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Heroes & Villains‏Hilarious! @MingNa & @IMBrettDalton took a red eye flight to meet fans at #FFChicago & are extra silly behind the scenes with @ChloeBennet4!

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so... I can't be the only one thinking about Bitty making PBJs for Jack leading to him cooking for Jack leading to him becoming some kind of private chef for pro sports players, right? Because really, having done some research... those poor things could use the help.

  • ok i was going to write a ficlet for this but it was just taking forever and i didn’t want to leave u hanging so i’m going to just bullet point it :)
  • so it starts with that one text from tater re: sandwiches
  • bitty is like ‘ok sure w/e’ and makes an extra pb&j and puts it in a bag that says ‘for tater!’ on it and tells jack to make sure tater gets it before the game
  • and then during the game tater scores in like a RIDICULOUS manner like honestly according to the laws of physics the puck should NOT have gone into the goal and yet?? it did???
  • basically rip bitty b/c hockey superstition
  • so tater wants to try making the sandwich himself to see if it has the same effect so he makes bitty teach him EXACTLY how he does it, so bitty just buys some extra of the ingredients he uses and both shows tater how to make the sandwich and provides written instructions
  • when he’s about to leave tater gives him a bunch of money and is like ‘you must take this, you bought ingredients so i’m paying you back’ except it’s like twice the amount that the ingredients cost? and bitty is like wtf and says ‘this is too much’ and tater is like ‘yeah so if later i want help making the sandwich i can say ‘bitty i gave you extra money last time, help me’ and bitty’s like fine w/e
  • and so he does do this sometimes, but he also asks bitty for help re: food all the time, it’s just not always sandwiches— sometimes it’s ‘b what can you make with kidney beans and corn and a little bit of turkey bacon’ and sometimes it’s ‘b this whole week we are traveling how do i make food that will be ok when i come back’
  • (to which bitty both introduces him to the wonder of using the freezer for things other than ice cream and fills up some single-meal-sized tupperwares with pasta, roasted broccoli, and mashed potatoes)

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i got into university of washington ! lol i remember stressing about college apps bc i was worried i didn’t have enough extra-curriculars & didn’t know if my sat score was high enough but i got into all the ones i applied 2 ! now i just.. gotta choose..

Commission for @meddwynn and continuation of THIS

One more little gulp and down you’ll go, but she really seems to be taking her time.

Also nepeta is definitely the type to do that cute sticking-her-tongue-out thing while eating <3


That was a long two weeks but we are back!!! Here are some very extra b&w selfies from today. It has been One Of Those Days but I made dinner and dumped some black coffee in my ice cream (trust me it’s better than it sounds) so I am good to go

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So, I’m currently working on this piece but my T1 toner #copicmarkers dried up on me & I can’t finish it 😭 I need funds to order some supplies & finish this piece! If you want to see this finished & like this style, I am currently taking 4 slots for COMMISSIONS! You would pay $25 for a piece like this that I will ship to you (shipping is $3.50 extra) & I can continue my work! I most likely wouldn’t have them completely finished till end of March/beginning of April (at the latest!) If you’re interested in a commission, email me at: troikania(at)gmail.com - please share this post, as well!

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Hii~~ so i was wondering if you could tell me some stuff which I should watch from bap. Because my sister bought tickets to their concert and i don't really know them much but i would love to😁

Hey thanks for asking! That’s so exciting I hope you have fun :’) B.A.P are amazing live omg 

These two masterposts are brilliant and both contain many links for their shows & extra info that will help you get to know B.A.P better!

B.A.P Primer - crash course for new fans

So you want to get into B.A.P?

I personally really recommend Killing Camp from their early days and for something more recent definitely check out One Fine Day. 

Enjoy! Let me know how the concert goes ahhh!!! x


March’s Mythical Monthly said an announcement is coming March 20; now, a new video on the R&L EXTRAS channel may have dropped a hint…https://youtu.be/-XMkDglec_s

&. ` a chill stung ivy’s bare shoulders as she stood before the glass-enclosed freezer full of ben & jerry’s ice cream. she somehow managed to forget a sweater nearly every time she went to the grocery store, but perhaps the mere thought of trying the next ice cream flavor on her list ( it was a long list was just all too distracting. a delicate, olive-toned hand reached out to pull open the freezer door, a waft of icy air causing ivy to shimmy in attempt to shake the cold from her goosebump-covered skin. grabbing two cartons after a drawn-out and impatient sigh, the blonde weighed the options aloud with her lips pursed inquisitively: “ cherry garcia or phish food?

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**caution: bodily fluids** Let's just say Kurt had the unfortunate experience of getting vomit on his clothes from their s/o after they were trying to talk dirty to their baby blue boy (but of course nothing was going to happen anyways b/c s/o was still under the influence). Anyways, it didn't help that Warren tried to assist in clean up but also vomited. Needless to say, Kurt gave them a stern run down on proper alcohol consumption & what they need to do in order to not get sick like this 1/2

So now Kurt packs them baggies of snacks to eat when they go drinking & have them contact Kurt when they’re ready to go so he can make sure they get home safe. Although Kurt wants to cuddle w/them, everybody understands that drinking nights = no sleeping w/Kurt as a precaution for further sickness issues 😫 (Some nights he’ll slip into bed anyways, usually when Warren is being extra pouty & whiney, or when s/o simply says “I need to hug you, baby”)



I wanna post a selfie and tell you guys about the new eyeshadow kit I got and how much I love it, but I’m so awkward about selfies I feel like there should be some kind of special occasion or somethin. And despite my sour mood yesterday, I did extra to my makeup & it was the first time in a long time that I felt conventionally pretty.

i love people who r good at expressing affection in a nice normal way tbh like people who can just hug people & give compliments & tell people how much they mean to them & shit like that,, like i never learned how to do that so my idea of saying “i love u” is flipping someone off & throwing a tastykake at them,, maybe finger guns or a “fuck you, pissbucket” if im feeling extra warm & fuzzy