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What are your thoughts about the transformers movies? i personally like the designs and the (non human) characters

I’ve only seen a few of them! I only saw the first one in theaters, and then I’ve seen chunks 2 and 3, and then I watched Age of Extinction on TV, and then I tried to go see The Last Knight on five separate occasions and each time an emergency prevented me from doing so.

They’re interesting to watch, but they don’t really grab my attention how I want them to. The characters don’t hook me in as much as I’d like, a lot of the dialogue feels uncomfortable, and the plots tend to go a little wibbly wobbly on me. I do enjoy watching them and picking them apart for stuff I like, though, and I certainly have scraped more than a few design and story ideas out of them! 

Some day I’m gonna sit down and just watch all of them back to back to back to back to back and then I can probably give a better answer.

Of course, I already know 100% what I’d do with my own Transformers movies though, so…maybe I’m a little biased because I go into them now already knowing what my quintilogy is like.


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