extinction machine

Another quick doodle of Mare Barrow. Figured I’d tried her all done up, and stuffs. I think her hair is the favorite of those I’ve done so far. It turned out a lot better than I originally expected. 

Anyway, more to follow when I get some more time! Just got Glass Sword so I’m sure there will be more to follow once I start it. Only a little left till I’m finished with Extinction Machine and then I’ll be able to get started! So excited!

More practice, and another sketch of Mare Barrow.

I know my new focus needs to be on hair. Cause my hair drawing abilities are garbage. Face isn’t half bad, but something about the proportions still looks off to me. Finding my own art style is harder than I thought. Also, couldn’t remember what stones were in her earrings. So colors were what I thought I remembered.

In other news, just finished Red Queen. Kinda saw the twist coming, but still interesting non the less. Guess I’ll be on to Glass Sword come Friday. I just have to finish Extinction Machine before then.

What’s everyone’s thoughts on the series?

Next I think I might try sketching some silvers. Just gotta figure out who to start with.