If I were describe my mood over the last several months with regards to being Jewish in the USA it would be the following: exhausted, dispirited, too tired to be angry.

The situation with the Magen David in Chicago is a borderline extinction level event for my faith in the left dealing with its own internal antisemitism.

And so I’ve been focusing on the quotidian. On simply trying to live my life while I can because I feel like any day now we will be screwed and no one will come to defend us because both the far left and far right hate us and the center is apathetic. No one lives forever, right?

I’ve been trying to resurrect the “fight” I had just a few months ago, but it feels like trying to tap a dry, exhausted well. 

Thus the question for me, regarding my place as a Jew on the American left, is whether or not I would want to join a club that obviously doesn’t want me as a member, or at least doesn’t want me as a member unless I agree to performatively self-flagellate and throw the majority of Jews under the bus. And I’m struggling to find reasons to say that I want in.

This, as with so many of my experiences of antisemitism, has to do with the warnings of my grandparents, who survived the Holocaust. They said that one day the world will forget the Holocaust and if we don’t do something to make others care about antisemitism, no one else will be there to protect us.

And so, with little energy and enthusiasm, and much frustration, I will try to step back into the ring and assume that our excision from the left isn’t a fait accompli. 

As Hillel taught, Jews have to be both for ourselves and not for ourselves. Too many on the left are trying to make us choose one or the other. And if my posts do nothing more than tell non-Jews who would demand we make that choice or be exiled to take a long walk off a short pier, then I suppose I will have accomplished something.

Richonne Haters are Basically Dust

I read something disgusting from a bitter anonymous Richonne hater the other day, who said Richonne was just “a fantasy”.

I really think Richonne is more a lesson for the haters than a blessing for the shippers. And 7x12 was an extinction level event for all racist haters.

So let’s pretend that interracial relationships/marriages are not something we see everyday… ok.

The real fantasy is one race being in any way superior and the unrealistic idea that somehow people are going to “stick to their own race” when it comes to love. All these Richonne haters are turning to dust- not just from what they see on the show, but from what they see in real life. Their way of thinking is dying and it makes them scared and aggressive.

One of the things I love about TWD is that with the world stripped bare, Race is Gone. People are just people. And every community is a mix of every color. And without all the exterior BS people hide behind and use to divide us, they can see the each other for who they really are inside. The content of their character…

And the beautiful part of their world is: the person you get to love may have been a person the world we know would have separated you from because of all the stupid pettiness people promote.

Sad that it took a zombie apocalypse to really get people woke.

What's It Gonna Be
Busta Rhymes ft Janet Jackson
What's It Gonna Be


2nd single from E.L.E. The music video became one of the most expensive of all times costing 2 million dollars.

WHAT’S IT GONNA BE peaked at #3 on the HOT 100 and topped the BILLBOARD R&B and HIP HOP chart. It also entered the top 10 in most of Europe

anonymous asked:

No but imagine, feudal Japan where the Kyuubi no Kitsune is the patron kami of Fire, Destruction, Power, War and all the nasty emotions that come with it. Also Children. Especially Orphan Children. People are confused. Does this mean the kami wants child sacrifices to gain his favor??? Orphan sacrifices??? No. the answer is no, they figure out quickly. The war god actually just really likes kids?? People quickly realize that if they want to win Any battles then there is to be No Child Soldiers.

…Can you imagine someone trying to sacrifice a child to Kurama? That - that would not end well. In much the same was as extinction-level events do not end well for the planet’s inhabitants. 

i read two very worrying news articles today: one, that china has successfully figured out how to mine methane hydrate, that stuff which if released from the ice will almost certainly precipitate a Permian level extinction event, and that the geniuses who built the seed vault in Svalbard didn’t account for the fact that global warming is going to melt the permafrost it was built on.

we’re doomed 😂💀⚰️☠️💯👌

jungleflora  asked:

How do you think the Volturi reacted to the Bubonic plague? Something like 30% of Italy's population died in the space of 3 months, and it was especially bad in Northern Italy. Do you think they were worried about their food source disappearing?

I sort of imagine this is when Aro started preparing an Extinction Level Event emergency plan. He has to have one, because while vampires could, in theory, survive without humans (or animals) to drink from because they can’t starve, it would be a torturous existence to do so, so there MUST be some plan of what to do if it looks like the human race is about to destroy itself.  

He came up with his original plan probably during the plague because it was such a massive loss of life. 

He came up with a more recent and modern one after the advent of nuclear weapons because, yikes. 

I imagine the wives would have supported some sort of plan to keep and ‘farm’ a population of humans to ensure a continuing food source. Caius may have scoffed and told Aro he was over-reacting but mostly just was annoyed it hadn’t been his idea. 

Marcus slumped in his throne, not caring, since existence without blood couldn’t be any more painful than existence without Didyme, woe. 

But yeah I could imagine it was the first time they really had to think about the human population going extinct. It was probably nothing they had ever really considered before, but watching all those humans dropping dead had to rattle them at least a little. Before they put their Plan B into action the situation resolved itself and human populations regrew, but I think they must have some contingency plan in place and ready to execute swiftly should it come to that.