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Fifty years ago, it was thought that the New Guniea Highland Wild Dog went extinct in the wild. These two images were recently taken using a scent lure; they show a pregnant female and her two pups.  After an expedition, scientists were able to determine over 100 photographs of “at least 15 wild individuals, including males, females, and pups, thriving in isolation and far from human contact” in only two days of the cameras being up. The only photos taken before this expedition were 2 unconfirmed ones that were taken in 2005 and 2012. 

After confirming via DNA tests, the New Guniea Highland Wild Dog Foundation declared that the canine breed is no longer on the list of extinct species.

After the nuclear apocalypse, humans go extinct, but dogs evolve and become intelligent. Dog scientists find out that their is a strange “gap” in their evolutionary history. You are an eccentric dog scientist that has this crazy idea that your species didn’t evolve, but was “created”.

Canadian dog breeds for Canada 150!

(Photo cred: The Flag Makers)

In honour of Canada’s 150th anniversary, have some dog breeds that were founded in Canada!

paigealert  asked:

Is there a possibility that animals more "recently" extinct animals (Tasmanian Tigers, Passenger Pigeons, river dolphins, etc) still actually existing in small populations somewhere? Or even older extinct animals such as the Dodo. How does an animal gain the title "extinct"?

You ask a really good question! It’s hard to define exactly when animals are extinct. I’m going to quote this Slate article, but it’s worth reading the entire thing for a much more nuanced view:

“The World Conservation Union will label a species extinct only if “there is no reasonable doubt that the last individual has died.” In general, scientists must now show that repeated efforts to survey a species’ known habitat failed to turn up any individual sightings or evidence of its continued survival.”

Some animals, like passenger pigeons, we’re pretty sure are gone because their migratory behavior made them very easy to observe. Others, not as much - there’s a great book called Carnivorous Nights: On the Trail of the Tasmanian Tiger that details the people who are still searching for Tasmanian tigers, hoping they retreated to the really inhospitable terrain in the center of the island. 

For the most part, scientists are very careful to prove that animals are extinct before declaring them so - but they’re not always right. Black Footed Ferrets were thought to have been extinct… and then someone’s dog came back with a freshly killed one, and led us back to the last surviving population… and now we’ve got more than 300 reintroduced to the wild and a highly successful conservation program for them. It doesn’t happen often and isn’t something to put a lot weight on hoping for, but sometimes miracles do happen. 


The American Alsatian Dog.
A mixture of The German Shepherd, Great Pyrenees, Anatolian Shepherd, English Mastiff, and Alaskan Malamute.
Dog Breeders and Scientists are/were trying to construct the Dire Wolf that was alive in prehistoric times which was must larger than the normal Gray Wolf today. This is what happened.

anonymous asked:

Do you know much about Shalom Shepherds? I've tried to find more information but I haven't found much on temperament or energy levels. I am used to high energy (I have a boxer/German short-haired pointer mix) and the claim that they are hypoallergenic made me even more intrested in the dog.

I feel like claiming a double coated breed is hypoallergenic is a red flag. No dog is actually hypoallergenic, but those that claim to be are typically dogs like poodles with hair instead of fur.

These dogs are “Native American Indian Dogs” mixed with German Shepherds. Reading into the history of Native American Indian Dogs looks real sketch to me. The breed name itself has been trademarked? And they are just a breed that was developed by one breeder to mimic the mixed shepherds that hung around Native Americans in the 1500s. It doesn’t say how they came about, just that they are hypoallergenic and free of any genetic disorders.. and their URL is godsdogs1.com… Some sites say the breed actually descended from those dogs, but other sites say those dogs are extinct, so how could they? And they weren’t even a breed? They were mixed shepherds?

So Shalom Shepherds are just these sketch dogs mixed with ~European German Shepherds~ Don’t get me wrong, they are handsome, but I am seeing lots of red flags. Usually if you can’t find reputable info on something, it isn’t reputable.

Photo from Majestic View Kennels

How many animals can you name?

Alright, tumblr people. Reblog/reply and comment the name of any animals you can think of off the top of your head. ANY animals. 

I’m doing an experiment about awareness of animals existence. If you’re reblogging, try to come up with animals other than what people have said. 

(As broad or as specific as you want. I made this post on FB and I had someone list off a whole bunch of specific horse breeds and someone else list off a whole bunch of specific types of birds.)

Andrew + cats headcanons

Andrew Minyard and cats will never not mean everything to me. Consider these concepts:

  • Consider: Andrew silently assigning the cats percentage points when he’s annoyed not that he’ll ever admit it out loud
  • Andrew Minyard telling the cats “I hate you” as often as he tells Neil.
  • Andrew Minyard then proceeding to feed them and allows the cats to gently headbutt his hands in appreciation
  • King Fluffkins coughing up a hairball and Andrew freezing up and cautiously staring at the cat because? what is he supposed to do??
  • Andrew keeps his reaction impassive, but he cleans up the hairball diligently anyways and make sure to keep the cat in his sight for the rest of the day
  • (If Neil catches on that he’s being nicer that day than he usually is, well, Neil knows when to keep his mouth shut)
  • Consider: one of the cats getting food poisoning and really sick 
  • Andrew literally dropping everything he’s doing to rush to the vet
  • Andrew Minyard walking in and dumping the poor cat on the alarmed receptionist’s desk
  • Andrew keeping his face neutral as always but for once he really is concerned. 
  • The vet asking for the cat’s name. 
  • Andrew deadpanning “Sir Fat Cat McCatterson” 
  • Andrew upping the cat’s percentage points to 275%
  • He’s also upping Neil’s percentage points for getting him into this damn mess
  • Consider: Andrew confiding Renee about what happened 
  • Renee knowing a surprising amount of knowledge about cats (she volunteered at an animal shelter a while back) and telling Andrew if he ever has any questions he could come to her. Andrew wishing he could glare at Renee over the phone
  • Renee being Helpful™ and gifting him a book the next time he sees her
  • Andrew Minyard browsing the Internet and library to find books like “The Cat Owner’s Manuel” in case anything happens again
  • Consider: Andrew lounging around his apartment reading the books 
  • Andrew bringing the books with him to practice or to out-of-state games
  • Andrew glaring at anyone who comments on them
  • Andrew does not murder Neil for smiling when he sees him with the books for the first time, but he does add +1% to his hate meter
  • Andrew Minyard reading the cat food ingredients carefully the next time he goes grocery shopping
  • Consider: Andrew and Neil finally coming home at last after a really tiring flight. Them curling up on the couch & the cats jumping up to greet them
  • Neil tiredly and softly whispering greetings and praises in Russian 
  • (Neil’s and Andrew’s Russian are very good by now. They use it a lot at home)
  • Consider: The cats learning to understand basic Russian commands
  • Consider: The cats being part of Andrew and Neil
  • Consider: Andrew growing to love hate them as fiercely as he loves hates Neil
  • Consider: The cats growing to be part of why Andrew lives through each day
  • …..
  • Now consider: One of the cats dying. 
  • Should we bury him?”  “I thought you were more in the habit of burning bodies.”  “Can you not be an asshole right now?
  • rip

But because I don’t want to end on a sad note, here’s a bonus:

  • Imagine Kevin Day meeting the cats for the first time. 
  • Imagine Sir Fat Cat hating him. 
  • Sir hisses at him. Sir tries to scratch him. Sir snarls whenever Kevin gets too close
  • Kevin catches on pretty quickly he’s unwanted and takes great pains to avoid Sir Fat Cat whenever he goes to Andrew and Neil’s apartment 
  • Kevin tries to pet King Fluffkins next, but King Fluff just turns his head and walk away whenever Kevin approaches 
  • “I’m a dog person anyways,” Kevin moodily tries to justify to himself. This is a strike to his ego.
  • Andrew doesn’t comment on it, but the next time Sir tries to jump into Andrew’s lap he doesn’t push Sir Fat Cat off. 
  • In fact, he gives him a rare scratch behind his ear.
  • When Neil finds out he gives Sir Fat Cat and King Fluffkins a treat
  • They’re all Instigators at Heart
  • I love them

Anyways, I just want to say that Andrew + cats is a gift from the heavens and we should all treasure it for all of eternity

(Psst, feel free to add your headcanons too!!)

Doodled another much tinier Set. One fun thing about Set is that nobody is really quite sure what the fuck animal he’s supposed to be. People have guessed anything from a giraffe to an okapi to an extinct type of wild dog or even wild pig or aardvark but the reigning conclusion is that the “Set animal” (or “sha”) is a fanciful amalgam of several different creatures.

Despite Set’s reputation for being an exceedingly violent and dangerous individual, it also seems that he’s a vegetarian, and consumes mostly (only?) Lettuce. Here we have the chaotic figure in a rare moment of peace, eating shoots in a lettuce garden. This tiny little drawing is for sale but I’m too lazy to post it to Etsy at the moment so if you like it and have a spare twenty it’s yours.

Station Jim (1894-1896)

Station Jim was the Canine Collector for the Great Western Railway’s Slough station. Between the mid-nineteenth and mid-twentieth centuries, charity dogs were a common sight at British railway stations.

Station Jim raised a total of £40 for the GWR Orphans’ Fund, and was so popular with Slough’s commuters that after his death he was stuffed and put on display on Platform 5, where he remains to this day, still wearing his charity harness.

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Apocalypse Prompts
  • One day, no one is born. Along with the next. It goes on for years afterwards until the youngest people are well into their teens. It first, no one notices because there’s no babies crying and no sticky hand prints. Then, everyone notices when teachers start to band together to find a cure but some people are protecting on their right to ‘cease reproduction’. 
  • I work on the last family farm in the country. Everywhere else, all crop growing is heavily industrialized. That is, until a magnetic wave knocks out all electricity, causing people to need to know how to survive by growing their own crops. I’m recruited by the world government to teach everyone how to effectively grow again.
  • Gamma radiation has begun to bleed into our atmosphere, causing people to exhibit a wide variety of mutations. People must begin to get along when no one looks the same anymore. 
  • Smog blankets all horizons but those out of reach of humans, small islands dotting the oceans. We live together on a terribly small island with a small menagerie of creatures in pairs. Like Noah’s arc, but the water isn’t what we’re worried about. 
  • The sun has begun it’s final years as a main sequence star and is becoming a red giant. We are part of the crew of humanity’s last hope at finding a suitable replacement, light-years from earth. We’ve been giving orders to just stay and never return, be we don’t want to give up on everyone.
  • The humans of earth have started invading neighboring planets for resources, but at the cost of millions of lives and civilizations we will never know. We throw together our own shuttle to see just why the media blacks out so many sections of ‘triumphant’ photos from other planets. There, we meet others that need help because our planet is killing them. We may not look the same or sound the same, but we know when things aren’t right. 
  • Electromagnetic waves are no longer functioning to the point where all electricity has dissipated. Days later, the electricity comes on with the media joke of another tree down in Ohio. But in reality, they’re keeping lightening elementals as slaves to the power grid. 
  • Years in the future, man has created a rift that divides sentient species from those domesticated. Companion animals are no longer required, for they cannot talk back to you and thus have no purpose. On the brink of going extinct, cats and dogs must fight for survival until one band of punks starts scooping them all up from around a highly evolved society just to comfort one of them who prefers animals to people.