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this ended up being a lena del rey with @llamavillana

“Feet don’t fail me now, take me to the kara´s arms
Oh my heart it breaks every step that i take,
But they are open up the gates and tell me,
I’m in Daxam
Come and take a walk on the gay side,
Let me kiss you hard on the pouring rain
You like your Luthors gay,
Choose your last words this is the last time cause,
Kara and I,
We were born to fuck”


Over excited monkey auditions for Project Runway. 


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Top 5 interactions you wish would happen?

Oooooh well. This gonna be a good (and probably very obvious) one.

1. BOKUTO AND OIKAWA. LISTEN. L I S T E N. I live and breath Bokuoi, they are the shape of my soul, my sun and stars, the light of my life, my one true guilty pleasure, my ultimate rare pair, I’ll give up everything for them ok???? #1 is not even enough, they’re in a league of their own and honestly this top 5 should be only Bokuto and Oikawa in all the 5 places because I’ll legit pay money to see them interact I just…need this so badly, it’s my only wish. No one could ever compare to them ok I love them so much !!!!!!!!!

2. Kuroo and Oikawa. This could be the greatest power friendship that world has ever seen or a complete train wreck. I honestly have a weakness for the first, let the Tokyo-Miyagi axis rise! They would simply JUDGE EXTRA HARD everyone, have a shit ton of inside jokes, pull the lamest pranks and talk about hair products 24/7. Salty, sassy, snaky, together they are just PERFECT

3. Bokuto and Kenma. Oh, I have a huge soft spot for this one. I’m genuinely curious of what they think of each other, if they enjoy each other company, if they ever talk to each other. I feel like they could get along really well, even surprisingly so. Bokuto is surely loud, but I think that Kenma would find his built quite comforting, almost a safe place to hide. Also whenever Kuroo and Kenma fight, I’m sure that Bokuto ALWAYS takes Kenma’s side. Idk I’m so weak for Bokuto being all protective with him and Kenma letting himself be protected by him <3 

4. The captain squad. OF COURSE. We all read national hod dad alliance (if you haven’t please do, it’s a fandom classic) and seeing Bokuto, Oikawa, Kuroo, Daichi and Ushijima interacting all together would be the ultimate blessing. @Furudate….please….I’m begging you. But, in the meantime…COLLEGE AU, COLLEGE AU, COLLEGE AU!!!!!! 

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5. The next gen captain squad. Have you ever read fresh or something? Well, DO. Ennoshita, Yahaba, Akaashi, Shirabu, Terushima, Futakichi…all together are an explosive match. In the fic they organize a little day of tournament together and, honestly??? YES PLEASE ???? This is the most competitive and sassiest generation of captains ever, I’m sure their interactions would be LIT AF (also I low key ship some of them but that’s another story)

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Ensemble Stars! Extra Stage ~Judge of Knights~

Cast announcement:
Aramaki Yoshihiko as Ritsu Sakuma
Hashimoto Shohei as Leo Tsukinaga
Kitagawa Naoya as Tsukasa Sou

And reprising their role from the previous stage:
Takasaki Shota as Izumi Sena
Kitamura Ryo as Arashi Narukami

Tokyo = 7-18 September 2017
Hyogo - Kobe = 22-24 September 2017

Official Website:https://www.marv.jp/special/ensemble_stage/
Official Blog:http://ameblo.jp/en-sta-stage
Official Twitter:@ensemble_stage


Couple Robin doodles 

It started off as just Robin wielding two Levin swords because it’s possible for him to be holding two at once in Smash and I liked the idea, and then suddenly it also became Pit helping him carry his mass amount of tomes and other books so there’s that too

Class Act

Here we have the first chapter of Tales of Lovebug and Smitten Kitten.  Also found on AO3.

They knew. They both knew! Marinette might have been worried at first about when this might happen, but now she couldn’t be happier. Cat Noir was Adrien. Adrien was Cat Noir. It was still a little weird, a little strange, but they talked and talked and when they stopped talking they texted, and here Marinette was spinning around her room a half hour before she usually got up because she couldn’t wait to go to school and see him.

Marinette took a little extra time to pick out her outfit and do her makeup, all the while softly humming to herself or chatting with Tikki who had lectured the both of them that they needed to be careful now that their identity was known to each other, but otherwise seemed very happy for the two of them.  Adrien’s kwami on the other hand just seemed smug, but Marinette hadn’t gotten around to ask Adrien exactly why.  There had been so many better things to talk about up until now.

Not known for her gracefulness when excited or flustered it was not Sabine’s fault she looked so stunned as her daughter danced down the stairs from her room.  When asked why she was in such a good mood Marinette comments were about looking forward to going to school.  At this point Sabine was fairly sure someone had spirited away her child and replaced her with a doppelganger.

Try though she might, she couldn’t get any better sense of why Marinette was in such high spirits, but as she said farewell to her child Sabine was glad to see her daughter so happy.  Later, as she went down to the bakery, her husband would insist their daughter was in love, but that was silly, she had her crush on that sweet Adrien boy after all.

Alya was greeted at the front of the school with a big hug that nearly knocked them both to the ground.  Alya always enjoyed Marinette’s antics and knew that today was going to be extra fun if judging from her best friend’s behavior. She was not however prepared for what happened next.

When Marinette and Alya crossed the doorway into the room there were four or five conversations going on as the rest of their classmates started to settle in before class started.  Marinette’s eyes went to a familiar spot, as a very familiar blond head suddenly turned her way.  

Nino was a little put out since Adrien just stopped in the middle of his sentence to look at Marinette.  Nino knew something was up the moment Adrien had walked up the steps of the school, but he hadn’t foreseen that Adrien’s extraordinary mood and lapses of wool gathering were due to their friend, but Nino thought to himself this was a good development!

Or so Nino thought.

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