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Better This Way (Chapter Three)

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Wade would never know how he made it back to his apartment with an armful of writhing, moaning Omega clinging to his neck, but somehow he did, and as soon as he kicked the door to his place shut again, he was making a beeline for his bedroom, carefully laying his friend out on his bed.

Alpha.” That long, lean body was moving helplessly, fingers digging into the covers, chest heaving with each breath. “Please help me. I need you.”

Wade closed his eyes and counted to ten before shaking his head. “You don’t need me, baby boy. Just need to get through this. How long is each heat wave? When will you get a break?”

“Twenty four hours.” Spidey was ripping at his gloves, trying to get undressed. “Twenty four hours then I’ll be done.”

“Alright, honey, now look.” Wade kept his voice soft, despite wanting to just growl and rip every shred of clothing off this desperate, needy omega. “I’m going to–fuck– okay I’m going to help you out of your clothes, but we need to leave your mask on alright? Clothes off, mask on, need you to tell me yes before I touch you, yeah?”

“Touch me.” The omega was pleading. “Oh fuck yes touch me please. Help me.”

God dammit. “Okay, you’re too far gone to make any decisions.” Wade yanked open his bedside drawer and pulled out lube and one of the toys he kept for when he was feeling extra amped up and didn’t have anyone to take the edge off. “So here. This will help. You’re gonna be fine.”

Wade changed his mind about helping the omega undress. That was too– the omega was too— damn he didn’t trust himself nearly that much so he turned and basically ran from the room, clicking the lock on the inside of the door before he shut it.

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Take Two (Part One)

As promised, here’s the first of missing scenes/extras etc from Learning & Loving, my prinxiety (& now logicality eee) uni au fic! 

This one is from Logan’s PoV, and takes place after Finale.

Also on ao3 here

Awareness comes to him in a slow, prolonged wave. Logan’s first thought is Am… am I on a boat? When he does eventually open his eyes, he’s alarmed at how blurry his vision is, before realising that he’s not wearing his glasses. He doesn’t understand why it takes him far too long to reach that conclusion.

He doesn’t say that out loud, of course. Instead, what comes out is a garbled, “Why’s the couch… moving?”

There’s a laugh from somewhere nearby. Then, a hand comes into view, passing him his glasses. “Yeah, that’s not the couch. Think that’s your head, friendo.”

He winces. His head is suddenly splitting, as if someone’s struck him with a club over and over again.

“You don’t have to shout,” he nearly whimpers. He puts his glasses on and blinks a few times, before noticing Roman sprawled out on the floor in front of him. 

“I wasn’t shouting,” Roman protests, but he lowers his voice all the same. He sounds… sympathetic, and Logan can’t understand why.

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Breathing Life

Dolls and poppets are utilized across many faiths, however often witches neglect to “breath life” into them. Not doing so doesn’t make them wholly ineffective, however going the extra step really amps up the potency, especially when using it as sympathetic magic or creating a protective being! It’s a relatively simple step, but highly dependent upon which path you follow. I’ll briefly cover my methodology.

Foremost, I would like to specify the difference between the two types of dolls I utilize. One being sympathetic magic, the one most often thought of when people think of dolls and witchcraft. Voodoo dolls. This is a misnomer, as the common portrayal off voodoo dolls in media have skewed the original purpose of such dolls. Originally the dolls were used by practitioners not to affect people, but as a guide to the sufferers ailments and treatments – more akin to a “medical chart.” However, they have since (and really, in European magical traditions for centuries) been used to heal or harm a specific victim in which the doll was made to their likeness. This is a sympathetic doll, made in their likeness, usually incorporating some sort of personal affect (hair, clothing, blood, etc.).

The second type, and the kind I most often use, are dolls not based on any individual, but instead exist to act as a guardian of sorts or facilitate change/growth/health/etc. These are unique and very much a product of your imagination. Create them to be whatever you see fit.

That being said, let’s begin;;

Sympathetic Dolls: Begin by first, stitching the doll together in the likeness of he/she you wish to influence. You can be as general or as specific as you want – matching hair, eyes, facial features, build are all common concepts. Traditionally the dolls were stuffed with Spanish Moss (most probably due to the abundance in the American South) however you can stuff it with anything you have on hand. If you have anything of the persons, now would be the time to use it, hair can be wrapped and stuffed in the doll, pieces of their clothes can be folded and placed inside, blood should be on a scrap of cloth, dried and then added.

Once the doll is complete and you’re satisfied with its image (in truth, dolls have been made out of anything and everything, the only crucial step is the following), you must give it life. For sympathetic dolls, this can be as simple or difficult as you wish. I prefer to take the simple route and sit with the doll and focus intently on the person you wish to connect to it. I then mentally stitch the spirit of the person to the doll (either at the heart or at the feet – as a short of shadow). Vocalize your intent and revel in your creation.

Conceptual Dolls/Guardians: These are my personal favorites to create, in all honesty. I find poppets to be a lot of extra work, however they are useful in remote healing/hexing. These, as I mentioned, are beings of your thoughts. Tulpas, in a way. Begin by gathering your materials and ideas. Create a doll to symbolize whatever you wish to accomplish. As far as this tutorial goes, I’ll use the example of a Guardian or a doll for protection. It can look however you wish, and be as simple as sticks tied together, to the most intricately created doll you could muster. I, personally, stick with a small doll (no bigger than 8 or 10 inches) with yarn hair, simple clothing and a painted face. I often stuff mine with herbs associated with my will, as well as batting and sometimes stray scraps of fabric.

After your doll is complete, take it to the Crossroads. It can be a door, a gate (I use the gate of a remote cemetery near me), a cemetery, even a maternity ward if you’re that committed and light a candle. Fill your mind with intention, then connect with the energy of your crossroads. Feel the planes converge, and bend this erratic energy to your will, funneling it through your consciousness and into your doll. See the energy shape, bend, coalesce into a being of your intent and give it a Name, as there is much power in a Name. Connect its energy to our physical plane by allowing it refuge within the fabric of the doll you have created. Leave a gift at the Crossroads, and blow out your candle, sealing in the doll’s spirit. Use it as you desire, but do not neglect it.

Thus ends this tutorial!

Best of luck,


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Secrets of the signs

Leo - so easily offended it don’t make sense, you’re probably offended rn

Taurus - you do laundry like 4 times a week cuz u think wearing a shirt once makes it dirty

Pisces - if you could be a child with no responsibilities forever u would

Cancer - yall so fun to be around no one ever notices you’re actually depressed af

Gemini - very funny , sensitive & photogenic yet one of the most hated signs

Aries - everything yall do is jus loud & extra but ya sex game fye

Libra - you will make someone believe you in love wit them when u actually dgaf

Capricorn - same as libra but u don’t mean to be like that

Sagittarius - last thing yall worried bout is a relationship, u want sex all the time tho

Virgo - you so smart and talented , too bad u don’t notice your worth

Aquarius - yall have deep ass minds and can be the life and the death of the party

Scorpio - everyone think yall obsessed wit sex, but yall not, but yall kinda are lol

Commission for @meddwynn and continuation of THIS

One more little gulp and down you’ll go, but she really seems to be taking her time.

Also nepeta is definitely the type to do that cute sticking-her-tongue-out thing while eating <3


a long process.

[basic shape outline, detailed outline, color, background + more coloring + details, shading + texture, details & extras, then cry because you haven’t been getting sleep].


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That second argument Roland makes is a very valid point.

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