bae and me moved in this little beauty while we’re studying. I dunno why I keep calling him bae, his real name is Matt. Suddenly Matt started to play Sims 4 which was a surprise to me, bigger surprise was that he only made himself, and lives alone - khm asshole khm

so university is almost over, and I already stared to make our first home, which hopefully will be done today, so I can upload it with a little honest and personal time too, because my life is getting better and better and I want to share it with you guys, because you’re the best! 

First Link headcanons

- He’s the oldest Link. He’s around 25 years old and was imprisoned when he was only 15

- He has PTSD

- He’s the biggest smartass of all the Links

- He almost escaped from prison a few times but every attempt failed. Because of this (as well as him being a smartass) many of the gaurds disliked him the most out of all the prisoners.

- Before he was in prison he was a very rebellious kid and was not afraid to fight the system, which often got him into trouble. So he was already seen as a nuisance even before he was arrested.

- He swears a bit more often than the other Links. After spending all that time in prison, most foul language has lost it’s impact to him.

- He’s can be pretty anti-social at times around strangers, however he doesn’t like being totally alone.

- He actually sees Hylia as his hero rather than the other way around. She was his first friend when he got out of prison and had also rehabilitated him.

- Although he doesn’t like to admit it, he’s secretly kind of clingy with Hylia. But of course Hylia knows this, she just doesn’t want to embarass him by saying anything.

- He looks up to Hylia a lot.

- He was completly dead inside by the time he got out of prison but Hylia taught him how to love life again.

- He’s very fidgety and has a habbit stimming by of scratching himself and picking at his skin. In order to keep him from hurting himself, Hylia lets him stroke her wings or gives him a feather or something else soft to stim on.

- Dispite his cold exterrior he’s actually very gentile and sweet. It just takes a while for him to come out of his shell due to all the abuse he had to endure for all those years.

- He’s very good with kids.

- He can be a bit on the reckless side and has a problem with not caring enough about his own well being. This is probably the only trait about him that Hylia dislikes.

- He’s actually not very muscular. He lost a dangerous amount of weight and muscle mass in prison, although Hylia did manage to get him back to a healthy weight, he was still pretty slim and not very buff by the time he died.

- Hylia had to help him learn to walk properly again when he got out of prison because he spent the majority of the 10 years sitting or laying down because of very little room for movement in cell. And for a short while Hylia had to carry him everywhere.

- Hylia originally intended for him to go up to Skyloft with the others so he can be safe, but he decided to stay with her to fight Demise out of his own free will.

- Even though every Link has his own personality, lot of the habits and behaviors that the other Links exhibit started with the first one. He has a big appatite, really likes his sleep, he a has a great passion for adventure, and he does that thing where he puts his hands on his hips when he talks to people.

- He never lived long enough to have children, but he did have a younger brother who survived and ended up being Sky Link’s ancestor.

- He did eventually reunite with his brother, but it was unfortunatly not long before Link died.

- His mother was killed while she was trying to protect him from the gaurds on the day he got arrested.

- He never got along with his father very well which is partially why he was so rebellious against athority.

- He has the tendency to be overprotective of Hylia sometimes.

- He’s got freckles like everywhere

- He’s got a bit of a short fuse and he’s not afraid to get in a fist fight if someone tries to start shit.

- Hylia doesn’t tell anyone this, but Link is her favorite mortal.