extra few pounds

From a few extra pounds to downright fatboy. Be a struggle for this chub to get those old workout pants on his fat ass, let alone exercise in them.

Pietro and the Pie

A/N: Hey @stucked82 I’ve seen our comment and guess what! You got yourself a fic, my dear! Hope you like it?

Request: Maybe a Pietro x plus size. the reader can’t believe Pietro liker her because of her body and because he’s so flirty with all women and she doesn’t think she deserves a hunk like him???

Word count: 1.9k

Warnings: Swearing. Bad humour.

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So it was just another one of those days - you and Pietro Maximoff, just two very good friends out for the day. It wasn’t long before the craving for caffeine got the best of you both and you decided to stop for a brew. You should have know better, really.

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The RFA meeting huggable and chubby!MC for the first time


  • Bby was v ( triggered )excited to see you at the party
  • When he looked for you, he saw a cute, curvy girl in a red dress talking to Jaehee
  • All the other RFA members were busy so he couldn’t ask them if they had seen you, so despite his shyness towards new people (especially cute girls) he walked to the two of you to ask Jaehee
  • “Hey, have you seen MC? I’m not even sure what she looks like so I’m kinda having troubles here”
  • Jaehee looked at the cute girl next to her and nodded, then said “yeah, I’ve seen her”
  • “Where is she? I want to meet her!” Yoosung ily but you’re so oblivious
  • The cute girl blushed and said “you already have”
  • ??
  • Are you his MC
  • ??
  • You look so soft and pure
  • And now you are getting crushed in his arms
  • “MC I’m sorry I didn’t recognise you you’re so pretty wow I love you”
  • He didn’t care about a few extra pounds, he was already excited for all the cuddles!
  • Blushing the entire evening because he loved the way the dress fit you You can not convince me that Yoosung would not be obsessed with your boobs okay


  • Was feeling really down after the whole Echo Girl/ankle sprain thing
  • Excited about meeting you but high-key worried about you visiting him this late bc of The Beast ™
  • When you knocked on the front door and anxiously pulled at your sweater, he saw you through the peephole in the door
  • He quickly opened the door and hugged you tight, muttering how glad he was that you’re safe and with him
  • He doesn’t care too much about looks, he fell in love with your personality after all so he would think you were pretty anyways but those curves tho
  • Did you say body worshipping?
  • You better expect getting showered in compliments and hearing soft whimpers from him controlling his beast all evening from pinning you against a wall and squeezing every part of you
  • Because you forgot your pyjamas and he was not letting you sleep without clothes or in the ones you are wearing, you had to borrow one of his shirts and sweatpants
  • “But Zen you’re literally half of my size that won’t fit” “Shhh just try, a gentleman won’t let his lady go to bed without comfortable clothes”
  • The clothes fit, but really tightly, hugging your curves
  • Zen had to go outside and calm down to not ravish you right then and there


  • She was never one for physical contact
  • But when this really cute girl walked up to her at the party and revealed that she was the one who had provided her with so much support, she couldn’t help but hug her
  • Baehee secretly loves hugs! And you’re cute and huggable!
  • She was just happy that you weren’t as thin as her, that meant you took care of yourself and wasn’t so busy that you constantly skipped meals
  • Kept sneaking glances at you the entire evening bc “yes that’s my girlfriend best friend and she is so pretty”


  • Let’s be real he had shamelessly been checking you out since the moment you arrived in his penthouse
  • He wasn’t used to seeing women who weren’t stick thin and fake, so he was all for your natural curves (you had an attractive face and body in addition to your personality, what a pleasant suprise)
  • “Am I making you uncomftorable?” he asked when you caught him staring for the nth time and blushed, but smirked when you just shook your head
  • Respected your boundaries and restrained himself to a few pecks on your cheek, as he wouldn’t be able to stop if he did anything else  daddy Jumin
  • Just like Jaehee, not very big with hugs and cuddles before he met you (unless you count Elizabth the 3rd) but now! He loved it when you hugged him from behind when he had to bring work home
  • Salty af bc Elizabeth prefered cuddling with you

707 (I’m not finished with his route yet so I’m not quite sure how you meet, but I’m pretty sure he goes to Rika’s appartment to protect you from Saeran so let’s just roll with that)

  • He had seen you before on the cameras and background check so he knew that you were on the heavier side, but he didn’t mind at all
  • He has probably already jacked off to you a few times, js
  • “She is still eating healthier than me, she is just unlucky and has bad metabolism so as long as she is happy, I don’t care”
  • Despite acting like he didn’t have a crush on you, he was really looking forward to seeing you in person! Defenders of Justice also need hugs ;-;
  • Tried his best to act platonic and/or ignoring you but his need for constantly touching you kind of gave it away
  • When you finally convinced him to at least bring his laptop to the living room so he could sit in the couch with you while working, you leaned your head on his shoulder
  • He gave in, wrapped his arms around you, kissed your forehead and simply held you for a few minutes beofre returning to work

Well this hapened sooner than I expected but after receiving this anon yesterday it was kinda all I could think about.

Ardyn’s just like “whatever I’m beautiful and you all know it.” He doesn’t care about a few extra pounds. Everything about him is already so extra so why not? And he looks heckin adorable like this, too. I love every Ardyn :3

shout out to @poisonous-panda because she was the first to get the gears on this going

Light’s On

Pairing: Charlie x Reader, Dean, Sam 

Warnings: Fluff, Language, Dry Humping, Smut, Oral (Reader Receiving) Fingering, Tribbing, NSFW, Kissing, Comforting, Lovey-dovey-ness

Words: 3,780+

Summary: You don’t like the way you look so Charlie decides to show you how much she loves you and your body. 

A/N: So I was kind of experimenting with this one… It’s written in first person and I feel like it gives you more insight on how the Reader is feeling so hopefully it turned out okay? This fic has several songs which have influenced it, each song is in italics and bold letters and I’ve also added a link to them in case you wanted to give them a listen. Feedback is always welcomed. If you’d like to be added or removed from the tag list, please let me know!

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If You Won’t Love Yourself, We Will

Originally posted by amynelsons

Request: Hiya. Its me again. I’m sorry 😳 but um, I was wondering if you could do an Ethan imagine (I frickin love Ethan) where y/n isn’t very skinny and is slightly overweight and is so self concious of her body and what not and Ethan is there to tell her encouraging words to.her (it doesn’t have to be romantic but I wouldn’t mind if it is) sorry this is so long

Summary: Fem!Reader is overweight and self conscious about it and Ethan goes and makes her feel better about herself. What a nice guy I love Ethan.

A/N: Hey guys, this request hit very close to home as I too struggle with being self conscious about the way I look and wih body dysmorphia. It sucks, and there are definitely better days than others, and I wanted to kinda depict the way I personally feel on the bad days when I don’t want anyone to see me. It’s unedited because I honestly just didn’t want to reread it and get sad while watching Harry Potter. As always, italics signify the inner monologue of a character. Hope you guys enjoy this one. Also I’m pretty sure I’ve used that gif of Ethan before, but I kinda had to use it for this fic, it’s too perfect not to.

Wordcount: 1190good length, yes?

Request some more guys!

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Those Accents

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Pairing: Crowley x Reader x Benny
Word count: 1,760
Warnings: Low self-esteem, swearing, smut, oral (reader giving and receiving)
Request: @crowleysqueen88 Hi lovey ladies! May I have a request with bennyxreaderxcrowley? Where the reader has insecurities about her weight and the boys show her they love her. Maybe fluffy smut?? Thanks lovelie

Tonight was supposed to be date night with your two men- Crowley, and Benny. One night a month was always set aside so that all three of you could spend it together. There was one night for you to spend with each of them, as well. Anything else was just a nice bonus.

You’d been trying to find the perfect dress for that night, and with each one, you were feeling less and less like going out. It was finally spring, and nice enough to wear one. And they were all a bit too snug. You weren’t ever ‘small’, but you could tell you put on a few extra pounds.

Moving to sit on the end of the bed, you flopped back. You were in just a shirt and underwear, having put your shirt back on after you’d given up. Your arm was over your eyes when your bedroom door opened. “Hello, love.” Crowley greeted you, glancing to the pile of discarded dresses on the bed. “Can’t decide on a dress? Would you like me to pick something?”

You let out a small sigh and moved so that you were resting on your elbows. His face fell when he saw the expression on yours. “They don’t fit right anymore, Crowley.” You told him softly. “I’ve gotten fatter than fat.” You groaned.

“You’re bloody perfection, love.” He shot back. “I’d think after all this time of me ravishing your body would show just how much I desire you.” His eyes met yours.

“Crowley, you’re a man. You like sex.” You pointed out, eyebrow raised.

Without a word, he left the room and left you alone. When you thought he wasn’t coming back, he returned with Benny. “He’s been downstairs watching some football game.” He rolled his eyes. “Now, I think tonight calls for a change of plans.”

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Alliance Brewer’s Guild: Spring Brewfest!

The Alliance Brewer’s Guild will be coming together for it’s first ever Spring Craft Brewfest!  Gather together at Stormwind Harbor at 6 bells for a night of drinking and entertainment!  Bring an empty stomach, because between brew samples, feasts, and treats, you’ll be taking home a few extra pounds!

Please see the attached map for a list of vendors and their locations!  We can’t wait to see you here!

For more info, /join alliancebrewersguild to contact someone!

anonymous asked:

Hi 😘 can I have some headcanons? Can i have headcanons if Rin,Yukio,Shima,Bon,Méphisto and Amaimon have a chubby GF please?? Love your blog 💕

How would be Mephisto Rin and lucifer having a chubby s/o?


[[Ahhh thank you for the kind words I really appreciate them! 💖These two asks were identical outside of the requested characters, so I’m gonna put them together! :>]]

Rin -

• he’d treat you the same as he would if you weren’t chubby, really
• he’d love you all the same
• making food is his specialty, so if you wanted anything specific he’d be down to make it
• he finds you incredibly cuddly and warm and he loves that
• if anyone tries to tease you he’d fight them hardcore

Yukio -

• he’d notice, but he doesn’t see the point in caring
• he thinks you’re cute the way you are anyway
• If you asked him, he’d let you try on his glasses
• careful tho he’s blind as a bat so his glasses would probably give you a giant headache
• he likes relaxing with you in his dorm room or the dorm building in general
• he loves holding your hand

Ryuji -

• while he likes to maintain a certain weight, he doesn’t discriminate others for their choices
• he really couldn’t care less
• as long as you’re healthy he doesn’t care
• you’re adorable to him
• sometimes you guys go out at night and take a walk together
• he loves spending nights with you like that
• they’re peaceful and calm and just so enjoyable
• he loves you

Renzo -

• he likes people of all shapes and sizes so as long as you’re a cutie pie he doesn’t dwell on it
• cute dates all across true cross town are his aesthetic
• shopping, meals, mepphyland, you name it
• big on kisses and pda in general
• he loves showing the two of you off tbh!
• buys you little presents that make him think of you
• when you come to his dorm he hides his dirty mags wow what a gentleman
• just sincerely loves having a cute s/o
• love reacts only

Mephisto -

• while he doesn’t outwardly tell anyone or even you too often, he finds you incredibly adorable
• sometimes he’ll change into his canine form and follow you around
• if you ever spot him he’ll just wag his tail and keep following you
• he sometimes carries you around if you ask him nicely
• but that’s not very often
• he buys you nice, expensive jewelry
• whenever you go to the arcade together he empties out the crane machine for you
• if any of the students belittle you for your weight guess who’s gettin’ expelled

Amaimon -

• could not care less about your weight
• he is a demon that is thousands of years old and is the son of satan, what is a few extra pounds compared to him?
• you’re the only person he’ll share his sweets with
• sometimes he’ll sarcastically call you “sweetie” when he does this
• though he does sort of mean it but he doesn’t want you to know that
• loves when you sit in his lap and he holds you there
• calls you his bride

Lucifer -

• he loves the diversity in humans
• it makes things feel different and like everything changes
• he likes you the way you are
• as long as you’re a nice person, he doesn’t care
• treats you like a queen and gives you everything you want within reason
• enjoys having tea with you when he can manage to drink it
• likes when you insist on staying close to him
• he loves the warmth of cuddling up to you or you cuddling up to him

dietbet #1 is almost over. 23 days in and we have lost 127 lbs total (aka the total weight of an entire human being). 5 days left and I can’t wait to see the final results.

quick q: if I hosted another dietbet (at the suggestion of many of my current dietbetters), would you be interested in joining? Do you guys know people who might be interested?

The group has a community page which is constantly being posted on by participants, myself included. Recipes, tips, recommendations, questions, achievements and struggles. It’s all there and a very safe place for people all with the same goal - to live a healthier lifestyle. This diet bet is not only crazy supportive, but it’s one of the biggest accountability tools ever (you know, bc money is the biggest motivator).

*this picture is obviously not a before and after a from the dietbet ;). The first one was a few years back in college, and the second one was a few days ago feeling lean and mean after getting rid of the holiday bloat + shredding a few extra pounds, thanks to my dietbet 💪💪💪

25 Apps Every College Student Should Have

 Submitted by Campus Ambassador, Shanna Farley  ///   University of Northern Colorado

A new year has begun! Along with it new challenges and rewards are sure to come - this is especially true when you are trying to navigate through your college years. Luckily the college students of today live in a world where apps exist. Apps can do so much more than flip a bunch of angry birds across the screen or crush all the candies. They can help you reach your personal life goals and at times can be complete lifesavers. From a real student in the trenches, this is a list of apps that every college student should have programmed into their phones. The best part is, they are absolutely free!

Educational Aids

StudyBlue: This is an app that allows you to create virtual flashcards on any subject and allows you to borrow flash cards from other students. This app is great because you can just open it up at any time and flip through the virtual deck you have created for yourself.

Evernote: Create notes, to-do lists, set reminders, take photos, and record audio. This app is there to keep you on the track to success and makes sure you never forget.

Easy Bib: Doing your work cited is often tedious and at times confusing, with Easy Bib all that is now a thing of the past. Type in any book, website, film and Easy Bib will give you the right citation. You can even scan the barcode of your book to generate the correct citation.

Algeo Graphing Calculator: Never have to worry about being without your graphing calculator. This app can do just about anything you would ever need from a graphing calculator and from what I’ve seen it’s one of the best on the market.

Google Drive: Use this app to store all those important documents you’ll be accumulating.

External image

(You’ll be sure to be the top of the class with the Algeo Graphing Calculator)

Daily Life Aids

Venmo: Send payments to your friends, roommate or whoever. You can now pay someone back at any time and any place without any of the hassle. Co-Ed Supply sent Venmo promo cards a few months ago!

Viber: Contact those you miss from across the globe without all those pesky fees.

Everest: Use this app to keep track of any personal life goals you have. It can be anything from traveling across Europe to losing those few extra pounds. This app helps you break down the steps to reach that goal and lets you seek out advice when you need it.

Cam Scanner: Allows you to use your camera phone as a scanner. This is very helpful for copying notes from a missed class.

Lyft: Need a ride to the party or the concert of the year, but have no transportation of your own? With this app you can contact one of Lyft’s drivers to pick you up and get you there safely.  The fees are very competitive and sadly the app is mainly designed for popular U.S. cities.

Assistant:  Just because you’re not in the big leagues quite yet, doesn’t mean you can’t have your own personal assistant.  The rest of your apps will be envious of this one because there is so much it can do. It can post memos, keep track of your schedule, post on your social networks, give you suggestions based on your likes, and it can even follow specific commands directly related to your phone. It’s an app completely personalized to you and it even comes in different languages.

Your School’s Personal App: This is a big one many students forget. Keep in the loop with important dates or special events with you school’s app or apps.

External image

(Your personal assistant knows what is needed to get you through your day)

Money Saving Aids

Ibotta: A great app for when you are going shopping. Get paid for buying the items right on your grocery list. This app allows you to earn back a portion of an item you have already paid and they are always expending, so now you can even earn money back for going to new movies.

Retailmenot: Finds any online discounts for any store at a click of a button. It can even generate coupons for in store purchases as well.

Wrapp: Send free gift cards or offers to your friends and receive them as well. You can also send purchased gift cards as well. Some great offers include $6 for H&M, $5 for David’s Cookies and many more. Always  great gifts to give when you are a little low cash.

Plink: Get rewarded for places you already make purchases to like Regal Cinemas, Burger King, Panda Express, Dunkin Donut, and more. All you have to do is connect your account to a card and rack up points for purchases. You can redeem your points to get gift cards from Amazon, Walmart and more.

Gas Buddy:  A penny saved is a penny earned and that is certainly the case with this app. You can track down which gas stations in your area have the cheapest prices for gas.

Fancy Hands, Task Rabbit, Agent Anything and Ask Sunday: Earn some extra cash by running errands or being someone’s personal assistant. These apps are filled with individuals posting certain tasks to do for a price. These tasks can range from setting up a restaurant reservation to picking up a much wanted item. All these apps seem to be localized, so you’ll have to check which ones are for your area.

External image

(Get paid for grocery shopping with Ibotta)

Leisure Aids

Mixology: Impress everyone at any get together with your bar tending skills and you’ll sure to be the life of any party. This app is like a bar tending school in your pocket. (Must be 17 or older to download)

Spotify: In the war of free streaming music apps, I’m on the side of Spotify. I love that it allows you to shuffle playlists you’ve made yourself or playlists others have made and you can even listen to the radio. They also rarely play those pesky advertisements.

Project Gutenberg: Gain access to a large range of literature for free. This app can be useful for educational pursuits or leisure reading.

Flixter: Watch movies from your own collection or free films provided by Flixter. You can build a descent virtual library to no or very little cost.

Evenster: This app allows you to track events in your area, so you can be sure there is always something to do.  

Duolingo: A game that is getting popular by the minute. Learn a new language or challenge your language skills with this great app. Languages included: Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and English.

External image

(Brush up on your language skills with the Duolingo app)


Zombies, Run!: Okay, this one isn’t a freebie, but with all the money you have saved from other apps it will be well worth your while. It’s an interactive running that allows you to play a game and listen to music at the same time. The concept is that you have to run to survive the zombie apocalypse and g complete little missions along the way. This app will be sure to keep you motivated on your resolution for a new you.

(All apps can be found on Google Play or the Apple app Store)

Hot Chocolate Kisses pt. 3

<– Part 2 | Part 4 –>

Genre: Fluff/Angst
Pairing: Jongdae x Reader
Wordcount: 2767
Warnings: Family issues, depressive behaviour sort of….
Notes for update: 25
A/N: Ahhhh things are coming your way guys <3 poor reader :( let me know what you think!!!!

Your pov

He looked at you, at little stunned, perfectly curled lips parted. There were no words from him as he studied your features. It made you nervous, you just showed him a part of you nobody saw before. A tear made it’s way down your cheek and you quickly rubbed it away.
“You think I don’t know you, but I’ve practically grown up with you.” You mumbled. “You were always here at the cafe, or on the bleachers. Kim Jongdae, I think you’re…..24? And you sing here on Saturdays with your two friends.”
A smile appeared on his face and he reached out to you, touching you shoulder. “It’s okay, you don’t have to…always want to be what others expect you to be. I know being at the top sucks, I guessed.”
You were slightly dumbfounded by his reaction. “I…shouldn’t be telling you this.”
“It’s okay, I just don’t want you to regret this in the morning. You’re secret is safe with me.”

Originally posted by everybodyloveschen

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When it comes to type 2 diabetes - the most common type of diabetes - prevention is a big deal. It’s especially important to make diabetes prevention a priority if you’re at increased risk of diabetes, such as if you’re overweight or you have a family history of the disease.
Diabetes prevention is as basic as eating more healthfully, becoming more physically active and losing a few extra pounds. It’s never too late to start. Making a few simple changes in your lifestyle now may help you avoid the serious health complications of diabetes down the road, such as nerve, kidney and heart damage.


author’s note: requested by anon. this was a super cute idea, thanks for sending it in! i hope you like it :-)

Roman watches as his wife moves around the bathroom, getting ready for their date. They’ve got reservations at some fancy new restaurant in Dortmund and Roman’s starving but he knows better than to bother her while she gets ready.

(He learned the hard way. He’s bothered her before and it didn’t end well, and since he’d like tonight to end with sex, he’s keeping his mouth shut this time).

Their newborn twin girls – Sofia and Ava – are already asleep down the hall in the nursery. As new parents, they’re too protective and wouldn’t fully trust a babysitter yet, so Roman’s mom agreed to come watch the kids while they go out on a date – their first date since before their twins were born.

“How do you do that?” Roman asks, watching in amazement as she loops the earrings through her ear so easily without even looking in a mirror.

“Do what?”

“That,” Roman says, motioning to her whole body. She looks stunning with her hair swept back – it allows Roman easy access to her neck, which he likes – but even her makeup and jewelry add to her already beautiful image.

She smiles at him. “I’m not even dressed properly yet.”

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STOP BODY SHAMING PLUS-SIZED PEOPLE! LET. THEM. LIVE. Don’t lecture them about what they should or should not be eating or wearing.

If they want to lose weight, support them. If they don’t want to lose weight, support them. Should they or should they not want to change their body, it is their choice and theirs alone!

And don’t use concerns for their health as an excuse to be a shitty person. You’re not concerned. You’re a judgemental prick. Most plus-sized people have a few extra pounds distributed around their body and that’s it! They’re still normal-sized people! A person’s weight should only be a concern when it prevents them from living a happy and fulfilling life, and even then it’s primarily their own concern.

Everyone deserves to be happy with all aspects of their life, and body shaming people is a direct violation of their human right.

myfrozenmindanor3xia  asked:

I gained lots of weight I am now 5'1 and about 107 lbs and I was 96 lbs not long ago I feel discusting how can I loose it quick again I'm finding it hard to eat small amounts cause it takes ages for me to loose so any fasting tips( I understand u are not pro ana but I already have anorexia and if someone dosent help at all I'll fall back into fasting again please help)

Alright well do you exercise? If you do, try switching up your routine. Idk why it works but it helps you to loose a few extra pounds if you don’t get used to your workouts. For fasting, I like that trick with the bag of plain iceberg lettuce that you can put any kind of seasoning on and it helps with cravings a lot and you can go for so much longer. I’ll rebloging the post with the different recipes if I can find it. If I’m about to break the fast too early, I usually just sleep/ take a nap. Thanks.

Weight lost tips?

If anyone has any suggestions for losing weight please message me! I’ve been drinking only water, trying to snack less, and working out every night. If anyone has anymore tips that could help me shed a few extra pounds I would really appreciate it!

Sweet sixteen

Originally posted by saints-pies-dean

Pairing: Winchestersxsister!reader
Word count: 1,129
Warnings: Maybe a swear or two

You jumped out of bed and ran to Dean’s room. Today was your sixteenth birthday. You were beyond excited. Of course that meant you were up before the sun. Dean would probably kill you for this, but it would be worth it. Without knocking, you ran into his room and started to jump on his bed. “Deeeean. Wake up!” You laughed, hearing a groan.

“What the hell, Y/N??” He said, covering his head with his pillow.

“It’s my birthday! I’m sixteen today!” You cheered, hopping off the bed.

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