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What would you recommend as a basic high school/11th grade supply list? They don't typically have one for highschoolers so I was just wondering what you would suggest.

Hey! Ah, my recommendations for high school/ 11th grade/ senior school highly depends on your preferred style of studying. 

Essentials include: 

If you prefer handwriting your notes: 

  • If you like looseleaf: a ringbinder or lever arch file will help keep everything in one place. File dividers (though this is optional - you can use coloured sheets of paper or fold up an A4 piece of paper instead :))  
  • If you prefer everything in one notebook, get a notebook with dividers or a separate notebook for each subject  (+ a corresponding plastic display file for all your handouts) 

If you prefer typing your notes:  

  • An external harddrive to back up your notes  
  • Set up a cloud (google drive, dropbox, iCloud, anything)  
  • Download onenote


By no means are any of these items a ‘prerequisite’ to success. No amount (or quality) of supplies will substitute for actual studying. But I hope there’s a few basics up there that you can use to build a supplies list that matches your study method! 

All the best for year 11! 

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hello! i am trying to find those photos of gerard with a bass guitar, but can't, do you have any?

sorry it took so long but i wasnt home so i didnt have my external harddrive with all my G pics with me. also i dont have a whole lot and some arent the best quality but heres what i have (i included guitars too)

ok so, back in like 2013 i was working in a co-op placement compiling marketing data and shit, and the usb i was using corrupted while i was there, which of course had all my schoolwork, some roms to play during lunch, and a few things id drawn on the laptop’s trackpad at my placement to send to my friends on my break. 

long story short: i got some super sketchy “recovery” software to try and retrieve my lost files and i only got a few back, with some being too glitched to even use. so after the placement i sort of copied all the files onto my external harddrive and forgot them, i moved to a new cpu this year and finally decided to clean out my external harddrive. 

this is one of the only files that was rescued.

dangan ronpa 3
  • Naegi: phew! i am so glad junko enoshima is gone for good now that we destroyed her AI self--
  • Enoshima: surprise motherfucker. did you really think i made an AI of myself and didnt back it up to an external harddrive. you've only deleted one of me. good luck.