idk man first season of the 100 it was just the grounders, it was all about survival and only survival. second it was “oh boy! our friends have been taken by the evil bloodsucking monsters who have high technology and live underground!” like it felt kind of unrealistic, especially in retrospect to season 1. and now third season it looks like they’re going for “oh boy! artificial intelligence wants to blow up the world! we have to stop them and save mankind from utter extermination!”

like, I get that that you have to up the stakes. but one of the things i liked so much about season one of the 100 was that the first few episodes were them trying to survive, trying to not kill each other before the grounders could. it was very “lord of the flies”-esque and i loved that, i loved seeing the internal struggles of the camp and how the social dynamics lead to disaster and how they were able to fall apart, and built it back, and it would’ve been soooo interesting to see the kids try and rebuild the camp after the battle with the grounders. but then they had to whisk them away and completely take away that dynamic of them building a community up from nothing.

i guess what i’m trying to say is don’t give me a “save the world” storyline, we’ve seen that a thousand times. give me a “let’s build a society” storyline because that is so much more realistic and interesting.

why do most pro-lifers seem to equate “choice” with “ABORT ALL UNBORN FETUSES. EXTERMINATE. EXTERMINATE.” because that’s not even remotely what it’s about. not /all/ of your damn baby cells are gonna be aborted. it’s about people having the choice of whether or not they want to have the damn thing


BACC - Jules Fondateur - Week 1

First days are pretty boring: fishing, working, working, fishing… There is a lot of townies but I’m not allowed to have them in my game, so I ignore them (it’s quite difficult when an elder lady with a pink letterman jacket and white gloves walks by your house). No phone either… It means that Jules needs to accidentaly meet his 5 citizens and it’s not easy when you don’t have any community lot.


- No delivery service of any kind. That includes groceries, pizza and chinese food
- No services of any kind. That includes the maid, butler, repairman, gardener, exterminator, nanny, adoption service
- No townies. Your settlers are literally the only people in town as of yet. 
- No community lots. Your settlers are far too busy trying to get their own houses in order to go around building other structures. This includes both Sim-owned and City-Owned community lots. Home businesses are allowed, but:
- No businesses that sell anything other than items you crafted/grew/caught yourself. Where would you get them from, anyway? 

As we can’t have home businesses in TS4 I have no other choice but to have community lot to sell stuff :(


The queen has arrived💘👑

Aro day facts about me

1) in elementary school everyone was getting “crushes” on Valentine’s Day so i picked the funniest boy and decided that’d be someone to crush on.

2) we had to write a “love poem” (sonnet I think) in middle school for English class. I literally wrote a poem about books.

3) I look 13? I’m almost 30.

4) I’m an anti apologist animal liberationist

5) rats are the actual best

6) Taino on my grandmothers side, actual Native American that actually held me- still being exterminated by the federal gov Today btw.

7) love m/m romance and I don’t know why- fuckin proof romantic and sexual orientation don’t coincide with kinks or wtvr.

8) animorphs

9) gay Animorphs and aliens

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((for the ransom note thing)) "Oh god... Oh god oh god oh god oh god i've got to help them."

Note: Your little friend is fine. They’ll stay that way as long as you do as we say. You wouldn’t want an exterminator to take care of a bat infestation, would you?
We’ll call you when we need something. Until then, if we find out you told anyone about this, our little guest dies…
*Included with the note was a picture of Celeste, taken from the side. They were out cold and tied up so they would hardly be able to move*

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no such thing as ethnic cleansing of falsetinians because they are not humans, extermination like for rats/cockroaches is accurater loll israel forever!!!!!!!

Why are you still on my blog

The Exterminator

I got permission from my godparents to tell this on here. They used to live in this apartment building on Kings Highway in Brooklyn back in the 80s. If you live in apartment buildings (espc in NY) then you know that they usually can have a bug problem, so the Super usually hires an exterminator for the building. Their exterminator, whose name was Sonny, was a pretty cool guy. Sicilian, just like them, so they loved him. At 1st he would come once a month and spray, lay down those black roach traps that could stick under counters, and so on. He started frequenting more often, usually 2-3 times a month, which was extremely odd. He would come and fidget with the traps and he even put some under the dining tables, bathroom walls, and in the bedrooms. They tell me that at the time, they didn’t really think it was weird. One day, while they were watching their antenna tv, they picked up strange footage. After staring at it for a while, they realized it was THEIR house! After walking around to figure out where the cameras were, they realized that the “roach traps” were actually cameras. The exterminator had been spying on them for about a year. The cameras showed the bathrooms, bedrooms, under their dining table where he could see all kinds of stuff, it was even in their 10 yr old kid’s bedroom. They called the police and the Super, but they never did catch or even find the exterminator. Ive always been extremely terrified by this story, thought I’d share.


“He lived the life of a country gentleman among green pastures and shady trees. When he seemed a bit lonely, a shaggy little pony named Peanuts was brought to join him. They became inseparable companions. After some time the pony died and Exterminator was so unhappy that another pony as nearly like the first as possible was hurriedly procured. Exterminator examined the substitute, and soon accepted him; in a short time he and Peanuts II were great pals. Sometimes when Exterminator was grazing quietly, his head would come up - possibly a distant auto horn recalled the sound of a bugle - and he would tear around the paddock, little Peanuts trying frantically to keep up”

- C. W. Anderson

Just a Candy Wrapper...

When I was about 7 years old, my mom had to call an exterminator because of a bee problem in our backyard.  They were swarming around the ground toward the back of the yard.  When the man came over, my mom explained the issue.  He was extremely condescending and told her that there must just be a candy wrapper or something in the grass.

He went out with no protection or gear to take a look and stepped on what must have been a fallen hive or something and ended up getting chased by a SWARM of bees.  It was like something out of a cartoon!  (Pretty sure that many bees wouldn’t have been hanging around a little candy wrapper).