Active Wasteland by Highsight (Fallout: New Vegas)

This mod gives functions to objects in the wasteland with no function. The following now work:

Lamps: All lamps, hotel lamps, generic lamps, floor lamps, can be turned on or off, giving you a new light source in the room.
Coffee Maker (Optional): With two pinyon nuts and a coffee mug, you can make a cup of makeshift coffee, which will regenerate action points for a while and health. In hardcore mode, it will dehydrate you a bit, but it will take away sleep deprivation. Load “Active Wasteland - Coffee Maker.esp” to enable this.
Clocks: All clocks in the wasteland will now tell you the current time if you activate them.
Gas Tanks: If activated, it will release the gas from the gas tank (one time use) creating a gas trap around it.
Microscopes: If you have blood packs and you use a microscope, you can figure out the blood types of each blood pack. Each blood type has a different bonus to it that lasts 30 minutes.
Griding Wheels: Full restore the condition of any bladed weapon.
Ovens: Can be used to cook things, just like a campfire, requires 1 Flamer Fuel.
Fire Extingusihers: Can now be picked up as a thrown weapon, much like a grenade. Will explode when shot.
Barrels: Containers that can be opened with goodies inside.
Fire Hydrants: You can now get water from these, however, you’ll need a wrench.
Bed Rolls: Can now be picked up and placed at will. Beware though, they are 20 pounds!
Paint Guns: Now work! The amount of paint in them is not measured by ammo, however, it is measured by the weapon’s repair. Paint Guns cannot be repaired however, once they are done, they are done. Sadly, I have not found a way to make the paint permanent.
SunGlasses (Optional): All sunglasses, and helmets with glasses will apply a tint effect to your screen, depending on the color of the glasses! Load “Active Wasteland - Goggle Tints.esp” to enable this.