extra dope

one good thing about especially venomous #discourse (w a big emphasis on the fact that that is not at all an appropriate term for the vibe of the past day or so) is the dash gets flooded with extra dope quote posts


Using this pic just because I l o v e. This is George @ the haters and anyone who wants to harm his kids (besides himself). Here’s an appreciation list. THANKS FOR THE 200+ FOLLOWERS. We don’t understand why you’re here but we love that you are. 

I’d finish all of the books for you tomorrow if I could. (jk I can’t)

These people are pretty dope. Everyone reading this is also dope, but they’re extra dope. These people have made showing up in Westeros super fun. (: Y’all rock. You fill up our inbox and make it s o fun to be here. Dad <3s you. I know I am forgetting people, and I hate these bias lists because I KNOW I suck at making them. 

I also just really enjoy all of you. Some of you I just lowkey stalk and I love your portrayals, even if we don’t write yet, or I don’t reply to your asks in a timely manner (DAD TRIES REALLY HARD). Some of you I just followed today because I realized I didn’t follow you yet (soRRY). 

This post is a clusterfuck. 

@thesellsword | @mithraiic (mY SON you’re my favorite) | @wiingedwolf | @cerseilionesslannister | @oftarth | @childishlioness | @assilat-vojjor (nice ass, son) | @sunofdorne | @twogoldenchains | @ofblackfyre | @zaldrizotala (TBH I am so impressed by u) | @wintersking | @leomatrem (u scare dad lowkey) | @goldenngore | @wxlfblooded | @propheticwolf | @kyraofhousefrey | @forgottenkraken | @nxrthernblood | @nothingxdauntedxher | @astormsend | @undragonic | @goldandlions (dad goals) | @herunfailingkindness | @lxrdsnow | @lcrdcrow | @pureironking (not dad goals) | @maidofwinter | @winterhelled | @cataegisnati | @jorahacly | @bastardpup | @danysoldbear | @swannknight (ur hot, son. you get it from me) | @handofhonor | @godsiwasstrong | @lanniisterlion | @ofgiantsbane | @eandearg | @phantcmwolf | @troutofriverrun (fish goals) | @roosebxltxn | @wintercrowned | @royalsadist (mY SON you’re my favorite) | @aloneinmycage | @honourofwesterling | @malleableking (hey SORRY about D&D. Dad misses u ) | @needlcd | @flayingknife | @greendreamcr | @predative (hey – listen. about that wedding…..)

OKAY, so that was also a clusterfuck. Basically, thank you everyone who has flooded Georgie’s inbox with asks. Dad loves you all.