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i’m so weak for su aus and fusions lmao don’t look at me… these designs are so good tho..!!

(first design by @elvirasteckningar and second design by @frogopera)

Take a moment and imagine the first few years of Stanford’s life. What if, towards the beginning, his extra fingers didn’t even phase him. What if, at first, tiny toddler Ford considered them the same as people having different colored hair. Some people have five fingers like Stanley, and some- like him- have six.

Then… imagine his Ma, lovingly holding his hands and telling him how unique and special he was. Imagine all the times Ford would catch the other kids at the park or the beach staring at him. Just think about the confusion that must have brought into this toddler’s life as he grew. His fingers were normal, weren’t they?

Imagine the utter devastation he felt the first time another child loudly asked him, “Hey, what’s wrong with your hands?”

Imagine Ford returning home in tears, having finally come to the realization that he WASN’T like everyone else, and having six fingers WASN’T normal, and rest of the world just thought he was freakish.

Imagine the day this smol bean’s entire understanding of his world changed.

I’m playing Halo and I need to know.

How the fuck to the Elite’s mouths work.

How do their chomp chomps do their chomping?

We have this here mother fucker who’s missing half of his chomp chomps and he talks perfectly normally. 

They don’t close at the bottom.  Why don’t they drool all over the place?

How does the Arbiter drink his juice?   He doesn’t even have lips to use a straw.

Do they just swallow all their food whole?  They can’t chew bubblegum?

Is it supposed to be like a grasshopper?  Because a grasshopper can close its mouth all the way, and the things that stick out from the side are just like extra mouth fingers called palps.

Look at these actually functional chomp chops on this chomp chomper here

And look at these chomp chomps that don’t even work.

What the heck

i have class tonight which is annoying because it’s literally the night before thanksgiving but i have to go because i’m presenting i feel like i’m gonna be the only person there maybe i’ll get extra credit fingers crossed y'all

rose in a2 and alisha in b1 for anon!

aaah i just realised it looks like alisha has an extra finger ;;; she doesnt its the bottom of her bow, i forgot to make it green and the area under it is white instead of grey :’((( i admit that im bad at drawing hands, but im not THAT bad

PP3 Sounds Exciting Already!!!

I mean… a carnival event and formal wear and having extras!!! fingers crossed after the Bellas do their appearance the Bellas set up a thing where they tell beca and chloe to get on the Ferris wheel and it suddenly gets stuck just Brittany and Anna are up there. Then Beca and Chloe get a little philosophical with eachother and admit their feelings for one another then when they finally get down they Kiss then fat Amy’s chanting in the background “BHLOE BHLOE BHLOE!”

fat amy is the biggest bechloe shipper fact.

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look in the background it looks like fat amy’s saying ‘’bhloe!’’

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fat amys like yeah we know chloe, i can see your toner for beca from here.

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then there’s sendrick just being gay for eachother do i need say more?

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Commission Puppy Sale

So I might be adopting a puppy! I got a call today that implies my application is being looked at. YAY! So I’m going to offer up some commissions at lower prices to put some extra puppy money aside. FINGERS CROSSED!

Line art- $40 $20

Line Art+Color- $80 $40

Simple (1 character/no BG/etc)- $120 $80

Super Detail (2 slots available)- Quoted $120

Message me here, on my instagram, or email me ( FAQ)

Fidds kissing Ford’s fingers and Ford kissing Fidds’s nose are the purest things for this ship.

They know each other’s insecurities and show they love each other despite them often.

Ford giving Fidds a morning kiss on his nose and Fidds giving a good night kiss on Ford’s extra finger.

A canon Ford HC:

He has a visible scar at the base of his sixth finger on his right hand. The scar is older than all of the ones he gained beyond the portal, and a bit wrinkly- as if it wasn’t stitched up quite right.

Ford got this scar as a teen, when he once attempted to lob his extra fingers off after a particularly brutal day of bullying. Luckily, Stan managed to stop him before he’d do anything he’d regret. However, Stan wasn’t able to stop Ford before he nicked himself badly with the knife- thus the scar.

Young Stan had to help stitch it up on the cold floor of the bathroom so their parents didn’t find out. Thankfully it was winter, so Ford had an excuse to wear gloves for the next few weeks to cover it up.


Saw crispystar theory which reminded me of something I drew awhile back.