threw it all to hell. Now instead of Levi glancing at her when a particularly funny part was told, his eyes were only for Eren.

Eren who laughed genuinely at nearly every joke, and who got away with calling out the bad ones.

Eren who had Levi’s apt attention, had the man leaning over towards him to whisper little details of the tale no one else was allowed to hear, had him giving a twitch of his lips every time he got another pretty laugh from the teen.

Levi was absolutely enraptured, it was easy to tell.

And Petra was absolutely livid.

E ♡ L

She knew it was wrong, to dislike Eren for something he’d had no control over, how was he to know that Levi would find him so much more charming than she, would want him so quickly. She certainly hadn’t.

Nevertheless, she did dislike him for it, and it showed. She knew he felt the shift in her treatment of him, how she would ignore him entirely if it was just the two of them, and throw undeserved remarks poorly disguised as jokes when in front of others.

She knew that eventually he’d tell his beloved superior about it, but she didn’t expect to be called to the man’s office only minutes later. That wiped the meanspirited smirk right off her face.

He’d stared her down like she’d was a titan he was ready to strike to the ground. And Eren , sweet, innocent Eren, stood guiltily at his side, he looked so pretty in the warm backlight of dusk. She hated it.

Had he come here, tears in his big doe eyes, and poured his hurt heart out to his Corporal? Had Levi taken him into his arms and soothed his sniffles and vowed to take care of it? Kissing, petting, snuggling, doing everything in his power to appease his boy?

“Petra, Eren tells me he’s being treated like a steaming pile of shit, why is that?” Levi asked her darkly.

“Are you sure he isn’t overreacting, sir? He can be a bit of a crybaby.” She answered cheekily, a confused smile on her face. Levi’s face only darkened further.

“This is exactly what I mean, how was that necessary?” He asks her lowly.

She spares a glance at Eren, who is wringing the hem of his shirt in nervousness.

“It- I- It’s not, sir…” What else could she say? All Eren had done was win the Corporal’s affection, all he had done was unknowingly steal away what she’d been after for years, all he had done was-

“As I thought. Shape up, your attitude is annoying and unprofessional, I expect more from you.” Levi scolded, it cut extremely deep.

Eren spoke up then, voice timid and forgiving. “P-Petra, I don’t know what I did, but I’m sorry if I -”

“Don’t apologize, she’s the one with a stick up her ass.” Levi cut in gruffly, it wasn’t unkind, just blunt. Just true.

“You’re dismissed, Ral.”

Ral. Not Petra, not a friend, Ral.

Eren was giving her an apologetic look, as though he had never meant to throw a wrench in what Petra had thought was her intimate relationship with Levi. He should be sorry, everything was his fault wasn’t it? If he had never-


“Yes, sir.” She replied stiffly, and marched out if the office. She lingered outside of the door she’d closed behind her.

“I didn’t mean to start a fight between you two.” Eren’s muffled voice all but whimpered.

“Don’t you start, this isn’t your fault.”

Silence, she should go, but she stayed there, rooted in her place, listening.

“Oi, stop looking sorry for yourself and come here.” Levi ordered.

She should go.

“C-Corporal, it’s broad daylight!” Eren hissed after a distinct ruffle of clothing and the light squeak of a chair.

She should go.

“Mmn.” Levi mumbled noncommittally, followed a series of soft smacks, and Eren’s sweet sighs and reluctant moans.

“Corporal…!” He whines.

She leaves.


She sees them snuggling and whispering to each other like childhood sweethearts, where they think no one can see them, no one can, except for her, she makes herself see it.

The way Eren childishly turns his head away when the older man whispers a particularly sweet nothing in his ear, one that has Levi smirking and Eren turning bright red.

The way Levi’s acting like a young boy with that wide grin on his face while he tries to catch Eren’s eyes to see the embarrassment he’s trying to hide from him.

She imagines herself in Eren’s place, where she should be. It should be Eren watching her and Levi longingly, wishing for him, not her. She was here first, she had thought Levi treated her as a favorite, as a potential lover, but that-

It was nothing compared to what he was giving Eren, it was like getting a lovely doll for a holiday, only to have your sibling get a far nicer one with a dollhouse and matching dress. It made her want to gag.

She’d always manage to pull herself away when things started to get intimate between the two of them, there was only so much she could take, seeing them so connected, so utterly in love…

It would break her.


Petra had thought, surely she wasn’t the only one unhappy with their Corporal’s budding relationship? Surely her comrades were disgusted, Eren was another man after all, surely they’d agree the Corporal needed a woman, one who could offer him a family, much less a compatible body.

“They’re cute, aren’t they?” Gunter commented offhandedly, eyes on the happy couple, as most were, so in awe of the ever-aloof raven bending over backwards for his new sweetheart.

The two were engaged in a lazy game of “footsie” under the table, Eren’s thanks being given when Levi would sneak more extra meat onto Eren’s plate from his own. Along with the boy scolding him for not eating enough of his dinner.

“Y-you think so?” Petra asked in thinly veiled shocked.

“I’d say more adorable, but that’s just me.” Eld gushed. “The Corporal falling in love! It’s like a fairytale isn’t it? Can’t say I blame him though.” His brown eyes shifted to Eren in appreciation.

“Hmph, he’s got a cute face, be a better catch if he wasn’t such a brat though.” Oluo agreed reluctantly.

Petra was flabbergasted by everyone’s happiness over their coupling, did no one think that she was a better option?

“I’m so happy he’s happy.” Hanji sighed dreamily.

“Indeed, it’s refreshing. Though, I’m a little jealous, I must say.” Erwin adds with a chuckle.

He was happy, just with the wrong person.


She had to take action, she wouldn’t lose years of yearning only to have them swept away by a green-eyed boy who had no right! She wrote shakily, yet elegantly on her best parchment, saved for letters to her family, she used extremely expensive red ink as she wrote out an enticing, provocative letter to her superior.

She wrote of how much her body yearned for him, how he held her heart in his hand, how she forgave him for being unknowing of her affection and that she was all too ready to show him how far it extended.

She wrote of a time and place, tonight, it said, by the forest, it begged, meet me there at midnight.

She would come to him like an alluring dryad, beckon him close with a whispered confession, he would be caught up in her beauty, he’d reach out for her, kiss her, hold her, he would be mad for her.

He would realize the error of his ways, see that Eren had only distracted him with his exotic looks, that he wasn’t really in love with the youth.

She’d forgive Eren, too, the poor boy had only been dragged into their romance by chance and she’d accept him and his broken heart because she was good. She’d hold him when he cried for Levi to come back to him, and let him know that he would find love with someone else.

Yes, it would be so perfect! Petra squealed girlishly as she reread her risque letter, and thought of her fairytale ending.

She daintily spritzed the letter with her best perfume, it smelled if roses and citrus, and sealed it in a decorated envelope with a rose shaped seal.

She gave it a kiss for good luck and snuck off to slip it underneath the Corporal’s door, scurrying off before anyone could see her.

Then skipped her way back to her own quarters to get ready, she had to look absolutely ethereal!


She’d waited outside in the cold of midnight for him to show, she knew it had been nearly three hours since then from the moon’s place in the sky. That silly, sweet old man. He was just as shy as she’d expected from her suggestive words. She’d have to collect him herself.

A little less romantic than she imagined, but she was sure it would be something they would laugh at when they looked back. Just like his and Eren’s relationship.

She made her way to his sleeping quarters fondly.

She stopped suddenly in the hall as she went to knock on his door. Her heart dropped into her stomach and she stopped breathing altogether.

“Ah! Levi! Oh, oh Maria, a-ah!” A voice that was barely recognizable as Eren’s moaned.

Muffled but obvious slaps of skin against skin, the constant banging of a headboard against the wall, the squeaking of a bed frame.

“Eren, ah shit, Eren! Hah…!” Levi growled back.

Petra wanted to die.

“Hhmm, Levi! Feels so good!” The boy gasped, Petra tried and failed to keep from imagining him bouncing up and down on the mattress, hair splayed out around his head like a halo.

“Oh, baby, mhn, you’re so- Fuck!” Levi hissed, she could practically see his head thrown back in ecstasy.

She should walk away, she’d lost! Why couldn’t she just accept it and-

“Levi! I’m so close, a-ah, don’t stop!”

“Eren, Eren, oh hell…!”

She had to see it with her own eyes, she couldn’t accept it otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to snap out of her fantasy if she didn’t.

She found the door was unlocked, a blunder made in their passion most likely, and slowly, quietly peeked in, only enough to see.

See Levi hunched over Eren as the boy was jerked up and down across the bed, the raven plowing relentlessly as they both moaned and grunted at the feeling, the clash of dark tan against pale white, Eren absolutely helpless to do much more than hang on to his older lover’s shoulders and beg for release.

She could feel the tears running down her face at the way they never stopped looking into one another’s eyes.

“I’m- I’m going to-” Eren was trying so hard to speak, so lost in pleasure,

“Let go, cum for me!” Levi ordered,

Eren obeyed, with roll of his head and a long, sultry moan.

Sending Eren over must have triggered Levi as well, as his thrusts lost all rhythm and he instead shoved and pulled his hips in reckless abandon, riding out what could only be his own orgasm.

All at once, they collapsed against each other, breathing heavily as sweat glistened on their bodies. Eren absentmindedly stroked Levi’s hair as the man laid his head on the boy’s chest.

“I love you, so much, Levi.” The brunette cooed.

“I love you, I`m never going to let anyone take you away from me, Eren.” Levi panted back.

Petra stood their, frozen in her pretty dress and ruined make up, she didn’t know how long she stayed there, tears running down her face, a hand clutching the doorknob until her knuckles went white.

She didn’t move until a snore reached her ears and snapped her out of it. She shakily opened the door further, just enough to see her meticulously prepared letter laying forgotten right where she’d left it in front of the door. As Eren shifted slightly in his sleep, she quickly snatched it up and shut the door silently.

Her breath was heavy as she tore her way back to her room. The moment she entered, she viciously ripped her letter apart, near screaming with every new tear.

She ripped off her dress, and ran a rough hand across her face to get rid of the make up she had ruined already. She threw herself into her pillows, she was such a fool! How could she have blinded herself so much? To try and disregard the undying love in Levi’s eyes when he looked at Eren? How childish was she to turn on the poor boy who had done nothing wrong? To try and sabotage the happiness they shared?

She couldn’t believe herself.

Petra felt her heart breaking, felt her resolve finally crumble.

She was such a fool indeed.


Breakfast was a bustling affair as always, and Petra was glad to blend into the background. Once again, the starry eyed couple was huddled together at their own little corner of the table, talking about who knew what.

Petra sat in near Eren, offering a chipper good morning to her comrades and digging into her meal, which apparently Eren had cooked up today.

“This is great, Eren!” She praised, as she didn’t know bread could be crisp and soft at the same time!

It was the first thing she’d said to him in weeks.

Eren was stunned for a few seconds, before a bright smile broke out on his face. “Thanks Petra!”

“Hey Petra, you okay? You look like shit.” Levi stated.

She really did, with her puffy red eyes and blotchy face.

She smiled sadly at their interlocked hands upon the tabletop.

“I’m just fine.”

And she was.

Restaurants with good keto options:

Buffalo Wild Wings (traditional wings with Parmesan garlic sauce, naked tenders, or burger with no bun)
Five Guys (burger wrap or bowl with mayo, bacon, and lettuce)
Jimmy Johns (any sandwich as an unwich/lettuce wrap)
Wendy’s (any burger or chicken sandwich in a bowl)
Applebees (steak and broccoli, ribs with no sauce, traditional wings)
Red Robin (any burger as a lettuce wrap, wedge salad without onion crisps, broccoli, or side salad)
Chipotle (salad with no rice or beans, extra meat, salsa, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, guac)
Taco Bell (apparently you can ask for their meat as a side and they serve it in a little container)

Beauty || Clay Jensen x Chubby!Reader

Anon, you don’t know how happy it makes me to know that people like my writing enough to actually binge read it. 😭👌 I can definitely do this. One thing I can’t stand in chubby!reader imagines is when they make you just despise yourself. Like, if you’re not the recommended weight, you automatically have to hate your body. I’ve been wanting to write one for that exact reason.

Word Count: 905

Warnings: Marcus Being a Douche


    Ask anyone in Liberty High, and they’d all tell you the same thing; no one went without getting their fair share of bullying. Except, that is, for the bullies, and the people with targets on their heads, they got twice as much. Like Hannah Baker, who never could seem to keep herself out of the rumors. Or Tyler Down, who was shunned by everyone for the sole reason that Justin Foley told them to.

    You were one of the handful of girls in the school who weren’t the average size of what many called the populars, but it didn’t seem to dent your reputation by much. You were liked by a lot of people, many of them being guys, despite the stigma that claimed ‘you can’t get a man unless you’re thin.’

    You opposed anything and everything that promoted shedding weight for the enjoyment of others. If you’re going to lose weight, you should do it for yourself. Because you want to, not because you think you’re not beautiful unless you do.

    There were plenty of scientifically backed reasons as to why just because someone has a bit of extra meat on them, that does not mean they’re not healthy. In fact, you prided yourself on being able to beat Sheri Holland in short and long distance sprints.

    Of course, things had to get bad at least once. It was the emergence of Alex’s list that had you marked down as thunder thighs. Despite you being able to shrug it off within the first few hours, that didn’t stop wandering eyes from finding you in the halls.

    Nothing you weren’t used to, of course. You’d been in middle school for three years, and that was way worse. But when things started to turn physical, you found it a lot harder to ignore.

    An encounter with Marcus outside of the girls’ bathroom nearly had you willing to go to the principal, as unhelpful as that crabby old man was.

    You had just stuffed all of your books into your locker, preparing to head to gym class, when you decided to get a drink of water. You were leaned over the fountain when it happened. Marcus was right behind you, hands squeezing at your thighs. He made a noise that sounded like a mix between a snort and a scoff.

    “I can see why you’re on Alex’s lists, Y/N. I mean, damn,” he said condescendingly. “How many guys have you smothered with these things?”

    You were about to reply with an indignant, but not uncalled for, fuck you when he was suddenly wrenched away.

    You spun around, relieved to see the familiar faces of Jeff and Clay. Jeff had Marcus by the collar of his shirt, looking like he was about to knock his lights out. You took a step towards him, grabbing his arm.

    “It’s fine,” you said. “He’s not worth you getting expelled.”

    “No, it’s not fine,” Clay responded, sounding a whole lot angrier than you were. “Stay away from her, Marcus. If we see you do anything like that again, the two of us are going to report you for sexual harassment. We’ll see how good that looks on your perfect record.”

    Jeff let him go, giving him a rough push backwards. Marcus nearly tripped over his own two feet trying to scramble away.

    “Thanks,” Clay murmured.

     "No problem,  buddy. If you see him creeping around her again, let me know.“Jeff replied, striding away towards the stairs "See you two at gym.”

    When you and Clay had been left alone, you nudged his shoulder. “You two are awesome, you know that?”

    He smiled weakly. “Jeff’s the awesome one.”

    “No, I meant what I said,” you replied. “Clay, when you get all that I do, you learn not to underestimate people. Jeff’s got strength, but you have brains. Threatening Marcus’s record was beautiful. Did you see the look on his face?”

    He laughed, nodding, “Okay, yeah. That was pretty good.”

    The two of you stood there for a moment. You watched him awkwardly shift from one foot to another, looking like he was trying to decide how to say something. You nudged him again, and when his gaze met yours you gave him a reassuring look.

    “I can see you’re struggling with something. Tell me,” you said softly.

    “Well, I just… wanted you know that, um,” he cleared his throat. “You shouldn’t let some stupid list make you feel bad. I think you’re more beautiful than any of the girls in this school.”

    Your cheeks warmed. You looked down at your feet, trying to hide the stupid grin that had broken out on your face. “Thank you, Clay. You don’t have to worry, though. I’m not ashamed of my body, and that includes my ’thunder thighs’.”

    His hand slipped beneath your chin, tipping your head up to look him in the eyes. “You don’t have-” he breathed a deep sigh. “I think thick thighs are sexy.”

    You laughed. “Well, then I’d be the perfect girl for you.”

    “I think you would be,” Clay replied, sounding completely serious.

    Your smile faded. For as long as you could remember, you’d had the biggest crush on him. He was always the perfect boy. He was tall, lean, and handsome like the populars, but without the bitterness, and ten times the brains. “Clay?” you asked. “Would you want to maybe… go on a date sometime?”

    His tensed shoulders instantly relaxed. “Yes. Yes, I would.”

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does 2p count? if not 1p is cool too! could i get some alpha america with a chubby omega? scenario or hcs are good! thanks!

Alpha 2p America and Chubby Omega S/O Headcanons:

  • Very protective over his mate, almost to the point of obsession
    • Especially around other males 
  • Always making sure his Omega is well fed by bringing home fresh kill of their favorite meat/food 
    • Even giving his rations just to make sure they are full 
  • After stuffing his mate, he likes to lay them down in a nest of furs to comfort their overstuffed belly 
    • Secretly hoping it adds more weight
  • Always trying to make his Omega gain weight because it is actually desirably for their women to have extra meat on them 
    • He also loves the extra warmth it gives
  • Because of this extra weight his s/o will bear his strong and healthy pups much to his pleasure 
    • Once they are pregnant with his pups he becomes more protective and dominant over his Omega 
  • He does not stand for any type of remarks of his mates weight, which ofter leads to brawls 
    • Adding more scars onto his body from previous fights
  • Becomes jealous very easily- If he sees another male making advances to his Omega he will let out a low growl and glare at the opponent 
    • Will lick/kiss the bond bite on his mate purposely as a sign that they are already claimed
SNSD as Werewolves


  • A surprisingly tough leader. Because of her small stature and ethereal beauty, rival packs think she’s weak. But they’re wrong, very wrong. To her pack, she is childish and kind but to enemies, she’s ruthless and brutal. Her pack is one of the longest standing, as most dissolve or end in bloodshed. Not hers though, which stayed strong, thanks to her leadership.
  • Although she is a natural leader, there are things she’s done, that she’s seen, that have damaged her. So she likes to be alone sometimes, or keeps her feelings to herself.
  • On one of her times to wander off alone and think, she encounters you. An Omega. And you’re offered a place in her pack, but it takes months before anyone considers you family. They were very close knit so you almost consider leaving yet they were never rude or mean, just reserved around you. So you persevered and eventually earned their trust.
  • Taeyeon took even longer than the others but eventually she trusted and adored you.
  • She started talking to you even more than her right hand, Tiffany. And the others could see the romance blossoming.
  • Her sometimes child-like personality makes you protective of her. So when a foreign pack attacks, you fight to protect her until you can fight no more.
  • That’s when she realizes she loves you.
  • “Idiot,, I’m supposed to protect you not the other way around. But thank you,” she smiles, promising to nurse you back to health. Which she does, staying by your side almost constantly. She takes this time to confess and by the time you’re healed, you and her are dating.
  • ((”Damn it,” Hyoyeon hisses, shoving green bills into Yuri’s triumphant hand. “I really thought our Alpha would end up with Tiffany. We made this bet years ago, how was I supposed to know about (Y/N)’s arrival?!” “Don’t be salty, just ‘cause you lost haha!”))

Originally posted by oh-thatdoll


  • Was once a part of a pack but decided that in order to continue growing, she had to leave. She became an Omega by choice, an odd decision as it makes her more vulnerable but she feels happy and free so even if her former pack don’t say it, they’re glad she’s doing well.
  • She travels and survives alone, always moving, never staying in the same place.
  • She accidentally comes too close to a different pack and that just so happened to be your pack.
  • Any stranger could mean danger so you confronted her and instead of being a threat, she was warm and beautiful and funny and you found yourself asking “Do you want to join my pack? I won’t give you rules, you can feel free to live your life. But at least as a Beta, you’ll be stronger.”
  • So she joins your pack and goes off for days at a time sometimes, just exploring, having fun. But she always comes back, with food or clothes or just something for the pack.
  • Everyone grows to adore her and you more than the rest.
  • Jessica’s aware of this, and returns your feelings. You both casually date but it’s nothing serious, nothing that has a label. But it doesn’t need a label.
  • You’re both free to live but your hearts belong to each other.

Originally posted by baobbei


  • She’s such a warm, friendly wolf that she has connections all across the globe, with all kinds of people. While meeting up with her human source, she caught you listening in (And who could blame you when you saw a hot girl in a shady alley with some guy! What if she was in trouble?!) and couldn’t allow you to leave, in case you spilled the beans on shape-shifters.
  • But she can’t bring herslef to kill you either.
  • Instead, she brings you back to the pack with her and you’re assigned with small, menial tasks at first. But as the urge to leave lessens and the packs fondness for you grows, they start giving you bigger tasks.
  • One was to meet up with a vampire informant but it was a trap. She set you up and planned to hold you hostage. Luckily for you, Sunny would trail you secretly, to ensure your safety and she intervened, saving you.
  • You wanted to pay her pack and the only thing you could think to do was buy her a drink. This was the start of a close bond that turned romantic, the kind that vampire, human or werewolf alike could not break.

Originally posted by shiki-soon


  • The second in command. Newbies to the pack all thought her and the Alpha Taeyeon were together until they seen Tiffany with you. That’s when they know the truth.
  • When you joined the pack, were little and weak.
  • Tiffany’s caring nature made her tend to you, fuss about you, as if you were a child. She feeds you good food and trains with you, until you build your strength up to become a powerful Beta.
  • You know you owe her your life, since that strength has kept you alive in battles. And the time together created a strong bond.
  • Taeyeon wanted you together more than anyone, loving how Tiffany would light up around you, how happier and more brightly she smiled. It was her that ensured you would end up together.
  • And together you’re the packs parents, always looking out for everyone.
  • So while, yes, Tiffany is close to Taeyeon and newbies may think they’re together. Everyone can sense the bond she has towards you, the true love that smolders, so it doesn’t take them long to figure it out.

Originally posted by hyoism


  • Plays an active role in the pack, scouting Omega’s to join them and training the weaker wolves into fighting machines, teaching them how to use their wolf senses.
  • You were new, turned by being bitten, so these heightened senses were especially strange to you. She felt bad, seeing you struggle to fit in with the other born wolves.
  • She gives you extra attention, spends extra time to help you train, which doesn’t go unnoticed. A rumour spreads that she has a crush which she scoffs at, at first.
  • She’s got a job to do, no time to waste on romance.
  • Until you ask her on a date, when you treat her like a Queen and she thinks ‘Maybe a relationship wouldn’t be so bad?’
  • It’s her that makes the move to make you two official and the rest is history.

Originally posted by klmhyoyeon


  • Although she’s not officially a pack leader, she still holds a lot of power in the ranks. She’s one of the longest standing pack members, with natural leader skills and intelligence, strength and kindness.
  • If Taeyeon is busy and Tiffany can’t do the job, Yuri stands in.
  • She’s tasked with leading a mission, to attack a neighbouring pack. Which is how she meets you.
  • You’re the runt, the weakest of the pack and she takes pity. She offers to let you join her pack and with your own one gone, you decided to take up her offer.
  • She finds herself drawn to you, always checking up on you, asking others how you were getting on, slipping you extra meat or bread if you looked hungry.
  • And you repay her too, with pretty flowers and trinkets you find while hunting.
  • She’s too busy for an official relationship, but she’s happy for now with occasional kisses in corners and sharing meals. Or falling asleep alone only to wake up in your warm embrace.

Originally posted by taengsic


  • Yet another member with leadership skills. There’s a reason their pack has been around so long and that’s due to the strength of the individual members.
  • She had always been impressed by you. You were their informant, spending more time out of the pack than with them, to travel around and gather information.
  • And you always got the information they wanted.
  • There’s sexual tension between you, the kind that Hyoyeon jokes she can “cut with a human knife.”
  • And there’s feelings too. You care for her, more than words can say. And she admits that her thoughts are filled with you, always.
  • But with you being gone a lot, and her being so busy, a serious relationship isn’t possible.
  • You’re faithful to each other and spend time together when you can. You know she’ll be your bride someday, when you’re around more, but for now, this is how life will be.

Originally posted by sooyyoung


  • She immediately caught your eye.
  • You were the Alpha of a neighbouring pack, that teamed up with Taeyeon to trade information, goods and help one another in battles.
  • Yoona was often tasked with bringing the trading goods to you, from food to medicine to blankets. She would tell you things too, warn you about a rogue vampire her pack had spotted or war between distant packs.
  • One day, she spent too much time with you. You were caught up in conversation, drinking tea and laughing, when she realized it was dark.
  • “Stay here?” you offered. “It’s safer than walking alone.”
  • She wasn’t stupid. Yoona was another high ranking pack member, with a more subtle leadership style and a warm heart. But sharp intelligence too. As a strong wolf, she would be able to return safely with no issue. She knew you were making a move on her, by asking her to stay.
  • “Of course,” she agrees, smiling softly. “In your room?”
  • “Of course,” you smile back.
  • When she didn’t return that night, none of the girls were worried. They celebrated instead, sharing a bottle of wine; “Our Yoona’s growing up!!!!”

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  • Despite being turned young, she had been mature from the very beginning. She learned to control her shifts quicker than any other wolf.
  • She’s so focused on the pack and on improving her skills and getting tasks done well,, that every other wolf assumed she would die alone.
  • And she thought so too, because she had no interest in romance. Her attention was always on work.
  • Until she met you.
  • You were new to the pack and immediately charmed by her. There was something entrancing about her serious nature, her beautiful smiles and her hard working ethic.
  • You knew you couldn’t get her out of your mind, you knew she had to be yours.
  • After weeks of chasing her, she finally gives in to “One date, that’s it! I’m too busy to waste time like this!”
  • Except the date goes well and as you pamper and adore her, she finds that maybe a romance wouldn’t be so bad .. maybe she can work and have a love life.

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Hey, what do you think of people who refuse to take their sick pets in for medication that could save their lives on the basis of it being 'too expensive'? What can/would/do you do to convince that person?

They’re a pain in the backside because if they’re refusing to take their pets in on the basis that treatment will be ‘too expensive’ then they probably don’t have any idea of what anything will actually cost.

Some recent cases I have had include:

  • Epileptic dog seizuring on and off for 4 years before owners brought him in, happily surprised that his anti-seizure medication will only cost them $35 a month.
  • A dog who’s been incontinent her entire life and consequently relegated to be outside only, who’s incontinence I can treat for $50 a year.

Both were totally surprised that this problem they had decided to make their pet live with was actually manageable at a reasonable cost.

Sure, treatments for some things are expensive. If you go to McDonalds and order something with double meat, extra cheese, extra bacon and then upsize it, it’s going to cost more than a cheeseburger.

At the very least I would urge them to call their local clinic and at least ask what treatment might cost. You wont get something exact over the phone, you can’t without a diagnosis and you can’t do that without examining the animal, but you can get a ballpark figure. They might find it’s cheaper than they expect, and then get their animal treated.

If they refuse to call and ask, then it was never about money in the first place.

You’re Perfect

A/N: Hi there everyone I’m so sorry for the lack of updates but I lost all of my work except for 3 lines from this imagine so I do hope you’ll forgive me if the one you requested isn’t up yet. 

Self-conscious and Paranoid is one way I could describe myself. If handed a piece of paper and told to write down all the flaws I had, I would be able to do it in seconds probably asking for a second page while I’m at it. That’s just how I have always been. I’ve always felt disgusted at how big my thighs look or how my stomach gains an extra roll when I sit down. I’ve never known what it feels like to not have my thighs touch or my stomach bulge when wearing tight clothing, its just always been like that for me.
Lately my insecurities have been gnawing away at my sanity once again, creating doubts and destroying whatever confidence I had built up after being admitted to Arkham.

“Hey! Are you even listening?” Barbra said shaking me slightly, I shook my head to clear my thoughts and looked at her with a smile. “Yeah sorry, I’m just tired” I lied as I stabbed my food with a spoon, she shook her head and continued talking about a someone named Lee and her Ex Jim. I zoned out and looked down at my thighs hoping that my gaze would somehow shrink the fat that surrounded the muscle. I was jerked out of my thoughts when a hand rested on my middle back, I was about to snap at the person for touching me until I noticed it was Jerome. I offered him a small smile but I could see he was concerned with my behaviour, normally I wasn’t as quiet and reserved but lately I have been retreating into my shell ever so slightly. I guess it was because of Greenwood constantly comparing me to Barbra. 

“Barbra you do look ravishing today, unlike someone over here” Greenwood said shifting his stare over to me, “You look like you just came out of a pie eating contest” I furrowed my brow in confusion before wiping my face. ‘There is nothing on my face so why did he say that?’ I wondered looking at the spot on my arm where I rubbed my face. “Why do you say that?” Barbra asked genuinely interested, she hadn’t heard this one before. “Because her cheeks are fat and her belly is bulging” He said nonchalantly sitting down across from Barbra. I instinctively covered my stomach with my arms and tried to make myself as small as possible. 

Jerome looked at him with disbelief before sitting down beside me, in a matter of seconds I was pulled from the seat and positioned on Jerome’s lap as he hugged me from behind. "Why do you care about how she looks? You’re not her boyfriend I am” Jerome stated glaring at greenwood, I buried my face in my hands and let out an embarrassed groan which prompted Jerome to continue. “You think she’s fat, I think she’s slightly chubby and curvy in all the right places” he paused for a second before pointing a finger at Greenwood “unlike you” he said childishly before laughing at his own remark.

“And besides, who cares if she has a little extra meat, it just means more places to kiss when we-” a tinge of scarlet coated my cheeks “JEROME” I yelled getting flustered at his blunt words. Greenwood’s smirk fell from his face and was at a loss for words, Barbra stood up and cracked a smile, “I’m gonna call Jim!” she announced before striding off towards her cell. Jerome shook his head before burying his face into my hair. “You are perfect just the way you are, I love you and your body. Every little thing you see as a flaw or imperfection I see as something more to love” I smirked; shifting in the embrace I looked up at him and kissed his jaw, “you’re turning soft~” I said jokingly knowing that he was only like this with me. He grinned before lowering his lips to my ear “I thought about stabbing him repeatedly but I knew that It would mean less time with you” I laughed at his reasoning. No matter how bad I would ever feel about myself Jerome would always be there to stab or shoot my insecurities down and rescue me from my own deep thoughts.

I used to think that if I was handed a piece of paper and told to write down all the flaws I had, I would be able to do it in seconds, but now I’m not so sure. After that little incident with Greenwood at breakfast Jerome made sure to show me just how much he loved me, in more ways then one.

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Ahhhh!!! Congrats on the new blog!! You're so great omg 😍 could I maybe have Naruto, Kisame, Hidan, and Kiba hc's for a short and chubby fem s/o? I'm so excited to see what you have in store!! xox

You’re too kind :), thank you very much for requesting, and thank you for the compliments! I hope you enjoy these headcanons! 

Naruto, Kisame, Hidan, and Kiba with a short and chubby fem! S/O

Naruto Uzumaki:

  • Naruto does not care that his s/o is chubby, he likes it actually. He finds that there is more to cuddle with at night. 
  • He also thinks that his s/o makes a great human pillow. If she’s sitting down on a couch, he’ll lay his head down on her lap (cue his s/o’s fingers running through his hair). Or if she’s laying down he’ll rest his head on her stomach. And some days, when his s/o is laying down, he will rest his head on her boobs, it just is what it is.
  •  I hc that Naruto is an ass man, so you can catch him staring at her ass from time to time. If he does while in front of Sakura she will punch him on the head
  • As for height, if it’s pre-shippuden (Naruto was 4′8″) he will like that he and his s/o are the same height. But he will disappointed because he wants to be taller than her, he thinks the guy should be taller in the relationship. But because the two are the same height, he finds it easier to use her as a head rest. And because he and his s/o are the same height they’ll go back and forth on who’s the big spoon and who’s the little spoon.
  • If it’s Post-Shippuden, he finds the height difference adorable. He’s going to use her as an arm-rest, he’s one of those people. But with his new height he will definitely be the big spoon and he will grab all he can when spooning. 

Kisame Hoshigaki: *slight NSFW*

  • Also loves the extra chub. It’s more to grab during sex, and Kisame believes that thick thighs make great ear warmers if you catch my drift. 
  • As for height, Kisame is a pretty tall guy (standing at 6′3″), so he lives for short girls. He likes the contrast between himself and his little lady, it makes him feel more powerful if that makes sense. He will also use his s/o as an arm rest.
  • He will also tease her by taking something of hers and holding it above her head.
  • Kisame is more of a boobs type of guy, so he’ll stare (a lot more than he’d care to admit). He will also use them as his personal pillows (in private) and will focus on them a lot during sex. 
  • Will always be the big spoon and will grab her boobs when cuddling 
  • And if his little lady ends up doing something cute, he will pinch her cheeks which, of course, makes her flustered. 
  • In the event that someone teases his little lady for her extra chub, he will literally kill them. No hesitation. So…don’t make fun of her. 


  • Hidan lives for poking, pinching, and pulling at his s/o’s cheeks. He thinks it’s super cute and likes it when his girlfriend gets flustered. 
  • He uses as much of his girlfriend’s body as pillow as possible. He also has no concept of personal space and he doesn’t care where he is. Is he attending a super boring Akatsuki meeting? If they’re all sitting down he will rest his head on his girls thighs. Stuck camping? He will have her outstretch her arm and on it like it’s a pillow. 
  • He does like spooning, but he likes falling asleep on their stomach more. 
  • He just finds her super soft and super comfortable. 
  • As for height, Hidan is pretty average (5′8″), but he likes the height difference. He, like Naruto, thinks the guy should be taller. 
  • Totally an ass man, he will stare at her ass in public and he will definitely slap it in public. 

Kiba Inuzuka: 

  • Likes extra meat on his girl, something about it just seems sexy to him. He really likes the full hips look tbh.
  • He also likes it because he doesn’t have it, Kiba thinks that he is too skinny and likes that his girlfriend can be thick enough for both of them.
  • Side Note: Akamaru loves sleeping on her stomach and finds that the extra chub adds more warmth. So yay, she made the puppy happy!
  • Kiba also likes the extra warmth in bed when the two of them are cuddling,
  • He uses her thighs as his primary pillow source 
  • For height, if your talking about Pre-Shippuden then Kiba was as short as Naruto. He’s actually really bothered by the fact that he and his girlfriend are the same height. He doesn’t find it “manly” and he feels like he’s not as dominant as a boyfriend should be. (He has this whole Alpha male complex)
  • If it’s Post-Shippuden, the he’s fine and dandy. He loves the height difference. He’s not going to use his s/o as an arm rest, but he will be an asshole and put her things on the high shelf. He thinks it’s hilarious to watch her reach for things. 
  • Another ass man, he’ll purposely put things on the high shelf so he can stand behind his girlfriend and stare at her ass while she struggles to reach things.  

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Okay so this has probably been asked before but,, do you have any tips on saving up money? I recently got a job and I want to save some of the money that I make for college, rent, and to save some cash off to the side to spend on luxury items. I don't know how to go about saving up for these things. Any links or tips that you have would be helpful. Thank you and I love your blog!

Saving Money

1. Set a goal. Set a goal for how much money you’re looking to save every pay check. This goal can be as small or ambitious as fits your budget, and if you have a lot of expenses I’d recommend you trying to save around $50 per pay check. Every little bit counts.

2. Limit shopping. When my boyfriend and I are strapped for money, we limit ourselves to one large shopping trip per month. This sort of shopping trip takes a lot of planning, and we’ll spend a couple weeks keeping tabs on everything we need until we have a solid list. Refrain from doing any excess shopping after this trip, unless you run out of toilet paper unexpectedly.

3. Buy bulk. Buy bulk everything! Buying in bulk will save you serious money, you will just need to make space to store your extra supplies. Freeze any meat, bread and veggies you don’t eat immediately. Put extra paper towels and toilet paper in the bedroom closet, etc.

4. Choose the cheapest. If you are trying to spend as little money as possible, name brands are not for you. Also- who cares if it is a white onion or a Spanish onion, just choose the cheapest. This means that you’re probably going to be avoiding the organic section of your local supermarket like the plague.

5. Use discount stores. Need to buy cleaning supplies or laundry detergent? Hit up your local Dollar Store and purchase items there. Get off-brand cleaning products for a fraction of the price. These type of stores typically have well stocked canned selections (just remember to check the expiration date).

6. Double up on transportation. Try to limit the amount of transportation you are using on a daily basis. Avoid making multiple trips out of the house for work, school, shopping, etc. Map out a route and plan your day accordingly so that you’re not driving out of your way or taking the bus back and forth.

7. Avoid going out to eat. Believe you and me- there is nothing like a Panera dinner when I don’t want to cook or a deli sandwich when I’m going to be running around all day. But cooking at home will be less expensive and better for your budget (unless you’re living off of fast food which you shouldn’t because it’s not healthy).

8. Use student discounts. If you are a student, stash your student ID in your wallet and begin inquiring about student discounts. See: 95 Student Discounts.

9. Talk to your school. Find out if your school has any financial or merit-based programs that will offer assistance to you. If you’re living on your own and your parent or guardian isn’t paying for anything, you should talk to your school about becoming an “independent student”. Designating yourself as such may qualify you for additional financial assistance.

10. Tangible. I’m the sort of person who often feels stagnate and as though the goals I’m setting are not being accomplished. I like to offer myself little reward incentives to get through the hard times, and I strongly recommend that you do too! Set an amount of money (for example, $200) and after you reach it, treat yourself to a small reward. 

Burning Up

Title: Burning Up

Characters/Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1 090

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: The reader has a cold? I don’t think there really are any.

Summary: The reader has a cold that she hides from Dean so she can continue working on a case, Dean isn’t pleased when he finds out.

Author’s Note: So this is yet another Imagine that turned into a One Shot! I didn’t mean to do it, but once I realized I was at 600 words and I wasn’t done yet I figured should probably add some extra meat and turn it into a One Shot instead! It’s not super long, but I hope you guys still like it! –xoxo Katie

If you want to read anything else I’ve written please check out my Master List!

*Gif is not mine, all gifs used on my blog are from Google Images.*

     You were staring down at the ancient book in front of you - your eyes blurred and you doing everything in your power to keep your face from hitting the table in exhaustion - when you accidently allowed an apparently unavoidable groan escape your lips. You cringed and glanced up to see if Dean had heard you from across the table. He was already looking at you from behind his computer with questioning eyes.

     “Are you okay, Y/N?” Dean asked, already getting up from his chair and moving towards you.

     You shrugged your shoulders and smiled. “Yeah, I’m fine.” Lies. You weren’t anywhere close to being fine. “I just have a cramp in my neck.”

     You forced your face to stay neutral, unconcerned. Your head hurt, you couldn’t decide whether you were hot or cold, you were so tired you could barely keep your eyes open and the only thing you wanted to do right now was pass out. But you didn’t. You’d kept the way you were feeling hidden from Dean for the past few hours so you could finish this research for a case, because when you didn’t figure out who your big bad was unpleasant, deadly things tended to happen. It wasn’t really like you had a choice.

     But Dean was still coming towards you.

     “Are you sure you’re okay?” Dean asked with a raise of his eyebrows, “You’re kind of … pale.” You smiled again and started to get up, intending to usher Dean back to his seat when – a bolt of pain shot through your head and stopped you dead in your tracks, making you squeeze your eyes shut and brace your hand on the table. Dean was at your side in an instant.

     “Woah, okay,” Dean’s hands moved to your waist, “you are definitely not fine, and  -“ he slid his hand down your arm and gripped your hand, “you’re shaking.” You tried in vain to shake your head, to dismiss his concern, but the movement only made another wave of pain wash over you, making you feel dizzy and uneasy on your feet. You closed your eyes as you waited for the pain in your head to subside – even if only slightly - and before you’d even managed to open them again Dean had you sitting back in your chair at the table. He was crouching in front of you now, his eyes scanning for any sign of injury. Then when he didn’t seem to find any he scrunched up his face and said, “You’re sick?” raising his eyebrows in question.

    You stiffened and opened your mouth to protest but before you could get a word out Dean was pushing your bangs back, then gently pressing his hand to you too-warm forehead. You shuttered at his cool fingers and shut your eyes, leaning into the touch ever so slightly, then he slid his hand down you face and cupped your cheek. “You’re burning up. Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked, concern and maybe even a little anger coating his features.

     You sighed and cast a sideways glance towards the books on the table – which somehow managed to hurt even your eyes – and then said, “Because we needed to finish the research and I knew if I told you you’d try to sideline me.”

     At that Dean let out a low growl and had his arms wrapped around you before you could even blink, lifting you out of your chair and carrying you towards your bedroom.

     “Damn right I would have sidelined you,” Dean said as he walked down the hall, cutting you off before you had a chance to object to being carried out, even though you were so tired …

     Anger stained Dean’s voice when he spoke but his touch on your waist was still soft, still caring. “You could barely stand, Y/N,” Dean said as he crossed the threshold of your room and placed you ever so gently on your bed. You let out a quiet gasp at the loss of Dean’s body heat – it would seem you’d decided you were, in fact, cold – then immediately propped yourself up on the headboard and looked at Dean with pleading eyes. He sighed and sat down at your feet, the mattress dipping as he did.

     “I just wanted to help,” you said sheepishly. You knew it’d been silly to sit there in misery for so long - probably not good for you either - but you just hated feeling useless, and it wasn’t like demons took sick days.

     “I know, I just wish you wouldn’t push yourself so hard,” Dean said. “You can let people help you, ya know.” You looked at him and raised an eyebrow as if to silently say: ditto. Dean threw up his hand and a laughed. “Okay, I know, I’m not the best at that either.”

     “That’s an understatement,” you said through a smile.

     Dean rolled his eyes and nudged your foot. “Smartass.”


      He threw his head back and laughed, then shook it back and forth. “You know, Cas isn’t exactly a good place to go looking for insult ideas.”

     You shrugged your shoulders. “I know, but It’s growing on me.”

     Dean smiled and stood up. “You get some rest, I can take it from here and Sam should be back soon to help.”

     You watched from your spot on the bed as Dean walked out of the room, for some reason feeling like that was the opposite of what you wanted. Then before you knew what you were doing you said, “Dean?” He paused and turned around, cocking his head in question. “Could you, um -” You didn’t what you wanted him to do. “Could you stay in here with me for a while? Just until Sam gets back?” So that’s what you wanted him to do.

     Dean looked shocked for only a moment and then schooled his features into a practiced calm, nodding and making his way over to you with long strides. His heavy boots – boots that he kicked off once he’d gotten to your bed – thumped on the ground with every agonizingly slow step. Then after he’d sat on the bed beside you – eyeing you the whole time, making sure this was what you’d meant when you’d asked him to say – he cautiously wrapped his arm around your shoulders and pulled you against his warm chest.

      You sighed at the all too welcome heat. Dean relaxed and held you closer.

      Maybe this wasn’t so bad after all.

Fading Into Happiness

-Author’s note: sorry about the format I posted it on mobile. hope you enjoy! A special thanks to @fishfingersandjellybabies who made me less nervous about posting this! Also to @alextimeexpress who was my proofreader-

Summary: After a confrontation with Bruce, Damian is left to make a decision. One that would change everyone’s lives.

Slowly, Damian made his way down to the cave. He was in need of his Father’s assistance with a school assignment. He only had problems with history, since the way they taught it at school was the Americanized version of events. They never seemed to teach the children how everything really happened. He stopped as he heard Grayson and his father arguing.

“No, you don’t understand Bruce! Since Timmy died you’ve just been focusing on being Batman. The family doesn’t need Batman. It needs Bruce!” Damian heard his voice echoing through the cave.

“I need to bring his killer to justice, Dick. You know that the League needs me as well. I don’t have time for your nonsense.” Damian flinched over the cold tone of his voice.

“This isn’t nonsense Bruce! I don’t care if you ignore me! Jason’s on a mission right now, but what about Damian? You haven’t been with him at all! I had to learn from the Titans that not only did you miss his birthday, but were completely ignorant to Ra’s Al Ghul’s threat to Damian.” Dick snarled at the end of his sentence.

Bruce stalked towards Dick, he was so close Dick could feel his breath on his face. His hands shook by his side as they slowly formed into fists. It was so tight Damian could hear the squelching of the leather. “He never informed me of this.” Bruce said, his voice shifting from defensive to enraged.

Damian looked at the floor not knowing what to do. He wanted to tell them that they were foolish to believe he couldn’t handle himself, but at the same time he was really hurt when his father missed his birthday.

“He was about to give himself to Ra’s! He was willing to sacrifice himself again and become the monster he so desperately tried to escape! And you were nowhere to be found! Goddamn it, Bruce! We already lost Tim. Are you really okay with losing Damian? Are you okay with him dying AGAIN? ARE YOU GOING TO LET HIM DOWN AGAIN?” Dick scream at Bruce.

Suddenly, Damian heard a smack. He let out a gasp and ran downstairs. He stared at Grayson, on the floor holding his now bruised cheek.

“Grayson!” He yelled as he went to him and helped him sit up.

“Father! That was unnecessary! Apologize now!” He said glaring at his father.

“Don’t worry Lil’ D everything’s fine. We just had a misunderstanding.” He said ruffling his hair.

“Father had no right to hit you.” Damian said looking at him.

“He should not have yelled at you for simply caring about me…” He trailed off feeling overwhelmed, thinking that maybe his father did not care for him as much as he hoped.

Bruce look at him as he sighed and rubbed his face.

“This was so much easier with Tim…” he muttered under his breath.

Damian heard him and his eyes widened as he took a step back unconsciously.

“No, wait Damian that…that wasn’t what I meant” Bruce said realizing his mistake.

“Tt, well I am sorry Father but I am not Drake.” He pulled away from his father and ran upstairs.

Dick went after him, hot on his heels. “Wait Lil’ D! Dami! Damian!” He yelled as he was able to catch to him and pull him into a hug.

He rubbed his hair and Damian struggled a bit, but ended up leaning into his embrace.

“Hey, how about you stay with me for a few days? Jaybird’s coming and we would very much like your company. I think I can convince him to give back the Red Hood doll.” Damian was only able to nod against his chest. Not trusting his voice to betray him and display his weakness.

He already had clothes in Grayson’s house so he didn’t need to pack any clothes.

He let Dick manhandle him onto his back. He leaned in and enjoyed listening to his brother’s heart and breath. Dick felt reassured by the weight on his back and feeling his little brother’s heartbeat echo. Because his little brother was here and alive. He almost lost him again because he didn’t want to burden his family again. He had to tell him that sacrificing himself wasn’t the answer. He had to stop trying to take on everything himself, to let them take some of his burden because they care about him. But that was a conversation for another day.

Eventually he heard small snores coming from his back. He took out his phone and called Jason.

“Hey Dickie Bird I got us two extra meat lovers pizza.” Dick smiled at his brother.

“Hey Jaybird, could you ask for a vegetarian one? Lil’ D is joining us.” He heard Jason grunt.

“Baby Bat’s coming? Ha! I should just get another meat lovers!” He said teasingly.

“He’s had a rough night, Jay.” Dick sighed out. Jason’s voice turned to concern.

“Did the brat get hurt on patrol? I thought he wasn’t supposed to go on patrol today.”

“No, he didn’t go on patrol today, and he isn’t hurt…well not physically at least. He had a rough couple days to be honest. And Bruce didn’t help.” Jason started cursing up a storm.

“B and his emotional constipation. I know my dying didn’t mean shit to him-”

“Now, Jason you know that’s not true. Bruce was heartbroken with your death.” Dick interrupted softly.

“-but Damian, he’s just a kid for fuck’s sake! Bruce should care more dammit. After everything we went through to get him back. I would think he would actually jump at the opportunity to be a good father. Hell after what happened to Timmy…” he trailed off feeling his anger fading to sadness.

“Yeah, that’s also part of the problem…he compared him with Tim.” He heard Jason start cursing again.

“Real smooth B real smooth.” He snarled.

“Hell I’ll get a vegetarian pizza and some strawberry Ice cream for the demon spawn.” He said with a snort. Dick chuckled sadly.

“I know he misses Tim…we all do, but he’s letting that get in the way of taking care of Damian.” He said softly as he approached the safe house.

“I’m here. I’ll talk to you inside.”

During that moment, Dick forgot that Damian was a light sleeper and he managed to hear the entire conversation. Damian had to admit that he also missed Drake. They were finally able to get past their differences and could have been brothers…but now he doesn’t have a chance to.

Dick made his way inside the safe house with Damian still on his back. Jason looked up and just felt a little pang in his heart. Because Damian actually looked like a kid on Dickie Bird’s back. Something that the both of them never really had the chance to be. Maybe they could work on that with Damian. Dick smiled at him softly.

“I guess he hasn’t gotten much sleep these last few days.” He said as he gently tried to wake him up.

“Hey Lil D we’re here wake up.” Damian decided it was time to stop pretending, so he woke up and slowly rubbed his eyes.

“Todd.” He said in acknowledgement. Jason rolled his eyes and picked him up from Dick’s back and threw him to the couch. Damian let out a small “Tt” but said nothing about it. They all got comfortable and settled into a nice atmosphere, laughing and joking around.

“So Babybat I heard you had a couple rough days. What happened?” Jason asked, but Damian just sighed and shrugged.

“The usual.” He said simply not going into details.

“Come one Demon Spawn. Don’t give me that bull. Just tell your Big brother what’s wrong.”

Damian looked at him and gave him a half hearted shrug. As he stared anywhere but at his brother.

“I received a ‘gift’ from my grandfather on my birthday. It was a dead robin. In the gift he specifically told me that if I do not reclaim my position in the league he will kill me. Since Father was occupied, I decided to gather and form a team. They were targets as well, but we managed to defeat Grandfather and that’s all there is to it.” Damian said like he was explaining a stroll in the park instead a murder attempt by his grandfather. Dick actually glared at Damian.

“From what Starfire told me, there’s a lot that you’re leaving out. Now why don’t you tell us what’s missing.” Damian glared at him and crossed his arms over his chest.

“I decided that statistically, it would be a better plan for me to surrender to my grandfather. That way he would spare the lives of the Titans and no one had to die. Which was one of the more preferable outcomes” Damian said like he wasn’t talking about destroying his life.

“Damian…why didn’t you call me? Or Jason or Bruce! We would’ve helped you! You can’t keep doing this! ” Grayson exploded saying the last part. Damian stood up roughly from the table.

“Yes Grayson, tell me how exactly? You weren’t exactly taking phone calls! Todd was in a undercover mission and was unavailable. Father was on League business. I did not want to be a burden so I handled it myself.” Damian snarled and Dick and Jason just stared at their little brother not sure what to respond to the truth.

The silence was suffocating as everyone tried to figure out what to say next.

“Is it true?” Damian voice rang out and echoed through the room. Jason and Dick look at each other not sure what he meant.

“What do you mean Lil D?” Dick asked as he watched Damian sit back down.

“Is what Father said true? Was it easier with Drake?” He spoke in a low voice.

Dick eyes widened in horror as he felt like he was stabbed by a knife ten times. Because he heard the underlying meaning to what his little brother just asked. Was it easier to trust Drake? Was it easier to confide in him? Was he easier to love? If the room silence was suffocating before, now it was deadly and one false move will hurt Damian. Jason’s jaw was on the floor as he was stunned for what he just heard. He just couldn’t believe anything, that Bruce could be such an ass.

“Damian…that isn’t what Bruc- you know what let’s forget about Bruce for a while. They are many different things between you both and they’re not so easy to understand or to explain. But no, it wasn’t easier to be Tim’s brother. It was equally easy to love both of you. It was equally as hard to lose both of you as well.” Dick admitted softly as he took his little brother in his arms and gave him a hug.

Damian didn’t respond just let himself be held. Jason nodded in agreement and threw his arm over his brother’s shoulder. They stood there in a comfortable silence. Until Damian spoke once again.

“Do you miss him?” Dick nodded quickly and simply said “very much.”

Jason huffed softly “it isn’t the same without babybird around.” Damian had a contemplating look and gave a court nod.

“Would you be happy if Drake was here?” Dick sigh deeply.

“I would be extremely happy to have Tim back.” Jason just grunted in agreement. Damian nodded and got out of Dick’s embrace.

“I am heading to bed, thank you for your hospitality.” He said and just headed to his room Jason patted Dick’s shoulder, trying to bring his brother a sense of peace.

Damian went to bed for the night, but Jason was going to talk to him make sure he understood that it’s because they cared about the little brat and wanted him safe. He also was going to have a talk with Bruce with his fist on his face. Jason never expected him to win father of the year award, but the least he could do was keep the damn kid alive after just getting him back.

Meanwhile, Damian went to one of the bedrooms in the safe house. He was extremely confused and hurt about what happened today. Not that he will ever admit it aloud.

He did what his father and Grayson had taught him he protected the innocence no matter the cause. Instead of being praised for his behaviour, he was reprimanded and compared to Drake. He had mixed feelings about his brother. He may have never been close but he learned to cared for him.

The only reason for their initial mistrust was his heritage and the way he was raised. In his case, Drake represented his father’s perfect son and partner, one that he chose and wasn’t stuck with. He was the son his father wanted.

Drake to him, represented an obstacle that he had to overcome so that he could win his father’s trust…his father’s love. He tried, he truly did and it took him so long to prove to his father he could be good.

He was beginning to get along with Drake, but he still saw him as a competitor for his father’s trust. He came to realize that maybe he didn’t need to see him as an enemy. That yes, Drake had a hard time believing he could be good, but he was. Then he died and he could finally see proof that what Drake said was true… that he was evil, so evil he went to hell.

He was brought back by his family, yes, including Drake and so he thought ‘if Drake can give me another chance, then the universe can too.’ He went and decided to atone for his sins…but many bad things happened.

In the end he died once again saving the world, thankfully it was just a momentarily endeavor. After many other things he was back to being his father’s Robin, trying to do good. They started to become distant but Robin wanted to believe it was because Gotham and the Justice League needed him more than he did.

Then Drake died saving the world and the legacy became so much heavier. Bruce almost became completely nonexistent in his life. He tried to make him proud, he even went as far to rebuild the Teen Titans. He knows his father did everything in his power to bring him back…but now he wonders if given the option, would he choose Drake over him. And that kind of thinking destroyed him, because he wanted Drake to be alive. He felt guilty thinking that he came back, the unwanted child who had to earn his father’s trust. Instead of Drake, the prodigal son who his father chose to love. A part of him just wanted them to accept him and to love him. The other part, the bigger part of him just wanted to make him happy but he had no idea how. He went to bed trying to think of different ways of making his family happy. After a while, he fell asleep. In that moment he didn’t realize he had a choice to make. One that would change everything forever, one that could grant his wish and make his greatest nightmares come true.

It started as a dream, that’s what he believed. One that he did not understand. The only way he could explain it was a void that went out for miles and miles. He could only see darkness and had no sense of direction.

Damian tried to move around but he had no control over his body as gravity did not exist in this dream. Even though Damian had a hard time admitting it, he was worried and scared. His mind was telling him that it was just a dream but his body knew that it wasn’t, that something wasn’t right.

His suspicions were confirmed when he felt another presence. He could feel his heart speeding up as he tried to get into a fighting stance just to end up floating around. He let an annoyed “Tt” as he tried to regain control.

“You must calm down, little one.” A voice echoed through the void bouncing off the non-existent wall.

“You intolerable fool, I am not little!” Damian snapped, not being able to help himself. He let out a gasp as he actually saw the creature who had spoken to him.

There was no simple way to explain this creature. Damian believed there was no word to describe the magnitude of this creature’s height. He was simply even more than colossal. In a way he created an illusion that he was even taller than the heavens in the sky. He had the shape of a human body, but he had no face. It look like he absorbed every single star and light source from the universe, cursing us to eternal darkness. But in a way the creature wasn’t blinding. You could stare at it in awe for centuries and not be tired. The creature was simply breathtaking.

Damian, for once, was speechless and the creature just tilted his head to the side in a gesture of curiosity.

“You must understand, little one. I mean no harm. I only seek understanding.” The voice rang around the void and Damian had no clue as to where the voice was coming from.

He could see the creature right in front of him but he could not pinpoint the voice location or even tell if it was the creature speaking to him.

“Understanding?” Damian huffed.

“I am the one confused here! Where am I? Why am I here? What the hell are you?” Damian screeched and the creature just observed. Or that is what Damian believed as he could not see that it had eyes.

“Those are very good questions, little one. Ones that I can answer, some that I can not. You are in a safe place, one that cannot be tainted by evil. I…do not know how to explain my existence to you. I am known by many names by the humans. You are here, little one. To make a choice.”

Damian was unsatisfied by the answer he got. It was so vague it just created even more questions. Damian looked up at the creature not sure what it all meant, but he was going to make sure he found out.

“So what am I supposed to call you? Because from what I can tell so far, you just respond to ‘fool’.” Damian hissed at the creature to which made no difference to it.

“There is no need to be rude little one. I have many names. None of which I am incredibly fond of. Names are just ways to address a person. I see no use of having one. If you are so inclined of me needing one. You may call me as you wish, little one.” Damian raised an eyebrow at the creature’s roundabout way of thinking.

Names were important to Damian, they represent who he is, who he was. Wayne, Robin, Al Ghul they were not only names, but titles that defined a person. Damian ‘Tt’ once again annoyed with the lack of understanding of the creature

“I shall address you as Sirius then.” Damian concluded and he could feel the atmosphere lighten a bit

“So tell me Sirius, what is that you wish to understand and what is that choice I need to make? And how did I get here?” Damian lash out one question after another not even taking time time to breathe.

“I seek to understand you, little one. You came here of your own volition. You wish for happiness, not for you, but for your love ones. I have no understanding as to why you wish for others’ happiness above your own.” The voice echoed through the void and replayed itself in Damian’s head again and again trying to understand what he meant.

“I did not come here of my own free will!” Damian protested. Sirius actually inclined his head forward in the form of a nod.

“Your desire to make your family happy no matter the cost brought you here, little one. If you wish to leave, you can do so. If you do, that will be your choice.” Damian stared up at Sirius as goosebumps started to paint his body.

“You keep talking about a choice…what do you mean?” Damian asked as he gulped down his nerves.

Sirius hand stretched out and stopped in front of Damian. He stared at Sirius confused and eventually he went and stood up on his hand. Sirius slowly lifted his hand and what felt like an eternity later Damian was finally face to head with the creature. Damian body shivered as he look at the creature with no face.

“Little one, you are here because you wish for something that I have the power to give you.” Sirius explained.

Damian looked up at him shyly.

“You…can make them happy? All of them?” Damian ask hopefully.

Sirius just nodded.

“I do have the power to do that, little one.” The creature’s voice resonated inside of Damian giving him a new hope.

“Even Drake…?” He asked with innocent and hopeful eyes.

“Yes little one, Timothy is included in the deal.” Damian looked at the creature dubiously.

“How can you promise so much? You are even offering bringing back Timothy. What are you?” Damian exclaimed feeling concerned with the possibilities.

“I am the guardian of this reality, Little one.” Sirius admitted.

“This…isn’t a dream that I created to indulge in my delusions?” Damian stated more than asked.

“Little one, this is very much real. I can grant your family the happiness that you wish for them. There is a way I can do that for you.” Damian looked down at his hand and sighed.

“What is the catch? It is a choice isn’t it?” Damian said getting straight to business.

“I am the guardian of this reality, but I do not have the power to change reality and keep it the way I wish to permanently.” Sirius explain and Damian scowled at him.

“Why have you offered me something that you cannot give me?” Damian snarled wanting to punch the creature for giving him a glimmer of hope.

“But you have the power to change reality, little one. It does come with a price. It is your choice, I do not gain or lose anything because of it.” The creature said as he lowered Damian just a bit.

“Then why offer me a choice? Why help me when you have nothing to gain from it?” Damian said as he tried not to cry.

“I felt your deep conflict inside. You desperately wish for your family’s happiness and never thought of your own, little one. I heard your wishes and I believe if anyone is worthy of this opportunity it would be you.” Damian wiped away the stray tears that managed to escape.

“What is the price I must pay?” Damian finally asked after a while. The creature just 'stared’ at Damian until the voice started echoing again through the void.

“I can change the current reality and make it into one where your loved ones are happy. Little one, in this reality you can not exist.” Damian gasped and stumbled backward falling on his rear. He sat in the creature’s hand contemplating the situation.

“Are you saying…that in a world where I exist, my family won’t be happy?” Damian said feeling overwhelmed by the situation.

“No, little one. There are realities where everyone can be happy, but in this scenario, that is the only one that’s possible.” Damian looked up at Sirius.

“I have to die for my family’s happiness.”

“Little one, you are not going to die. You are going to become one with the reality. Your soul will act as the cement that will hold the new reality and make it permanent. You will not die, but cease to exist.” Sirius explained softly.

Damian looked at him and just thought over his options. With everything that has happened over the last few weeks, his family deserved to be happy. He even offered to bring Timothy back. Everyone missed Timothy, his father hadn’t been the same since…He could make them all happy.

He died once already, Damian thought to himself, he actually died more than once. Maybe… maybe it would be better that way. Damian looked up at Sirius as he felt himself cave into the pressure of making his father happy.

“Are you sure? That you can bring Timothy back? Make them all happy?” Damian asked desperately as he swallowed down his fear.

“Yes, little one. I give you my word.” Sirius said nodding to him.

“Will it hurt?” He questioned shyly and he shook his head “at the end only.”

“Deal,” Damian said finally and Sirius nodded.

“Little one, there is something that you must remember. This is your choice.” Damian nodded and just stared blankly ahead not really focusing on anything.

He had no way to explain what just happened. He just agreed to give up his existence for his brothers…for his father. His gaze snapped back to Sirius.

“I want to make sure that you keep your word and bring Timothy back…I would also like to say goodbye as well.” Damian said but trailed off in the end.

“Of course little one. At dusk, Timothy will appear before you in your favorite part of woods. And by the end of nightfall you will disappear from their lives. There is something you must know little one…because you are giving up your existence for this…it would mean that you would have never been born. There is a very large possibility that they will not remember you at all.” Sirius warned, to which Damian just scoffed.

“Good, that way they won’t let my efforts go in vain.” Damian was left alone.

He woke up with a jolt back in his own room. He was sweating buckets and breathing harshly. He stared at his hand waiting for something, anything to believe what he just witnessed.

He had no proof that he really made the deal with Sirius but he felt it in his gut that it was true. He looked at his cellphone and he slept most of the day. It was already around two and he had a lot of preparations to do.

He stood and and dressed himself quickly. He went to the kitchen where he saw Jason and Dick. Dick’s smile brightened as soon as he saw him.

“Hey Lil D! You finally got some sleep huh? Here! Jason made breakfast and I helped!” Dick said cheerfully while Jason snorted.

“You mean I made breakfast and made sure you didn’t burn anything?” Damian raised an amused eyebrow at that.

Which only made Dick laugh some more and shake his head. Damian took a piece a paper and wrote down some coordinates and a time.

“I am heading to the manor. I need you to be here at this time. It is important.” Jason looked at the paper and back at Damian.

“Sure squirt, if you say it’s important I be there right on the dot.” Damian nodded satisfied and loomed at Dick hopefully.

“Hey Dami…maybe I should go with you to the manor. I can help you get the stuff you need and then we can head to the meeting place. You-” Dick was interrupted by Jason’s hand softly landing on his shoulder.

“Nah, don’t worry Dickie Bird. Look at his face, he knows what he’s doing.” Damian gave him a small smile and left.

Steadily Damian made his way to the Manor. He could see his hands trembling as he could feel sweat drops run down his face. He was having trouble thinking exactly what to tell his father.

They had fought, he had stormed out and now he had no idea how to fix it. He took one of his trembling hands and lifted it up to his face. His breath shook as he tried to gain control of it. The tremors became stronger and his breathing became erratic.

Eventually it turned into gasps as he tried to get a lungful of air. He stopped walking a long time ago and his mind kept racing. Before he knew tears started rolling down his face and small sobs overtook him. As he had no idea what he was supposed to tell his father. Or if he even should. Damian started to scold himself as he knew he couldn’t be weak, not now, not after accepting the opportunity for his loved ones’ happiness. He couldn’t be selfish, not now.

He harshly rubbed his eyes as he tried to regain control. In his mind, he already wasted too much time. When Damian was finally able to calm himself he arrived at the Manor. He walked in where he saw Pennyworth.

He approached him and straightened his spine as he held his head up. At that movement, he faltered, as it ended up looking stiff and uncomfortable. Alfred raised his eyebrow in a knowing way.

“Hello Master Damian, it is a pleasure to see you again.” Damian’s spine relaxed at the gentle tone and Damian manage a tiny smile.

“Likewise Pennyworth. I wish to speak to my father.“ Damian’s hands started trembling softly again.

“I am sorry to inform you, Master Damian. Master Bruce was called up for League business. He will not be back for at least two days.” Alfred informed him matter-of-factly.

Damian’s heart deflated as huge disappointment crushed his soul.

“Two days? Is there any way he can make an early return?” His voice cracked a bit on the end of his question.

“Master Damian, it seems it was an emergency. There is no possible way for him to return earlier than that.” Damian let out a miserable “oh.”

Damian scoffed as he rubbed his puffy eyes. He looked at Alfred as he open his mouth and close it once again.

Damian was not sure how to act without arising any suspicion from what he was planning to do. Damian felt his body shaking as he abruptly turned around, making sure to keep his expression hidden from the butler, that he saw more like a grandfather.

“I wish to see my pets Pennyworth.” He started walking towards the cave as he felt himself slow down his steps.

He took a deep breath and turned around. He made his way and saw himself in front of Pennyworth. Without thinking about it too much, scared that he would change his mind. He hugged Pennyworth. He pulled his arms around him and hugged him tightly. He put his head on his chest as felt the warmth of the butler spread through him.

“Oh my word! Young Master.” Alfred said startled, but did not hesitate to return the hug.

“Thank you Pennyworth. For everything.” Before Alfred could react, Damian let go and went to see his pets.

He made his way down the cave where all his pets were. One by one he hugged and kissed them muttering how proud he was of each and single one.

“You guys are my family too. Sirius said he will make my family happy. I am confident that you guys will have a glorious life such as you deserve.” He said to Alfred the cat, Titus and Batcow.

He made his way towards Goliath and hugged him as Goliath nuzzle against him.

“Don’t worry, I am certain that you will be with your family again because of this. I am sorry for taking them away, but you’ll be happy now.” He hiccuped the last part. He was aware that he did not have enough time to wander anymore.

“I must go. Thank you for taking care of me.” He said and left.

He made his way to the forest arriving ten minutes before the meeting time, his hands having not stopped trembling since he left the manor. His chest felt heavy as many different emotions swirled inside his head. Fear and worry were the emotions he felt most.

Time seemed to slow down as Damian could only hear his own heartbeat. He looked at the sun nervously as it would soon start to set. He started fidgeting as he realized that maybe it was all a dream, that maybe his desire overtook his mind and it was just playing a cruel joke in his mind. But he felt in his soul that Sirius was not a dream, but a being that had the power to make his family happy.

He took deep breath as he close his eyes as he force himself to calm down. His heart picked up its pace with every second that went by and he could not see either of his brothers.

His back slowly started to tense up and soon became as tight as a rod. He looked around desperately as he tried to locate any of his brothers.

In reality they weren’t late they still had five minutes before the sun started to set. He realize he should have asked them to come sooner as he had no idea on how this would play out. Not a second, later he saw both Jason and Dick making their way towards him.

In that moment his body relaxed a little as he saw Grayson smile and Jason smirk.

“Hey Babybat sorry we’re late but Dickiebird here decided to bring the entire apartment with us!” Jason said playfully as he rolled his eyes and showed Damian a picnic basket.

“Well of course! You only wanted to bring meat! And you know Damian’s vegetarian. Lil’ D don’t worry, big brother’s got you covered.” Dick said as he started pulling out some of Damian’s favorite snacks.

The only ones Grayson knew he like. A knot got stuck in his throat as he saw his brothers chatting happily, playfully setting up a picnic. Just because he asked them to come. No other reason than that. He tried to swallow down that knot but nothing, he didn’t feel any better. As he stared at the sun and noticed it descend.

“Richard, Jason.” Both their head snap towards Damian as their jaws dropped hearing their full names coming out of Damian’s mouth.

“Lil D…?” Dick’s voice went up slightly.

“I-” Damian started and then cut himself off as he struggled to figure out what to say. He hadn’t thought this through. He turned around and looked as the sky started changing into a curtains of oranges, reds and purples. Slowly dancing together, bringing out hope and the promise of a new tomorrow, a new future and most importantly, happiness for his family.

Damian was mesmerized by the sunset for a minute thinking that he was glad that he shared this place with his brothers.

When he turned around his brothers also looked mesmerized as they observed at the scene in front of them. Damian stared at the way Dick smiled and his eyes sparkled with the juvenile joy that he like to tease him about. Then he turned to Jason as his mouth curved into a small smile and his body was in a relaxed stance. In that moment, Damian decided that he actually prefered that view much better than the sunset.

Slowly his eyes widened as he unconsciously took a step back as behind his brothers, Timothy suddenly appeared. Alive…breathing. He actually was able to bring him back. He gasped and that broke his brothers trance as their eyes snapped towards him .

Dick’s eyebrow furrowed as he stared at Damian, whose whole demeanor changed in disbelief, wonder and…fear? Dick thought to himself in confusion.

“Dick…Jason…how?” A voice behind them asked.

Dick and Jason breath got stuck in their lungs as they slowly turned around. Dick hand went to his mouth as tears ran down his face in utter amazement.

“Babybird?” Jason asked as he took a hesitant step forward.

Happiness, relief and most of all surprise could be seen on Tim’s face as he nodded desperately. He tried to walk towards his brothers but he stumbled as his strength started to leave him. In an instant, both brothers were broken from their trances as they went to help thim. Dick ran towards Tim and he grabbed his face in his hands as he sobbed happily.

“How…? I thought…Tim you were dead….you were dead.” Dick said between hiccups as he touched Tim forehead with his own.

In the meantime, Jason helped both his brothers stay standing. Tim shook his head desperately.

“No…no they took me…and you guys…how?” Tim said confusion heavy in his voice.

“How were you guys able to save me? Where are we? Why are we here?” Tim ask question after question rapidly without even taking a second to breathe. As he tried to understand what was happening.

Dick was to focused on making sure that his little brother was actually there. That he was safe, that he was real, that it was really their Timmy. Jason was the one who answered his questions.

“I don’t know Timmy…we thought you were dead….we came here because Damian invited us here. We thought it was just for a picnic…Damian?” The moment Jason look up he was shocked.

Damian stood there with the saddest smile he had ever seen. He looked content, but at the same time, resign to the scene in front of him. He didn’t move to join his brothers and just stared at the scene before him as he felt at peace with what was happening. He, at the moment, had all his brothers’ attention.

“What did you do?” Tim ask quietly as his eyes widened in horror. Damian…he was disappearing slowly. The scene was heartbreakingly beautiful.

Damian stood there as the sky started to fade from orange to dark violets and blue. In the dark of the sky Damian was the only source of light that they had. As little fireflies started appearing where Damian started to fade. Starting with his legs and steadily working its way up. The fireflies adorned the night as they mixed with the darkness and the sky making it seen as they were surrounded by stars dancing in the night. Damian stared down at himself as he let out a wet laugh.

“What did you do?” Dick yelled scared as he saw as his little brother slowly disappear before him.

Damian looked up at them and gave them a watery smile. Tears ran down his face leaving a glowing trace.

“I fixed it.” He said hiccuping at then end. He lifted his hand as he slowly saw it start to glow and fade into hundreds of fireflies.

“Now you can be happy…finally happy.” Damian eyes begged for them to understand him.

“I made a deal…and they promised me your happiness. They said they could bring Timothy back…your happiness means the world to me.” Damian admitted as he stared at his brother, love resonating with every single one of his words.

“Damian…what was the deal?…no….break it..don’t do it! You can’t! You can’t die! Not because of me! Not again!” Timothy was the one to yell this time and Damian shook his head softly.

“No…Timothy I can’t I made my decision. I-” Jason cut him off with a snarl.

“No! You listen here Damian. We went to hell to bring you back! I won’t let you throw that away with your sacrificial bullshit! What makes you think this is what we want? Dammit Damian! We care about you! Don’t do this to us…not again-…” Jason finished the last part begging. Dick took a hesitant step forward as his body shook with uncontrollable sobs.

“Lil D what are you doing? We need you! I NEED YOU! Please think of what your doing we can find another way. Please don’t go…Damian you can’t die on me again. I love you…I love you…you’re my son please…Don’t make me lose my son again. I love you I love you I love you.” Dick repeated over and over and over.

Damian stared at him as he smiled at them sadly.

“I also love you…I love all of you…You deserve better…this is why I am doing this. You all deserve to be happy. I have the power to do it…so why not?” He stared at them and even Jason was crying at the moment.

“Shit kid…no, I’ll give you the Red Hood doll if you don’t go.” Jason tried to reason as his brother started to disappear more and more.

Damian let out a wet chuckle and shook his head.

“Don’t go, please, not again. What makes you think that you not being here would make us happy? You can’t do this Damian. I FORBID IT!!” Dick’s voice broke as he yelled and started walking towards Damian.

He simply smiled at Dick and open his arms. Dick sprinted towards his little brother, his son. He jumped toward Damian trying to hold him, to keep him here, to save him.

“I love you Dick…please be happy.” Damian said so softly, so tenderly that Dick felt every ounce of truth in it.

Dick put his arms out to catch Damian to hug him, but the moment he touched him. Damian’s body disappeared completely. Dick fell to the ground as he open up his hand and a lone firefly flew out and disappeared. Taking with it their little brother.

“NO!” A broken sob was the only thing heard through the quiet, dark echoes of the forest.

you would not believe your dicks

if ten million lone star ticks

Lay back, Darling~

No no darling, you don’t need to get up. In fact, I won’t let you. As much as I love watching your fat ass struggle to get up, you keep laying right there, and don’t burn a single calorie losing your breath standing up. I’ll bring dinner right to you. I’ve got a cart all prepared for you, let me go get it.

See anything you like on here, fatty? Can you smell these pizzas? What about this pot of mac and cheese? Doesn’t this chocolate cake look simply divine? And I’ve even got some marble brownies for your appetizer! Ooh, was that a belly grumble? Am I making you hungry, my squishy piggy? Well open wide then, here comes your first bite. 

I love rubbing your belly while you eat, tubby. Because I know with every swallow you make it grow bigger. I love watching you eat thousands of calories in one sitting, then watching you get all sleepy because you’re just SO full of delicious food. I mean, just look at this gut! You’ve been gaining weight so fast! I’m sure it won’t be too much longer until you can’t get up at all, your mountains of fat will keep you pinned to this bed, where I will keep making you fatter every day. 

Oh look at that, we’re out of brownies! Good work piggy! That’s about 1,500 calories. And we haven’t even started the feast yet. I’ve got four large pizzas to fill that extra large tummy! Extra cheese and extra meat! Open wide… that’s a good fatty, just chew and swallow and make yourself grow. 

You know what I love? How your meals are no longer just meals, they’re all feasts. It takes so much food to fill up a fatty like you nowadays. I’m sure I could barely eat 1/5 of this! You’re just such a glutton, and it’s so hot. Hmmm, I think I can see your stomach filling up. No matter, you’re not full until you’re done, piggy darling. Not full until you can’t move. not full until you’re a darling little ball of fat. 

Mmmm, that’s right love. Just keep eating. And growing, and growing, and growing…~