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I don't know if you've been asked this already-- I'm only a recent follow, but what are your favorite tools for art? Especially your traditional work! I've been thinking about getting more serious about my traditional work and I'm wondering what I should look into to expand my artist toolbox. c:

Thank you for letting me know and I’m grateful to hear that you like my traditional artwork. I always enjoy working in traditional media and would like to spend time to do more in the future. For your question, I don’t have specific tools and bands because I like to try everything as possible. However there are some tools that I often used and really liked to use them than others, such as for drawing and line art - 4B-6B pencil, Blackwing pearl pencil, nib pen Rotting Art Pen F ( I used since I was very young !), Fountain pen Pilot Metropolitan, Extra fine point Iridium nib pen, Zebra G and school nib pen.


I thought maybe it was time to show you my full collection. It’s still small right now, but I love every one of them. I name all of my fountain pens after fictional authors, I’ll be very impressed if someone can tell me what book, series, or tv show every one of these characters is from. I may even send them a prize.

P.S. Feel free to message me if you’re interested in finding out more about any one of these!

Review: LAMY Safari

I have always found fountain pens to be intoxicatingly beautiful, but I never brought myself to buy one. Partly I simply did not know where to look, partly I was also lazy. I had grown up using throwaway pens and they worked fine for me. But I was inspired to consider them more seriously when I saw my attending writing with not one but four fountain pens on the ward. “Why?” I asked him. He told me: because his hand ached at the end of a long day of writing page after page of notes; the fountain pens had put an end to all of that and they got rid of the callouses on his fingers.

I looked down at my right hand, thick callouses along the side of my three fingers. I decided it was time to get a fountain pen.

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Holy crap, first time I try broad nibs on dip pens and whoah!

I’ve only ever tried extra fine nibs because they’re relatively easy to clean. I’ve always been hesitant in trying the broad nibs with the metal reservoirs because because I’ve heard they are a bitch to clean, but they’re actually freaking awesome to write with!

And also, I’m a failure in remembering Plain White T’s lyrics.

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hey there! I want to get into using fountain pens but I want to start off with something more budget-friendly since i don't know what I like yet. I've been shying away from them because of price and because I can't seem to find any with nibs as fine as the non-FP that I use. My favorite pen is Muji 0.38mm. Do you know of any affordable fountain pens with nibs that fine? It's difficult since FP nibs don't really go by mm size.

Hi! Muji 0.38 is pretty fine so you’re definitely going to want to go with Japanese fine and extra fine nibs. This chart is from the ipenstore blog and I would say it seems accurate given my experience with various brand’s nib sizes. The Pilot Metropolitan in fine is going to be your most budget friendly option, I think that would be my first recommendation. The TWSBI Eco in extra fine may also work for you, but it is a touch wider nib than it’s Japanese counterparts and does require bottled ink. If you want a truly fine nib, however, you’re going to want an extra fine from either Pilot, Platinum, or Sailor. It will be an investment to get an extra fine from one of those brands but I think it’s well worth it for those of us who want very fine lines. Hope this helps and feel free to message me with any questions!

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Hi! I'm really tossing up between the Falcon SEF or SF for daily journal writing. I love a finer nib but apparently the SEF is sharp and feedbacky? I have a Lamy Safari EF currently and I've heard that a Japanese F is the same as a Western EF so I'm hesitant to spend >$200 on a same width pen with line variation you feel? Do you wish you had gotten the SF or are you happy with your purchase? Thanks!

Hi! I’m very happy with my SEF. As a rule I always go for the finest nib available because my handwriting is just so small. I think the nib is rather smooth actually, but my tolerance for scratchy is very high because I’ve always used fine and extra fine nibs. I actually think the Pilot SF will still be a bit thinner than the Lamy EF but the distinction will definitely be clearer if you go with the SEF. Message me if you want to know more!

Feel like buying some fountain pens...

I’ve just been looking at what some people have written about different fountain pens and now feel like buying a Lamy Safari with an extra-fine nib (suited for my small handwriting needs), and maybe also a Rotring Artpen :D Hmm…very tempting…

In addition, I also want a Saki P-666 Roll Pen Case :D