extra heresy


The Gazette Dogmatic live Un - Hanyu City Bunka 09.06. 

Sound & Vision: They solved all of yesterday’s problems, the sound was perfect, and more than that! I think they did re-think the concept of some songs, and instead of trying to reproduce the album, the band started to play more freely. Much more guitarplay today, no more lazily resting (bored) Aoi and Uruha. The whole concept was completely different from yesterday’s show! And the visual effects were absolutely amazing.

Setlist and general mood: less tense than yesterday, but a bit more distant from the audience. The chemistry was working better, they did act like a band, and paying attention to each other. The setlist was more fluent, I didn’t feel like it was divided into smaller acts, there was only one big flow. Filth in the Beauty made me chuckle - everyone was definitely enjoying that song!

Members best moments:
Ruki and Uruha - Uruha came close to Ruki, who stroked Uruha’s chin and neck, just like petting a cat, it was very cute! 
Kai - throwing his drumsticks exactly to the hands of the fans he picked out.
Reita - he just played in really weird poses and ran on the stage and spin once. 
Aoi - after Ominous, he stroked his acoustic guitar on the stand, just like he would do with a feminine figure, just before he left the stage. It was a really sensitive moment, he visibly likes that guitar a lot.

Best of the best: everything. It was perfect.

Ending credits: sadly no projection of “Ugly” again, that was just for the Heresy members. 

Extra info: the S-M size pants, and the white T-shirt was also sold out by the end of the show.

Personal shit: It was a spotless, absolutely professional show. I’m basically not a big fan of Gazette’s recent album, but I respect their hard-working nature and their strong will to achieve heights. I know people could kill me for this, but Gazette is not a band without mistakes. They are not. But they do twice as much as other, more talented, or more inspired musicians to earn (and keep) their place in the Japanese rock music field. I think they deserve more serious attention for that attitude, because that makes them special. The vision they share, and how hard they are willing to work for that goal.