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ok so, back in like 2013 i was working in a co-op placement compiling marketing data and shit, and the usb i was using corrupted while i was there, which of course had all my schoolwork, some roms to play during lunch, and a few things id drawn on the laptop’s trackpad at my placement to send to my friends on my break. 

long story short: i got some super sketchy “recovery” software to try and retrieve my lost files and i only got a few back, with some being too glitched to even use. so after the placement i sort of copied all the files onto my external harddrive and forgot them, i moved to a new cpu this year and finally decided to clean out my external harddrive. 

this is one of the only files that was rescued.


30 Day K-Pop Challenge 2 - Day 3: Ultimate Male Bias | Song Kyungil

      you know what i miss ?  i miss dual promos , or waking up to random starters in your tag , or having cute messages in your ask box . those were the good old days to be honest ?


I unplugged my external harddrive while the picture I was working on was opened in GIMP. And now I can’t open it anymore. I’m dying. Seriously. RIP all my hard work. I hope to restore it so pray for me.

Just out of curiosity

When folks come across game glitches do you know about the following options:

Repair game via origin

Fresh S4 Folder (removing your saves, tray, custom music, screenshots, and options file to your external harddrive or desktop and then deleting your Sims 4 folder and loading the game to get a new folder and returning you backed up folders that you removed to the new Sims 4 folder?)

deleting the resource.cfg file in the mod’s folder

removing the mods folder to see if it’s a cc issue

checking old saves to see if it’s the saved game itself

and for preventative measures

making back ups of your saves in case of corrupt saves

always performing ‘save as’, never do ‘save and exit’ never just save?

I ask because I have this habit of assuming everyone else is way more game maintenance savvy or at least at my level, and just assume that all of these things have been tried already.

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dangan ronpa 3
  • Naegi: phew! i am so glad junko enoshima is gone for good now that we destroyed her AI self--
  • Enoshima: surprise motherfucker. did you really think i made an AI of myself and didnt back it up to an external harddrive. you've only deleted one of me. good luck.

Can someone please tell me which one to get? Or offer other brand alternatives? I need a portable hard drive, but I definitely don’t need an entire TB. Just something for video production work backup/transferring/saving files and such. Was thinking WD was probably the brand to go for, so that’s fine. I just can’t decidddeee/don’t feel informed enough to choose between these two. 

Edit: Just realised one of them doesn’t say ‘for mac’. Could be problematic. I have a mac. 

Oh my god you guys, I think I’m going to cry.

I’m at work and I was looking for a cord that would connect my external harddrive to my laptop and I felt something in the laptop pouch that shouldn’t have been there.

It was hard and square with a notch. I knew it was a cartridge but what I found was not what I expected.

A long time ago, my Fire Emblem: Awakening cartridge went missing. I assumed it dropped out of my accidentally opened pouch of my bag and was lost on a bus.

Recently, I lost my copy of Nintendogs, so when I felt this, I thought it was my Nintendogs cartridge. The odd thing was it was between the fabric of my bag. I had to cut the pouch in order to get the cartridge stuck in there.

And behold, my first Fire Emblem copy ever.

I’m redeemed.

I think my laptop is starting to die…
I better save my Dan and Phil stuff to an external harddrive bc there’s no way I’m losing the 60GB I’ve built up over the last 4 years or so

I THINKKKK I fucking fixed my external harddrive with no help from anyone.. all by myself… some people made suggestions but were wrong, and I think I did it.. proud moment ok