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That makes me a bit uncomfortable? They put her up for the fandom to hate on her, look she did things for attention obviously but she didn't break into his car and his home and his show. She didn't put out the first article stating they were a couple, they did that and now that it backfired and she is no longer needed they throw her out for the fandom to eat her alive. I like that they clear there wasn't a relationship but one they created.

I think this shows that what she did was not approved by HSHQ, personally. We kept saying how she was being way too extra and blaming Jeff & co for it, but if they’re throwing her to the wolves like this, I’d say it’s because of something she did. Probably putting out that story that she dumped him and making it Drama™️ when they were going for something low-key.

From what we know about Harry, if she was a friend and did as she was requested and nothing more, she’d still be called a friend. That she’s not makes me think there’s something bigger going on here.


Anno phoning prostitutes (?) and talking about random stuff, including Evangelion.

It’s weird, but what do you expect.
But very interesting.

This is an extra on the Love&Pop DVD.

He ends up talking about how he feels about End of Eva (without revealing who he is).

The Chiral Night 10th Anniversary

It starts.

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Akira, Konoe, Youji and Aoba together.

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Aoba asks Konoe if he can touch his ears.

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Noiz being in the “I prefer to be alone” team. 

Akira mentions Aoba. 

Noiz: “Aoba? Did you meet him? Where is he?” 

Makoto: “Uh? I thought you prefer to be alone…” 

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Rin tells Mink that he can beat him. 

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Clear and Zenya all fuwa fuwa with Asato <3  

Asato feeling awkward.

Ren: “Is his tail fluffier than mine?” 

Clear in panic because he doesn’t know how to answer that. 

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Yukihito. Dude, what are you doing here?

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Shiki and Rai fighting.

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Leaks appears.

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Our boys together against Leaks

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Leaks wins.

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They recover and win.

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All our boys reunite with their boyfriends.

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The farewell.

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Virus & Trip vs. Gunji & Kiriwar

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There were so many emotions >w<

You can watch it here.

Breathing Life

Dolls and poppets are utilized across many faiths, however often witches neglect to “breath life” into them. Not doing so doesn’t make them wholly ineffective, however going the extra step really amps up the potency, especially when using it as sympathetic magic or creating a protective being! It’s a relatively simple step, but highly dependent upon which path you follow. I’ll briefly cover my methodology.

Foremost, I would like to specify the difference between the two types of dolls I utilize. One being sympathetic magic, the one most often thought of when people think of dolls and witchcraft. Voodoo dolls. This is a misnomer, as the common portrayal off voodoo dolls in media have skewed the original purpose of such dolls. Originally the dolls were used by practitioners not to affect people, but as a guide to the sufferers ailments and treatments – more akin to a “medical chart.” However, they have since (and really, in European magical traditions for centuries) been used to heal or harm a specific victim in which the doll was made to their likeness. This is a sympathetic doll, made in their likeness, usually incorporating some sort of personal affect (hair, clothing, blood, etc.).

The second type, and the kind I most often use, are dolls not based on any individual, but instead exist to act as a guardian of sorts or facilitate change/growth/health/etc. These are unique and very much a product of your imagination. Create them to be whatever you see fit.

That being said, let’s begin;;

Sympathetic Dolls: Begin by first, stitching the doll together in the likeness of he/she you wish to influence. You can be as general or as specific as you want – matching hair, eyes, facial features, build are all common concepts. Traditionally the dolls were stuffed with Spanish Moss (most probably due to the abundance in the American South) however you can stuff it with anything you have on hand. If you have anything of the persons, now would be the time to use it, hair can be wrapped and stuffed in the doll, pieces of their clothes can be folded and placed inside, blood should be on a scrap of cloth, dried and then added.

Once the doll is complete and you’re satisfied with its image (in truth, dolls have been made out of anything and everything, the only crucial step is the following), you must give it life. For sympathetic dolls, this can be as simple or difficult as you wish. I prefer to take the simple route and sit with the doll and focus intently on the person you wish to connect to it. I then mentally stitch the spirit of the person to the doll (either at the heart or at the feet – as a short of shadow). Vocalize your intent and revel in your creation.

Conceptual Dolls/Guardians: These are my personal favorites to create, in all honesty. I find poppets to be a lot of extra work, however they are useful in remote healing/hexing. These, as I mentioned, are beings of your thoughts. Tulpas, in a way. Begin by gathering your materials and ideas. Create a doll to symbolize whatever you wish to accomplish. As far as this tutorial goes, I’ll use the example of a Guardian or a doll for protection. It can look however you wish, and be as simple as sticks tied together, to the most intricately created doll you could muster. I, personally, stick with a small doll (no bigger than 8 or 10 inches) with yarn hair, simple clothing and a painted face. I often stuff mine with herbs associated with my will, as well as batting and sometimes stray scraps of fabric.

After your doll is complete, take it to the Crossroads. It can be a door, a gate (I use the gate of a remote cemetery near me), a cemetery, even a maternity ward if you’re that committed and light a candle. Fill your mind with intention, then connect with the energy of your crossroads. Feel the planes converge, and bend this erratic energy to your will, funneling it through your consciousness and into your doll. See the energy shape, bend, coalesce into a being of your intent and give it a Name, as there is much power in a Name. Connect its energy to our physical plane by allowing it refuge within the fabric of the doll you have created. Leave a gift at the Crossroads, and blow out your candle, sealing in the doll’s spirit. Use it as you desire, but do not neglect it.

Thus ends this tutorial!

Best of luck,



Coups and Boo being extra while their boyfriend & husband watched the fiasco from the sidelines 😂😍
P.S look at Boo being magnetized to Hansol in the end 😆

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Commission for @meddwynn and continuation of THIS

One more little gulp and down you’ll go, but she really seems to be taking her time.

Also nepeta is definitely the type to do that cute sticking-her-tongue-out thing while eating <3

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Any chance of another sneak peek of either BtH or BH&H? I live for updates of either! (Or if that's not possible, maybe a hint of the timeline of when we can expect the next chapter(s)?) Can't wait to see what happens next!

Right now I’m working on a BtH extra (the Jealous!Killian scene I posted about before) and at 4,000 words already, it’s turning out a bit longer than I originally planned. I’m aiming to have it posted this weekend, so I can go back to the main fic, and BH&H. And my BH&H extra fic, since I have like 8 different things on the go right now.

Here’s a sneak peek of the BtH extra, here be green eyed monsters

He felt a presence at his side but he kept his gaze firmly fixed on Emma, his thumb continuing to worry over the smooth metal at his waist. The garnet set in his ring was so dark that in the candlelight it looked like a spot of blood, and he imagined Teach’s lip split open by his fist and more dark drops falling to the tavern floor.

“Sit back down and have a drink, Captain. Teach is no threat, he spends more time on his wardrobe than he does at sea.”

“Teach may be a fop, but he can be as dangerous as his father was,” he practically spat, without taking his eyes off his princess and the man in question. Where exactly was Teach’s other hand? He hated this, and his voice dropped into a warning tone that all of the crew would recognize at once, “More so, ‘cause he’s got something to prove. If he so much as harms a hair on her head he’s a dead man.”

Doyle was clearly unperturbed by the threat, “I’ve got a silver piece on her, double, if she gets him out in under an hour. She can handle Ned Teach, Captain. After all, she handled you.”

He muttered the comment under his breath and went to rejoin the crew at the table while Killian glared daggers at his broad back. The thought of Emma “handling” Teach put his teeth on edge even as he felt a faint stirring in his groin, the memories of her small hands exploring his body washing over him and firing his blood with lust even as he quietly seethed. Since the night when she’d first touched him intimately, shy and hesitant in the beginning and then bold as brass as she sought him out under the thin linen that was all that separated them, he couldn’t believe his luck, that a princess would come to his bed both willing and eager. A voice in the back of his head had whispered that it was too good to be true, she couldn’t possibly want a man like him, low-born and traitor to his king, a pirate, to be the first to lay between her thighs and claim her maidenhead. It never quite went away, the feeling that he was a fool for falling in love with her and for daring to hope that she could possibly come to love him in return. He tried to silence it, taking what she offered and giving her everything he could think of in return, gifts, trinkets, using his considerable skill in the sheets to bring her pleasure as her lover if not her love. More than any ignorant princeling ever could, he was sure, remembering her blushing shock the first time he’d used his mouth to bring her to completion.

But that greedy, grasping part of him still wanted more, and right now he wanted to march over and take her from Teach by force as he’d taken her from her ship, showing him and everyone else in the blasted tavern that Captain Killian Jones would not be denied what he desired.

to be continued….

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I have a weird breakout along both of my cheeks right now (like 5-6 pimples that I would consider "bad" and deep in there). This has only happened once before and while I usually have a couple of zits here and there, this isn't normal for me. What would you suggest to get rid of them and heal my face?

  • Double Cleanse: Make sure to use a good makeup remover & cleanser to get off all makeup, sweat, & dirt. My favs: Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser + CeraVe Foaming Cleanser
    • other options: Banila Co Clean It Zero Resveratrol & Drunk Elephant Juju Bar
  • Clay Mask: I really like the Colleen Rothschild Clarifying Detox Mask because it has clay & an acid to exfoliate.
    • other options: GlamGlow SuperMud & Sephora Mud Mask Purifying & Mattifying.
    • Extra step: Use a hydrating mask afterwards so you don’t dry out your skin. Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask & GlamGlow ThirstyMud
  • BHA / Benzoyl Peroxide: Lately I’ve been loving the Paula’s Choice 9% BHA. I use it where ever I’m having break outs. I leave it on over night.
    • other option: Clean & Clear Persa-Gel 10 
  • Spot Masking: Whenever I have really deep pimples I like to leave a clay mask on for a couple of hours, just in the spot with the pimple to really soak everything up. Currently I use Origins Clear Improvement.
    • other option: Pur Minerals Dirty Girl 
  • Chemical Exfoliants: When I’m breaking out a lot I’ll use my chemical exfoliants daily, at night. options: Paula’s Choice 2% BHA & Drunk Elephant TLC
  • Don’t forget to change your pillow care, try not to touch your face, & clean your makeup brushes. <3
When will my fave TV show return?

THE CBS EDITION for 2017/2018 fall season: 

  • “Criminal Minds” - Wednesday, September 27th, 2017 at 10PM (S13 premiere, ep 13x01) 
  • “NCIS:LA” - Sunday, October 1st, 2017 at 9:30PM (S9 premiere, ep 9x01) 
  • “Scorpion” - Monday, September 25th, 2017 at 10PM (S4 premiere , ep 4x01) 
  • “TBBT” -  Monday, September 25th, 2017 at 8PM (S11 premiere, ep 11x01)
  • “Young Sheldon” -  Monday, September 25th, 2017 at 8:30PM (S1 premiere, ep 1x01) 

EXTRA: “Scorpion” Halloween episode, episode 4x0? will air Monday, October 30th, 2017 at 10PM #postfootballseasonlineup 

EXTRA 2: “TBBT” (8PM) & “Young Sheldon” (8:30PM) move to their regular time-slot, on Thursday nights on Nov 2nd, 2017 

EXTRA 3: “Elementary” returns mid-season (exact date and time TBD/revealed later, but some time between November 2017 and February 2018, most likely in December) 


Mondays (possible “Scorpion” S4A episode air dates)

  • September: 25th*
  • October: 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th* 
  • November: 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th
  • December: 4th, 11th, 18th

* the dates in bold (Sept 25th & Oct 30th) are confirmed weeks with new episodes airing. Whether we have a new episode every week/Monday and/or when are the few hiatus weeks…is yet to be revealed. 

I predict one week with no new ep in November, and possibly one week without a new episode in October. And either no breaks or one week with no new ep in December. The season premiere is on Sept 25th, the Halloween ep airs on Oct 30th & the Xmas ep/winter finale most likely on Dec 18th. With the premiere being Sept 25th & Xmas ep airing either Dec 11th or 18th, then if they plan to show 11-12 eps before Xmas break that means maximum 1-2 weeks with no new eps during season 4A… cause that’s 13 Mondays…for 11-12 episodes. 

Leaving much more breaks for season 4B, which most likely starts on Monday, January 8th, 2018 (because 1st Monday of the year is January 1st, and I’m not sure they’ll air a new ep on new-years-day. And if we assume the season finale air early/mid-May, meaning May 7th or May 14th, that gives us 18-19 Mondays for 12-13 episodes (depending on how many eps  the season has, but most likely the usual 24 eps), meaning there’ll be at least one hiatus week each month during S4B. We have to prepare for 6 weeks with no new eps… during 4 months. Those breaks will most likely be: one in Jan, one in Feb, 2 in March and April/May… 

Source: TV Line (click to see full list)

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My standard everyday haul for surviving day-to-day. Extra bits like plasters & painkillers are hidden away in the Altoids tin. The cable management on the laptop power cord is 3d printed :)